42 Foods You Need To Eat Before You Die

  • Published on Dec 8, 2018
  • This is the ultimate must-try food bucket list. From burgers dipped in cheese to classic NY cheesecakes to edible cookie dough, here are 42 foods you have to eat before you die and where you can try them.
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    42 Foods You Need To Eat Before You Die

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  • yeetstacks
    yeetstacks 6 hours ago

    I don't think I can eat all of these foods before I die.

  • wildan Aqmal
    wildan Aqmal 7 hours ago

    Wait , smoked watermelon????

  • Nick G.
    Nick G. 8 hours ago

    Subscribe to my channel. No time to explain!

  • Who cares
    Who cares 9 hours ago

    OMG skyline chilli got featured! I highly reccomend goldstar over it, but still amazing to see a midwest thing here

  • Tara 907
    Tara 907 10 hours ago

    Whaaaaaaat?! They had Great Harvest Bread Co?! 😱 Alaska never gets repped in any “top” videos. Unless it’s number of alcohol related deaths a year or something crazy.....

    ZEKTONIUM - 10 hours ago

    People who wants to suicide need to watch this

  • Gacha Puppy16
    Gacha Puppy16 11 hours ago

    1st one you can easily do at home ;_;

  • Aesthetic_Shey
    Aesthetic_Shey 12 hours ago +1

    I died at the first one

  • Lt Blue
    Lt Blue 13 hours ago +1

    But i am already *dead*

  • mynameis bob
    mynameis bob 13 hours ago +3

    Most of these foods will be the reason you die.

  • Josh Nickels
    Josh Nickels 13 hours ago +1

    Isn't cookiedough supposed to be edible

  • An D
    An D 13 hours ago +3

    42 foods that will kill you before you die

  • Ghost Ballistic
    Ghost Ballistic 15 hours ago

    What if your lactose and tolerant?

  • Shy.B
    Shy.B 16 hours ago

    baking one hundred sausages ! ---> 123link.vip/AgTVpd

  • VasTok- Official Channel

    or you eat pasta or pizza, that it....

  • cute pandas
    cute pandas 17 hours ago

    Ok I am eating a REGULAR sized pizza then I see this..... 2:20


  • roblox gaming 5321
    roblox gaming 5321 18 hours ago

    5:17 you forgot to add food name
    6:40 you forgot to add locations

  • me v wees
    me v wees 19 hours ago

    I wanna eat simplistic meals that are about flavor and culture. Not these gross meals were more and even to much seems to be the standard. Why didn’t they show one of massimo’s dishes.

  • bart quik
    bart quik 19 hours ago

    Most of these items are in NYC or LA and crazy expensive

  • Maritza Hernandez
    Maritza Hernandez 20 hours ago

    Diabetes going the chat

  • Angue Ngyema
    Angue Ngyema 20 hours ago +2

    is it just me or are 90% of the places in NYC

  • Sofia Grant
    Sofia Grant 20 hours ago +1

    More like 42 foods in New York to try before you die

  • Alexander Peak
    Alexander Peak 21 hour ago +1

    who cares about diabetes did yall not see that cheese dunk .

  • an na
    an na 21 hour ago

    fat,sugar,fat ,sugar,disgusting"anti- food"

  • Memphis Plant
    Memphis Plant 21 hour ago +1

    Basically 42 you eat in New York before you die

  • Meih*
    Meih* 22 hours ago +1

    A vontade é grande mas a pobreza maior '-'

  • Jackson Leach
    Jackson Leach 22 hours ago

    42 foods you need to eat if you want to die*

  • DyingSakura
    DyingSakura 22 hours ago +1

    *42 Foods That Lead To Your Death*

  • big man on campus
    big man on campus 23 hours ago +1

    3:08 is the only one ive had :/

  • Xrocks
    Xrocks 23 hours ago


  • Mylayja Lipscomb

    yes anaya 123 you are sooooooo right

  • German Ayuso
    German Ayuso Day ago

    my mout milt

  • Argiris Vlachos
    Argiris Vlachos Day ago


  • Christian Jenerette

    When you watched this 2 months ago and all the funny comments are gone

  • 18iole
    18iole Day ago

    42 ways of dying

  • AstroB3ast Robloxnamefriendme

    Might lose my money but *YOLO*

  • чайове
    чайове Day ago

    Very delicious recipe 😊

  • kavya sri
    kavya sri Day ago

    If i eat them automatically i will die

  • Yiohanne Marquez

    and right now I’m eating slightly expired bread and cheese *what’s good homies?*

  • Aqsa Zari
    Aqsa Zari Day ago

    42 foods to try if you wanna die early

  • Anna K
    Anna K Day ago

    Ive had the pasta in the hollowed out cheese wheel before... its not that good

  • Jessica McLaren
    Jessica McLaren Day ago

    42 ways to get diabetes

  • Harriet
    Harriet Day ago

    Most of them are from NYC !! Oh goshhhhhh I'm going there.

  • ASuperSomali
    ASuperSomali Day ago

    How do people eat cookie dough, it never appealed to me. Has to be baked

  • NotSandi X
    NotSandi X Day ago

    0:02 u will die instantly if u eat this xx

  • Damian Bobadilla

    you eat this and then you die bc of it

  • GachaTuber XD
    GachaTuber XD Day ago

    If you eat all these food I can promise you,you will die

  • MvP KiNg oF RoCk

    42 foods that will cause u death


    I eat evreone 😎

  • Elizabeth Stewart

    0:24 I can just imagine how much that would cost

  • ㅕL O N E L Y ㅣ K O O K I Eㅑ

    slime is what we need to EAT..?

