Erdogan vows to complete offensive in Syria - BBC News

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
  • Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has vowed to press on with an offensive in Syria until his mission to create a "safe zone" is complete.
    Turkish forces launched an operation to clear Kurdish fighters from northern Syria last week, after US troops allied to them pulled out of the region.
    The Turkish government views one of the main militias as a terrorist group.
    Mr Erdogan has also said he will snub direct talks with the US vice-president when he arrives in Turkey.
    The Turkish president said that Mike Pence and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo would only speak to their counterparts and not him directly on Thursday.
    "When Trump comes here, I'll talk to him," he said.
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  • Corrie Severin 77
    Corrie Severin 77 13 hours ago


  • Nia Koch
    Nia Koch 20 hours ago

    Shame on Turkey and everyone who supports Erdogan. He uses islamistic terrorist militia for ethnic cleansing in Northern Syria. Shame on Trump, the USA, and Europe doing absolutely nothing about it! Shame, shame , shame on you!!!!

  • Nia Koch
    Nia Koch 20 hours ago

    Shame on Turkey and everyone who supports Erdogan. He uses islamistic terrorist militia for ethnic cleansing in Northern Syria. Shame on Trump, the USA, and Europe doing absolutely nothing about it! Shame, shame , shame on you!!!!

  • sunny l
    sunny l 5 days ago

    How u can Kurdish fighter they are bloody terrorist Fund by america... U bloody western media don't worry wait untill 2050 ... How islamic world is going rise with more power and resource .. not like u all bloody in which all citizen hav debt than any other country .

  • zulfikangga
    zulfikangga 6 days ago

    SAFE PLACE is when everyone die....

  • AskerVR
    AskerVR 8 days ago

    The Saudis a shame

  • Ala Eh!!
    Ala Eh!! 9 days ago

    Nice job Erdogan kick their ass out of syrian territory....

  • poya kurd
    poya kurd 9 days ago

    Ardoqan = terorisst

  • Sam Ansari
    Sam Ansari 21 day ago


  • nvar kurd
    nvar kurd 21 day ago +1

    Fuck Erdogan dog and terrorist ...... Biji kurd

  • Hassan Jalil
    Hassan Jalil 26 days ago +1

    Inshllah caliphate were come again inshalllah

  • Dalena
    Dalena 27 days ago

    U.S and U.K colonizers mind your own business

  • John Carr
    John Carr 27 days ago +2

    Turkey has yet to pay for the Armenian Genocide and illegally annexing Western Armenia.

    • World citizen
      World citizen 10 days ago

      Yeah dude Micheal Jackson was Chinese I guess

    • Emre Orhan
      Emre Orhan 27 days ago +1

      Funniest joke heard since while: “Western Armenia”😂😂 I guess if you search it on google, it will correct “did you mean Republic of Turkey 🇹🇷 “

  • Darrell Johnson
    Darrell Johnson 27 days ago +2

    Arabs never keep promises deals or treaties they know only war since ancient Babylon groups fought amongst themselves constantly

  • Atheist
    Atheist 28 days ago

    I heard he is a dicktaker is that right?

    • Jason lol
      Jason lol 26 days ago +1

      HAHAHAHAHA EXACTLY. And his real name is Erdolfgayn Hitler

  • Hisham Sulaiman
    Hisham Sulaiman 28 days ago

    somebody please put a bullet in trumph head

  • Yavuz Adam
    Yavuz Adam 28 days ago

    Erdogan and all the dictators like Erdogan who forced us to leave our beautiful country and families one way or another we'll come back...

    • Jason lol
      Jason lol 26 days ago

      im with you bro. Im no kurd but from a safe country. WE ALL HATE ERDOGAN THE TERRORIST MURDER.

  • Slave of Allah _Mohamad

    Can u proof it that was from turkey wee needd proof
    We need to see turkey soldiers
    Where i dont see them
    They still lying

    • Jason lol
      Jason lol 26 days ago

      Bro, are you really supporting Erdogan who kills innocent? if so brother may allah swt forgive you. WOW just wow. who exactly are you praising Erdogan or allah?

