SpaceX - Starlink Return To Port 05-28-2019

  • Published on May 30, 2019
  • We got a nice surprise before SpaceX entered. More video on the way. Special Fairing Report. Thanks for Subscribing!! We are a US disabled veteran run, non-profit video production company whose mission is to bring other disabled US Veterans to witness a launch, experience US Space History and become part of our report. Our nonprofit 501(c)(3) is 100% tax deductible, just go to our webpage which is merged with and find our Donate button. You can help change the life of a US Veteran. Thank You
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  • Perseo Eridano
    Perseo Eridano 2 months ago


  • 程冲
    程冲 4 months ago

    Hello everybody,I’m max,Karl marks

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  • Роджер Гловер

    Another space scam Mask. Well done man, he has a gift to deceive half the world of fools! Where this next coffin will fly?

  • Daniel Whyatt
    Daniel Whyatt 4 months ago

    Is it the Dolfin that get's the most attention?'s a bloody nuclear submarine. XD :(

  • Wal IBAR
    Wal IBAR 4 months ago


  • Dung Le
    Dung Le 4 months ago

    Qua tên lửa to thê

  • Rodfather72
    Rodfather72 4 months ago

    2:00 Virgina class? 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sandy Luis Gomez Acosta

    Polluting the sea.

  • Rohan Yadav
    Rohan Yadav 4 months ago

    If possible to land on "Land" why they chosen Sea water platform to land main core... Just asking 🤔

    • Rohan Yadav
      Rohan Yadav 4 months ago

      @jryde421 Didn't get you :/ If boosters are landing on a ground safely then what is the problem for main core to land on a ground. Any way maintenance is required for the facility supporting booster landing then it won't add any further cost for core landing & talking about safety, if boosters are landing on a ground, it is safe cause your base is more stable. As we seen in past launches, drone ship base is highly unstable & they even lost main core even after successful retraction also, it badly damaged drone ship so it added cost for repair more than maintenance. Also it requires hefty amount to get main core on land from sea. Just asking :)

    • jryde421
      jryde421 4 months ago

      Safty precautions, it allows the rockets to reenter from more spots, it cheaper because facilities would need more maintenance.

    SONG TOÀN TV 4 months ago

    What ?

  • Khánh Nguyễn khánh viglo


  • Ranga Swamy
    Ranga Swamy 4 months ago

    Super working

  • Cesar souza
    Cesar souza 4 months ago

    Uma das maiores encarnações da unanimidade!!!!!!!

  • Refik Oğuz ÇEVREK
    Refik Oğuz ÇEVREK 4 months ago

    düz dünyanın kalınlığı ne kadar olabilir acaba ?

  • Greg Mahoney
    Greg Mahoney 4 months ago +1

    And later that day as my family and I were exploring the area while on vacation we stumbled upon spotting Mr Stevens. We immediately pulled over where I was able to get out and take some pictures. 🙂

  • Henry Ar
    Henry Ar 4 months ago

    great fake

  • Celso Paiva
    Celso Paiva 4 months ago

    Eu queria assistir essa porcaria aterrar isso aí é mentira

  • HowToMake01
    HowToMake01 4 months ago


  • Shane Vlaardingerbroek
    Shane Vlaardingerbroek 4 months ago +3

    Is their a clause that prevents him to bare the south African flag?

  • S Bala
    S Bala 4 months ago

    It's time chinese produced its copy version

  • Dimas Irvan
    Dimas Irvan 4 months ago

    And that dick titan can land by itself? In the middle of ocean, after 100 km flight out to space? Space x was crazy.

  • Claude LeBel
    Claude LeBel 4 months ago

    I'm wondering how much is actually saved by recouping the booster? Recouping can't be cheap.

    • Young Sayborg
      Young Sayborg 4 months ago

      I think that is logic that is cheaper

  • johnnylogan22
    johnnylogan22 4 months ago

    I think you meant the photo to look like that in honor of Jeff Bezos LOL

  • Ederson Augusto
    Ederson Augusto 4 months ago

    Estrumi doespaço

  • Luke
    Luke 4 months ago

    That is Jetty Park right?

  • Allan Robison
    Allan Robison 4 months ago

    What hell did I just watch, what was this all about?
    Did I miss something?
    I didn't get it...

