Game Theory: FNAF, The Theory That Changed EVERYTHING!! (FNAF 6 Ultimate Custom Night)


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  • January TheWolfAlebrije

    ........AI robots? soul juice? turning dead children to robots who grow? THAT'S IT. I STILL LIKE FNAF BUT, NO, NO. YOU'VE DONE IT NOW SCOTT, IMMA JUST BELIEVE WHAT I BELIEVE. this franchise has done it, if it can break MatPat then it'll happen to the rest of us, if we think about it tooooo long. MatPat read off a post from Scott himself saying that people 'managed to uncover all his games up until the 4th one'. I'm not trying to shame Mat for thinking the things he's mentioned but to me personally, dead children haunting entertainment robots makes more sense than everything that has happened in sister location going up

  • George Montras
    George Montras 2 hours ago

    The Anamatronics are litteraly his friends they are his friends from his childhood stuffed the suites remember back from fnaf 4 when the crying child(micheal) literally says they are my friends

  • Gstar Wow22
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  • Thegoat
    Thegoat 2 hours ago

    I got a question... What story is more complicated FNAF or The COD zombies trilogy

  • RedRacerIX
    RedRacerIX 2 hours ago

    Is golden Freddy nick from fnaf ignited

  • Matt Clarmont
    Matt Clarmont 2 hours ago


  • Sean Lindley
    Sean Lindley 2 hours ago

    Your wrong about everything OK😊

  • The Advanced Gamer
    The Advanced Gamer 2 hours ago

    I wonder if somebody actually solved this but hasnt spoken of it

  • powerful beauty
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  • spiralXprtsnow
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  • DragonLover 3690
    DragonLover 3690 2 hours ago +1

    Waaaaait! Michael said “Father, it’s me, Michael” Golden Freddy says the same in Fnaf 1 whenever he shows up. Could this mean that GF name is Michael? Or was this a so called ”coincidence”?

  • Sleepycat
    Sleepycat 2 hours ago

    0:49 Marco is that you?

  • Jackie Gonzalez
    Jackie Gonzalez 3 hours ago

    Do baldi's basics

  • Sean Lindley
    Sean Lindley 3 hours ago

    Puppet is a boy

  • Sean Lindley
    Sean Lindley 3 hours ago

    Oh I mean micheal

  • Sean Lindley
    Sean Lindley 3 hours ago

    Of course mike is bite victim and survived

  • Zoz Zoÿ
    Zoz Zoÿ 3 hours ago

    Maybe Micheal didn’t die when he got bit, maybe only part of his head got bit off. Like... the frontal lobe, it’s mentioned during the first game by phone guy, and the frontal lobe takes a big part in different things and action that you take. Such as comparing forms and objects, forming a personality, some motor skills and LONG THERM MEMORY!!
    Also it is possible for someone to survive and live without a frontal lobe.
    Maybe when it says “I will put you back together” is the doctor saying he’ll place the skull bits back together for Micheal to survive the bite.
    But hey! Its just a theory!!

  • Typical Trollers
    Typical Trollers 3 hours ago

    My computer is having a hard time solving this

  • Kriss The Gamer123
    Kriss The Gamer123 3 hours ago

    God i love this series

  • SSGSS Demon
    SSGSS Demon 3 hours ago

    They are the same font because of Freddy and Bonnie, who were the golden and shadow so they relate

  • Bree Rose
    Bree Rose 3 hours ago

    Michael didnt die tho, in the first game when phone guy is talking about the bite he said "it's amazing how someone can survive without the frontal lobe" which means Michael practically just had a lobotomy and is living in his lala land that people go into when they get that kind of procedure. My theory is that fnaf 4 when you're actually playing, is his nightmarish lala land which is why his room is different than the minigame room and that's why he has the medical things by his bed and how the ending is a flat line sound, hes dreaming that hes practically dying.

  • Connor Ross
    Connor Ross 3 hours ago

    Golden Freddie’s name is Cassidy! Apply the code to the word search. First number is how far right you go, and the second number is how far down you go.

