What Is The Deal With Filch and Mrs Norris? | Harry Potter Explained

  • Published on Oct 9, 2018
  • Today J dives into the wizarding world of Harry Potter to discuss everyones least favorite grounds keeper Argus Filch and his cat Mrs. Norris and if she was ever a Maledictus.
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Comments • 2 581

  • SuperCarlinBrothers
    SuperCarlinBrothers  11 months ago +546

    Boom! Boom! Boom! We Are Not Pirates!
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    • david obrien
      david obrien Month ago

      Supercarlinbrothers i know this video is before the fantastic beast crimes of Grindelwald but if j.k. Rolling said that there are know. Familiars in the Harry Potter world but if I remember correctly newt called the blue eye cats from the French Ministry of magic familiars I’d love to see a video about this and if there is already one ill keep an eye out

    • ozziecat35
      ozziecat35 Month ago

      Boom Boom BOOM

    • NotDeadpool
      NotDeadpool Month ago

      Mrs. Norris is a Maledictus

    • Colton Ventry
      Colton Ventry 2 months ago

      @XeroO ummmm, thats not how a maladictus works.... they start off human and eventually become an animal and cant change back. Also it is passed down from mother to daughter so im pretty sure that filch is a dude

    • Zara
      Zara 3 months ago

      Would filch make more sense if... say he wasn't actually a squib, but had been bitten by a werwolf during his time at Hogwarts, and because he was a werwolf no where in the wizarding world would hire him and he wouldn't be safe in the muggle world, so the headmaster at Hogwarts hired him as a caretaker, as long as he swore not to use magic so he could work under the guise as a squib, and only the teachers would know he was a werwolf, so it wouldn't scare the students or make students parents think their children were unsafe at Hogwarts. As he is only a caretaker students wouldn't miss him during the full moon. He put on a persona to hate everyone (or is just like that anyway) so students avoid him to further ensure they don't care to notice when he's not around.

      (If this fits, please make this a theory assuming its not one already)

  • Sunil Permaul
    Sunil Permaul Day ago

    What if Mrs. Norris is a failed animagus? It also explains why she's lived so long.

  • Miranda Farmer
    Miranda Farmer 2 days ago

    One word kneazle

  • MesYang88
    MesYang88 3 days ago

    I like to think Filch was a squib who was born in Hogsmeade and that he got his job to benefit himself and the town. The town which has a reputation for being the only entirely wizard community in Britain, and being a squib who was raised around wizards a job at the school was kinder than sending him back to the muggle world.

  • Darkhellia DarkFire
    Darkhellia DarkFire 5 days ago

    The house elves cook for the students and clean Hogwarts. Flitch is just the caretaker/hall moniter.

  • Commander Bacara
    Commander Bacara 6 days ago

    7:29 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂

  • Commander Bacara
    Commander Bacara 6 days ago +1

    YoU BlITherIng IdOt

  • awa rose
    awa rose 9 days ago

    I have no idea of why Filch wants to work at Hogwarts but I think his main purpose is to remind the student of how hard their life would be if they broke some law and got their wand broken, they would basicly end up having the life of a squib.
    Sure Hagrid was expelled and had his wand broken but either his wand was so big the pieces could still be used or Dumbledore helped him fix it and only asked for Hagrid to not use magic in front of others, probably not telling Hagrid how he fixed it because we all know how terrible Hagrid is at keeping secrets.

  • GameSlave
    GameSlave 11 days ago

    10:00 he sounds like rick from rick and morty

  • João Guilherme
    João Guilherme 12 days ago

    Wouldn't surprise me if she actually *did* turned out to be like Nigini. I means let's be fair when J.K says she was thinking about something for a long time you'd have to be crazy to actually believe it

  • Grimm TailXIII
    Grimm TailXIII 13 days ago

    7:29 sorry people i just need a way to rewatch that bit another 100 times

  • stjepan pačić
    stjepan pačić 13 days ago

    She is just a cat. You're welcome 🙂

  • NachoGamer GuyTV
    NachoGamer GuyTV 14 days ago

    Plot twist mrs Norris is a horcrux

  • Steak Dressing
    Steak Dressing 15 days ago

    3rd Maledictis??!!?!?!?
    Nope guess not

  • Lils Bee
    Lils Bee 16 days ago +1

    1. The "Mrs." in Mrs. Norris implies she is married...
    2. Perhaps Mrs. Norris is a Maledictus like Nagini? Fated to eventually remain in her animal form forever.
    3. Maybe Filch's caretaker responsibilities refer to caring for Mrs. Norris in some capacity?

