Tips & Tricks #1 - Poor Man's Filet Mignon

  • Published on Mar 19, 2010
  • Jack Scalfani shows you how to make a cheap steak taste delicious. Be sure to subscribe to this channel and Jack's new channel "Jack on the Go"
    steps for tenderizing:
    -- coat entire top of steak with coarse salt.
    -- leave sitting out on counter for 1 hour per inch of meat
    -- completely wash off salt. Pat dry the meat with a paper towel
    -- cook and season as you normally would. Don't add any type of salt while cooking. Not garlic salt, onion salt or regular salt. Enjoy!
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  • michael thompson
    michael thompson 2 years ago +715

    hey buddy I watched this video and thought you were crazy but I'm a believer now I'm so glad I found your video ... thanks for the tip works great and I mean great

    • kevin Smith
      kevin Smith 17 days ago

      Nah no way :) I bleieve him 100%

    • Daddy
      Daddy 22 days ago

      @jack watkins , yes. That's why I stated, "No need to spend extra money and time tenderizing Filet Mignon," because it's Filet Mignon. 😋

    • jack watkins
      jack watkins 22 days ago

      @Daddy tenderizing filet mignon? You might be buying your meat at the wrong place

    • jack watkins
      jack watkins 22 days ago

      @Eric Beltrami I hope you brought enough for everybody! Don't Bogart That Joint my friend

    • Rain And Petalsss
      Rain And Petalsss Month ago

      @Patrick herp Check out Amber Lynn Reid on Kiwifarms if you haven't already

  • CaseNumber00
    CaseNumber00 7 hours ago

    Salt has this chemical ability to absorb moisture, a lot of moisture for the size of a salt molecule. The salt is absorbing the water from the cells of the beef decreasing the cells volume and shriveling it up. Thats why the beef cut looks more poris now. Theres also a few other chemical reactions going but, by far, the biggest culprit is what I just said. Also, salt kills bacteria so there is little to worry about leaving the meat salted for many more hours but, unlike in this video, salt the bottom of the beef as well.

  • Gennette Kadri
    Gennette Kadri 11 hours ago

    Thanks for your demonstration is real. Salt does penetrate the tissues in the meat by a process of osmosis the water is lost. Good lesson and again back to science to show the rest of the story. Thank you again.

  • Rob smith
    Rob smith 15 hours ago

    dude you talk way to much ,, i think you like to hear the sound of your voice ,,,,

  • Brian Beach
    Brian Beach 16 hours ago

    This is a great tip we’ve been buying grass fed angus steaks at way to high prices because we like tender cuts but today I’m doing chicken to save a little this is a great tip that I will try for sure

  • Lyle Grandersom
    Lyle Grandersom 17 hours ago

    They do this in Europe I do believe & they dry age beef this way I think but don’t know for sure brah

    STONEY WAN-KENOBI 21 hour ago

    What if you start with a nice steak?

  • Abiyel Ben Israel

    How about washing the meat then your hands!

  • Samsng Device
    Samsng Device Day ago +1

    I'll show you my meat if you show me yours..
    Richard Slimmons
    (parody - not to be taken seriously)

  • Mark Marchenko
    Mark Marchenko Day ago +1

    If you need any tips with cooking proteins to specific temps or what's a better method you should watch/subscribe to guga foods or sous vid everything.

  • huntgraphic
    huntgraphic Day ago

    Why wouldn't you do both sides?

  • AtomicDog
    AtomicDog Day ago

    Now I am craving cupcakes. Thanks a lot.

  • LastResort
    LastResort 2 days ago

    I am so going to have to try this. Question: does it make the steak too salty?

