Guess Who Has a Criminal Record | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Jan 23, 2018
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    Guess Who Has a Criminal Record | Lineup | Cut
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Comments • 6 783

  • Cut
    Cut  Year ago +3432

    Hear the rest of these folks' stories in our post interview!

    • Karen Tammy
      Karen Tammy 11 days ago +1

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    • Kam Sugars
      Kam Sugars 4 months ago

      Okay I need the big guys socials he needs to be my friend he's too funny

    • Emma Warren
      Emma Warren 5 months ago

      Cut ok

    • InTheKurry
      InTheKurry 5 months ago

      subscribe to me

    • NesaFashion Channel
      NesaFashion Channel 5 months ago

  • Milk Milk
    Milk Milk 3 days ago +1

    3/5 criminals guessed, i failed on the mother and the white guy in all black

  • Yuqi
    Yuqi 3 days ago

    durange is someone i need in my life as a hype man and positivity man

  • Mountain Top77
    Mountain Top77 4 days ago

    I got a problem with these criminals being given hand shakes and applauses for being "sober" when they were the type of people to go and wreck public safety due their stupidity. Fu k this show and fu k those people.

    SLOTMANIAC 4 days ago

    All black guys have a record ez

  • DIY Master
    DIY Master 4 days ago

    OMG HI ALANA!! I used to go to boys and girls club!! It's me Ankita

  • prince 72841
    prince 72841 5 days ago

    "Don't touch"

  • TyLaQuil Jones
    TyLaQuil Jones 5 days ago

    Damn, i guessed all but two of them correctly...even got some of the specifics right on a few of them...that was fun/interesting. :)

  • ?IceTea¿
    ?IceTea¿ 5 days ago

    LOL how a nigga gonna call the cops if you beat them up cus they cheating on you? Deluded mf

  • Aliejha Cullick
    Aliejha Cullick 7 days ago

    Bro the guy with the black shirt and he’s white, he looks like a rapist😭

  • Joanna Mess
    Joanna Mess 10 days ago

    The girl that went in for assault when she found her fiancé with another woman was completely right. She has all my support. I would have gone in for murder tbh

    • Melker ___
      Melker ___ 10 days ago

      +Joanna Mess lol

    • Joanna Mess
      Joanna Mess 10 days ago

      +Melker ___ attempted murder * sorry. Cheater has to live with the guilt

    • Melker ___
      Melker ___ 10 days ago

      umm even if someone is cheating on you they definitely don't deserve to be murdered

  • ayyy ayyy
    ayyy ayyy 11 days ago

    The dude with kids might snap and become the fucking joker

  • Lora land
    Lora land 12 days ago

    My uncle robbed a gas station with his hand in a paper back shaped like a gun he has two,kids now and is a contractor he was in prison for 6 years he's been out for almost 13 years now

  • Catherine Flaharty
    Catherine Flaharty 12 days ago +10

    "don't touch me"
    " ooh!!"
    *proceeds to touch him anyway*

  • Krispy Chicken
    Krispy Chicken 12 days ago

    2:47, anybody else wanted to say matata ?

  • Curly Oromo
    Curly Oromo 13 days ago

    The Asian girl basically said anyone that was black is a criminal. Bye bitch

  • Richard Michael
    Richard Michael 16 days ago

    Another list which I would have definitely gone off track with. Durange is psychic for sure

  • Latrice
    Latrice 16 days ago

    The white guy in the the blue is defintely a rapist and the white guy in the black is definetley a rapist

  • SammieLee Stransky
    SammieLee Stransky 17 days ago

    Love these people

  • liloreolil
    liloreolil 17 days ago

    6:14 I knew he was a blood

  • Lillian Kilz
    Lillian Kilz 17 days ago

    Upstate New York woot woot

  • Woozy TV
    Woozy TV 17 days ago

    The black girl with the short hair is beautiful! I see why she is an exotic dancer. Solid 11/10

  • Jainy Perez
    Jainy Perez 17 days ago +1


  • Looma
    Looma 18 days ago +1

    The woman with the camouflage pants is beautiful. Love her style and hair.

  • Tammara Perez
    Tammara Perez 18 days ago +1

    I love Durange. His personality is just so uplifting and exciting to watch and he's very funny.

  • Eliška Bartoňová
    Eliška Bartoňová 19 days ago

    Am I the only one feeling self-concious and uncomfortable watching people talk about their criminal records like this? publicly, calmly.... :o

  • Mighty Horror
    Mighty Horror 19 days ago

    Bro this guy be smoking since he was 9 he beat lil pump lil pump be smoking at 11 G

  • Mai A
    Mai A 19 days ago

    What the hell, I had everything right except for the dude with the beard. I just knew who had a criminal record, I could feel a sense of creepiness lol

  • Betty V.
    Betty V. 19 days ago

    "Who me?"
    *Nooo the wall*

  • B E
    B E 20 days ago

    2 dudes said they had no record in your other videos........ wtf?

