My Top 10 Favorite Video Games Of All Time (2019 Special)

  • 2019 has been the best year for my TVclip channel, not only hitting 1,000 subscribers but 10,000 as well! I truly cannot thank you all enough for the amazing channel growth as of late so today we have a special long video to end out the year! Today I count down my top 10 favorite video games of all time including the likes or Mario odyssey, smash ultimate, and many more! Thank you all for a great 2019 and I can't wait for next year!

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  • Oliver Bannan
    Oliver Bannan Day ago

    Where’s dry bones in odyssey!!!!!
    Like if dry bones should be in odyssey and smash bro’s ultimate.

  • eggsingravy
    eggsingravy Day ago

    The wall jumps in odyssey are perfect

  • Mateusz Polkowski
    Mateusz Polkowski 2 days ago

    My Favorite game is Team Fortress 2,you never See game like tf2

  • TheRealPiranhaPlant
    TheRealPiranhaPlant 2 days ago

    Here’s my top ten
    1: Celeste
    2: Hollow Knight
    3: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
    4: Donkey Kong Country Returns
    5: Terraria
    6: Super Mario Galaxy 2
    7: Super Mario Galaxy
    8: Subnautica
    9: Super Mario 3D World
    10: Super Mario Maker 2

  • Destro Noob
    Destro Noob 3 days ago

    Central: my favourite pokemon is x and y
    Me: shame

  • JamieJam64
    JamieJam64 4 days ago


  • Connel Broad
    Connel Broad 8 days ago

    dry bones doesnt deserve to be in smaaaaaaash

  • Connel Broad
    Connel Broad 8 days ago

    YOU CAN ONLY HAVE ONE MAIN IN SMASH like inkling (: also i didnt teir pick or do it for a love of splatoon i just got it as my third unlock and felt like not playing kirb but it got me into splatoon

  • Connel Broad
    Connel Broad 8 days ago

    on my morio make myy character is a bullet bill coming out of the skull cannon

  • GreenPenguin 333
    GreenPenguin 333 8 days ago

    5:07 he forgot about the penguin suit

    ULTIMATE DX 11 days ago +1

    Has this guy played any game thats not available on nintendo consoles

  • Cole Miner
    Cole Miner 12 days ago


  • Cole Miner
    Cole Miner 12 days ago

    I somehow have the same lineup of Zelda games

  • Alejandro Gomez
    Alejandro Gomez 14 days ago +1

    1:12 "Today's winning numbers are 420." BRUH. Also I like the smiley face.

  • Daniel Morse
    Daniel Morse 14 days ago

    biliy no no no plz NO lier lier bilthiy

  • Daniel Morse
    Daniel Morse 14 days ago

    do u no wut f f mens f*** fire

  • Daniel Morse
    Daniel Morse 14 days ago

    but mare kate 8 dlusc dus not have new items WII U

  • Devinator
    Devinator 16 days ago

    You should play celeste. You WON'T regret it.

  • brightburst 640
    brightburst 640 16 days ago

    Kirby is my main too :)

  • TS64
    TS64 16 days ago

    Mine in no particular order would be:
    Puyo Puyo Tetris
    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
    Sonic Mania
    Super Mario Strikers
    Super Mario Galaxy 2
    Megaman X
    Crash Team Racing
    Splinter Cell Chaos Theory
    Ratchet and Clank
    Sly Cooper and the Thevius Raccoonus

  • tiffany wimmer
    tiffany wimmer 17 days ago

    Super Mario Odyssey is without a doubt the best!!! #CapFans #ILoveCaps #I’mSayingCapWayToMuch #NintendoROCKS!!! X-box and PlayStation STINKS👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • Super Mario Galaxy 64
    Super Mario Galaxy 64 17 days ago

    3:25 Sam slow why did he have to say we are going to go out going LOl

  • Super Mario Galaxy 64
    Super Mario Galaxy 64 17 days ago

    3:26 sanns lol

  • Super Mario Galaxy 64
    Super Mario Galaxy 64 17 days ago

    3:20 ssannns

  • PixelTortoise
    PixelTortoise 20 days ago

    Finally another appreciator of Super Mario 64 DS

  • PixelTortoise
    PixelTortoise 20 days ago

    Ummm if you like Sans so much, then why is Undertale not on here!!??