  • t600dan
    t600dan 3 hours ago

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    Please forgive me... I don't want to die
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    the whole thing! A few days. later on the monday night, she was woken up by loud footsteps. and heavy breathing, there was. Clarissa standing there with a huge knife
    Sorry but I need to live okay bye hope you all live I can't tell if this is real or not but no chance

  • Nr Shocks
    Nr Shocks 3 hours ago

    might as well change your channels name to fnaf theory

  • king cyruss
    king cyruss 3 hours ago

    What if Henry is golden freddy I mean he says it's me

  • Carlos Santana
    Carlos Santana 3 hours ago

    I thought this game died lol

  • Connor Finley
    Connor Finley 3 hours ago

    Ok Matpat i have a theory on your latest FNAF theory. The crying child is not mike, the grey shirt is mike, but after what he did to his little brother (crying child) his little brother is on his deathbed and mike, seeing what the animatronics are fully capable of and what he did to his little brother (crying child) it comes to the events of FNAF 4 with mike having nightmares of the animatronics and what they did to the crying child. Those hospital supplies is him thinking what he had done to crying child.

  • Jayden Benavidez
    Jayden Benavidez 3 hours ago

    Mangle is a female

  • Snickering Snake
    Snickering Snake 3 hours ago

    The first fnaf came out in 2014, so that means we’ve been trying to figure out this game for four years
    Feels longer

  • Fortnite 4 Days
    Fortnite 4 Days 3 hours ago

    MatPat the tombstones at the end fnaf 6 are the tombstones of the night guards and other characters. Gabriel is G Freddy Fritz is the night guard from fnaf2 Susie is William Aftons wife and Jeremy is one of the night guards too so MatPat u should do more resherch for the old games before u start right from the newest game so then u don’t have to have to smack ur head against a wall until ur brain says “oh they must be the children who possessed the animatronics from fnaf one ☝️” k so please listen to this advice and make a video about this topic

  • You Exist
    You Exist 3 hours ago

    pls do a Terraria theory.Maybe predict how tough the armor in that game is. seriously there is TITANIUM armor in that game!

  • Mr.Seabs
    Mr.Seabs 3 hours ago

    Can someone please tell me the origins of salvaged springtrap?
    Because I don't seem to understand how the spring-Bonnie suit William is in looks completely different than before

  • Kai Adcock
    Kai Adcock 3 hours ago

    Mangle looks like fun time foxy

  • Skizzo Freniq
    Skizzo Freniq 3 hours ago

    But Matt Pat I haven't seen one thing from you,you haven't analysed the kitchen in FNAF 1

  • P0intLissPanda
    P0intLissPanda 4 hours ago

    Is this game like based on a true story? Or like a made up game story? (I’m not into this so I’m just wondering)

  • Rabid Mayday
    Rabid Mayday 4 hours ago

    Wait, if you are playing as crying child, who is sitting watching tv in fnaf 6, when Orange Guy tries to go into the room at his house?

  • joshua Allbritton
    joshua Allbritton 4 hours ago

    Give their one big thing they forgot about the timeline Theory what about the withered animatronics in FNAF 2 why are they like that

  • Noah Duong
    Noah Duong 4 hours ago

    my friend will send a theory

  • Amy Fain
    Amy Fain 4 hours ago

    If mike is scared of Freddy fazbear then why would he work at most of the locations

  • Everett Badousek
    Everett Badousek 4 hours ago

    Hey i noticed something with when you see Scrap baby, Springtrap, and lefty by the trashcan, in Scrap babies image has a picture of a clown with some pink words, then some red kinda bloody looking words i cant read, with springtraps its got a advertisement for spookfest, and with lefty's there is a picture of the puppet in the top right corner, and there is an image that says Fun with a clown doing a one handed handstand, a bear with sharp teeth and claws wearing a party hat and a man with a puppet of a smaller version of himself, i dont know if this helps but i thought i'd mention it.

  • Astrid Richards
    Astrid Richards 4 hours ago

    If you watch Nate wants to battle first episode of five nights at Freddys when he gets jump scared by Bonnie there is a sound that sounds like someone mumbling help me

  • Julius Correa
    Julius Correa 4 hours ago

    I can't remember which TVclipr it was but not only did she draw a connection between Michael's family life and Immortal and The Restless but she suggested that Mike Schmidt was his actual name from his mother's side, just thought I'd put that out there

    LIL ILLEGAL 4 hours ago

    2:12 If you look all around this crossword puzzle you can see that it says Its and Me all over it.Who else noticed that?
    Could Fnaf 6 also be the beginning? Because they all burned and there could have been some parts left and since Fnaf 2 is a prequel and the animatronics are withered as if not fully built.
    I agree with Pat I have seen a lot of scary things but that dabbing Chica is the scariest and cringiest thing I have ever seen.