  • Manuel Gonzalez
    Manuel Gonzalez 20 days ago

    I could tell the pretty boy was a former drug addict.

  • StupidBunnySuit
    StupidBunnySuit 21 day ago

    the first dude in the row kinda reminds me of jason stratham xD

  • Cande Argañaraz
    Cande Argañaraz 21 day ago

    "No touching" oh fuck you 😂

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 22 days ago +7

    2nd guy is a pure psychopath.

  • J Robinson
    J Robinson 22 days ago +1

    The guy in black with the soul patch reminds me of Jason Sudekis. Sounds just like him

  • Kierra Nunn
    Kierra Nunn 22 days ago

    the dude in the orange jacket os my favorite 💀

  • Najla Syed
    Najla Syed 22 days ago +2

    Takes alot of guts to come on here and admit your mistakes and learn from them and move on with your life!

  • didmyheartlovetillnow
    didmyheartlovetillnow 23 days ago

    ‘don’t touch’ so awkward

  • LikedMyOwnComment
    LikedMyOwnComment 23 days ago +1

    I only got two wrong.

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese 24 days ago


    he seems exciting

  • Alana Benitez
    Alana Benitez 25 days ago

    Oooh me and the first girl have the same name!

  • Laurence thecamper
    Laurence thecamper 26 days ago +3

    Pot grower is squeeky clean

  • beanie boi
    beanie boi 26 days ago

    Seeing deranged dance was a fucking 5 out of mother fucking 5

  • Tabasco Sweet77
    Tabasco Sweet77 26 days ago

    How did they not get the nigga with the Seahawks jacket bruh 😂

  • Rosie Callaghan
    Rosie Callaghan 27 days ago +2

    See the first guy who did something-he reminds me of Fun Bobby from friends

  • Abi Assi Raymond
    Abi Assi Raymond 27 days ago +17

    Dude: "I did home invasions and spent 5 years in prison"
    Duranged: "Clapping up for my daaaaaaawg"

    • Abi Assi Raymond
      Abi Assi Raymond 4 days ago

      +Xvenz Xvnz I hate this excuse, when you live in the us, you don't have to turn to crime in order to survive, you can always find a way to earn money, even by begging, so fuck that

    • Xvenz Xvnz
      Xvenz Xvnz 4 days ago

      Abi Assi Raymond homeless at 16, I think he was forced to make bad decisions in order to survive out there

    • Abi Assi Raymond
      Abi Assi Raymond 18 days ago

      +Britt Oliveira I got that, but still this guy doesn't deserve any clappings

    • Britt Oliveira
      Britt Oliveira 18 days ago +1

      Abi Assi Raymond no it’s because the guy was sober for 8 1/2 years

  • Warner Fleming
    Warner Fleming 27 days ago +1

    That Asian girl was trying to be black it’s annoying

    Chloe RICHARDSON 28 days ago +1

    I couldn’t even when akuna came out i was like ackunamatada from lion king 😂😂
    (Exude my bad spelling😂)

  • Tentation Sas
    Tentation Sas 28 days ago +1

    The big guy with the orange camo is funny

  • Alexandria Maya
    Alexandria Maya 28 days ago

    When the girl in blue talked everyone in the black was like old stop

  • rvpstudioscanada
    rvpstudioscanada 28 days ago +1

    This one was a tough one too.. ANYONE “could” get themselves in trouble if things went too far. Based on looks, vibe and lifestyle I STILL ONLY got three people right.

  • rvpstudioscanada
    rvpstudioscanada 28 days ago +3

    “Now do I look like I commit a crime?”... uh.. HELL YA!

    • Dan
      Dan 26 days ago

      Tf is that supposed to mean

  • Alex 10,000
    Alex 10,000 28 days ago +1

    That fat asian guy with the burnouts and duis is no criminal. Just misdemeanors. Nothing too harsh.

  • Julianna Theresa
    Julianna Theresa 29 days ago

    If you think about it it’s really obvious that that one guy has a criminal record because he’s college educated but his only job is manual labor.

  • moka chan
    moka chan 29 days ago

    I hate that Madison girl. She was rude in every video

  • snakelemon
    snakelemon 29 days ago +5

    That guy with the blue shirt and huge criminal record is fine af!

  • Lizzypoo
    Lizzypoo 29 days ago

    Honestly thought the “creepy” white dude with a soul patch got charged for some sick shit like child pornography 🥴😅

  • crystalfunky
    crystalfunky 29 days ago

    One day I wanna be reborn and be like Durange.

  • Bella Park
    Bella Park 29 days ago +1

    i love u duranged

  • Chandler Kirkendohl
    Chandler Kirkendohl 29 days ago

    "don't touch me" "gasssp" then touches him again....

  • gabriel sebastian el hage zotelo

    uh! well I'm from Utica

    (please, somebody help me. I see Steamed Hams everywhere!)

