Muscle Car Of The Week Video #44: 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS LS6 454 Convertible

  • Published on Apr 17, 2014
  • If you were to go buy a brand-new 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS, what options would you choose? This week, our featured Muscle Car is a super-clean 1970 Chevelle SS 454 with the 450 HP LS6 V8 backed by a Muncie M22 4-speed transmission. Couple that with a power convertible top, and you've got an awesome ride capable of burning through the first 3 gears while wind-blowing your hair at the same time. There are multiple LS6 Chevelles in the Brothers Collection, but this one is perhaps the most sinister.
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    Muscle Car Of The Week Video #44: 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS LS6 454 Convertible
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Comments • 49

  • dane kelly
    dane kelly 3 months ago +2

    This car is a god...

  • dane kelly
    dane kelly 3 months ago

    Hookers and many.......i wonder....

  • Stephen Arzoomanian
    Stephen Arzoomanian 3 months ago +1

    p/s p/b were standard

  • Stephen Arzoomanian
    Stephen Arzoomanian 3 months ago +1

    Ls6 did not come with a quadrajet the LS5 did , LS6 came with holley 780

  • Robert Miller
    Robert Miller 6 months ago +3

    Nothing like a badass chevelle

  • thealien6900
    thealien6900 7 months ago +2

    I want that, I can not afford that but I want that. Going to look at a 396/375 convertible in a week or so.

  • EDS Transit Scott
    EDS Transit Scott 8 months ago +1

    Beautiful Kevin

  • Moon Pie
    Moon Pie 8 months ago +3

    Damn I wish I had that car... I owned a 71 396/402 and it was not that fast... 8.5:1 CR killed the 396s power...

  • Roger58
    Roger58 11 months ago +1

    TA Radials are tired, people need to start putting stock tires on these cars like Firestone Wide Ovals. I did on my 70 SS 396 at it looks and sits a thousand percent better and now you can even get those in a Radial.

  • MyAss Izitchy
    MyAss Izitchy Year ago +2

    15×7s ? Do what ? Aftermarket ? They came with 14×7s. Lol

  • Oleg
    Oleg Year ago +3

    450hp in 1970 ... convertible ... O_O ... most of us can't afford them in 2018(or it's just me?)... imagine those happy faces driving them at that time =)

  • MLP-Hot-Rod
    MLP-Hot-Rod Year ago +9

    Of course, Charlie Sheen would buy a car with white lines on it.

  • matrox
    matrox Year ago +2

    He missed the whole point...In the picture with cars mouth open it had a 6 banger in it to show that it eats 6 bangers for lunch.

  • Tom W
    Tom W 2 years ago +2

    Rock crusher, 4.10 gears, 450hp ...stud of a car

  • Tammy Coates
    Tammy Coates 2 years ago +4

    I'm in love

  • John Sinski
    John Sinski 2 years ago +2

    No quadrajet carb. Holley carb with a low rise intake designed to fit under a Corvette hood. Changing to a high rise intake was good for about an immediate 15 horspower.

  • mark benner
    mark benner 2 years ago +2

    Do you guys have a '72 GTO 455 H.O with a 4 speed?

  • Michael .Gadoury
    Michael .Gadoury 3 years ago +6

    Carb was a Holley double pump, dual feed, I believe 850 cfm as he said but it was not a quadrajet. I believe the LS 5 454 which was rated at 365 hp had the quadrajet carb.

    • John Sinski
      John Sinski 2 years ago +2

      Sorry, but the original Holley was a vacuum secondary with dual feed 780--800 cfm depending on the magazine article.

    • Danny D
      Danny D 2 years ago +3

      You are correct

  • eric heine
    eric heine 3 years ago

    The cool thing about the 1970 Chevell, was the power and the weight. Under 3200lbs. at over 100mph you didn't feel safe hanging out. The Chevell had a full frame and enough weight to have weight transfer. I drove a Cobra, I prefer the Chevell, better motor management, like a day at the office.