  • Tim Barnett
    Tim Barnett 2 days ago +1

    Jack, not to tell anyone anything, but my family had catering with custom wedding cakes. We did this all the time in preparing meats, but we covered both sides not just top side of meat! Thanks, Tim p.s. an every thing was always covered

  • Biz888
    Biz888 2 days ago

    I did sous vide on expensive organic rib eyes and tested different temperatures/time but disappointed with the result. I followed the instructions and blog tips but seems it's more of a hype. I've used it a lot in the beginning and now it is just sitting in my cover. So I only now sous vide cheap meats once in a while. I posted it in blogs who swore using sous vide is the best thing. I beg the dipper.
    Now I am searching for different tenderizers. I went to Guga's videos on tenderizing meat. I've used pineapple, papaya and that worked.

  • Biz888
    Biz888 2 days ago +2

    I marinated meats with vinegar and it actually toughened it.The same result with lemon. However, the crushed onions is more effective. Try also papaya or pineapple as it worked for me. I watched Guga's tenderizing meat different test that he did in youtube.

  • greg haley
    greg haley 2 days ago +1

    our brazilian chef friends do this as well, they just mix salt and meat and let it set that amount of time in a bowl, and then AMAZING

  • Sponge Bob
    Sponge Bob 3 days ago

    What about using meat tenderizer instead of salt?

  • Shelby Norton
    Shelby Norton 3 days ago +3

    As a Canadian we don't want your samonila sauce here

    VINCENT 3 days ago

    Would washing it off not add moisture back in to the meat?

  • Dominic Matlock
    Dominic Matlock 3 days ago +1

    You had me until A1....

  • Michael
    Michael 5 days ago +1

    I tenderize with a 50/50 mixture of olive olive and vinegar with a whole sliced onion tossed on. Vinegar breaks meat down too. London broil comes out nice.

  • Joosh S
    Joosh S 5 days ago +1

    i want the yellow hat, please bring it back!!!!!!!!!

  • mmiikkeeyycc mmiikkeeyycc

    it made the meat incredibly salty. bad cooking technique.

    • bikerleathertv
      bikerleathertv 23 hours ago

      Did you use table salt? If so, that's why. You need to use a coarse salt so it doesn't penetrate the meat and make it salty.

  • BullHead
    BullHead 6 days ago

    I tried this exactly as you said....never again even after washing repeatedly too salty inedible .

    • Suicide Bonger
      Suicide Bonger 5 days ago

      Please never make anything this man fubbles to put together

  • Jo A
    Jo A 7 days ago

    I seen the intro and i had to sub/stan

  • henryakinsiii
    henryakinsiii 8 days ago

    Man finish cooking that damn steak. What are you a vampire?

  • Alex Stachura
    Alex Stachura 8 days ago +2

    I had to pause and say that was the greatest intro of all time 🙇‍♂️🙏🙌

    • Jo A
      Jo A 7 days ago +1


  • atty garland
    atty garland 8 days ago +1

    Something tells me if you have high blood pressure this is NOT the method for you.

    • The Seeker-UrbEx
      The Seeker-UrbEx 3 days ago

      Atty Garland if u have high blood pressure then you shouldn't eat steak lol

  • Jane Smith
    Jane Smith 8 days ago +3

    This could be called koshering. I think it simulates aging also, but I'm just guessing.

    • Emily Rettstatt
      Emily Rettstatt 2 days ago

      You're absolutely right! It's basically dry aging ❤

  • Big Don
    Big Don 9 days ago

    A1? Please!

  • Joe S
    Joe S 9 days ago

    I only do my cooking in my laundry room.

  • Daniela Gonzalez
    Daniela Gonzalez 9 days ago

    Good stuff it’s true

  • Nate Stain
    Nate Stain 10 days ago

    I tried this both with Kosher salt sea salt, neither were finely ground. Somehow the salt absorbed into he meat and ruined it. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Seems like moisture allowed the salt to dissolve into the meat, at least on the side you lay it down on

    • Nate Stain
      Nate Stain 10 days ago

      Actually I may have left in fridge for too long... think it was like 6 hours.

  • Doondah
    Doondah 10 days ago +1

    Salt both sides

  • kd2mill
    kd2mill 12 days ago +9

    I used to cut meat 35 years ago, and we called that cut "shoulder roast" or "shoulder steak". It's front quarter beef, but lean with hardly any marbling. That's why it's so tough.