  • Ashley ASHLEYM
    Ashley ASHLEYM 29 days ago

    Speeding gets you a criminal record???

  • Andrea Raya
    Andrea Raya Month ago +1


  • Bryanovaj
    Bryanovaj Month ago +1

    I would give everything to be friend with the Obese Ice Cube

  • meanwhile in CHIberia

    Damn she called him a chomo

  • eric serafini
    eric serafini Month ago

    does the man big man in the orange hoodie have his own channel? love him

  • AreEssScape
    AreEssScape Month ago

    damn i hate seattle

  • Adolfo Hincho weon
    Adolfo Hincho weon Month ago

    I feel like the asian chick said not to everyone but really was thinking yes

  • scarface knallers
    scarface knallers Month ago +5

    Second person looks like a bank robber 😂😂😂

  • Vance Campbell HD
    Vance Campbell HD Month ago

    The chubby asian girl is dumb as shit

  • Aakarsh Darla
    Aakarsh Darla Month ago

    Can we not have fat ice cube with anal beads attached to his head?

  • Megan Wass
    Megan Wass Month ago

    Why does the girl in the green dress look like the babysitter from Monster House? Same hair cut

    TINTACKLES CRAB Month ago +2

    4:15 , that reaction from everyone (especially the girl in army style pants)....

  • Monique Rodriguez
    Monique Rodriguez Month ago +2

    Awwww her fiancé cheated:(

  • yxeddie
    yxeddie Month ago +1

    I love this line up

  • Ohshii
    Ohshii Month ago +51

    The dude who guesses stuff with the hoodie on is dope af he needs to be on every episode of every show y'all got lol

  • Made_In_Murica
    Made_In_Murica Month ago

    5:44 lol if I had dreads I would do that too

  • Alcibiades
    Alcibiades Month ago

    Wait I think I went to high school with Madison

  • Thadnill
    Thadnill Month ago +491

    I got psychopathic ''american psycho'' vibes from the clean white one

    • ShinjiGetInTheFuckingRobot
      ShinjiGetInTheFuckingRobot 2 days ago

      +Carson Ogden Im tense and nervous and cant relax. I cant sleep bc my bed is on firee

    • Carson Ogden
      Carson Ogden 15 days ago

      fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa faaaaa better, RUN RUN RUN RUN

    • Mai A
      Mai A 19 days ago

      Me too lol
      I was definitely sure he has one. I was screaming how come no one is saying ANYTHING to the screen lmao

    • Maitha AL-Sulaiti
      Maitha AL-Sulaiti 21 day ago

      Me too

    • Haunting Guns
      Haunting Guns 22 days ago +7

      I feel like he’s got a psychotic confidence, even his stance says he’s in control of the situation

    AJ SWAGG Month ago

    That one black dude cool as hell

  • MaxKiel1701
    MaxKiel1701 Month ago +14

    5:44 best hing you can do with dreads

  • Derek Goodwin
    Derek Goodwin Month ago

    2:48 Matata!

  • Eur0asianPanda
    Eur0asianPanda Month ago

    i love duranged

  • The Light
    The Light Month ago

    60 wives...?

  • paula hh
    paula hh Month ago +622

    Durange is just the kind of vibe I want in my life

  • Michael Hansen
    Michael Hansen Month ago

    I want more with my boy Duranged, he seems like a swell fucking dude.

  • Justin Casar
    Justin Casar Month ago

    7:36 I think u molested a child u got that child molester fest.

  • Itz Ash wolf :D
    Itz Ash wolf :D Month ago +1

    3:57 what kind of sences do you have?

  • SureWolf
    SureWolf Month ago +1

    Probably one of all those people some are fkin most wanted criminals and they don't know xd

  • Tiger58
    Tiger58 Month ago +4

    Duraved Pitt was so good that the only person he got wrong didn't have a record because he got away with a crime

  • Tiger58
    Tiger58 Month ago +1

    4:43 what did this guy get a degree in so he could become a laborer

  • Robles Joselyn
    Robles Joselyn Month ago

    I go to boys and girls club! 😂

  • Evva GJ
    Evva GJ Month ago +5

    Somehow I knew that mother of three had a criminal record

  • StrongerThanAll
    StrongerThanAll Month ago +9

    Duranged gotta be the most chill person i ever did see

  • Aryan Padaruth
    Aryan Padaruth Month ago

    7:52 looks like his crime was stealing the chipmunks from dave

  • Alex Gelot
    Alex Gelot Month ago +15

    Only 5 years for assaults, home invasions, and 6 dui's. hmmm that's privilege or he a rat

  • dreamer 94
    dreamer 94 Month ago

    I got them all right, feel kinda cool

  • SuccessNet
    SuccessNet Month ago

    The guy at 7:47 got arrested for trying to steal Alvin and the Chipmunks

  • L. Q
    L. Q Month ago +5

    I see Duranged, I click the like button.

  • The Emperor
    The Emperor Month ago

    Prison for failing to pay tax is barbaric.