  • Coral Cat
    Coral Cat 20 days ago

    The best game ever: Ori and the Blind Forest
    The worst game ever: Lego Worlds

  • Mattdog 159
    Mattdog 159 21 day ago

    Mario bros wii was my first video game I ever played

  • DGR
    DGR Month ago

    Sm odyssey#10 BOTW#1smm2#2

  • Neel SANEY [07E]
    Neel SANEY [07E] Month ago

    what about ocarina of time

  • The Game Challenger
    The Game Challenger Month ago +1

    Odyssey: I Have Fun In Every Level Type

    Pick A Door Levels: First Time?

  • Mr. Sansman
    Mr. Sansman Month ago

    Alright, you have a serious problem with drybones.

    • Mr. Sansman
      Mr. Sansman Month ago

      Odyssey Central thx for the heart! Love you! ❤️

    • Odyssey Central
      Odyssey Central  Month ago +1

      Well is it really a “problem” lol

  • ZuluFigure speelt games

    10. Sonic 2
    9. Inazuma Eleven 3: Lightning Bolt
    8. Final Fantasy
    7. M&S at olympic games Londen 2012
    6. Sonic Colours Wii
    5. Kirby Triple Deluxe
    4. M&S at olympic winter games DS
    3. Pokemon White 2
    2. Sonic Generations ( Xbox 360/Ps3 )
    1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild

  • Jarjarbinks 56
    Jarjarbinks 56 Month ago

    It’s crazy how much I agree with this list. I’m also soooo happy that LEGO Star Wars the complete saga is an honorable mention. You just gained yourself a new subscriber!

  • EmeraldGamer1011
    EmeraldGamer1011 Month ago

    Hey, keep up the good work! I love watching all of your videos and agree with a lot of your points and opinions!

  • RYANtheGREATEST truely

    What x emulator are you using?

  • Minecraft Animation And Gameplay Fan

    2009 May 17:Minecraft Was Realesed
    2011 Matpat:Minecraft Was Realesed

  • Soul Stealer
    Soul Stealer 2 months ago

    Pauline: jump up dont be scard!

    Mario: rides a bike off a building

    Also mario: mom come pick me up i'm scared.

  • Pituecano GD
    Pituecano GD 2 months ago

    Mine would be (not in order)
    Breath of the wild
    Mario and luigi bowsers inside story
    Super Smash Bros Ultimate
    New super mario bros
    Mario galaxy 2
    Super mario odyssey
    Splatoon 2
    Super mario maker 2
    Super mario 64 DS

  • Tyler Bergman
    Tyler Bergman 2 months ago

    That's a lotta Nintendo man.
    Not that that's a problem of course

  • DalPG
    DalPG 2 months ago

    My list is probobly very different from all of yours
    1. Hollow Knight
    2. A Hat in Time
    3. Shovel Knight
    4. Undertale
    5. Baba is You
    6. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
    7. Dragon Quest 11
    8. Cuphead
    9. Celeste
    10. Breath of the Wild

  • ArbY853
    ArbY853 2 months ago

    My List:
    5. Roblox
    4. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
    3. Geometry Dash
    2. Super Mario Odyssey
    1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

  • Gameboy Games
    Gameboy Games 2 months ago

    Good job

  • Ungry Bird
    Ungry Bird 2 months ago

    My top 10 list
    10: minecraft
    9: lego star wars
    8: Darkness rises
    7: breath of the wild
    6: mario galaxy
    5: mario sunshine
    4: pikmin 3
    3: super paper mario
    2: undertale
    1: mario odyssey
    Edit: changed my opinion on these games

  • You better stop
    You better stop 2 months ago

    My top 10 favorite games are
    10.Pokemon sword and shield
    9. Pokémon Alpha Sapphire
    8. Minecraft
    6.Super Mario 64
    5.Super Mario world
    4.Tie.Smash 4-Smash brawl
    3.Super Mario maker
    2.Super Mario odessey
    1. Super smash bro’s ultimate

  • Nintendo Planet
    Nintendo Planet 2 months ago

    steve from minecraft... in smash.... SERIOUSLY!!!!

  • TheRagingStar *
    TheRagingStar * 2 months ago

    Hi odyssey central! You are one of my favorite you tubers of 2020! Have a good 2020

  •  2 months ago

    You mentioning NB made my day

  • George Feng
    George Feng 2 months ago

    I still got my wii and minecraft, but now the minecraft launcher needs my password and the new java is at least $22. I got it at $4!

  • BoBAlong50 !
    BoBAlong50 ! 2 months ago

    I swear every top 10 (not complaining) has Mario Odyssey on there number 1
    Like you should do a challenge where find a top 10 without Mario odyssey

  • EvilBlader 9000
    EvilBlader 9000 2 months ago

    Is it me or is this guy addicted to super Mario odyssey LOL if u know what I mean

  • iliikka i
    iliikka i 2 months ago

    18.41 same i dint know before this i got it eith glydon lol

  • iliikka i
    iliikka i 2 months ago

    Can u show us ur best minecraft world and play on skeppys server (invadedlands)

  • Electro Pindsvinet
    Electro Pindsvinet 2 months ago

    Whats Your PB In Super Mario Odyssey Any%?

