Good Enough (Free Full Movie) Comedy Drama ❤

  • Published on Feb 22, 2019
  • New York City based flight attendant Lorna Flynn is on an obsessive journey to find her long lost relative after her absent father passes away. In the hopes of finding out more about her family and herself, what she discovers is more than she could have imagined.
    Directed by AnnaRose King
    Starring AnnaRose King, Ted Tremper, Becky Yamamoto, James Caan
    Edited for TVclip ad standards
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Comments • 295

  • Paul Brasier
    Paul Brasier 4 months ago +14

    Read some comments and was ready to hate this...didn't. I have always loved dialogue more then shinny bang stuff. I found that the more I watched the deeper in love I fell with her. Would give anything to meet that character. So beautiful and broken, would just want to hold her.

    • Katie Kat
      Katie Kat 4 days ago +1

      Paul Brasier Why aren’t there more men like you?
      People always think that growing up without a father is a son’s problem. I disagree. I think it impacts daughters so much more than sons. If you don’t have a father then you don’t know how relationships are supposed to work with men. All those “crazy” women out there are probably women that grew up without a father. I wish fathers knew that so they would not give up the relationship so fast thinking she’s all set because she has her mother. It’s not the same and it’s a hole that’s always there. I wish dads would know that they are just as important as moms and I wish that many moms wouldn’t interfere on father-children relationship and drive off the dad.
      You sound like a wonderful man. Good Luck and Take Care.

    • Mabel Durocher
      Mabel Durocher 2 months ago +2

      Hey - I would like to be held .. which is why I love my brothers who do give me an unconditional hug. Ahhh now I can take the next step ..xo

  • Autumn Meadows
    Autumn Meadows Day ago


  • BeeBee
    BeeBee 2 days ago


  • Star Sun
    Star Sun 2 days ago +1

    Wow. That was pretty deep....loved it ...

  • Xinia Zulueta
    Xinia Zulueta 3 days ago +2

    I loved the movie 👏👏👏👏

  • Elizabeth Kastroll
    Elizabeth Kastroll 3 days ago

    Went to 45 min on this based on positive comments. Big mistake. Weak girly guys, and confused women.

  • Mark James Hill
    Mark James Hill 3 days ago

    a little bit B movie and low budget but despite that its good. I think a little less narration and better music and this would be an a level movie.

  • C_ Farther
    C_ Farther 3 days ago

    That Popcornflix always puts out quality. Loved the movie and thanks. I love to watch the credits for some reason, thank you again.

    WHY KITTY 3 days ago +1

    She does act a little slow approaching people the way she do, I can’t with this movie. But it was good over all I guess. I love the free movie 🎥

  • Simply Put
    Simply Put 3 days ago

    Looong drawn out movie.
    I can't say I enjoyed it.
    Quite surprising for a popcorn movie, they are usually excellent.

  • Katie Kat
    Katie Kat 4 days ago +1

    At the very beginning I wouldn’t have thought I would be saying this. But, that was a good movie. I liked it.

  • Tera X
    Tera X 5 days ago

    I'm watching movie from St Paul MN😊

    • Katie Kat
      Katie Kat 4 days ago +2

      Tera X I live in Florida but I grew up in Massachusetts. When I lived in MA, during the winter, to make ourselves feel better about the cold temperatures we would see what the weatherman said for MN. We could always count on MN being 15-20 degrees colder at least.

  • joel goode
    joel goode 7 days ago

    Very well done, and so "real". Extremely enjoyable. !! Thanks.

  • Gigi Devoe
    Gigi Devoe 8 days ago

    boring as hell only 30 min in & its going no where.
    at 57.03 sec talking to her mom i started hoping he would do away w her in the wpofs.. no matter how successful were ALL MESSED UP.

