Aquamarine, Beryl & Emerald everywhere


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  • Joabes Silva
    Joabes Silva 15 hours ago


  • Oriel Brito
    Oriel Brito 3 days ago

    Onde รฉ este paraรญso????๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

  • MM benitez
    MM benitez 5 days ago

    wondering how much u sell them all?

    • Liz Kreate
      Liz Kreate  5 days ago

      Unfortunately they're not for sale at the moment. Thanks for watching and hope you enjoyed the video. Cheers, Liz

  • keith mooney
    keith mooney 7 days ago

    Where is this LOL and can you be my hunting partner and teach me the ropes

    • Liz Kreate
      Liz Kreate  6 days ago

      This is in Western Australia Keith. Thanks for watching. Cheers, Liz

  • Linda Moser
    Linda Moser 7 days ago

    Awesome place!!!! We have emeralds in North Carolina, Tennessee, US. Have to dig for them though.

  • Linda Moser
    Linda Moser 7 days ago

    Awesome place!!!! We have emeralds in North Carolina, Tennessee, US. Have to dig for them though.

  • Bruno Vinicius Lopes

    Que sorte ...parabรฉns

  • Bradley Pool
    Bradley Pool 8 days ago

    Good on you for supporting Devondale dairy products Liz! We used to supply them when we had the farm and our farmers need all the support they can get at the moment. ๐Ÿ‘

    • Liz Kreate
      Liz Kreate  6 days ago

      We definitely always try to support our farmers. Thanks for watching Bradley and hope you enjoyed the video. Cheers, Liz

  • Sherin Assifah
    Sherin Assifah 8 days ago


  • Marianlyn Rivera
    Marianlyn Rivera 11 days ago


  • Mati Apiata
    Mati Apiata 11 days ago

    wow i would be like kid in a candy store cool vid

  • Dumich sowieso
    Dumich sowieso 13 days ago

    LOL, if i would be on that Place... i would collect all i would see 24/7... its insane

  • Katie The Kitty
    Katie The Kitty 13 days ago

    where are you? those minerals are so cool I want some :)

  • Korin Weir
    Korin Weir 13 days ago

    hey liz! great vid! what lovely euhedral crystals! if i were there i would be shaking like a leaf with excitement! :) especially with those pieces in matrix rather than just fragments

  • Mustika& Intan/Berlian

    Like from Indonesia..

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  • Michael Rideout
    Michael Rideout 19 days ago

    Noongal, about 130 km south-west of Poona.
    The Curlew mine on White Quartz Hill some 19 km north-west of Hillside Station.
    Warda Warra and Melville on the Yingarn Craton, or Wodinga, Pilgangooraand McPhees Patch on the Pilbara Craton.

  • Michael Rideout
    Michael Rideout 19 days ago +2

    These are Opaque Emeralds

  • Benefits 1111
    Benefits 1111 19 days ago


  • I said Im happy.
    I said Im happy. 19 days ago

    What's the different between this and phosphophyllite??

  • Ted McGruder
    Ted McGruder 20 days ago

    Where can I buy uncut emerald?

  • giuseppe veneziano
    giuseppe veneziano 21 day ago

    LIZ. where are do u living in Australia?

  • Beryl Patsch
    Beryl Patsch Month ago

    I'm a Beryl, and have always wanted a piece. Is it expensive to buy ? And are gems like this expensive to have polished ?
    I so enjoyed this video and your excitement at finding so much Beryl in one place :D

  • CrossGrain Wood Products,LTD

    You need to work on your camera work. I got dizzy trying to watch this.

  • Tuong Hua
    Tuong Hua Month ago

    me: o look * 2 hrs later * i got 3 full bags of beryls

  • pedras preciosas do Brasil


  • Shreya Tongya
    Shreya Tongya Month ago

    Can we lease this space for commercial mining??

    • Liz Kreate
      Liz Kreate  Month ago

      There already an exploration lease over this area. Thanks for watching. Cheers, Liz

  • Bilal Hanif
    Bilal Hanif Month ago

    03152149746 mjy sale kry ap ma ap ko achay price do ga

  • Bilal Hanif
    Bilal Hanif Month ago

    Amrad mjy sale or day ap jo ya calam bani ho hay w0

  • iiElise Rose
    iiElise Rose Month ago

    you must be rich now

  • Justine McQueen
    Justine McQueen Month ago

    I want to go gem hunting but Iโ€™m not sure if the UK has anything like this.

