How To Clean Makeup Brushes ♡ NEW xoBeauty Italian Brush Range!

  • Published on Feb 26, 2016
  • How to wash brushes and a little 'brush dictionary' where I explain what each brush is used for! YAY FOR NEW THINGS! xo
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    Bh Cosmetics Palette
    Glam Makeover

    All prices are in New Zealand Dollars.
    Price range $14NZD to $32NZD for a brush xx

    Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner (ships to NZ/international) or (Sephora)
    LBC Coconut Milk Vegan Brush Shampoo
    You can also try the following: antibacterial hand soap or antibacterial face wash, baby shampoo or any other GENTLE shampoo. I recommend investing in a specialised brush shampoo when you can, as they are usually more conditioning and gentle on the brush bristles :) x

    I get a really hard time about my prices sometimes from my international subscribers and I'm really sorry. I do my best! The prices are relevant to NZ registered business' & costs etc... These are luxe and not cheap to produce & ship. You are paying for a good quality brush here! You can see the conversion here to find the pricing in your local currency - (go NZD to your currency) xx
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  • Rowena Marie Thevarakam

    I got the face set brushes and they really are amazing. The flat face brush is just divine. Thanks Shaaan.

  • E&R F
    E&R F Year ago

    Says will only talk about the brushes for a little bit and spends 13 minutes talking about them

  • Daniel Fernandez
    Daniel Fernandez Year ago

    cheaper in Aussie land

  • Laura Story
    Laura Story Year ago

    Love your makeup. Love your eyeliner. Especially in your videos you always look great. Lots of love from Tennessee. Laura

  • Michelle Maher
    Michelle Maher Year ago

    U are so pritty

  • Jessica Spakovlevs
    Jessica Spakovlevs 2 years ago +2

    13.10 thank me later

  • marissa figueroa
    marissa figueroa 2 years ago

    Beautiful beaches.

  • Rebekah Hodder
    Rebekah Hodder 2 years ago

    Hey Shan. Whats your review on the Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner? Is it a good product? Im really interested in buying one as it looks easy to clean the brushes etc.

  • Lucy White
    Lucy White 2 years ago

    this was made on my birthday

  • Daniela Cocieru
    Daniela Cocieru 2 years ago

    Your brushes look awesome. Xx

  • Victoria Littlejohn
    Victoria Littlejohn 2 years ago

    Shannon, I love you and your products, but why were the face and eye brushes in the beginning of your video so similar to the BH cosmetics, morphe, crown, bsmall, etc brushes that exist already? I can tell that some of your brushes are the same and some of them are definitely more high quality but ...the price seems to be very high for things that look the same as the other cheap ones in the market. I love you and this is an honest question. I am just curious.

  • Sumaia Siddique
    Sumaia Siddique 3 years ago

    Hi Shanon! can u please suggest me some makeup brands of italy??

  • Stena Mathison
    Stena Mathison 3 years ago

    I came to see how to clean brushes not buy brushes. I get self promotion and everything but for real the first half of the video is just about different kinds of brushes. Complete waste of time.

  • Gabriela Cacho
    Gabriela Cacho 3 years ago

    I was so sad 😭 when i saw that you didn't sell your brushes to puerto rico 🇵🇷

  • Zoya Khan
    Zoya Khan 3 years ago

    BEAUTIFUL biggest

  • Izobel Bransen
    Izobel Bransen 3 years ago

    You seem so hesitant to boast your success! Damn girl you have a GREAT company going for you with out of this world quality for a competitive price. My XO brushes are my all time favorites and my most reached for. It's okay to be happy and proud. You've done amazingly well and I reckon you have so many more amazing things coming to you. Scream that success. You've earned the bragging rights. Amazing business woman.

  • Lara Wishart
    Lara Wishart 3 years ago +1

    Was there ever a video 'release' of the first original range???