    • Biz888
      Biz888 2 days ago

      I tenderize tough meat like this shoulder roast using sous vide. I leave it for 72 hours and it's super tender.

  • the real bigfoot
    the real bigfoot 12 days ago +2

    Cover with Montreal steak all sides over night... Mmm mmm

    • Nancy Billings
      Nancy Billings 10 days ago +1

      Montreal steak seasonings are the best!!!

  • Karen Chinn
    Karen Chinn 13 days ago

    If you buy cheap beef on sale to put in the freezer, could you tenderize it before putting it in the freezer?

    • Donald Ranski
      Donald Ranski 10 days ago

      What's the name of your restaurant so I never eat there 😣 !

  • Brian Dennison
    Brian Dennison 14 days ago

    omg... skip to 3:00

  • Jason Mullinder
    Jason Mullinder 14 days ago +6

    looked like you only salted one side, might get an even better result if you put a layer of salt on the tray first so the bottom gets covered also.
    apologies if i'm nitpicking over something I didn't notice

  • Edge Snob
    Edge Snob 14 days ago

    Try this technique on actual Filet Mignon.

  • dkyelak
    dkyelak 14 days ago

    I would devour either/both of those bad boys!!!

  • Szabi Bessenyei
    Szabi Bessenyei 14 days ago +1

    How come you don’t put salt on both sides. Only doing one side seems like ur tenderizeing it halfway

    • dkyelak
      dkyelak 14 days ago

      I saw other videos and you are correct.

  • Marc G
    Marc G 15 days ago +1

    I always make sure I tenderize my meat

  • John Davis
    John Davis 15 days ago

    I tried this and my steak was super salty did you other commenters really actually try this? Or is it just me?

  • Mitch184
    Mitch184 15 days ago +1

    I don't know if this is in the comment section yet, but the reason it works is, as he said, salt draws out the moisture of the beef. Most cuts we get in the grocery store are not hung long enough to extract enough moisture, thus, a tougher cut. 23 - 25 days is preferable, but what we get might be 1 - 2 days. Allowing your steak to sit in the fridge open on a rack for about 24 hours before cooking works as well.

  • D Best
    D Best 16 days ago +1

    Hey JackAss can you do this with chicken like breast and thigh meat, sir. Excuse me for calling you JackAss as I couldnt help myself.. lol

  • Valentina Paramo
    Valentina Paramo 17 days ago +4

    Try it with pineapple instead of salt. It is good too.

  • Cam Fritz
    Cam Fritz 17 days ago

    Looks like slices off a sirloin tip. I'll have to try this as sirloin tip is tough. Usually only crock pot this as a larger cut or roast.

  • Steven Canfield
    Steven Canfield 17 days ago +2

    Brining also has the same effect.

  • Rysslass
    Rysslass 17 days ago +1

    So what's the difference with bakingpowder?

  • Gillian Hunter
    Gillian Hunter 17 days ago +5

    What you did is called dry brining. Try adding herbs to the salt for better flavor.

  • Paul Valentine
    Paul Valentine 18 days ago

    Only barbarians it raw meat.

  • Joseph Lee
    Joseph Lee 18 days ago +1

    Dude, if you enjoy your meat bloody red and tender, why even bother to grill it? Really! And you should know meat hardens when it meets heat. You guys who love your meat blood dropping raw (oh, it's rare) must be born in the year of Dracula.

  • Chris Hoyle
    Chris Hoyle 18 days ago

    You didn’t rinse the unsalted so your not doing the experiment evenly

  • jonathan wexler
    jonathan wexler 18 days ago

    It's called Koshering. Jewish people do not consume blood. They salt, then soak the meat to draw out the blood. Indeed, it works particularly well with cheap cuts. It is also called corning and is the origin of corned beef. So yes, works well on a brisket.

  • Christopher Johnson
    Christopher Johnson 18 days ago

    Maybe I’m crazy, but why not use meat tenderizer instead of salt?