    • Andrew 13579
      Andrew 13579 4 months ago

      The Falcon 9 booster that launched the 60 Starlink satellites several days ago and landed on the ship way out at sea, is finally getting back to port. No real action here. Just appreciated by those who awe at the accomplishment of the booster going to space and then returning to fly again and again.

    • Dave Dave
      Dave Dave 4 months ago

      They're hauling a booster from a rocket that landed on a droneship in the middle of the ocean back to port.

  • Claudette Dionne
    Claudette Dionne 4 months ago

    Its all fake.

  • Claudette Dionne
    Claudette Dionne 4 months ago

    ts all fake.

  • Gordon Chapman
    Gordon Chapman 4 months ago

    I love everything to do with modern space launches no matter what company or nation. Thanks to your time and effort I get to see a lot of behind the scenes I would never usually see. Thank you so much for sharing this - great Job US LR

  • L0G1C
    L0G1C 4 months ago

    why does the rocket look slightly bent?

  • Gravitação Universal
    Gravitação Universal 4 months ago +1

    Good job. Wonderful machine.

  • Shadab
    Shadab 4 months ago

    Will they again retract all landing legs 🙁

    • USLaunchReport
      USLaunchReport  4 months ago +1

      B1049 does not have the updated landing legs so they were taken off manually. Starting with B1056 and on they "will" be able to retract using the upgraded landing legs and the "BLLR" (booster lift and leg retractor). It only took them a few hours to take the legs off manually.

  • Cristian Ivan Laura Fernandez

    amazing. go to mars!

  • Trex531
    Trex531 4 months ago +1

    Thanks! Amazing! Keep going strong SpaceX!

  • Mark Wallis
    Mark Wallis 4 months ago +3

    2:01 did you really mean to write "Virgina Class" ? Great video nevertheless.

  • Chuck Boyle
    Chuck Boyle 4 months ago

    Excellent quality video, thanks. It looks like Liberty Call PCAN for the submarine force. Hand salute! Could be some fried Grouper & cold beer at Fishlips Bar & Grill tonight. Carry on squids...stay safe!

  • sono'sunbeam
    sono'sunbeam 4 months ago

    One built to go up......One built to go down......One built for understanding and acquiring knowledge of our universe.....One built for bringing mayhem and destruction on our world......Guess which has a bigger budget...... So sad .........

  • Hadley Scott McIntyre
    Hadley Scott McIntyre 4 months ago

    Man theres possibly plenty of ocean oil rigs available that could be converted with a pad and a ship berth that could be placed in location to recieve first stage returns.

    • Manoj Tiwari
      Manoj Tiwari 4 months ago

      @Lone Traveller gi I ml to

    • Lone Traveller
      Lone Traveller 4 months ago

      May be there is. But it would add more extra work to move the rocket to a carrier or something to bring it back to the land for reuse. A lot of extra job, extra money and time. Not effisien.

    • randomnickify
      randomnickify 4 months ago

      Nope, different orbits means different landing zones, having one barge that can moves around is much cheaper, and it's all about making space travel cheaper.

  • Thomas Foreman
    Thomas Foreman 4 months ago

    Innovation is the most.

  • manuel angel benito mulet
    manuel angel benito mulet 4 months ago +1

    do you know what has happens with the fairing? and what about the second stage. what happen with it. thanks.

    • Joshua Guenin
      Joshua Guenin 4 months ago

      Fairings are recovered, second stage burns up on reentry

  • Porkonfork
    Porkonfork 4 months ago +1

    The shots of the guys standing next to the rocket at 7:20 is absolutely amazing.... Really puts it into perspective, Thanks

  • Luis Antuna
    Luis Antuna 4 months ago

    Magnumproteus: Effective frorm to reuse a propultion rocket. congratulations to Spacex' s crew.

    • David Dowling
      David Dowling 4 months ago

      Luis Antuna as tall as a 13 story building.

  • johnnylogan22
    johnnylogan22 4 months ago +2

    And I don’t care who else is doing it but SpaceX is number ☝️

    • Divad Ignawm
      Divad Ignawm 4 months ago

      how do you draw that middle finger?

  • johnnylogan22
    johnnylogan22 4 months ago +2

    I never ever ever ever! Get tired of seeing this great time we’re having building history…
    Who would’ve ever thought when we were kids that we would see the reality of rockets coming back from space not only landing on land but on a little tiny ship out in the middle of a big fucking ocean… It’s absolutely amazing and truly astounding and my congratulations and love for Elon musk for bringing this childhood dream to a reality..

