42 Foods You Need To Eat Before You Die | The Ultimate List

  • Published on Dec 8, 2018
  • This is the ultimate must-try food bucket list. From burgers dipped in cheese to classic NY cheesecakes to edible cookie dough, here are 42 foods you have to eat before you die and where you can try them.
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    42 Foods You Need To Eat Before You Die | The Ultimate List

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  • Debreczeni Árpád
    Debreczeni Árpád 11 hours ago


    PROZ_ HECTOR 11 hours ago



  • Debajit Dutta
    Debajit Dutta 11 hours ago +1

    Many foods are missing

  • Sumedha Dessai
    Sumedha Dessai 11 hours ago

    Title should be " 42 foods you need to eat to die"

  • prestige wolf
    prestige wolf 11 hours ago

    Yea this food would kill you before

  • 11luglio
    11luglio 11 hours ago

    "42 food you need to eat when you are nearly to die because of you eat some of them you will die"

  • Tintin Gutierrez
    Tintin Gutierrez 12 hours ago


  • Tintin Gutierrez
    Tintin Gutierrez 12 hours ago

    4:16 Roti sai mai hsr shirt hus M meaning Mcdo what thee

  • Non ho capito
    Non ho capito 12 hours ago

    Pizza e pasta no però

  • P J
    P J 12 hours ago

    New Orleans restaurants should be on here multiple times folks

  • Cupcakes Dreamscape
    Cupcakes Dreamscape 12 hours ago

    *food that I want to eat but probably never will because I’m poor and I don’t live there*

  • Samuel C
    Samuel C 12 hours ago +1

    Why do people eat there meat so rare?

  • shoumik lodh
    shoumik lodh 12 hours ago

    Not good for health

  • Aditya Deonanda
    Aditya Deonanda 13 hours ago +1

    Where is Rendang?

  • Possessed Princess
    Possessed Princess 13 hours ago +1

    3 options
    3)Undercooked Meat

  • Ekkam
    Ekkam 13 hours ago

    these 42 foods will kill you half way throw

  • white Fijian Tongan.
    white Fijian Tongan. 13 hours ago

    i liked the first one. but why some of these are usually in America?

  • jude price
    jude price 13 hours ago

    Diabetes express on the way

  • mada mada
    mada mada 14 hours ago

    The secret to life is cheese! More cheese!!!

  • SvanteGamer SG
    SvanteGamer SG 14 hours ago

    where are the swedish meatballs?

  • Luke playz Roblox
    Luke playz Roblox 14 hours ago

    I suprised oklahoma wasent here for there cheesecake

  • Maria Kaktusёnish
    Maria Kaktusёnish 14 hours ago

    Where is russian shahverma? (smart joke for Russians here)

  • In Bull
    In Bull 14 hours ago

    You Will Be Dying For These Foods

    P.S: If i copy from someone, sorry about this plus only to joke about it.

  • كرتون سبونج بوب


  • Ambika Banjar
    Ambika Banjar 15 hours ago

    I think Indian food is good and other food too

  • Michaela O'leary
    Michaela O'leary 15 hours ago +3

    Me: show my mom this video
    Mom: half of this stuff is in nyc
    Me: yeah I know right
    Mom: we’re going to America! Pack ur suitcases

  • Prithvi Patil
    Prithvi Patil 15 hours ago

    Ever heard of India?....top chefs from the states come here to learn to cook street food....forget about restaurants.....it looks mouth watering but loads of cheese ....and this video was so ny...

  • Michaela O'leary
    Michaela O'leary 15 hours ago +2

    Thx for including only one thing from Australia
    Which was vanilla ice cream and chocolate

  • Insetticida
    Insetticida 15 hours ago

    Pizza pasta sucks

  • Ting I hate last names on youtube

    I bet big smoke would eat all of this in one sitting

  • Milwaukees
    Milwaukees 16 hours ago

    No wonder there is loads of fat fuckers in NYC

  • Sandy Randy
    Sandy Randy 16 hours ago

    I don't need to need this bloody 42 food before I die.