    • Scott Campbell
      Scott Campbell 17 days ago

      Christopher Johnson because it is much harsher and literally starts dissolving the tissue of left on too long. It also tends to over flavor the meat and make it actually saltier than actual salt. It’s a messed up chemical that most professional chefs wouldn’t allow anywhere near their kitchens. For good reason. Meat tenderizer is used by dog food companies and companies making “meat products “. Just don’t.

  • Defiant Deity
    Defiant Deity 19 days ago

    That's a groovy piece of meat.

  • eugene camillocci jr
    eugene camillocci jr 20 days ago +1

    this silly idea dont do much for those with high blood pressure watching there salt intake, heck guy you need to lose 40 lbs your
    self, buy adolfs tenderizer way cheaper than a truckload of salt works better,and healthier , crap get a cheap out door grill and smoke a tennis shoe on inderect heat for awail and its tender, this guys stuff is like cooking for idiots me sorry truth sucks,,,,

  • Mick
    Mick 20 days ago

    Thanks for sharing! Nice comment re hand washing too - so many people online forget to teach / remind about hygiene (which is super important).

  • Michael Schmidt
    Michael Schmidt 20 days ago +2

    Hey Jack, I enjoyed the video... A LOT. I was wondering if this method of tenderizing could be done to brisket? After salting washing the salt off coat the meat then season with Salt, Pepper & Garlic then smoke as traditionally fast or slow your choice. Would this work or would I have just ruined about $40+ dollars worth of meat?

    • Steven Canfield
      Steven Canfield 17 days ago

      works just fine. ever heard of Prime Rib covered with salt? Soak meat in brine for thick pieces...
      works great.

  • Joe Peterson Sr
    Joe Peterson Sr 21 day ago +3

    Did you refrigerate after salt was applied?

  • Sebastian Saez
    Sebastian Saez 22 days ago

    Did you put it in the fridge for the 1 hour & 45min?

  • Stephen Morgan Sr.
    Stephen Morgan Sr. 24 days ago

    Great Video! . Thanks for the tips!

  • Saa
    Saa 24 days ago +1

    Says: "I will tell you how the make a very cheap piece of meat tender.
    -- goes to the butcher --

  • shell company
    shell company 24 days ago +1

    Who else found this in thier recommended

  • Harry Six
    Harry Six 24 days ago

    no one cares about your hat

  • Janet C
    Janet C 25 days ago


  • Matthew
    Matthew 25 days ago

    Can the salt be left on too long? Is there a point at which it's too much?

  • Mark G
    Mark G 27 days ago

    Let's see you do it with a bottom round steak

  • Daniel Berretta
    Daniel Berretta 28 days ago

    You can see these “steaks” are a bunch of crap cuts meat glued together

  • Matthew Blaxton
    Matthew Blaxton 28 days ago

    MMM this steak is so good imma grab the A-1.....

  • Hitbound
    Hitbound 28 days ago

    gr8 video

  • Rolf
    Rolf 28 days ago +1

    Has a cooking show
    Doesn’t know what a cross rib roast is

    • M. F. Patten
      M. F. Patten 27 days ago

      Facts.. what is happening?
      He would be better off having an actual chef on the show with him to educate him as they go..
      Ha! "I'm gonna getta little A-1...."
      Bye Jack!

  • BigGuyBoleslaw
    BigGuyBoleslaw 29 days ago

    He is NOT seasoning the meat with the salt. He's drawing out the blood. If he rinses the meat well, there will be no salt left in the raw meat. Salting is how kosher slaughtered meats are "kashered". Kosher households used to do that themselves, but nowadays Cosco and most kosher supermarkets -- a half dozen places in Brooklyn and Queens -- sell meat that is kosher and kashered. Jewish law is that meat that is directly exposed to fire -- broiling -- does not need to be salted, but most kosher restaurants and households kasher everything anyway.
    Kosher and Halal ritual slaughtering is nearly the same; a very sharp blade to the neck of the animal and then draining the blood. Halal meats are not salted. Since most halal restaurants brine their meats, what's served is nearly the same taste and texture as kosher and kashered meat.
    Salty ice water over and over gets the blood out very well with less salt getting into the meat. It's what caterers and hotels do with meat that's old and is about to turn bad. Getting the blood out will keep the meat okay for additional time.