  • Christopher Johnson
    Christopher Johnson 16 days ago

    He's a squib, Dumbledore feels sorry for him. Filch does this all on his own.

  • Ginny of New Stone
    Ginny of New Stone 18 days ago

    I have a question maybe you and your brother can answer it, but why cant the Wiz Kids bring a pet dog to Hogwarts? Toads are boring and get lost, Owls are endangered, or close to it and should be left alone, not to mention their talons probably hurt like heck. Cats are ok but im not really much of a cat person. It cant be because cats will just lay around and sleep because my Chihuahua sleeps on my bed all day and all night, yes shes a lazy a$$. but when I first read the books it always made me sad bcuse if I could've gone to Hogwarts Id want to bring a pet dog, so why cant they ? understand yes they cant have some hulking beast like dog like a Leonburger or a saint Bernard but a lot of Chihuahua's are smaller than most cats. so why not a small breed of dog?

  • Thomas Blanks
    Thomas Blanks 18 days ago

    He seems to their be a snitch.

  • ComptonBeatss TiR!ss-Music

    3:20 ... yeah, that's a fair point

  • ComptonBeatss TiR!ss-Music

    After being in a slump, down in the dumps after re watching the harry potters, and thinking there's no more story. This channel is my favourite right now haha

  • Loraine Waiter
    Loraine Waiter 21 day ago

    Are you daft? Hogwarts has the most House Elves in all of Britain.

  • Temptdlight01
    Temptdlight01 21 day ago

    What if squibs and obscuras* have a link somewhere along the line? It could explain his presence if say Dumbledore sees the stressed nature of filch is a variable he tries to maintain. Norris, is a supplement to mimic nagini.

  • Cedric Green
    Cedric Green 25 days ago +1

    Finch pretends to be a squib because he's a spy for the Ministry or the Royal family. Squib's are often overlooked. Perfect spy material.

  • Ian Hall
    Ian Hall 26 days ago

    Wait, seriously?? Dude I went to william byrd. I went to cave spring plenty of times for marching band. Small world.

  • Lilly Mortimore
    Lilly Mortimore 26 days ago

    Mortimer sounds like the type of guy who wishes he was dead?

  • Bradley
    Bradley 26 days ago

    What's the real point of Filch? Yeah, he catches students after curfew but surely he is not needed to be a common janitor as well? Like, magic can do that easy pz.

  • Annie L
    Annie L 27 days ago


  • Awesome Cat
    Awesome Cat 27 days ago

    She can probably smell him under the invisibility cloak. Cats, while they do not have the sense of smell of dogs still have a much much stronger see of smell than humans.

  • ProfGiggles
    ProfGiggles 29 days ago

    I don't think its true that no other animal has ever been showed on the map. I am pretty certain that he saw Crookshanks on it once. Or did he? I might have it wrong. Now that I think about it, I think he saw Crookshanks from a windows, and he was meeting with Sirius (in his dog form) on the castle grounds. Who knows.

  • Kenosha Kid
    Kenosha Kid 29 days ago

    She should be a Maledictus

  • Infinite Resolve
    Infinite Resolve Month ago

    im a simple man. i see robb stark. i cry

  • Daniel Pryde
    Daniel Pryde Month ago

    I have a theory that he suffers form some sort of curse where he dose not sleep. My though is that the curse uses his magical abilities so he cannot preform normal magic.

  • Bella Bonina
    Bella Bonina Month ago


  • Sterling Dullaghan
    Sterling Dullaghan Month ago

    House elves... Mentioned in the books and Harry was surprised to find out about that...

    • Sterling Dullaghan
      Sterling Dullaghan Month ago

      Ignore me

    • Sterling Dullaghan
      Sterling Dullaghan Month ago

      Sorry about tat last comment I only watched the first 2 minutes and made a hasty opinion that was obviously thought of by you.

  • Lisa DellaValle
    Lisa DellaValle Month ago

    Always through Flinch was of a really good family or with parents in quite high places and that they just found him a place in Hogwarts so he could be part of it, even if not fully.

  • Jessi Meyer
    Jessi Meyer Month ago

    Am I the only one that assumed people got muddy from falling off their brooms during Quidditch?

  • Heidi
    Heidi Month ago

    Perhaps him being caretaker might be a punishment? I mean if a squib does something illegal what would the ministry of magic do to punish them? like Azkaban for a squib seems a bit harsh, he has no wand they can break either and a muggle prison for a squib would endanger the statute of secrecy.... soooooooo

  • Cleon Ross
    Cleon Ross Month ago +4

    Has anyone ever owned a cat? She behaves exactly like a cat. Follows her owner especially if that owner has cat treats in their pocket. Crookshanks was the real unpleasant cat.