  • Easy and Tasty Cooking Recipes

    42 Foods that is too racist coz 99.9 % from New York
    agree people ?

    • Dude Trust Me
      Dude Trust Me 15 hours ago

      Yea because everything on TVclip must represent whatever you are. Bugger off.

  • Dean Gomez
    Dean Gomez 16 hours ago

    When the pho burrito place closed down 5 years ago

  • sad chicken mans
    sad chicken mans 17 hours ago

    Real title: 42 food that you need to eat to die

  • Kayla Louca
    Kayla Louca 18 hours ago

    You know how the first one is burgers dipped in loads of cheese welllll
    I’m lactose intolerant sooooo yeah that’s not on my list

  • N F F
    N F F 18 hours ago

    I think i will buy mcd

  • Angry Lin
    Angry Lin 18 hours ago

    Becouse after them i'll die?

  • Wolfieowns
    Wolfieowns 18 hours ago

    Bro this is gonna be the reason for my death

  • Ekso Stan Legends stan EXO

    What is it with everyone making everything bigger

  • flair ni
    flair ni 19 hours ago

    Every food here is so good like cancerlicious!

  • flair ni
    flair ni 19 hours ago

    Every food here is so good like cancerlicious!

  • Desiree Joseph
    Desiree Joseph 20 hours ago +4

    *42 foods you need to eat before you die?*
    *42 foods that will make your wallet die*

  • Kaki Cobb
    Kaki Cobb 20 hours ago +1

    I’m hungry now 🤤🤤🤤

  • CostobliYT !
    CostobliYT ! 20 hours ago +1

    Yup half of this list I can go, seems that I live in New York

  • Xx_Wolfie Studios_xX
    Xx_Wolfie Studios_xX 20 hours ago

    I thought the ice cream was served in a papaya not a pineapple

  • hjpalmer8
    hjpalmer8 20 hours ago

    Like all of these foods are in New York plus most of them don't look appetizing

  • Stagerz
    Stagerz 21 hour ago

    the first one would make me die

  • Kylie Morgan
    Kylie Morgan 21 hour ago

    More like 42 things that will make you die...

  • themlg kid
    themlg kid 21 hour ago

    Nothing in Missouri this vid sucks

  • Shkolnik Family
    Shkolnik Family 21 hour ago

    Who tf deep fries LITERAL cheese.... nothing else..... just ChEEsE!!!!

  • Link of Time
    Link of Time 21 hour ago

    change the title to: 42 things that will make you die if you eat

  • Gracie Runge
    Gracie Runge 21 hour ago

    the vegans are quaking

  • pyter skate
    pyter skate 21 hour ago

    More like foods that will give u the runs before u die

  • Megan Perreault
    Megan Perreault 22 hours ago

    I KNW WH\\ MADE it@

  • ulliaz lol
    ulliaz lol 22 hours ago

    Ight boys

    Imma headout

  • Patricia Ruiz
    Patricia Ruiz 23 hours ago +1

    I think these foods is the reason Imma die 😂

  • Evan Tallant
    Evan Tallant 23 hours ago

    I'm on a diet, and I'm eating healthy foods. My mouth is drooling over those foods😋😋😋😋😋 I want it so bad loll

  • Evan Tallant
    Evan Tallant 23 hours ago

    OK that giant slab of prime rib looked really raw and not cooked at all😱😱😱😨😨😭

  • Freddie Mercury
    Freddie Mercury 23 hours ago

    In short...

    Just go to NYC

  • third guy from the left

    *42 foods that will make you starve if you watch it*

  • Disco Potato
    Disco Potato 23 hours ago

    When your asian and you want food.

