I donated to Mixer Streamers to play Fortnite with me... (emotional)

  • Published on Aug 3, 2019
  • I donated to Mixer Streamers to play Fortnite with me... (emotional)
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    the spider thing was joke btw :)
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  • Mixa 447
    Mixa 447 Day ago +1

    Omg when you said mixer it sounded like you said mixa and Mixa447 is my Fortnite username and you using my skin!!! (Brite bomber)

  • Luther Sellers
    Luther Sellers Day ago

    Sub to my channel

  • Naskapi Pien
    Naskapi Pien 2 days ago

    Sounds like muselk

  • Tyus tuber
    Tyus tuber 3 days ago


  • Skitcrew
    Skitcrew 4 days ago

    Omg I watch forest hahah lol ahaha that actually funny loo

  • EmaYtzen
    EmaYtzen 4 days ago

    More of it !

  • Ochoa Razo
    Ochoa Razo 8 days ago

    All ninja fans being on mixer

  • Ollie Dellow
    Ollie Dellow 8 days ago

    Like or James Charles will be in your bed tonight

  • demag khaou gamer
    demag khaou gamer 9 days ago

    I hate mixer twich is better

  • Let’s play with PyJAMES

    Not subscribing or liking i want to add that spider to my collection

  • T2 Chicken
    T2 Chicken 10 days ago

    Sorry for plugging but. My mixer is ChubbyChicken36 and Xbox is T2 Chicken

  • T2 Chicken
    T2 Chicken 10 days ago

    I mixer

  • Ojb 3609
    Ojb 3609 11 days ago

    Can you do this again and donate to mysterion1l7

    RM ROCCO 11 days ago

    Can you send me a friend request Roccoboy7

  • N Vitalies
    N Vitalies 11 days ago

    Hello, what is the soundtrack for when the streamer died in fortnite?

  • Marina Kvarsnes
    Marina Kvarsnes 14 days ago


  • Your dad John
    Your dad John 16 days ago

    He sounds like muselk

  • Spamkarma
    Spamkarma 16 days ago

    Stop it, Stop spreading cancer you

  • Leland A
    Leland A 17 days ago

    Adust sounds like muselk

  • ReBeL
    ReBeL 18 days ago

    wait that was forest dump

  • ReBeL
    ReBeL 18 days ago

    the hypezone they just put people in top 10

  • Tobias May
    Tobias May 19 days ago


  • Rowan 4675
    Rowan 4675 24 days ago


  • Simon Hustinx
    Simon Hustinx 29 days ago

    I want to play fortnite with you for free😂🤣😅

  • F0xy ツ
    F0xy ツ Month ago

    Clicking subscribe botton is essy for you
    and too much for me
    help me ❤️

  • Bianca De Nicola
    Bianca De Nicola Month ago

    You sound like Yung Chip

  • Jadeboyy
    Jadeboyy Month ago

    Adust was spectating twitch nickzz then next match you got killed by twitch nickzz

  • Bartosz Luberadzki
    Bartosz Luberadzki Month ago

    I stream on mixer but with only two viewers

  • landon holt
    landon holt Month ago

    Can you watch me on mixer it is SwathingDeer13

  • Arturo JC
    Arturo JC Month ago


  • ass hole
    ass hole Month ago

    I will be your friend

    Sorry bot1111126

  • john cena
    john cena Month ago

    Cuz I streamed on it but got banned for some reason

  • oculus
    oculus Month ago

    Pinky I can play with you for free 😆

  • Stacy King
    Stacy King Month ago

    Who has bin on mixer for a while

  • Sonny Byas
    Sonny Byas Month ago

    I subscribed turned notifications and click the like button can you play with me on Fortnite my name is goodguyaltz

  • anamlondono Londono


  • Junte Dijk
    Junte Dijk Month ago


  • シzizzy
    シzizzy Month ago

    Do a guy call dxlty hes eu

  • JosephDev 22
    JosephDev 22 Month ago

    The frosted flakes ad popped up and it said sorry to interrupt your gaming vid how does he know

  • Shakiaka Official
    Shakiaka Official Month ago

    mixer.com/FRIC_vSpitfire mixer.com/FRIC_vSpitfire

  • RogueNinja
    RogueNinja Month ago

    i thought in the intro you were gonna say that you were sponsored by mixer

  • TG_Vishrut
    TG_Vishrut Month ago

    12:30 donate him more he’s a nice guy!!

  • trb xd prblms
    trb xd prblms Month ago

    I knew about mixer since 2016

  • Foxy
    Foxy Month ago

    Who else thinks he sounds like Muselk but more depressed

  • GrantTheboi Old
    GrantTheboi Old Month ago

    Wait i was wahtching adust today he was nice

  • killerdog1st
    killerdog1st Month ago

    Ya ye

  • Spencer Barlow
    Spencer Barlow Month ago

    streamer: *smiles

  • Gamer Sd
    Gamer Sd Month ago +2

    If u play on Xbox you’ll recognize half of the streamers in this vid

  • Aidan Gawler
    Aidan Gawler Month ago

    Good video bc he didn’t steal credit

  • Fortnite God
    Fortnite God Month ago

    Show love for the emotional guy crying at the end

  • Erick Tio
    Erick Tio Month ago

    8:13 to 8:33 and this is why I play apex now

  • Rainy Booga
    Rainy Booga Month ago +1

    ik know forrest dump lol

  • Finleyhunt _plays
    Finleyhunt _plays Month ago

    Iv played with adust he was wearing the marshmallow skin

  • ScaryDuckfont
    ScaryDuckfont Month ago

    Sub to me please

  • Teresa Cain
    Teresa Cain Month ago

    I use mixer

  • Asians Sad Now
    Asians Sad Now Month ago


  • Iasia Wilson
    Iasia Wilson Month ago

    Can I do this a agin

  • Ry ry Gamer boy
    Ry ry Gamer boy Month ago +1

    I activated your code and I liked and subbed

  • MinedRex
    MinedRex 2 months ago +1

    I actually like spider and that was a huntsman and they are harmless

  • jiovani ramirez
    jiovani ramirez 2 months ago

    Season 10 but neo tilted~?