  • Creature Tree Gallery

    Unbelievable spot, Australia really has some amazing minerals. Great video Liz

  • Basil Brush
    Basil Brush Month ago

    I see Biotite Schist also.

  • funfair malaya
    funfair malaya Month ago

    Where is places?

  • CharacteristiC ROY
    CharacteristiC ROY Month ago

    Were do u go to find minerals and raw gemstones?

  • Iyenga
    Iyenga Month ago

    Emerald is colored by chromium. Love your enthusiasm! Kept it up!

  • vandana Gavaskar
    vandana Gavaskar Month ago

    Do u sell emerald?

  • robert ducay
    robert ducay 2 months ago

    hi maam,,how can i identify if the stone or crystal stone are valuable

    SILVIAQUIBE 2 months ago


  • masterMind Berdon
    masterMind Berdon 2 months ago

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  • marvel and rock hounding fan

    What did u use the small pieces?

  • Izabel Maria Fernandes Pereira

    Sou do Brasil parabรฉns pelo canal sucesso me escrevi se puder retribuir muito obrigado fica com Deus

  • cleverton Silva Martha
    cleverton Silva Martha 2 months ago +1

    ร‰ linda de mais

  • Sharing the Bounty
    Sharing the Bounty 2 months ago

    The lighter ones are question is why are you wasting your time in that area when none of those are anything of quality? Did you bother to do research before you went there? It was kind of frustrating watching you.

    • Korin Weir
      Korin Weir 14 days ago

      you obviously dont collect or hunt for minerals lolol. " anything of quality" sounds like you have never pulled a beautiful crystal straight out of the ground. anyways im also sure you have never seen how much an aquamarine crystal specimen (not gem quality) can sell for.

  • Jazz Maker
    Jazz Maker 3 months ago

    where is this ?

  • Colonar Ice
    Colonar Ice 3 months ago

    Are you my Dad? -Aquamarine

  • ashtamkar aharon
    ashtamkar aharon 3 months ago

  • jasond Ong
    jasond Ong 3 months ago

    You stumbled into my dreamland!!!

  • Jose Luis M. Del R.
    Jose Luis M. Del R. 3 months ago


  • riky 04
    riky 04 3 months ago

    I would love to find some emeralds, unfortunately in Italy there are only aquamarines!๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  • Abdul Al Hassan
    Abdul Al Hassan 3 months ago

    I have beautiful aquamarines for sale

  • Winner
    Winner 4 months ago

    This is not money

  • fishfinger
    fishfinger 4 months ago

    do you sell these?

  • CosmicSea7
    CosmicSea7 4 months ago

    Wow! Cool! Where is that?

  • Kathleen Copeland
    Kathleen Copeland 4 months ago

    If I get my passport, can I come rock hound with you and we can trade. You can come to USA and rock hound with me.

  • Wallace Smith
    Wallace Smith 4 months ago

    Screw ozzies.... get off youtube.... old British trash

  • zakor abdel
    zakor abdel 4 months ago What kind of stone is this?

  • Hoร ng Duy Vลฉ
    Hoร ng Duy Vลฉ 4 months ago

    Could i buy aquamarine crystal from y, dear?

  • Jessica Thompson
    Jessica Thompson 4 months ago

    I'm new to your channel and find it fascinating. I've loved rocks since I was a small child.. fossils, minerals, gems. I've never had the time to actually make a trip specifically for hunting them, tho. How in the world do you get word about these amazing places? Wow, what great fun!

  • James Allan
    James Allan 5 months ago

    I love your vids and i love stones so much but i dont know how to identify them and im thinking on going out for a hunt i migth just pick up everything๐Ÿ˜‚

  • boss fight master
    boss fight master 5 months ago

    Where is that place

  • Michael Donohue
    Michael Donohue 5 months ago

    I suspect I may have found another way to make my wife squeal with delight; give her a pair of tweezers and a bunch of rocks. All jokes aside, love your videos & your passion as a Rockhound. Well done.๐Ÿ˜€.

  • Tam Bear
    Tam Bear 5 months ago

    Beautiful video thanks for sharing I'm new here really enjoyed this

  • Estelita Galvez
    Estelita Galvez 5 months ago

    What a gem spot!truly amazing!

  • none ofyour
    none ofyour 5 months ago

    I did not hear ware this place is ???

  • dianartimus
    dianartimus 5 months ago

    Where is this?

  • 5 months ago


  • mgkhalli
    mgkhalli 5 months ago

    where is it?