  • Jose Zavala
    Jose Zavala 23 hours ago

    I'm crying

  • Nate Willinger
    Nate Willinger 23 hours ago

    Seems to favor New York restaurants over anything. New York isnt the only place in the world to have amazing food.

  • Fabien Butazzi
    Fabien Butazzi Day ago

    You lost me at pasta pizza :(

  • Julean Burger
    Julean Burger Day ago

    wtf is 7

  • Davis Boone
    Davis Boone Day ago

    These 42 will make you die

  • Dev '
    Dev ' Day ago

    I've eaten mostly all of these already

  • S F.H
    S F.H Day ago +5

    The Best Cuban Sandwich....
    Cuban Sandwich...
    "Los Angeles"

  • Hey guys i need help in lif3

    *Top 10 people who died from food*

  • Denny Piedra
    Denny Piedra Day ago

    Food is the only good thing in NY.

  • paulesp06
    paulesp06 Day ago

    Half of the food on this video would literally make you die, so the title is fitting 🤣

  • naddar
    naddar Day ago

    Most of these foods were disgusting. Who put this video together? Some fat slob?

  • BEAST gaming
    BEAST gaming Day ago +1

    Most of these dishes are from us
    Me - dude have u been to India 😍

  • •Bazinga_ •
    •Bazinga_ • Day ago

    I honestly want to try edible cookie dough 🥴👌

  • Pintaguinha Salgadinha

    Im a african guy who just want to eat the delicious burguer dipped in cheese

  • Vxby
    Vxby Day ago

    Woah i wanna try that before i d.....

  • Federico Molinari
    Federico Molinari Day ago +1

    42 foods you need to eat before going to Italy and start eating better

  • StratoPL
    StratoPL Day ago

    Lol, its almost all US :D I wouldnt say US is best known for its kitchen....

  • Levo GAMES
    Levo GAMES Day ago

    The Levain cookies actually look the best to me.
    They're not super big portions or extra cheesy or let's just say "unique" like some of the items.
    Just a simple, fresh cookie.

  • Mo Garcia
    Mo Garcia Day ago +1

    The BBQ should have been from Franklin's in Austin, Texas ...

  • Coluurful C;
    Coluurful C; Day ago

    Unpopular opinion: cheese is overrated

  • martin sabu
    martin sabu Day ago +1

    Masala dosa from India is the best

  • Señior mc No Furrys Allowed

    Nah im good im gonna spend probaly more than a 1000 on all of it beacuse plane tickets

  • secret. star. art.

    Burger dipped in load of cheese was disgusting 🤢

  • Mystery Science Gaming 3000

    first one doesn't even look good. Might as well just go drink velveeta

  • ilovecats
    ilovecats Day ago

    Suddenly, I relized that I'M HUNGRY.

  • Daniyal Amed
    Daniyal Amed Day ago

    More like the food you need to eat to die.

  • mia glimmer
    mia glimmer Day ago

    do not watch this when u are hungry

  • JUAN Alvarado
    JUAN Alvarado Day ago

    Diabiates Sweet Sweet Diabiates

  • Abobster
    Abobster Day ago

    I'd be dead by the time I get to 25

  • pielosa1
    pielosa1 Day ago +6

    I like how half of the things are italian but they are in all places BUT italy

  • froobalation
    froobalation Day ago

    37 of these will help you die faster

  • Queen Sandwich
    Queen Sandwich Day ago

    Imagine all those people who are lactose 😂😂

  • Queen Sandwich
    Queen Sandwich Day ago

    They forgot Cheesecake Factory!!

  • RA
    RA Day ago +1

    I think i am going to try after i die

  • R4ZEL
    R4ZEL Day ago

    Number 5 was raw i feel sick watching it

  • Fitty Six
    Fitty Six Day ago

    *calories have left the chat*

    CURSEDFLAME 11 Day ago

    Dont worry im not dying yet

  • Tazinyu
    Tazinyu Day ago

    The first one looked delicious and disgusting at the same time lmao