  • Ed Sweet
    Ed Sweet 4 hours ago

    what about chicas party world it will come soon...

  • Sato Nas
    Sato Nas 4 hours ago

    8Problaby is mike being a kind of stalker, remenbering everything related of the childrens

  • Liam Day
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  • Glenda Earl
    Glenda Earl 4 hours ago

    michal aften burned fazbears fright

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 4 hours ago +1

    Your last video? Remember the code? Well, what if you used the word search for it?

  • random singer on youtube
    random singer on youtube 4 hours ago +1

    Why does Williams badge look like a slice of bread???

  • Cesar Zamora
    Cesar Zamora 4 hours ago

    Do a granny theory

  • Jamila Auret
    Jamila Auret 4 hours ago

    Matpat, you remember in the Twisted Ones when (if you haven't read or finished the book don't read on) Charlie was trapped inside of Twisted Freddy? When John and the others were following the wolf through the forest? And how they were lead to a place with a CAROUSEL and BALOON BOYS?! When you were talking about how 'previous workers' and 'lockdowns' and you showed a reference from the game, well the surroundings did look like the bush, but I can't be sure because you never know there might have been clearings. But I'm sure 'JR's' is really fnaf 2 like you said. Also, please tell me if there was a video on how and why Charlotte is the puppet.

  • Eric Watson Jr.
    Eric Watson Jr. 4 hours ago

    Puppet is a boy

  • I'm dying inside 390
    I'm dying inside 390 4 hours ago

    5:35 I feel so sorry for you

  • Apa Bean
    Apa Bean 4 hours ago

    Credit to Treesicle and a Reddit user {I forgot srry} you were using the wrong source. Not the number graph, but the word search. When you graph all the numbers, you get C A S S I D Y. But I understand that why you did the number graph. You were also stressed too about all of this information, it’s okay :) I hope this helps out. p.s not my information) also {I LUV YOUR VIDS SO MUCH HHH-💖💖✨} (notice me •^•)

  • Eric Watson Jr.
    Eric Watson Jr. 4 hours ago

    And purple guy survived 3 fires fazbear fright is fanf 2

  • Professor Sloth
    Professor Sloth 4 hours ago

    You need to be fixed could mean you need to go to a hospital to fix yourself after the bite that is why he is still alive

  • Nutmeg The noob of life

    Who\what is the name of
    Mike's older brother?
    G L F U I S
    1 2 3 4 5 6
    G L F U I S
    1 2 3 4 5 6
    G F L U I S
    1 3 2 4 5 6
    GF= Golden Freddy
    Mike= Luis

    (Maby not true but came put of my head and yea jusr wanted to throw it out there)

  • Jessica Dosier
    Jessica Dosier 4 hours ago

    Charlie is sister from sister location just think about it really hard.

  • Pizza Gaming
    Pizza Gaming 4 hours ago

    ... mat pat... thankyou for that last part where u made me JUMP OUT OF MY SKIN DEAR GOD MAN HAVE U NO SHAME!!! 😂

  • Thomas 123
    Thomas 123 4 hours ago +1

    The houses doest match form fnaf 6 to fnaf 4 and sl.

  • margarita aguilar
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  • Jorge Ramirez
    Jorge Ramirez 4 hours ago

    What if Michael afton,crying child, actually died and the family adopted another kid and named him mike

  • _SheepUnicorns_BAHHH
    _SheepUnicorns_BAHHH 5 hours ago

    Ok so I had to comment this as soon as I thought it the code thing may not be golden Freddy’s name it could be a message (or Michaels real name) (read more y’all understand) and Acording to ur theory matpat Michael is crying child which everyone has known has died but what you Explained micheal has come back to life cuz of his “dad” and maybe (this is like a guess) but maybe micheals soul is In golden Freddy’s suit (probably y it’s saying it’s me like it’s me as in HIM) i mean if Michael is actually the crying child doesn’t “remember” his actual name and WAS BITTEN BY GOLDEN FREDDY his soul could have gone into golden Freddy ik it seems like a stretch but I think is at least ok XD

    • _SheepUnicorns_BAHHH
      _SheepUnicorns_BAHHH 4 hours ago

      Ok fellow theorist Alexander J has a point soo the its me could be Michael getting revenge on the older brother for killing him It’s me could mean MIKE ITS ME MICHAEL THE PERSON YOU FREAKIN KILLED

    • _SheepUnicorns_BAHHH
      _SheepUnicorns_BAHHH 4 hours ago

      Again I’m not the most smart or brightest

  • Edwin Watts
    Edwin Watts 5 hours ago

    Wow... just wow

  • Devenpool
    Devenpool 5 hours ago

    Amazing theory matpat as always. Everything made sense. But who is golden Freddy then. Since we all thought it was crying child and we were wrong?