  • DIVINO Jesus
    DIVINO Jesus 5 months ago

    Como se chama essa preda

  • Olivia Cruz
    Olivia Cruz 5 months ago

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  • pgalaxy
    pgalaxy 5 months ago

    Please take me with you rock hunting

  • Lady-T
    Lady-T 5 months ago

    what country is this in. im in the united states but your accent is not one i know well. anyway kudos to you for your find

    • Liz Kreate
      Liz Kreate  5 months ago

      This is in Australia. Thanks for watching. Cheers, Liz

  • Sarah Watkins
    Sarah Watkins 5 months ago

    can u find rare rocks like tgis in michigan or in United States?

    • Liz Kreate
      Liz Kreate  5 months ago

      There are a lot of places in the USA where one can find gemstones. It's only a matter of researching specific locations that you're in. Cheers, Liz

  • Miglena Dimitrova
    Miglena Dimitrova 6 months ago

    where did you find them? in Bulgeria, Panama or where?

    • Liz Kreate
      Liz Kreate  6 months ago

      Thanks for watching Miglena. This is in Australia. Cheers, Liz

  • marvel and rock hounding fan

    Can anyone tell me where she at?

    • Liz Kreate
      Liz Kreate  6 months ago

      This is in Western Australia Shawn. Thanks for watching. Cheers, Liz

  • Andre Browne
    Andre Browne 6 months ago

    Hey Liz can you help me identify a mineral stone I found please

  • James and Everything
    James and Everything 6 months ago

    Please may I have some emerald?

  • Lily Ana
    Lily Ana 6 months ago

    I hope that I can be there to see them but don't know where is the location? , anyway thanks for sharing the video to us. Have A Wonderful weekend!

    • Liz Kreate
      Liz Kreate  6 months ago +1

      Thanks for watching Lily. This is in Western Australia. Have a great weekend too. Cheers, Liz

  • Angie Carlotta
    Angie Carlotta 6 months ago

    Omg. I would be as excited as u. So it's all over where I live..
    Well not as much as there. My neighbors see me constantly picking up rocks. Bet they think I'm crazy but I am over rocks and gems. I'm obsessed looking for the

  • Angel heaven
    Angel heaven 6 months ago

    I am so exited to be there with you lol so happy

  • ์ดˆ๊ฐ€์„์šฐ์—‰์ฐจ

    ์ƒ‰์ƒ์ด ๊ตฌ๋ฆผ

  • Nadeem Khan
    Nadeem Khan 6 months ago

    I worker emrald for pre shepar

  • Sharon Bendtsen
    Sharon Bendtsen 6 months ago

    Steady your camera

  • Vertical Adventure
    Vertical Adventure 6 months ago


    PORTAL AL INFINITO 6 months ago

    OMG where is that place?

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    Kalulalkahar kahar 6 months ago

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    Two Cat geeks gaming 6 months ago

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  • Gabe Petro
    Gabe Petro 6 months ago

    You are a doll! Subscribed!

  • Kerstin mit K
    Kerstin mit K 6 months ago

    As with all of your videos I've watched so far I wish you didn't move the camera so quickly / erratically. It's giving me motion sickness and headaches and I can't see much of what you're picking up. I understand you're excited about your finds, but pls have a steadier hand while filming.

  • A fabulous Aquamarine trashcan

    I wish I could go gem hunting in Australia one day, but I doubt we could afford it :,)

  • ParanormalAdventureAustralia

    So love love love your videos , so exited too. your beautiful and amazing.

  • H3rcu135
    H3rcu135 6 months ago

    Can i be your appretince? :d

  • Teo s
    Teo s 7 months ago

    I am in love with your channel! I am studying to be a future geologist, and i want to live my life like you do! Thank you for these videos!

  • wicious
    wicious 7 months ago

    I like the pyrite or mica! I'd never be able to leave... I have ocd and I'd have to look carefully at every single rock

  • L. J. Bush
    L. J. Bush 7 months ago

    Are you able to facet any of your stuff or just cab it? You guys always have interesting trips. Thanks for sharing.

  • The Autoplex
    The Autoplex 7 months ago

    Where are you at can I know it what it's called please text

  • Pandora Bracegirdle
    Pandora Bracegirdle 7 months ago

    Good video

  • Bluekitty Bun
    Bluekitty Bun 7 months ago

    To be sorted.... lol u should make a shaker with the to be sorted crystals

  • Raven Pressman
    Raven Pressman 7 months ago

    thanks for sharing your videos i Love watching all your videos onTVclip especially when you found precious stone on mines and rivers. im just wondering if you sell it also in online?