  • 34 Realist.
    34 Realist. 28 days ago +1

    god loves peaceful people the others do not do any violence - erdokhan, it certainly does not belong to so few dangers

  • Your Family
    Your Family 28 days ago +1

    It's a shame that most of you dont truly know what's going on. Most of you think they are killing kurds. That they are against kurds. No, that's not it. In fact, they have 12 million kurds living in Turkey. Turkey who has has the most Syrian refugees, 2 to 4 million and European counties struggle with thousands. They want to re-settled them to north of Syria, back to their homeland. They want to protect their border, by the pkk, who if you dont know have killed hundreds of Turks in turkey who has also been trained in Syria. They are identified as terrorist by nato, usa, uk and more. Whats wrong with Turkey protecting themselves. They've changed their name yet they are the same group. There is video footage of us officials admitting they are the same. It's not right with replacing terrorist (issis) with another terrorist(pkk). Why do you think trump said they are not Angel's, that they could be worse than isis. The only reason why no one knows about this is lack of media attention tion and how the media does not explain it. They dont explain why turkey thinks they are terrorist or who else thinks they are territory. Or how they train children to train soldiers or how they attack from holy buildings. Now you tell me, is turkey still doing wrong.

  • Kurd YouTube
    Kurd YouTube 28 days ago

    Fuck erdogan 🖕🏻🇹🇷

  • محمد
    محمد 29 days ago +2

    Criminal kurd and syria 🇸🇾

  • Mustafa Khayre
    Mustafa Khayre 29 days ago

    Good job America for leaving let stay out of it the kurt dogs need to go

  • Amar Gerzic
    Amar Gerzic Month ago

    Fuck USA and zionist

  • Logan Stinnett
    Logan Stinnett Month ago

    Oh my god... the whole thing happened all because trump poorly communicated with erdogan... He gave him a ear full of his rambling Trump nonsense we all know from his campaign rallies and now thats caused a tragic global incident. All because Trump is not a diplomat and there are no diplomats around him. He ran them all off.

  • hüseyin aytaskin
    hüseyin aytaskin Month ago

    Killing Israel Arabs next Americans...!! Turkish Army

  • Codx Haalreys
    Codx Haalreys Month ago

    this sermon of erdogan you not take the italy wen he is talking erdogan fuck the yahud and nas

  • Codx Haalreys
    Codx Haalreys Month ago

    why are you taking completely the sermon? do you know what is goin on north of africa ? do you know whats goin on plastin ?do you know whats goin on egypty? do you whts goin on yemen and muslim rohynga and muslim iigor in the chines ?

  • Life beatiful
    Life beatiful Month ago

    "PKK and PYD" are Terörist Organizations.
    And Definitely not Kürds..
    Media says "Terörist Organizations are good guys "😠
    Fuck all Terrörist's supporters.
    Kürds lives in Turkey.
    (More 20 millions+)
    Media "Fuck You lie and fake informations"
    I am like a German, Love Turkey People 💪🇩🇪🇹🇷💝"
    Kill the Terörist organizations and send back to refugees.Thats good also for us.

    • S. Mesut
      S. Mesut Month ago

      Everyone knows Erdogan's AKP party has operative in Germany and you likely are one of them. No one supports terrorists but the thin line between them and the ruling party is getting cloudier.

  • asiiicarsi
    asiiicarsi Month ago

    Erdogan big man❤️

    • S. Mesut
      S. Mesut Month ago

      Big man with a narrow mind-set.

  • Aziz Ajwa
    Aziz Ajwa Month ago +1


    • S. Mesut
      S. Mesut Month ago

      Love and respect because your Syrian refugee brothers and sisters are getting treated better by Turkey's leader than the average Turkish citizen. I know this for a fact because a Syrian refugee told it to me.

  • Shukria O
    Shukria O Month ago

    Let’s go Erdogan 💪

  • sharon nagle
    sharon nagle Month ago

    Erdogan is accusing the west of doing stuff behind his back. Like what? He just wants to keep his protesters quiet.

    • S. Mesut
      S. Mesut Month ago

      Here you go. It has now become a daily part of life in Turkey. Gone are the days of free speech, thinking, and decision making.

  • S. Mesut
    S. Mesut Month ago

    THIS is what does NOT make sense, logic, reason, and sanity unless of course the real end objective is to occupy. Turkey has said they are forming a buffer zone of 480km ( 300 miles ) long and 30km ( 20 miles ) deep, into Syria, along its southern border with Syria. They also say that once the 4 million or so Syrian refugees in Turkey are settled in this buffer zone, they will provide them with houses, schools, electricity, water, health, etc while at the same time claiming that they currently are not receiving enough outside funding to cover all the expenses of the refugees currently in Turkey. This is hypocrisy unless the goal is occupancy.
    Doing so gets Turkey that much closer to eastern Syria oil fields. This Turkish leader has said, on occasion, that this was territory stolen during the regression of the Ottoman empire. Unlike any leader Turkey has had since it was formed in 1923, after the collapse of the Ottoman empire, this leader is the first to surface as neo-Ottoman.

