Ultimate Crazy Engine Swaps That Will Blow Your Mind - CARS ON STEROIDS

  • Published on Aug 13, 2018
  • Ultimate Crazy Engine Swaps - Cars On Steroids That Will Blow Your Mind. Which one did you like the best?

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  • Fatal Ritte
    Fatal Ritte 20 days ago

    Now all you need is a saddle for the transmission...

  • Aussie Steve
    Aussie Steve 22 days ago

    Some of those engines purported HP are way over stated. Revving the fuck out something and on the track they sucked big time.

  • daniele raugei
    daniele raugei Month ago

    cioè, uno guarda il video per sentire i motori che cantano...e tu...brutta testa di cazzo...ci metti la musica in sottofondo?..MA VATTENE A FANCULO!!!!

  • Ohmloud
    Ohmloud Month ago +1

    Damn fool on 1.30.

  • Dooode McBaggins
    Dooode McBaggins 2 months ago

    That poor Silvia has no traction control it took like 10 seconds to break 20 mph after that take off

  • Cars Sound
    Cars Sound 2 months ago


  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike 3 months ago +1

    2:00 Audi is Greece

  • Morris Enslin
    Morris Enslin 3 months ago

    Like to see that thing going against the 405.

  • Pulling Team Kaiser
    Pulling Team Kaiser 5 months ago

    When it´s loud, it is good!!

  • Lukas games032
    Lukas games032 6 months ago

    0:01 mds que fusca e esse😂😂😂

  • Mike Cruickshanks
    Mike Cruickshanks 6 months ago +2

    That RX2 with the 4 turbos on a rotary has got to be the strangest shit I`ve ever seen.

  • Tinman Bigfoot Tracker Channel.

    See than 1 car
    It's fast eh...

  • Jai's Mobility
    Jai's Mobility 7 months ago

    What are these cunts doing on the public roads !!!! Utter fucking SCUM !

  • Ruben Yek
    Ruben Yek 7 months ago

    Wtf q paso en el min 10:08

  • Dallas Grant
    Dallas Grant 7 months ago

    The 1j S15 was pretty lame, everyone does a 1j swap, it's been done a million times, I thought this was supposed to be crazy engine swaps not generic trash engine swaps.

    • The Redhead Badass
      The Redhead Badass 16 days ago

      Just kuz there's one you don't like doesn't mean you gotta bitch like a fucking child would

  • Demon Slayer6637
    Demon Slayer6637 8 months ago +1

    That smart car tho 😍

  • Randomness Prime
    Randomness Prime 8 months ago

    i was smiling until the v8 rx7. fuck you

  • Water Sandwich
    Water Sandwich 8 months ago +1

    Putting a v8 in an rx7 isn't amazing or ultimate, its disgusting

  • Thomas Hoffpauer
    Thomas Hoffpauer 8 months ago +1

    8:03 😂😂😂

  • 28th St. Air
    28th St. Air 8 months ago

    stupid ass @1:20 with wheel spin looking to head on someone’s mom, dad, children cause he’s going to see his girlfriend. pls find a telephone pole or tree before you kill someone else.

  • Jordan Omundsen
    Jordan Omundsen 8 months ago +12

    Who put a v8 in a rx7 :(?

    • Lukas games032
      Lukas games032 6 months ago

      No v8 in rx-7 no;(

    • Billy Allen
      Billy Allen 6 months ago

      +PLS endSoon If you're having to rebuild it every 30k then you're doing something wrong.

    OH MY PUSSY 8 months ago

    turn music down

  • jennifer lans
    jennifer lans 8 months ago

    do they not know we just mute all commercials ?

  • SETH Plays
    SETH Plays 8 months ago +3

    A 4 turbo car!?!?!!!!!NANI!?!!!!!!!

  • Mumbʟes005
    Mumbʟes005 8 months ago

    6:40 Stig reading the paper.

  • Edward Thayer
    Edward Thayer 9 months ago

    The guy driving the MK1 shouldn't be driving it as scared as he is of it!

    • adam gould
      adam gould 2 months ago +2

      There is always one WANKER in every comment section!

    • Billy Allen
      Billy Allen 6 months ago +2

      +Edward Thayer You're so full of shit your eyes are brown.

    • Zy Sing
      Zy Sing 8 months ago

      Idiots like you is the reason why I want to die.

    • Nooa Karhunen
      Nooa Karhunen 8 months ago +3

      so your daily has 2400hp oh sure

    • noah evers
      noah evers 8 months ago +3

      oh man, if only you knew how much of an idiot you sound like lol. okay buddy

  • Phil
    Phil 9 months ago +2

    1jz s15 got boot mount spoiler ,needs chassiz mount