  • Timothy O'Dea
    Timothy O'Dea Month ago

    I think felt stays to feel closer to The Wizarding heritage he comes from whether he has Magic or not it's still where he comes from


    Filches job is an old Victorian job called night watch. The job is to patrol the grounds and to clean. He also has to fix and replace things around the employers enhabitance

  • BAMCIS13450703
    BAMCIS13450703 Month ago

    Trying to cross Sabrina and Harry Potter lol

  • Naama Hebatullah
    Naama Hebatullah Month ago

    i think Mrs Norris is a permanent animagus

  • Redcorvin
    Redcorvin Month ago

    these would be more informative if you left your commentary out.. stick to known facts.

  • lxam
    lxam Month ago +1


  • Jesse Kline
    Jesse Kline Month ago +1

    MRS. Norris! as in married! I totally thought they'd talk about that.

  • Jas Morley-Smith
    Jas Morley-Smith Month ago

    Actually he did say that he can see animals on the marauders map

  • Ranell Pitts
    Ranell Pitts Month ago

    Actually filch acts yes a guard moniter but not as a janiter that job lies with thousends of house elves who live in the castle with dobby cleaning and preparing food and his cat is a magical cat which is mentioned in the books

  • Gavin Hill
    Gavin Hill Month ago

    I really like the idea that squibs have a particular connection with animals, it just seems to fit in universe

  • razordaze
    razordaze Month ago +35

    new theory:
    Filch was hired under the *pretense* of being the caretaker (which he believes as well) but his actual job is to train students how to avoid the attention of muggles--because of Filch, the students have to conceal their use of magic in the hallways, move undetected after hours, and literally cover their muddy tracks.

    • nunya
      nunya 22 hours ago

      A training tool. So...Filch is a tool. 😃

    • Arachné Sakura
      Arachné Sakura Day ago +2

      thats bloody brilliant

    • ethereal ••• explorations
      ethereal ••• explorations Day ago +2

      razordaze ! ! ! That’s an awesome theory! I’ve never thought of that before but it totally makes sense.

  • Bobby Horn
    Bobby Horn Month ago

    Harry is getting muddy from landing and walking down to the field and back

  • Bobby Horn
    Bobby Horn Month ago

    Ok so stopping at like 2:20 ish when you say filtch is the soul janitor of the Castle that is an incorrect statement seeing that in the order of the Phoenix the house elf do a lot of the cleaning. So filtches janitorial job is mainly maintenance of hallways and bathroom. Expecially moaning Merrill’s bathroom. Bedrooms and house common rooms are taken care be house elves

  • Fatima Nadeem
    Fatima Nadeem 2 months ago +3

    Mrs. Norris can't see through the invisibility cloak. In philosopher's stone she stopped and looked through the cloak probably because she could slightly smell Harry and Ron. And we are talking about THE Invisibility cloak here. So, no, she can't possibly see through it.
    As for how she was visible on Marauders' map must be because the Marauders especially included her as she was a constant threat to them like Filch. Its also possible that the map shows all the animals as well as people. We didn't see any other animal on it. Its possible.

  • Fatima Nadeem
    Fatima Nadeem 2 months ago +2

    Its not OK. Squibs should be allowed to attend Hogwarts. Even if they can't perform spells and do magic but still they should be able to attend Hogwarts if they want to.

  • Phillip Scheibmeir
    Phillip Scheibmeir 2 months ago +1

    I love miss Norris

  • Enough for E
    Enough for E 2 months ago

    Squib version of a knargle litter?

  • Euphemia Jaraine
    Euphemia Jaraine 2 months ago

    you think your job is important? he has to stay up all night

  • Mary Ellen Rose
    Mary Ellen Rose 2 months ago

    Mrs. Norris Jane Austin

  • Mary Ellen Rose
    Mary Ellen Rose 2 months ago

    The elves did it.

  • Fizzy Gacha
    Fizzy Gacha 2 months ago +1

    #MortimerArgusFilch y'all

  • Marin Hrabrić
    Marin Hrabrić 2 months ago

    Another possibility that I haven't seen anyone talk about is that Mrs. Norris is an animagus who is always in the cat form so that ppl would think it's just a cat, so that it can perform castle monitoring without interruptions. Or maybe when she was training to become an animagus she failed (cause animagus training is really hard) and is stuck in the cat form. I think it is one of the consequences of failing to become an animagus. Not sure. Or is it half animal, half human form. Something like that.