  • Skybyu
    Skybyu 29 days ago

    I tried this, musta done something wrong, but it wasnt edible. it tasted like a salt lick. Had to throw away the whole batch. Very sad!

  • ultrakool
    ultrakool 29 days ago

    just velvet it like they do for beef and broccoli at chinese restaurants. less sodium.

  • TyWebb1369
    TyWebb1369 29 days ago

    Don't do it! The worst! After you rinse, still way too much salt!!

    RAN DOM 29 days ago

    Curing a steak isn't what you would call tenderizing the steak...

  • Dennis Durost
    Dennis Durost 29 days ago

    Need to coat both sides, wrap in a paper towel to absorb the moisture and place in fridge for the appropriate time.

  • Dawn M. H.
    Dawn M. H. 29 days ago +5

    Garbage steak?
    I would never say that about baby its steak!!
    And onions and garlic and mushrooms and salt/pepper and butter!

  • Kk Andretti
    Kk Andretti Month ago +1

    oh nooooooooooooo - i tried this and my Steak was so Salty i could not finish it.... :((

    • Cody Cowell
      Cody Cowell Month ago +1

      Yea, I did it and my steak was salty.

  • Mike Scott
    Mike Scott Month ago

    The power of osmosis.

  • Gary Shepard
    Gary Shepard Month ago

    Why not salt both sides?

  • Mandark Psuedonym
    Mandark Psuedonym Month ago +2

    I lost all respect for him when he was making lip smacking noises while chewing.

  • AJ G
    AJ G Month ago

    Have you ever seen the way to create a dry aged steak in two or three days? There's a way to do it by buying this special Japanese rice (that is kinda growing mold ) grinding it up, rubbing it on your steak and then letting it sit in the fridge for a couple days. I've tried it, it works & is pretty darn cool! I bought the rice on Amazon. cost around $15 for a small bag.

  • Adrian Hart
    Adrian Hart Month ago +1

    That isn’t rare

  • Rachel Simson
    Rachel Simson Month ago +1

    Yes, please carry on about CLEAN HANDS.

  • Arsen Saakyan
    Arsen Saakyan Month ago

    If you use baking soda you would make this stake even better

  • Sportbikes&Dobermans
    Sportbikes&Dobermans Month ago +3

    Pretty sure you're supposed to cover the entire meat in a rock salt

  • Todd Cooper
    Todd Cooper Month ago

    I don't want New York steak I want California steak

  • Ruasonid
    Ruasonid Month ago

    I made this for my girlfriend, she broke up with me. I can’t stop drinking.

  • Nate Bible
    Nate Bible Month ago +1

    I'm not even sure how you have a "cooking" channel..... what you do is garbage and is ridiculous. I've watched 2 videos thinking this was all a joke, wow is all I can say. Enjoy your mayo.....

  • Adriana Gutierrez
    Adriana Gutierrez Month ago

    Do you flip,the meat over to salt both sides?

  • Velesia Luciferia Korp

    draging that meat on the bottom of the sink will make you sick buddy lol

  • Walter Diaz
    Walter Diaz Month ago +1

    now go to the gym

  • Gee Smith
    Gee Smith Month ago +1

    Why didn't he say how he cooked it and how LNG for

  • Jeff Bachmann
    Jeff Bachmann Month ago

    Do you refrigerate the steaks while the salt works or leave it on the counter?

  • Carla Dickey
    Carla Dickey Month ago

    Thank you

  • Daniel Kiyoshk
    Daniel Kiyoshk Month ago +1

    Meat $8, Salt $4 buck, high blood pressure and hypertension $priceless. How thick is YOUR meat?