  • Fangirlfrantic
    Fangirlfrantic 3 years ago

    I want to buy it but I'm broke as heck😔

  • L
    L 3 years ago

    Are these cruelty free?

  • Jessica Tyrrell
    Jessica Tyrrell 3 years ago +15

    My boyfriend just surprised me with the whole set for my birthday because he remembered I mentioned your brushes well over a year ago, he's definitely a keeper haha. I'm so excited to use them going out soon to first buy brush cleaner!

    • CherrieCupcakex
      CherrieCupcakex 3 years ago

      Jessica Tyrrell awwhh how sweet! last long you two! 💕

  • Talayus Muir
    Talayus Muir 3 years ago

    how often should we wash them?

  • Emily
    Emily 3 years ago

    I feel like those matte handles will be really hard to clean

  • Caitlin Morris
    Caitlin Morris 3 years ago

    I'm so proud of you

  • Megan
    Megan 3 years ago

    thank you.. your brushes are beautiful definetly have my eye on more thank a few!

  • Sumaiyah Jassat
    Sumaiyah Jassat 3 years ago

    Am I the only one who washes their makeup brushes after every use? I recently purchased a small li brush cleaner and honestly it makes washing brushes so much easier...

  • Rozi Royal
    Rozi Royal 3 years ago

    can you do a video about the difference between your new brushes and your older ones

  • Chelsea Molloy
    Chelsea Molloy 3 years ago

    Boo I can't find where I can get that brush cleaner!

  • Lonely Allie
    Lonely Allie 3 years ago

    Shan, you gave me the motivation to go wash my brushes haha you're the best! ❤️

  • Meaad
    Meaad 3 years ago +1

    cleaning the dirty brushes is the most annyoing thing in make up , i hate it too much . i love anything related to make up but not this one so i am pretty lazy to clean them 😢💔

  • Rashelle Eastwood
    Rashelle Eastwood 3 years ago +1

    You should do a full brush kit with all the brushes you have

  • Tiki Tiffany
    Tiki Tiffany 3 years ago

    love your eye makeup!!

  • RayChildsLife
    RayChildsLife 3 years ago

    Hey guys! I went on the Linked website to get the brush cleaner and it says USA only. Anyone managed to get it?

  • Mikayla Clayton
    Mikayla Clayton 3 years ago +2

    how often should you clean your brushes?

    • nich v
      nich v 2 years ago

      if you don't wear makeup everyday you don't need to do it as often

    • nicole223 Clayton
      nicole223 Clayton 3 years ago +1

      or if really dirty 2 times a week

    • nicole223 Clayton
      nicole223 Clayton 3 years ago

      Once a week max two weeks

  • Creativeminds
    Creativeminds 3 years ago

    Where can you get your brushes from I really want them to bad

  • Ana Jara
    Ana Jara 3 years ago


  • Lovisa Söderström
    Lovisa Söderström 3 years ago

    Can you please do a brush collection video. Like with all your brushes and their names. Love you

  • -allie -
    -allie - 3 years ago

    From I live the range form from $22-$96 But I bought all the sets and they are so soft and great grip my favorite eye brush is the tapered eye brush and face brush angled eye brush for concealer and the I love love love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️the big kabuki powder brush because of how well it applies my powder and and because its so soft and I will just rub it in my face even though I'm not putting on makeup 😂😂😂💋💋💄💄 Shannon I love ur makeup brushes and eyelashes and the bhcosmectics pallet u bought it because u helped make it love u ❤️❤️💓💓and girl ur nails are slaying right now for real💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼

  • Nicole Mohs
    Nicole Mohs 3 years ago

    I never really realized how absolutely amazing your brushes looked until this video. Defiantly want to purchase after this.

  • jodie hannant
    jodie hannant 3 years ago

    After a couple of months keeping these brushes a secret for my daughters birthday, she got them and Is very happy and loves them.

  • Lucy Hale
    Lucy Hale 3 years ago

    Is she from New Zealand or Australia?