  • Joseph Marín
    Joseph Marín 15 days ago

    "Miss Flynn" at 3/4 in brought to mind a few people I've met (or now know) in this lifetime. An uncanny resemblance to one particular friend. 💄👗💋

  • Inna Zabolotnaya
    Inna Zabolotnaya 19 days ago

    Лабуда, а лайки просто накрутил youtube

  • journalistethics dotcom
    journalistethics dotcom 20 days ago +3

    The simplest movies are often the best. I like this more than most Hollywood massive budget movies as the main two characters are adorable. Hope they marry!

  • Katerina Velchova
    Katerina Velchova 22 days ago

    Complete waster of time. The title can be misleading.

  • Marcus Ervin
    Marcus Ervin 25 days ago +1

    I completely get this movie 👑

  • Autumn Mist
    Autumn Mist 27 days ago

    Grammar peeve alert: In reference to the synopsis. If it is one wish then it should read "in hope." If it is more than one wish it then becomes " in hopes".

  • severino santos
    severino santos 27 days ago +3

    Written, directed and performed by Annarose KIng?! Wow, she is really talented. If this film were a painting, King would be Joan Miro, not in subject but in style - the utter simplicity of her of work could have fooled anyone to just bypass it, not knowing that behind that seeming simplicity lies a gem. Impressive work.

  • Alfi Siswosugito
    Alfi Siswosugito 27 days ago

    Yeah it sometimes happen in life.... something like this

  • gRaCieLa mAnaO
    gRaCieLa mAnaO Month ago +1

    Just good enough😀and hey that's not the way how to use crutches 1:11:00..i love the character of the lead actress and how the guy loves her..

  • SueJean Heinz
    SueJean Heinz Month ago +1

    I made it to the end. Good enough, but not anywhere near great. Just saying....

    SARAH OF GOD Month ago


  • taleta nasi
    taleta nasi Month ago

    Siapa nih

  • sheila shoop
    sheila shoop Month ago +1

    I wouldve googled his name, he's younger than her father so that would help narrow it down a lil

  • memikchik
    memikchik Month ago

    Oh where those roads can lead us.

  • Tina Edgerton-Ramirez
    Tina Edgerton-Ramirez Month ago +2

    Unexpectedly enjoyable thank you for the great upload

  • Divine Katalin
    Divine Katalin Month ago +1

    sweet movie !

  • Whitney Smithh
    Whitney Smithh Month ago

    This is sooo boring

  • Kendell Nandalal
    Kendell Nandalal 2 months ago

    Worst movie I've seen in awhile

  • jconearth
    jconearth 2 months ago

    are you all off your meds ! this was a waste of time : annoying as hell ex geek boyfriend / a banal story line / definitely a waste of HER talent with a script that had dialogues that bordered on retarded / about as interesting as watching the grass grow - jeezus on a stick get a life all of you needy nurds !

  • ani malas
    ani malas 3 months ago +2

    Luv it !!!

  • Vern Mosquin
    Vern Mosquin 3 months ago

    Was able to get into the Lorna character, but.... Am I alone in wanting to morph into the Movie to pop a cap in her incredibly wretched acting 'Buddy's' ass? By any means I got into it, the Movie concept that is, my Morph skills actually suck so the Dude still lives. Camera person mostly sucked.
    So AnnaRose wrote this, got a few buddies together and played the main role. Hmmm? A Story in her life she had to get off her chest? Is her Dude friend Gay in real life or acting? If so he plays a great douche bag. Crazy but I actually know a real life Stewardess named Lorna who was very much ditzy as was the Main character, credible acting then. Her Aunt/Uncle Chuck looked like that character from the Dallas Buyers Club. By any means I'm now curious about AnnaRose. What compelled her to write and act in this; financing issues aside because this was clearly budget? Practice?
    Given the budget & lack of professional Acting not a bad go of it. Compelled me enough to watch it through anyhow if only to see if God truly does look out for....... But I'm sure AnnaRose has never been to Id.

  • tinx 2ü
    tinx 2ü 3 months ago

    It's just smooth 😊

  • Tattianna Shores
    Tattianna Shores 3 months ago

    I didn't like it,! Very Boring and Stupid and repetitive! Stupid movie, No real Plot, Story going no Where! ???

