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  • Believe In it
    Believe In it 3 days ago

    Omg she should have done this announce her pregnancy with a 99 cent store pregnancy test

  • Idek Anymore
    Idek Anymore 8 days ago


  • XxKwaiixX XxCutexX
    XxKwaiixX XxCutexX 16 days ago +1


  • Stupid SaSha
    Stupid SaSha 19 days ago

    01:48 now she actually used it..who knew 3 years later she'll use pregnancy test

  • Asmr Friends
    Asmr Friends 21 day ago

    Colleen forgot the icey hot on her shoulder

  • Jadyn Beech
    Jadyn Beech 26 days ago

    😏😏😏😏😏 *smirking from the future about that preggo reveal comment*

  • Savannah Penn
    Savannah Penn 28 days ago

    5:39. face you’re making

  • Savannah Penn
    Savannah Penn 28 days ago

    1:49. Now you are actually pregnant

  • Savannah Penn
    Savannah Penn 28 days ago

    0:47 That glow stick cannot be clear you wouldn’t you be able to see it sometimes or most of the time when it is blue it looks clear

  • Savannah Penn
    Savannah Penn 28 days ago

    1:00You said I got to turn on the lights

  • Evi Jimenez
    Evi Jimenez Month ago

    Colleen is pregnant

  • Crazy Bean
    Crazy Bean Month ago

    *you guys it's rebecca zamolo!!!!!!!*

  • Maya Frank
    Maya Frank Month ago

    Who’s watching in 2018??

  • Hailey Conway_2006
    Hailey Conway_2006 Month ago +1

    And now she really is pregnant

  • Bye Felicia
    Bye Felicia Month ago

    I love how collen is pretending to like bacon

  • Aoife Sullivan
    Aoife Sullivan Month ago +1

    is anyone watching this in 2018 while colleen actually is pregnant? lol

  • I’m weird And I know it


  • Wanupgurl
    Wanupgurl Month ago +1

    flash forward a couple years later and she is pregnant. I love it!

  • Megan R
    Megan R Month ago +2

    That’s not how she revealed that she was pregnant to conner😩

  • tyro joseph
    tyro joseph Month ago +1

    and now she’s pregnant 😭😭

  • Simply Random
    Simply Random 2 months ago

    Cough... every slime youtuber IN 2017-2018
    Omg, the warm touch paste looks like SLIIIMMMEEEEEE

    PANDA 2 months ago


  • IcyIndigo
    IcyIndigo 2 months ago +4

    Well now she is pregnant!! Who’s watching in 2018??

    • Alexis Antonio
      Alexis Antonio 2 months ago +1

      IcyIndigo I was looking for a comment that said this

  • lowkey romero
    lowkey romero 2 months ago

    3 years later she pregnant

  • Isabella Rosales
    Isabella Rosales 2 months ago

    It funny because two years later she's pregnant

  • Achi Oshi
    Achi Oshi 2 months ago +2

    Anybody watching this after you found out she's pregnant?

  • Eva Shostak
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    BTS IS MY LIFEU 3 months ago +2

    Lol she knewwwwwwww that she is pregnant(if it's a new vid😂)

  • Miguel Juarez
    Miguel Juarez 3 months ago +8

    She's pregnant now lmao

  • Rakshitha Sai
    Rakshitha Sai 3 months ago +8

    She's pregnant now ❤❤❤

  • Roni BN
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  • Alexandra Mejia
    Alexandra Mejia 3 months ago +8

    Couple years later she actually is pregnant

  • Taylor Brigance
    Taylor Brigance 3 months ago +1

    I'm a little disappointed that that's not actually how she revealed she was pregnant

  • Selena Quintanilla Superfans

    2:17 She is now pregnant and she never even told him

  • Molly Kaiser
    Molly Kaiser 3 months ago +1

    To think... 2 years later she would never have thought that she would actually be pregnant 😂

  • Kevin Guinan
    Kevin Guinan 3 months ago +1

    The pregnancy test is so funny now that she is pregnant. ESPECIALLY TALKING ABOUT REVEALING HER PREGNANCY

  • Scarlett Rose
    Scarlett Rose 3 months ago +3

    “Would it be funny if this is how I reviled I was pregnant” NOW YOUR PREGNANT YOU TOTALLY SHOULD HAVE!!!!!

  • Lilly Hynson
    Lilly Hynson 3 months ago +2

    3 years later all of her waters we pregnant❤️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sophia MURP
    Sophia MURP 3 months ago +4

    The irony when Colleen is actually pregnant now!

  • savannah strickland
    savannah strickland 3 months ago

    just paying your bills cause i want to

  • Moonlight unicorn DIYandvlogs

    He is so adorable ahh💜💜

  • Makenna Heller
    Makenna Heller 4 months ago +1

    I love how u only hang out with gays. I so relate my cusin is gay and we are like besties

  • Crystal Eade
    Crystal Eade 5 months ago

    Is it just me or did that glow in the dark whistle look like a glowing tampon😂😂

  • Mom of the Banshee
    Mom of the Banshee 5 months ago

    I thought I was the only one who ate marshmallows like that!

  • Riley Mcfadden
    Riley Mcfadden 7 months ago

    I thought Colleen was vegan

  • Zoe Marie
    Zoe Marie 7 months ago

    Conner: LOUD BURB
    Colleen:CONNER ewwwww
    Even know Colleen burps all the time

  • Taylor Kagy
    Taylor Kagy 8 months ago

    Rachel once found something 599 at the 99 cent store

  • Grace Pacifico
    Grace Pacifico 8 months ago

    how was that heating pad

  • Faye_ mazing
    Faye_ mazing 9 months ago +2

    A DOLLAH?!?! A COLLAH FO A DOLLAH?!?! Wait, but how much would this be at target?

