She Sent Nudes And He Said Her Carpet Was Too Dirty

  • Published on Jun 5, 2019
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Comments • 419

  • Mike L
    Mike L 17 days ago

    Sounds like msg to yee lmao

  • Dawn Woody-Poitra
    Dawn Woody-Poitra 2 months ago

    Her mistake was sending this nigga, naked pics! Girl come on

  • TelBillions •
    TelBillions • 3 months ago

    🤣😭🤣😂 throw that whole first call away!!!

  • Thomas Lawrence
    Thomas Lawrence 3 months ago

    The carpet been there for 20 years. Its time for a change!

  • Kelzkizz
    Kelzkizz 4 months ago

    I was thinking the same thing envy's thinking I really thought it was about her body carpet😂😂😂

  • SeaTheGod Gold
    SeaTheGod Gold 4 months ago


  • 100% worldview
    100% worldview 4 months ago

    Angela yee can catch any dick to date 💯💯💯😍

  • Hotel SuiteLife
    Hotel SuiteLife 4 months ago

    another useless thot raising a future thot.

  • Pepe Le pew
    Pepe Le pew 4 months ago


  • kenny w
    kenny w 4 months ago

    @3:15 CTG dirty ass rug you should be ashamed of yourself 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • TheDawgchew
    TheDawgchew 4 months ago

    He deaded you with the carpet comment.

  • Vox Nihili
    Vox Nihili 4 months ago

    That's something I would say haha. I am a libra. He is probably a libra.

  • Peyton
    Peyton 4 months ago

    The guy doesn't want a messy woman thats it

  • Boasten And Braggin
    Boasten And Braggin 4 months ago

    He might be gay!

  • Walter Amapakabo
    Walter Amapakabo 4 months ago +1

    I mean he could have been a carpenter 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️

  • blaakheart8
    blaakheart8 4 months ago

    Beeeaaatttccchhhh you nasty

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra 4 months ago

    Angela, I have a question! If you and your man got back together and decided to be honest with one another, and you find out he cheated in the past and brought the other girl around his friends, should you be cool with his friends again once you guys get back together?

  • Corey Cebs
    Corey Cebs 4 months ago

    Shits crazy I was talking to my kids yesterday about this.and told me they mama and step daddy room smell like Corn Chip and BOOTY. And they room stay nasty.

  • James D
    James D 4 months ago

    He gay.

  • C Cee
    C Cee 4 months ago

    How is the wretch calling the radio show letting everyone know that she takes pictures of herself, in her kids room and sending them to strangers?? Even worse she had the conversation about how stank her home and her morals are, right in front of her 9 year old son???

  • rastawella1
    rastawella1 4 months ago

    She is saying all of this around her 9 year old son ???

  • Aisha Kiara
    Aisha Kiara 4 months ago

    I would have just hung up once they said " You taking nasty pictures in your kids room?"😂😂

  • don’t relate
    don’t relate 4 months ago

    Is he wrong though? She needs to clean her house and stop prioritizing being a thot in front of her kid.

    SDBROOKS08 4 months ago

    Put the 9 year old on the phone and tell us what he thinks about his mom sending nudes since he right there in the room.

    SDBROOKS08 4 months ago

    Soooooo she would consider dropping her man and keeping her dirty carpet vs picking up a rug doctor from the store 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • vanessa copland
    vanessa copland 4 months ago

    Stop sending nakid pictures!

  • Lisa Smart
    Lisa Smart 4 months ago

    I’m sorry, I notice the background of people’s selfies too. If your house is dirty then you have dirty ass habits.

  • steverl22
    steverl22 4 months ago +1

    This is the mind of a lady that will take sexy pics in a kids room. She knows that her carpet is trash but yet worried about the wrong things......she's broke.

  • Massagebyamaja LLC
    Massagebyamaja LLC 4 months ago

    3 rooms for 99 dollars. Ctfu@Envy

    • Hey Y'all
      Hey Y'all 4 months ago


  • fwd105
    fwd105 4 months ago

    Reading too much into it, he was probably trying to be funny. Maybe he just doesn't care about that.

  • iQualify
    iQualify 4 months ago

    She sounds like Jim Jones’ wife Chrissy Jones.