  • Newton Washinton
    Newton Washinton 3 years ago +4

    I did buy a New SS 454 Chevelle, Red with Black Stripes, Black interior M22 rock crusher trans, Strato Bucket seats AM radio, I did not want the conv because it weighed more also No power steering or AC, i wanted nothing taking power from the motor, Loved that car,.... New i paid $4300.00 out the door

    • The Executioner
      The Executioner 5 months ago

      @Newton Washinton a

    • Jason Wilson
      Jason Wilson 2 years ago +1

      Had a 1966 Malibu with the 283 . 4 speed, dual glass packs .. Michelin radials power steering. . no problem. .

    • Newton Washinton
      Newton Washinton 3 years ago +1

      very nice, i like all types of cars, my first car was a 1960 Olds Super 88, next was a 1965 Chevelle SS 327, 4 speed, i started working odd jobs at 14 by the time i was 16 i had enough for my car, my dad always told me if you want it earn it.

    • Ronnie Boucher
      Ronnie Boucher 3 years ago +1

      i have worked in car restoration factorys and we made a 1952 austin healey with a 302 and top loader 4 wheel discs - was a sports car hot rod.

    • Newton Washinton
      Newton Washinton 3 years ago +3

      Yes very true, i had a good time and cared for the car, My friend had a 1969 427 Camaro with 4.11 gears in yellow the only car that ever beat me on the street. I believe my Chevelle was a 3.42 gear.

  • I Have Not Seen You In A While, Father

    What's the price?

  • starrqwas
    starrqwas 4 years ago +5

    14 inch wheels not 15 like you said also it should have a Holley carb.

    • bg147
      bg147 Year ago +2

      I had those wheels on my 1968 Camaro when I was in college. Wonder if they would be worth much today.

  • Rod Sapyta
    Rod Sapyta 4 years ago +1

    HOW MUCH?? I had hard top one in 1980 but sold it

  • garbageday99
    garbageday99 5 years ago +10

    I wonder how many prostitutes sheen banged on that front bench seat

    • bg147
      bg147 Year ago

      Those were some lucky boys.

  • fang check
    fang check 5 years ago +3

    LS 6 , what about the LS 7 ?

  • Samsgarden
    Samsgarden 5 years ago +3

    ...before Sheen sold it for his coke habit.

  • DeltaForceSFODD
    DeltaForceSFODD 5 years ago +7

    I wonder if Charlie regrets selling it now.

  • Walter Joy
    Walter Joy 5 years ago

    So the SS package (appearance package) could of been ordered with any engine like the Impala? Or was it just for the ad that it had the six cylinder?

    • Mark G
      Mark G 5 years ago +4

      In 1970 the Chevelle SS could be ordered with a 396 or a 454 big block.The photo was a press release blunder ( no 6 cylinder engine ).

  • G55STEYR
    G55STEYR 5 years ago +1

    The most beautiful car ever with the ugliest wheels

    • MyAss Izitchy
      MyAss Izitchy Year ago +3

      Shit those are the best lookin factory wheels period to me. 69 and 70 chevelles camaros and novas are bad ass with em

    • Benjmin Vonvannon
      Benjmin Vonvannon Year ago +1

      They grow on u

    • matrox
      matrox 3 years ago +4

      +G55STEYR You tube...flag this comment!

  • the epic fail gamer
    the epic fail gamer 5 years ago +4

    now this is my kind of chevy

  • SixtyFiveDropTop
    SixtyFiveDropTop 5 years ago +4

    The week of the 50th Anniversary of Mustang and we get a Chevy? Kevin you are a GM guy.

    • Steve Holsten
      Steve Holsten Year ago +2

      I wonder if he picks the car of the week or if the Brother's pick each week.

  • Larry B
    Larry B 5 years ago +5

    Never thought Charlie Sheen would be a Chevy fan.

  • sabrom
    sabrom 5 years ago +2