  • Lalisa
    Lalisa Day ago

    Most of these are from NY

  • Angelina Czech
    Angelina Czech Day ago

    Watching this at night its kinda hard

  • AsianNoscopes
    AsianNoscopes Day ago

    I’m over here eating microwaved hot pockets

  • xlncy
    xlncy Day ago +1

    my channel has some awesome foods too!

  • Rias Gremory
    Rias Gremory Day ago

    easy death if you eat that shit

  • Trent Timoy
    Trent Timoy Day ago

    I just put on 10 pounds watching this.

  • Aurum TheBrave
    Aurum TheBrave Day ago

    Most of these would kill me.

  • Michiko-Chan :v uwu

    Me entró hambre. ._.

  • Cthulhoops
    Cthulhoops Day ago +2

    The first one is the last thing you eat before you die, because it's also the cause of your death, damn guys...

  • H-U-S-H YT
    H-U-S-H YT Day ago +1

    I'll die if I eat these 42 food right away

  • Kaitlyn Singleton

    Ok like the burger was disgusting😂 and why do ppl think that food is gonna be 10 times better bc it’s bigger???

  • SkyDragon BitchesXD

    The rumors was right all long. *NYC is where you get diabetes started from!*

  • Kyle Findlay
    Kyle Findlay Day ago

    42 Heart Attack waiting to be happened.

  • KittyGacha 6137
    KittyGacha 6137 Day ago

    Why hasn't NY died from diabetes?!

  • tranceone11
    tranceone11 Day ago

    Fuckin disgusting. In a world of abundance people have no food or water on a daily basis. This makes me sick.

  • Mordi
    Mordi Day ago

    42 foods that will make you die

  • Walmar
    Walmar Day ago

    “Before you die”
    These foods will kill you

  • Sky Blue
    Sky Blue Day ago

    "42 foods that are going to make you die

  • Wildeyes
    Wildeyes Day ago

    more like "42 foods to make you die".

  • Livinus Isioma
    Livinus Isioma Day ago

    No shit. You'll definitely die after eating all these

  • イカ
    イカ Day ago

    42 Foods You Need To Eat To Help You Die

  • theepori thirumugam


  • Avinse
    Avinse Day ago

    I think you’d die if you ate the burger in the thumbnail

  • Boarding Bros.
    Boarding Bros. 2 days ago

    0:43 now if you listen closely you can hear the vegans bashing on their keyboard

  • oxacukcc
    oxacukcc 2 days ago

    This is not 42 foods to eat before you die. It is 42 foods to eat to die.

  • Davbroto Kundu
    Davbroto Kundu 2 days ago

    I think i would die just eating half of these foods.

  • kookie 1
    kookie 1 2 days ago

    The reason they ask us to eat this food before we die because if we eat this food we will die

  • Hana Hassan
    Hana Hassan 2 days ago

    more like 42 food you need to eat to die

  • אורית ששו
    אורית ששו 2 days ago

    42 is meaning of life baby

  • kyriakos Tsakalidis
    kyriakos Tsakalidis 2 days ago +1

    42 reasons to make yourself a grave

  • Kristina Escalante
    Kristina Escalante 2 days ago

    42 foods you will die from eating.

  • Aiconic
    Aiconic 2 days ago

    Why does everyone keep saying these foods will make you die? It's called moderation. You can eat plenty healthy and still enjoy a once a month splurge. Come on and live a little. Nothing wrong with indulging as long as you don't OVER indulge.

  • Moshi
    Moshi 2 days ago

    The title should be"42 gross foods you need to eat for dying"

  • yunmi
    yunmi 2 days ago

    Speedrunning diabetes

  • dawn predator
    dawn predator 2 days ago

    Eating some of these might make you die before you're 30 years old

  • Lisanne V
    Lisanne V 2 days ago

    Well if you eat all this you probably die so good title😂😂

  • Kpop since 2005
    Kpop since 2005 2 days ago

    So basicslly this vid is for cheese and ice cream lovers

  • 티카타카티키티키

    치즈랑 뉴욕 겁나 좋아하는 애가 선정했나보네 ㅋㅋ

  • Kons37 Flyingreapper

    42 levels of diabetes you must achieve before you die on diabetes.

  • lin Zhu
    lin Zhu 2 days ago

    some food look disgusting

  • Randi Ko Xoro Jeevan Hamal

    Don't Have Any Veg Dishes 😋

  • Fab backup
    Fab backup 2 days ago

    Lol... better title: You will die after eating all those foods

  • Memist
    Memist 2 days ago

    Im already dieing

  • Oleg Rudy
    Oleg Rudy 2 days ago

    It's like a celebration of excess
    most of this don't even look like food

  • Michał
    Michał 2 days ago

    Tittle should be:
    *Food you have to try if you wanna die*

  • ayesha zaheer
    ayesha zaheer 2 days ago

    wrong!where r pakistani food that are worlds best food.

  • Danielle Zhab
    Danielle Zhab 2 days ago +1

    oh if i eat these food i will die for sure

    THE WOLF 2 days ago

    I really hate this video because now i want to eat what i see in these video 😅😅

  • Aimed ON you
    Aimed ON you 2 days ago

    Tht title kinda dark