  • hudsonfam
    hudsonfam 4 months ago

    I would allow him to replace it for us.... Thats the message i got

  • 69Fabulosity
    69Fabulosity 4 months ago

    This is a clear reflection of a guy letting a girl know he's just not that into her❗yet she still wants to talk 2him🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️❗#Pick me chick🤦‍♀️❗

  • Stan Marsh
    Stan Marsh 4 months ago

    Yee fine

  • Winter Sky
    Winter Sky 4 months ago

    He must have had a bad experience with nasty carpet when he was little. Hell i don't walk on peoples carpet barefoot and definitely not after getting out the shower. I went over a guy's house once and he had the lights off but i could see how nasty the carpet looked anyways and i didn't stay another second.

  • Kevin Wilson
    Kevin Wilson 4 months ago

    If the back ground look nasty it would make me think that person nasty

  • fizzo206
    fizzo206 4 months ago

    Can I see the picture Yee?? 😁😁

  • who are you my ninja?
    who are you my ninja? 4 months ago

    I'm married-envy

  • Sneaker Pimp
    Sneaker Pimp 4 months ago

    This whole scenario had me dying laughing! Her Kids Carpet Nasty, Her Pum Pum Carpet Nasty, and, A Man actually pointed that out instead of her?!!! He deflected ... He don't want you, your carpet, or your nasty selfies. LOL!!! I would be hella embarrassed. HeLL I'm embarrassed FOR HER! and she gonna keep talking to him. DESPERATION?

  • Real Talk
    Real Talk 4 months ago +1

    she sounds 50

  • Chardae Johnson
    Chardae Johnson 4 months ago +2

    Y is she having this convo in front of her 9 yr old🤦🏾‍♀️

    • Chardae Johnson
      Chardae Johnson 4 months ago

      Pics n her kids room, wtf🤦🏾‍♀️😩

  • Kortni Hines
    Kortni Hines 4 months ago

    Why is she talking about this in front of her 9 year old? She has bigger problems. Also, she needs to learn how to clean...

  • Maleah's Diary
    Maleah's Diary 4 months ago

    I THOUGHT "carpet" was code for pubic hair too 🤣 Please don't tap on my face.

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User 4 months ago +1

    She’s just a dirty woman. Simple as that.

  • Moses
    Moses 4 months ago

    Chick your @$$dirty. Clean the carpet.💯

  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 months ago

    Stop talking about this in front of your kid!!!!!!

  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 months ago

    Child services needs to pay a visit to this house. She doesn’t sound like a fit mother

  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 months ago

    She’s gross or he’s gay

  • Alex Michaels
    Alex Michaels 4 months ago

    If she doesn't leave him right away she's a fool.

  • Aaron Swan
    Aaron Swan 4 months ago +1

    we all got rick rolled on this one😂🤣

  • Kuhle Cele
    Kuhle Cele 4 months ago +1

    Someone should have at least hinted that he's not that into her, because really that's what it is 🤦🏾‍♂️ Ouch 😅

  • Yung Sammy Sosa
    Yung Sammy Sosa 4 months ago +1

    1. You talking about sending nudes in front of your child talking sending nudes on nationaly syndicate radio took said pics in your CHILDREN'S ROOM
    4.If your home isnt clean generally you are either unclean or unorganized or extremely lazy
    5. 1 through 4 says enuff about you..

  • ch7432
    ch7432 4 months ago

    20 year old carpet definitely needs to be replace. It's pathetic that she doesn't realize that! He should wonder about her mattress too.

  • Rasteen Jackson
    Rasteen Jackson 4 months ago

    Yee just want to see that pic!!

  • Arainea CuteBrownNurse
    Arainea CuteBrownNurse 4 months ago

    Bish get your priorities in order 😏

  • Larry Farrow
    Larry Farrow 4 months ago

    When he dont wanna smash a dirty ass ratchet chick and dont wanna hurt her feelings lmao

  • Tinika C
    Tinika C 4 months ago

    Ewe remove your dirty carpets no excuse

  • Nikki W
    Nikki W 4 months ago

    Change the nasty carpet please lol

  • orry townes
    orry townes 4 months ago

    Sounds fragile, sis.

  • Justice Ovman
    Justice Ovman 4 months ago

    Just by the details of this call she seems to be pretty damn trifling. I think both carpets were dirty.