  • SandraOlufsen
    SandraOlufsen 3 years ago

    Loved this :)

  • Mia Grace
    Mia Grace 3 years ago

    They look so amazing. Could you do a tutorial with the brushes?

  • Jenny
    Jenny 3 years ago

    In euros the brushes are quite cheap in my opinion and I'm so happy for that. The 12 piece set was 86€ and when I get my next paycheck, I'm so gonna order it if there's some still left. 😌 Lots of love and kisses from Finland ❤️❤️

  • Kimberly Baeb
    Kimberly Baeb 3 years ago

    So proud! I've been watching your makeup videos for years and your opinion is often the decider on if I buy a product or not, so thank you!

  • Jeannette Ammonsen
    Jeannette Ammonsen 3 years ago

    Shannon i want all your brushes !!

  • Alex Guthrie
    Alex Guthrie 3 years ago

    the duo addle brush isnt on the website?

  • isabella louisson
    isabella louisson 3 years ago

    Does anyone have any recommendations on how to clean the Xobeauty brush roll ?

    • Kate
      Kate 3 years ago

      A makeup wipe!

  • Leahinit
    Leahinit 3 years ago

    How any different types of brushes are there? Which ones aren't int he 12 piece set?

  • Lexie Lilly
    Lexie Lilly 3 years ago

    Should we keep moisture away from the silver barrel?

    JENNY KIM 3 years ago

    Thank you for the video.
    Your brushes are gorgeous.
    Congratulations on your success.

  • Lily
    Lily 3 years ago

    Thanks for the tip of cleaning brushes. Love it

  • Vanessa Adams
    Vanessa Adams 3 years ago

    Just got my 12pc set! OMG they are amazing and SO soft 💙💜💖

  • Ohhsnapitzperla 24
    Ohhsnapitzperla 24 3 years ago

    Has anyone who lives in the U.S. purchase her brushes? I'm really interested in buying them, but I'm not sure how much it will be do to the conversion rate? please help!!!

  • shadowplay
    shadowplay 3 years ago

    can't wait to save up and buy some of these! proud of you and all your hard work

  • Jessica Broster
    Jessica Broster 3 years ago

    Does anyone know how long these take to ship to the UK?

    Ines BENHOGGUI 3 years ago

    omg i love your brushes they seem to be high quality and so soft etc ! its so cool ! congratulation to you !

  • R Brown
    R Brown 3 years ago

    I have a real problem! I tried cleaning my makeup brushes the other day (over £150 worth including Mac, real techniques and sigma) I used olive oil, a bit of warm water and antibacterial soap then I rinsed then with water. I went to use them the next day and they were extremely oily! When I tried to use the they just covered my face in oil and ruined all my makeup and my face looked like an oily shinny mess! How do I get this oil out of the brushes?!?! 😁

  • Jih
    Jih 3 years ago

    Paddle brushes are sooo underrated they're so useful if you know how to use them.

  • Jessica Broster
    Jessica Broster 3 years ago

    Omg I'm so excited I'm saving up all my money so I can buy your brushes and eyelashes for prom I'm gonna get the 12 piece set and the eye set and the flat face brush, I'm so excited :D

  • Elliot Ronayne
    Elliot Ronayne 3 years ago

    Shannon. I realise you don't know a lot of your followers personally but I feel like we know YOU. And I just wanted to pop this comment here for you, whether you see/read it or not, I'm sure many others will agree with me. As a fellow Kiwi myself, I am really just super proud of how much work you've put into your business. Not only your business but your channel as well obviously. You are clearly such a hard worker and it makes me so so proud to see how excited you are to share these products and looks with us. You have made me love makeup and I've learnt so much from you and I just really am super proud of how proud YOU are. You are one hard working, deserving girl and your personality just shines through your videos like sunshine. I'm really proud to be a fellow New Zealander with you and to call myself one of your followers. :) +shaaanxo
    With Love... XO