    • Odyssey Central
      Odyssey Central  2 months ago

      I think it’s 1:14:00 or so, I didn’t run it for long but I want to get back into it sometime

  • Super Seal
    Super Seal 2 months ago

    I agree on number 1

  • Cupcake Wuff
    Cupcake Wuff 2 months ago

    My first Mario game I ever played was New Super Mario Bros. Wii as well! That's awesome! BTW love your channel!

  • Kellster101
    Kellster101 2 months ago

    Um did he just call Mario Kart 8 Deluxe a remake? Sorry but its a port, not a remake. (u probably already knew that but im really proud of myself that I just found that so shhhh) Great video by the way!

  • the goomba
    the goomba 2 months ago

    favorite TVclipr

  • Billy F
    Billy F 2 months ago

    i beat links awakening twice :D

  • weldrocks
    weldrocks 2 months ago

    Sorry, you can't play as dry bones in Mario Odyssey. You play as *para* bones.

  • La Ola Urbana
    La Ola Urbana 2 months ago

    kirby is not bad

  • Leo Federspiel
    Leo Federspiel 2 months ago +1

    its not melee tho

  • NPC Grian !
    NPC Grian ! 2 months ago +1

    My list:
    1. -2.: ZELDA GAMES
    4.: A ZELDA GAME
    6.-7.: ZELDA GAMES
    8.: Mario kart double dash
    9.: Luigi's mansion (1, for gamecube)
    10.:beyond good and evil

  • Qime 2
    Qime 2 2 months ago +1

    i stumbled across your channel and i regret nothing

  • Andrew Marino
    Andrew Marino 2 months ago

    My list-no order
    -Zelda Breath of the Wild
    -Super Mario Odyssey
    -Super Mario Maker 2
    -Scribblenauts Unlimited
    -Super Smash Bros Ultimate
    -Animal Crossing New Leaf
    -Super Mario Sunshine
    -New Super Mario Bros
    -Super Mario 64
    Honorable Mentions
    -Mario Kart 8/8 Deluxe
    -Luigi’s Mansion
    -Luigi's Mansion 3
    -Super Mario Galaxy 2
    -A Hat in Time

  • minecones Fortress
    minecones Fortress 2 months ago

    Wait did I hear haminations when he was talking about smash bro’s ultimate

  • spam risk
    spam risk 2 months ago

    How come I wasn’t bullied in school for liking Minecraft

  • TheSuperMarioGamer Entertainment

    Did you know: Mario Kart 8 (Deluxe) has a Super Mario Kart remix hidden in the title theme.

  • Cyspote huh
    Cyspote huh 3 months ago

    My list:

    1. Odyssey
    2. SMM2
    3. MK8DX
    4. Minecraft
    5. Pokémon Alpha sapphire


  • LoPo
    LoPo 3 months ago

    I agree but i think animal crossing should go a little higher
    for me are my top 5
    1. Mario Oddesey
    2. Super Mario maker 2
    3. Captain toad treasure tracker
    4. New super mario bros U deluxe
    5. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
    love your content brw

  • Caleb Maker - 2
    Caleb Maker - 2 3 months ago

    I have 7 more vids till 2020 currently

  • littlebarstud
    littlebarstud 3 months ago

    one question: why do you like dry bones so much?

  • Random Loser
    Random Loser 3 months ago

    mario kart 7 reeeeeee

  • AglitterOdin768 Plays Minecraft

    Odyssey Central: Some of these games are on here purely bcuz of nostalgia
    Also Odyssey Central: Doesn’t put Super Mario World on his list

  • Riccardo
    Riccardo 3 months ago

    My favorite pokémon is y and x too, but I never finished it

  • Andreas Sülau
    Andreas Sülau 3 months ago

    Goodbye 2019

  • Rosie Turnnidge
    Rosie Turnnidge 3 months ago

    Digsabeeto ahn

  • BobTheRock
    BobTheRock 3 months ago +1

    me: notices that mario bros wii is on the list.
    Ahhh now that got you an insta like

  • Santiago Ramirez
    Santiago Ramirez 3 months ago +1

    I completely agree with this list honestly lol.

  • EpicBruh
    EpicBruh 3 months ago

    Koopa troopa is better than Dry bones