  • Nutmeg The noob of life

    I still dont relly have much to say exept
    Cool new introd

  • Pricklemaster
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  • Gamma-Agar!
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  • John Silipigno
    John Silipigno 5 hours ago

    But it's blue

  • Ayaan Siddiqui
    Ayaan Siddiqui 5 hours ago

    This is definitely not the ''FINAL' theory. There will be like 20 more...... I tell you

  • Levon Arman
    Levon Arman 5 hours ago

    When you said Mike is not his real name Dave was on my mind all day...........weird

  • Dylan Belotte
    Dylan Belotte 5 hours ago

    If purple guy did not die in the spring bonnie suit, purple guy is still out there. therefore the
    story dose not end.
    Fnaf 6 can rap the store up cause a murderer is still out there. The storie never ends. Cause purple guy made thr fnaf 6 animatronics so whats is at stoping him to keep killing kids.

  • Cosmic Crafter
    Cosmic Crafter 5 hours ago

    That means that Mike could be Golden Freddy. Which means that Golden Freddy is Mike's remnant, his memory and past self, trying to tell him something. And the cryptic "It's Me?" That could be Robo-Mike realizing "That is who I really am, That is who I had become. This body is not mine, but that one is what I am. It's ME. I'm Michael Afton's robot clone, and this is Michael Afton." You know the whole "Mind blown" thing? Well, this might be what happens to him in the form you would expect from a robot designed to think that it is a human: A crash. Explains that, right? You might not be currently going through the nights, but you are re-watching them as you change history to fix the mistakes of William Afton. But hey, that's just a theory. A GAME THEORY! Thanks for reading!

  • Ms. JungKook
    Ms. JungKook 5 hours ago

    4:35 to be honest i laready thought that mike was the crying child, but i thought it was too obvious ot something, but im actually right, yay6yyyy

  • Max Bridge
    Max Bridge 5 hours ago

    So Sammy and Charlie are = Charlie is a robot thing as he explains programmed with the previous child's personality. Also Micheal can't remember his name and a robot programmed with his previous living person personality. This meaning he (Michael) and Charlie are = So is it possible that Michael's previous unknown name is Sammy?

  • Sleepy Shiny Eevee or TLR

    What if Mike = golden freedy

  • Dr. A Mad Scientist
    Dr. A Mad Scientist 5 hours ago

    Sorry I meant try

  • Dr. A Mad Scientist
    Dr. A Mad Scientist 5 hours ago

    STry putting the numbers into a search engine

  • Owen's Home Cooking
    Owen's Home Cooking 5 hours ago

    but the fnaf 4 telephone is BLUE

  • Deanna Hendrickson
    Deanna Hendrickson 5 hours ago

    Michal -somehow- turns human -Zealand-

  • Rexus
    Rexus 5 hours ago

    Please do "Who is the smartest villain in video games?" a friend once asked me who was smarter, Eggman or Dr Wily, but I commented I though was Tom Nook, pretty much force you to work for free while all your money goes to buying stuff from him and help him raise up his shop plus houses! you are in a never ending debt most of the time XD, then again there is GLaDOS, Ganon, Bowser, Albert Wesker, Sephiroth, and hundreds more, some with more power others with less, but who is the most intelligent one?

  • O so cool
    O so cool 5 hours ago

    Well who is the green guy you think

  • Michael Li
    Michael Li 5 hours ago

    Acording to your videos golden freddy is purple guy's first victim: Sammy!!!!!

  • 2099
    2099 5 hours ago

    Please put a spoiler alert if youre gonna mention the books

  • JuggernautOfMC
    JuggernautOfMC 5 hours ago

    Wait, but what about FNaF 4? How could William have engineered those robots to scare Micheal when he died during the bite of 83? From my understanding, FNaF 4 is AFTER the bite of 83, right? So, isn't FNaF 4 still a dream while Micheal is in his coma or something? I'm confucian.