  • Lily Lake
    Lily Lake 9 months ago +1

    Stop at 4:33...

  • Lillianna 888
    Lillianna 888 9 months ago

    I burn the marshmallow and eat the crunchy and gooey

  • grace nicole
    grace nicole 9 months ago

    The bacon bowl does work I have it

  • Just jass Jk
    Just jass Jk 10 months ago

    99 cense

  • Matea Bogdanovic
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  • Rainy Jay
    Rainy Jay 10 months ago +1

    My dad is in love with bacon he would love that bacon bowl!!! #LOL

  • Cookie Girl
    Cookie Girl 10 months ago

    He is soooooo cute

  • A.nnabe11.e 606
    A.nnabe11.e 606 10 months ago

    Omg i do the exact same with marshmallows

  • Isabelle House
    Isabelle House 10 months ago

    Such a funny impression of rose from the Titanic! 😂🤣

    • Isabelle House
      Isabelle House 10 months ago

      And I'm going to fight you on that; Connor is NOT the cutest boy in the world no offence

  • Heather Billy42
    Heather Billy42 10 months ago

    Copy and paste- "Dollar Store Pregnancy Test Sensitivity: This test kit is 99% accurate but is not ultra-sensitive in detecting hCG. So, it will not detect low levels of the hormone that are present in your body after fertilization occurs. This is the reason you should wait a few days after missing your period before using the kit."

  • Micahthatguy
    Micahthatguy 11 months ago

    I think 99¢ store products are more sketchy than the Dollar store. 1. the dollar store is actually all a dollar 2 most things I get at the Dollar store work. Edit: notice that I say MOST not all

  • Emily Trevizo
    Emily Trevizo 11 months ago

    5:59 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rolando Tomas
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  • AngelPie101
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  • caitlyn wardaski
    caitlyn wardaski 11 months ago

    Everybody should toes go subscribe to Rebecca's almost she was the one who cook that stuff

  • shady jadey
    shady jadey 11 months ago


  • Caroline lewis
    Caroline lewis 11 months ago

    Doctor who reference

  • The Janelle
    The Janelle 11 months ago

    colleen probably does not want to do the pregnancy test because she might be...

  • Christy Day
    Christy Day 11 months ago

    When he said "jack... jack come back.." i immediatly thouht of taehyung even though i know titanic 😂😂

  • Makikoni Madz
    Makikoni Madz 11 months ago

    Why are all Colleen/Miranda's "boy friends" GAY?!?!??

  • Makikoni Madz
    Makikoni Madz 11 months ago

    Me and Madz can never go to Dollarama because we just pull random things off the shelves and buy them for no reason lol

  • Karen Stringer
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  • Kaelie Campbell
    Kaelie Campbell 11 months ago

    when i heard rebecca i perked up i love rebecca,connor,and coleen sorry if i spelled your name wrong

  • Sahid Tejada
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  • Melina De Leon
    Melina De Leon Year ago

    why do I smell bacon

  • rosariomontero9
    rosariomontero9 Year ago +1

    Rebecca Zamolo!!!!!! #zamfam

  • Panday43 aj
    Panday43 aj Year ago +1

    No offense but how come all of mirandas baes are gay

  • Loralei Kirsch
    Loralei Kirsch Year ago +1

    rebbeca zamola?

  • Tracy  Wooton
    Tracy Wooton Year ago

    You are stoped

  • Samantha Martinez

    When I get glow sticks I have them for a party but the thing I don't like is that they only last a day.

  • Geah_boo 4L
    Geah_boo 4L Year ago +1

    I paid 25$ for the bacon bowl thing

  • Aesthetic Vlogs
    Aesthetic Vlogs Year ago

    I see where Miranda gets her burps from hehehehe

  • Dazlin Smith
    Dazlin Smith Year ago +1

    Haha the titanic scene was hilarious 😂😀❤️❤️

  • Kawaii Queen
    Kawaii Queen Year ago

    What did the librarian say to the kids?

    Read more

  • Glittery pineapple


  • Stacey Piper
    Stacey Piper Year ago

    My sink water isnt pregnant either 😂

  • LERDerp
    LERDerp Year ago

    Why Connor why. It's only been three weeks since I saw titanic.

  • Sothyna
    Sothyna Year ago

    I thought colleen hates bacon

  • heidi tuchenhagen

    "Conner we are the same"- Colleen

  • heidi tuchenhagen

    This video is GOLD

  • Holly Foulkes
    Holly Foulkes Year ago

    *A HOLLACOPTER* 😂😂😂😂

  • Niamh Catz
    Niamh Catz Year ago

    Connor's just like "oh I wonder what I will find there??" And Colleen's thinking "Oh I thought that was where you were supposed to go to get food!"

  • TheNinjutsustudent

    Liza koshy is shook

  • Amy Perez
    Amy Perez Year ago +1

    0:25 he gets me

  • Jordyne Kennedy
    Jordyne Kennedy Year ago

    same for the marshmallows

  • Bamboo Milkshake
    Bamboo Milkshake Year ago

    When people become friends with me: I guess I'll trust this garbage

  • Mickey Sparkles1223
    Mickey Sparkles1223 Year ago +1

    Oh my gosh, when they were just talking about bacon for like 5 minutes I was dying😂😂😂

  • Shaylee Clarkson
    Shaylee Clarkson Year ago

    Lactic acid is in your body lol

  • Ava 123
    Ava 123 Year ago


  • sophia wilson
    sophia wilson Year ago

    lilly has that sweater

  • Fvck this sh¡t
    Fvck this sh¡t Year ago

    Wait a minute… didn't Colleen say she didn't like bacon?