  • Taher Alzeer
    Taher Alzeer Month ago

  • Taher Alzeer
    Taher Alzeer Month ago

    I love you Turkey

  • Taher Alzeer
    Taher Alzeer Month ago

    I love you Turkey

  • Taher Alzeer
    Taher Alzeer Month ago

  • Taher Alzeer
    Taher Alzeer Month ago +1

    I love what is Turkey doing well done please continue do not stop I want to return home safely
    Thanks Turkey

  • nikorn chinakul
    nikorn chinakul Month ago +2

    From Israel! Excuse me everyone! Everybody please meet a modern day MOSSILINI. His name is ERDOGAN.

    • S. Mesut
      S. Mesut Month ago

      Is your Israeli leadership any better ? Oh I forgot; it's self defense against unarmed Palestinians !

  • Ewa Mankowska
    Ewa Mankowska Month ago

    Popieprzone indyki

  • S. Mesut
    S. Mesut Month ago

    What will Turkey's tyrant do when he confronts Russian forces on his border ? The Russians, Syrian forces, and Kurds have struck a deal to protect Syria's northern territory. This is what Putin had wanted all along - get U.S. troops out of that region so that he could move in, and Turkey's tyrant became the fall guy.

  • jimmy bonboni
    jimmy bonboni Month ago

    Go Erdogan Go. Destroy deash, ypg, pkk, al qaeda, asad forces.

  • Sheikh Arif Ansar
    Sheikh Arif Ansar Month ago

    Erdogan is a real Tiger

  • playlists
    playlists Month ago

    oh so the trump administration has had to be dragged into having moral integrity. no surprise there then.. theyre as awful as everyone expected.

  • Maryamiftkhar Maryamiftkhar

    Shut up western media from Pakistan focus on Afghanistan issue

    • Soccer Loco
      Soccer Loco Month ago

      Fuck you and Afghanistan. Those coutries are a lost cause including your grammer.

  • Merve Öztürk
    Merve Öztürk Month ago +1


  • Colonial Killa
    Colonial Killa Month ago

    Either Russia will go down or United States, both can't be pulling out of the situation they created. It will come back again, and again until one is finished for a long while.

  • alex dark
    alex dark Month ago

    ERDOGAN supporters go out of UK

  • Hasan Mohammad ziaul islam

    Turkey has this right take action against terrorism.good luck Turkey.🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    • Parwez z
      Parwez z 26 days ago


  • Leaf gamer
    Leaf gamer Month ago +1

    We support turkey .Love Turkey from Pakistan ❤

  • Amit Singh
    Amit Singh Month ago +1

    Turkey supports terrorism and terrorist country like Pakistan

  • Armaan khan
    Armaan khan Month ago +1

    Turkey doing wonderful job if not America will make turkey same as Afghanistan and Iraq

  • The Patriots Of Pakistan

    Great man Erdogan.. We're supporting you from Pakistan... Long live turkey, long live pakistan

  • The Warrior
    The Warrior Month ago

    Mr Erdogan !
    Stay firm in your stance and wipe out terrorists YPG and PKK so that the Syrians and Turkish ( including kurds and other communities) could take a sigh of relief ..
    We stand with you against all the terrorists in the region like ISIS , SDF, YPG and PKK.....

  • Voice Of DCELC
    Voice Of DCELC Month ago

    USA has done a great job withdrawing soldiers.Trump is here ok bcz of bonding Turkey a cleanser of Terrorist.

  • ali can
    ali can Month ago

    Translation is censored

  • Hope L
    Hope L Month ago +2

    no one should ever trust one...even evil will not trust him...

  • bierrollerful
    bierrollerful Month ago +1

    Boy, that's going to be a great safe zone if it remains a war zone between Turkey and Syria.

  • Concentrated Process Manager

    Turkey has been fighting with the terrorists only. The PKK-YPG-PYD are terrorist groups.And terrorist groups have killed 40,000 people since 1984.