Casually Explained: How to Read the Stock Market

  • Published on Jul 5, 2018
  • This video will help you learn what to do in case you accidentally make a return on your investment. See you in the Mediterranean.
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  • Antonio Rodriguez
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  • Brian Keough
    Brian Keough 14 hours ago

    I live for these vudeos

  • João Matos Graça
    João Matos Graça 5 days ago

    Technical analysis sucks ass. Fundamental any day baby. Ahah

  • Indian tech support scammer

    Me watches video:stonks
    Me then forgets it:stinks

  • SilentProdigy98 .
    SilentProdigy98 . 7 days ago

    I know you did your best to explain this but I am more lost than Tom Hanks in 'Cast Away'

  • Mack Williams
    Mack Williams 11 days ago +1

    2/10 too seriously explained

  • Pie Crust
    Pie Crust 22 days ago

    Fk this is fking gold

  • Wheaty23
    Wheaty23 23 days ago

    Every time you reference smash I love it

  • battlekruiser
    battlekruiser 23 days ago

    *S T O N K S*

  • Minerva Li
    Minerva Li Month ago

    Step 1: buy tesla

  • Majin Trader
    Majin Trader Month ago +5

    I’m actually suprised on how accurate this is. 😂 well done

  • Mila Maglov
    Mila Maglov Month ago

    i have been binge watching your videos for like unhealthy number of hours and can i please marry you

  • Aidan Muller
    Aidan Muller Month ago +1


  • J M8
    J M8 Month ago

    Is this a meme?

  • Mawile #303
    Mawile #303 Month ago

    I had to stop the video and silent laugh to myself in a hallway of 5 girls and 2 other guys to prevent myself fron looking like more of a weirdo than I already do. While 3 classes toke place

  • Mr. Rude
    Mr. Rude Month ago +1

    the funniest part about this video is that I didn't understand anything but the word "the"

  • Vigilance Brandon
    Vigilance Brandon Month ago

    Why is this actually informative
    Oh wait nvm

  • Fusion Clan2269
    Fusion Clan2269 Month ago +1

    Sorry, i lost you at 'buffet.'

  • Me Smith
    Me Smith Month ago +2

    Speaking as a full time financial speculator, I can confidently say this is hands down the best tutorial on trading I’ve ever seen!!! Leading a fair distance ahead of Chappell’s “Wu-Tang Financial” skit.

  • Cat Tac
    Cat Tac Month ago +2

    You have taught me so much about life, master.

  • Jacob Carrasco
    Jacob Carrasco Month ago +1

    In conclusion, High School mathematics 👀

    • Lauren
      Lauren Month ago

      Jacob Carrasco so this is where all the people who need Pythagoras in real life are, stonks.

  • Matan Elgrabli
    Matan Elgrabli Month ago


  • Alex B
    Alex B Month ago +1

    *Accidentally makes ROI*

  • G P
    G P 2 months ago +1

    No stripper poles, are you kidding me?!? SINK THAT SHIP NOW!!!!

  • B0as Csgo
    B0as Csgo 2 months ago

    the ad i got from this video was expert option

  • Hjb Productions
    Hjb Productions 2 months ago

    You actually want 6 monitors ;/

  • Zactivity
    Zactivity 2 months ago

    You lost me at Isosceles Buffet.

  • Dennis Gordon
    Dennis Gordon 2 months ago

    1. big fish will eat you.. you dont matter and dont have the info
    2. there is tons of insider trading
    3. if you manage to make money, you have to file a fuck load of paperwork to IRS and pay taxes .... and the fun part, also if you lose money you still have to file a fuckload of paperwork.

  • Lao Tzu
    Lao Tzu 2 months ago +1

    "should just be easy money really"

  • so b
    so b 3 months ago

    In short if you want to make 1 million, invest 2 millions. You have 90 % chanche

  • h
    h 4 months ago

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    Inslevd the vold vit dett bejst mony sistem fors dej stol the gold den kroetet bankig sistem
    No bit con cruptose nekst is makro it is olmost gem over
    End yu only tink off profit
    Gud lok taim is ronig att
    For the copret volde

  • Petyr Baelish
    Petyr Baelish 4 months ago

    it's way better than a casino but you can also loose way more in a shorter amount of time. Well you actually have a good chance of making some money but whatever...

  • Nathan Leung
    Nathan Leung 4 months ago

    "this is what we call cryptocurrency" oh man too good

  • Trezmand
    Trezmand 4 months ago

    Sounds like you know what you're talking about

  • Unsubscribe from me
    Unsubscribe from me 4 months ago

    Wait... I don’t get it

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  • Bryce Johansen
    Bryce Johansen 4 months ago

    Bullish = Legion
    Bearish = NCR

  • YuriGaDaisukiDa
    YuriGaDaisukiDa 4 months ago


  • Rik
    Rik 4 months ago

    friend of mine actually managed to make €50 into €500,decided he was gonna go till it reached €700(i warned him not too).
    he then lost his internet connection(phone) and in the 2 or so minutes that he didnt have connection it turned out as around €5 in the end XD

  • Sean Cascone
    Sean Cascone 4 months ago +2


  • Hussein Ahmed
    Hussein Ahmed 4 months ago +1

    Me after watching Wolf of Wall Street

  • Harry
    Harry 5 months ago

    So buy AAPL TSL and AMZN stock?! 😂👏🏻

  • Pietro Cavallini
    Pietro Cavallini 5 months ago


  • Comment Connoisseur
    Comment Connoisseur 5 months ago

    Step One: Don't try.

  • That random Person
    That random Person 5 months ago


  • that loser vi
    that loser vi 5 months ago


  • Maddie Everlasting
    Maddie Everlasting 5 months ago +1

    Ad for stockmarket before video with literally what sounded like CEs voice

  • Hayden Macfarlane
    Hayden Macfarlane 5 months ago +3

    Casually explained is on r/WSB confirmed

    GODESTINY 5 months ago +1

    1:30 Do not, I repeat Do not trade that set up. Putting a stop above resistance is a good way to get stop hunted

  • ARW
    ARW 5 months ago

    r/wallstreetbets anyone?

  • James Tomlin
    James Tomlin 5 months ago

    Got an ad for stocks on a vidya about stocks

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  • Jairo Alvarez
    Jairo Alvarez 5 months ago


  • Zeyad Mahmoud
    Zeyad Mahmoud 5 months ago +2

    *watches this video*
    How much money do you want to lose in stocks sir?

  • ascending to nether
    ascending to nether 5 months ago


  • nkosi mbokazi
    nkosi mbokazi 6 months ago

    Bro i love your videos and delivery and i'd like to take part!

  • VanAesthetics
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  • Omkar pandit
    Omkar pandit 6 months ago

    RIP to those who actually want to learn the stock market.

  • MilkyBoi
    MilkyBoi 6 months ago

    This is r/wallstreebets summed up in one video

  • Hamzaz Zamreek
    Hamzaz Zamreek 6 months ago

    You Dont.