  • TehDalek
    TehDalek 5 hours ago

    I believe golden freddy is a hallucination. His name is Michael. And so is the player in all games. Golden freddy is what Michael believes he would be had he remained dead after the bite of '83. Below are my notes from person inspection of the series.
    Game timeline 4 5 2 1 3 6
    Purple guy = William Afton
    Player = Michael = What would be golden freddy.Puppet = Charlie, Henry's daughterPhone guy = Fritz, Michael's brother
    Baby = Michael's sister = Elizabeth
    1st victim is Elizabeth. She got scooped by baby
    Michael keeps wanting to find out how she died, because that was his friend. He kept having nightmares of the animatronics. Nightmare stomach alludes to how she died.He keeps running away to investigate, but sees people stuffing suits and it builds on his fears.
    2nd victim is Charlie. Killed in revenge for what happened to his own daughter. Henry built the animatronic, so purple guy wanted henry to feel the same as he did.Michael went to fnaf1 location to hear the recordings of Frtiz's last night at work. It's me could either be michael telling his old friends its him because he looks like his dad, or Fritz telling him he's there.
    William worked at sister location
    Henry may have been working day shift at fnaf2.
    Michael showed up at fnaf2 because of 5 dead kids. Henry notified him.William springlocked at fnaf2.
    William likely killed 5 children because they found out what happened.
    The puppet is the one who gave life back to the original dead children. William tried to deactivate them all, but then he got springlocked.
    3rd game is at either 2nd location
    William controls the Fredbear doll
    I will put you back together. This is a solid william line. Putting his children back together.
    Sister location is under the afton house

  • Matt Kun
    Matt Kun 5 hours ago

    Ok in the joy of creation fnaf fan game you can find a newspaper clipping on each level after seeing golden Freddy except on the last level which instead of newspaper clipping has a paper that says "come back to us Nick" with an outline of golden Freddy in a forest it may mean nothing and technically it isn't part of the games and Scott didn't make it but it is set in Scott Cawthon's house so it's kind of involved

  • paige Stubbs
    paige Stubbs 5 hours ago

    Do u remember the time when the biggest FNaF theory was Pink guy Vs Purple guy

  • Danniimay the kind girl /my epic channel


  • Poke_girl _16
    Poke_girl _16 5 hours ago

    MatPat I think you should look at the ending of Fnaf5 again if you haven’t seen this already I think u should when you are getting scooped look at the right of the scooper at the window when I looked there there was a person or something there but to me it looked like Springtrap (if u read this please consider looking back at it but this is just what I saw)

  • paige Stubbs
    paige Stubbs 5 hours ago

    Idea idea!

    Mike uses the names Jeremy and Fritz as aliases because he doesn’t want to use Mike Afton unless absolutely necessary.
    Btw Mike from 1’s canonical surname on the pay check is Schmidt.

  • Michael Caboose
    Michael Caboose 5 hours ago

    Who is golden Freddy

  • Gav125 Gav134
    Gav125 Gav134 5 hours ago

    MATT PAT I HAVE A THEORY What if sister locations night ends with the movie and popcorn thing as a reference to one of the kids may not be related to Afton as I heard from another place but what if it could possibly been that Henry no last name given coulf have been cheating on his wife and that's why he decided to killed there at his location in the first place to get revenge

  • N1Kn0wn
    N1Kn0wn 5 hours ago

    01001000 01100101 01101110 01110010 01111001 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01000111 01101111 01101100 01100100 01100101 01101110 00100000 01000110 01110010 01100101 01100100 01111001

  • Tsao彤
    Tsao彤 5 hours ago

    the only conection that I can think about between Jeremy(bunny) and Gabriel(freddy) are the shadow versions.

  • Med Tred
    Med Tred 5 hours ago

    0:00 to 0:19
    That was anticlimactic

  • Jason Sweeney
    Jason Sweeney 5 hours ago

    Oh brother this guy stinks! In all seriousness is this dumbass still making these stupid asf fnaf theories?

  • Gonzalo J Rodriguez
    Gonzalo J Rodriguez 6 hours ago

    Is Freddy Fazbears pizzeria real. And can you please make a video about if Freddy Fazbears pizzeria is real or fake