    • Young Sayborg
      Young Sayborg 4 months ago

      There are a lot of biggest invention that we missed, but this invention is cool too

    • Young Sayborg
      Young Sayborg 4 months ago

      That's outstanding

  • David
    David 4 months ago +1

    It looks like it's been around the block a few times. a real work horse.

  • Donald Corderoy
    Donald Corderoy 4 months ago +1

    I wonder how they secure the legs to the platform

    • Donald Corderoy
      Donald Corderoy 4 months ago

      @David Dowling Thanks for that interesting stuff

    • David Dowling
      David Dowling 4 months ago

      Donald Corderoy they don’t,thebooster is restrained by a hold dozen device,watch the video for the white apparatus below the nozzles.

  • donny woody
    donny woody 4 months ago +1

    is it just me or is this for a little extra toasty

  • Daniel Ly
    Daniel Ly 4 months ago

    I still can’t believe until SpacEx they would throw that entire booster away!

    • owoma ogbayibo
      owoma ogbayibo 4 months ago

      That's to tell you how wasteful humans are.

  • Don Jones
    Don Jones 4 months ago

    Your best post. Great, clear interesting views. Subscribed! Just love looking at that spaceship with its landing legs deployed.
    Never saw the Octagrabber, and now have had good views. And I never knew those azimuth thrusters hung off the side like giant Evinrudes.
    But be careful! You don't want to give away all our nuclear sub secrets to the Russkies! :-)

    • Don Jones
      Don Jones 4 months ago

      @David Dowling {{sigh}} can't we just enjoy exploring our interests on YT without finding a way to work in partisan shots?

    • David Dowling
      David Dowling 4 months ago

      Don Jones don’t worry,Barry told them everything.

  • Artem
    Artem 4 months ago +4

    It feels somehow satisfying that sea vessels, the first means to reach the unknown, have finally met space vessels, the ultimate means to sail through time and space.

  • HylanderSB
    HylanderSB 4 months ago +1

    Let's hope for a repeat of stowing the legs!

  • B4dlands
    B4dlands 4 months ago

    Im so glad you guys are doing this - so amazing to see this 3 times landed and weathered booster up close!

  • Randy Coppola
    Randy Coppola 4 months ago +1

    Nice work Mike! I appreciate your long hours at Jetty Park and so many other spots to bring this to our channel!

  • Richard Schloneger
    Richard Schloneger 4 months ago +6

    I guess because we've become so used to government wast throwing away rocket with one use I never new in my 56 yrs that you can even fire a rocket engine more than once even Saturn 5 got tested 3 times before launch ! Now to see these rockets come back still blows me away ! Shame on you NASA. United launch alliance, and the rest of tax wasters ! Pisses me off

    • Nate
      Nate 4 months ago

      nasa was limited with its technology at that time

    • Gaurish Kelapure
      Gaurish Kelapure 4 months ago

      You can't just jump to the next invention before the first one is can't think of bringing the boosters back before they actually have completed their main mission

    • Markle2k
      Markle2k 4 months ago

      NASA is SpaceX's single biggest customer.

    • Shourya Bose
      Shourya Bose 4 months ago +1

      To be honest even the shuttle main engine was reusable. Required a lot of refurb tho.

  • Patti Lacey
    Patti Lacey 4 months ago

    I'm glad the dolphins happily live in that area and not lightning strikes. I never noticed how big those rocket engines are until the scale comparison in this video. That's very impressive.

  • Larry Hawkes
    Larry Hawkes 4 months ago

    That is just amazing. I'd also like to see how they unload it from the barge for transport.

  • Richard Schloneger
    Richard Schloneger 4 months ago +2

    I didn't know subs came in there !

  • Juan Arce
    Juan Arce 4 months ago +2

    2 flat eathers don't like this

    • s b
      s b 4 months ago

      @SCORINGAUDIO R youre right!!

      SCORINGAUDIO R 4 months ago

      or people who do not like scams.this is prototype BS and it does not work.Felon again repeating last the stuff people already did pretending to be a genius.
      Felon Musk for prison soon
      This space pollution must be and will be banned

  • David Sholts
    David Sholts 4 months ago

    Extra toasty!