  • Rick Bradley
    Rick Bradley 3 months ago +1

    She says you're supposed to find out who you are in your 20s! Well I must be a late bloomer cause I didn't figure out who I was till I was in my late 40s!
    Watching this also made me realize I was actually lucky! Because just a few years before my dad died he moved in with me & I got a chance to get to really know him! He & my mom divorced when I was a baby & lived half way across the US from each other so I never saw him much or often growing up!
    You see I got Multiple Myeloma bone cancer! He & mom put their differences aside & both came to take care of me for over 2yrs while I was going through treatment! Taking me to radiation & chemo treatments (yr & 1/2), paying for my many meds till I could get Medicaid, then coming to the hospital everyday when I went through bone marrow transplant & stem cell replacements which took months!
    Funny thing was after all that & us getting so close he died of the very same cancer he had nursed me back to reasonable health from! It screwed me up not being healthy enough to return the favor!
    Wow this must have affected me way more than I thought or I wouldn't be rambling on about it!
    Rant over THX for letting me vent!

    • Mauricio Nelson
      Mauricio Nelson Month ago

      You had the chance to actually know your folks, they showed you their love in time of need, now you know all that and makes a whole difference in your make up as a human beig.
      Thanks for sharing your story. It is a live story. Giod day pal!

  • Lynn Early
    Lynn Early 3 months ago +1

    This movie was so good thank you for the upload.

  • Diane Willson
    Diane Willson 3 months ago +4

    Lovely movie watch
    Worth the families come in different forms
    If u get a caring one, u r lucky

  • janaka w
    janaka w 4 months ago +1

    Nice film

  • Cleavy Thomas
    Cleavy Thomas 4 months ago +1


  • A L Reed
    A L Reed 4 months ago

    Barely skipped through any of it.

  • bricolage_en_ ruine
    bricolage_en_ ruine 4 months ago

    haven't slept this good in years

  • Giulia S.
    Giulia S. 4 months ago +1

    Good intend, a bit too flat for me.

  • lorizline
    lorizline 4 months ago +2

    I really luvd it 😁 ty

  • the Dragan
    the Dragan 4 months ago +2

    They could have tried to make it a little more interesting.

  • Leigh LaRue
    Leigh LaRue 4 months ago +1

    What a super cute movie : )

  • bvandusen
    bvandusen 4 months ago +3

    Enjoyed this very much, thank you.

  • Don Love
    Don Love 4 months ago +1

    Too deep of emotions Coming from the guy with glasses

  • Ana Maria Jaramillo
    Ana Maria Jaramillo 4 months ago

    Why does it say comedy?

  • Grace Catherine
    Grace Catherine 4 months ago +1

    This is my godparents niece. She wrote and starred in the movie. She has stage 4 cancer and is dyeing as we speak, so I’m glad that her story is being told

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee 4 months ago +8

    Well, I wouldn't start with "we might be related," if I were approaching strangers. She seems a bit dimwitted.

  • dee ramone
    dee ramone 4 months ago

    As soon as I say I love it, a price will be asked.... can't win!!

  • Vero G
    Vero G 4 months ago

    No me gusto me pareció aburrida la película, pero gracias por tomar el tiempo de subir películas

  • Annie Morgan
    Annie Morgan 4 months ago

    Who read the comment before they watch this movie but look like a good Guyana all the way 🇬🇾

  • Tiffany O'HARA
    Tiffany O'HARA 4 months ago

    WOW! Just started watching and WOW the actors are great!!!

  • Tamara Elsberry
    Tamara Elsberry 4 months ago

    Is this movie bad because of the bad acting? Or the bad writing?
    Either way... blah!

  • Gene
    Gene 4 months ago

    ifthis were any slower it would be going backward, there's an hour plus I'll never get back

  • A I
    A I 5 months ago +1

    Chuck: typical Californian