Game Theory: FNAF, The Theory That Changed EVERYTHING!! (FNAF 6 Ultimate Custom Night)

  • Published on Jun 10, 2018
    FNAF 6, What was in the BOX? ►
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    In the last Theory I told you how FNAF and Scott had be STUMPED. Except, I can't give up. I've invested so much into this franchise. There are clues littered EVERYWHERE in the games and the books. So many that even now, we know MORE! Today Loyal Theorists, we start to piece together the full story!
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Comments • 63 799

  • Sarah Lum
    Sarah Lum 2 days ago

    wait if mikes the bite victim then... whos the brother?

  • Devon Batiste
    Devon Batiste 2 days ago

    I found out mangles gender...

  • Någon Idiot
    Någon Idiot 3 days ago

    wait is the older brother or the unger brother named Michal afton om comfused

  • lazy mich
    lazy mich 3 days ago

    3:55 Oh believe me it's way more than 8

  • Nitro
    Nitro 3 days ago

    This actually makes a lot of sense.

  • Glitch 6165
    Glitch 6165 3 days ago

    Was i the only one who saw the title and was reminded of the end title of DAMIEN
    ... Just me
    I have to much time on my hands

  • Charlaine Mcinnis
    Charlaine Mcinnis 3 days ago

    8:59 is funny!

  • Lidia Olvera
    Lidia Olvera 3 days ago

    Its Cassidy

  • FreddieR6
    FreddieR6 3 days ago +1

    Dave= William? They are both spriingtrap? Canon? Illuminati confirmed.

  • Jafet Bernardi
    Jafet Bernardi 3 days ago

    That golden freddy at the end make ma laugh🤣🤣

  • georgeyliam michetti

    go to scott,com
    trhess a news

  • veronica camacho
    veronica camacho 4 days ago

    B h,.hmc zfkFf&cmv🥤🥣🥂🍻🍻🍫🍽🌰🍸🍼🍽🍺🍻🍽🥂🥤🍯😷🤕♥️🎂🤕🚊💺🚝🚉🚝💺🚃🚍🚉💩☠️👽🤕💀😽🇺🇿🇹🇼🇹🇴🇹🇭🇦🇪🇹🇷🇺🇿9).((.<

  • veronica camacho
    veronica camacho 4 days ago

    I speak robot I think 💭

  • veronica camacho
    veronica camacho 4 days ago

    Annan iIiiiyrf. Rrrtiiiiigggfgcfghhbhgggghggryttttt23;)$&?0$7(6,€~£

  • terry ledbetter
    terry ledbetter 4 days ago

    MIKE IS NOT DEAD!!!!!!!

    YOUWILLBELIVE 123 4 days ago +1

    Also the one comment matpat puts on the screen saying “ what if orange guy is Dave from the book series,” Dave is William Afton.

    YOUWILLBELIVE 123 4 days ago +1

    At 6:36 matpat says carousel carousle but like ten seconds later he says it like carousel. MAKE UP YOUR MIND DUDE!!! XD

  • Fuk Chee Obert Ho
    Fuk Chee Obert Ho 4 days ago

    nitmaer bonnie is sptringtrap

  • vilinbrin the first
    vilinbrin the first 4 days ago

    I,v bin finkin about the child how puzes cica wot if the girl how gets killd by surkis baby is the girl who puzes cica

  • drftgy
    drftgy 4 days ago

    Scoot do morr

  • Wesley Rivere
    Wesley Rivere 4 days ago

    FnaF 6 is not Ultimate Custom Night.
    FnaF 6 is Pizzeria Simulator.
    FnaF 7 is Ultimate Custom Night.

  • Marcus Rogers
    Marcus Rogers 4 days ago +3

    MatPat: Its like Freddy Fazbear got a hold of the Infinity Gauntlet and snapped his fingers and all my theories turned to dust.
    Scott: hold my beer

  • Joanne Maligo
    Joanne Maligo 5 days ago

    Intro is epik

  • Aidan Bramwell
    Aidan Bramwell 5 days ago

    theirs still background grave to discover

  • Dragon Tech209
    Dragon Tech209 6 days ago +3

    Matpat: IVE DONE IT
    Scott: hold my fan

  • Debbie Ekkert
    Debbie Ekkert 6 days ago

    The yellow guy is old sport

  • Debbie Ekkert
    Debbie Ekkert 6 days ago

    You guys are all wrong its old sport

  • Agent I
    Agent I 6 days ago +1

    Some could be red herrings

  • Awesomelpsstars
    Awesomelpsstars 7 days ago

    Wait when he says “what is mangles gender” and says no he stops at other! MANGLES GENDER IS OTH- oh yeah.. it always was other..

  • #1doraemonfan astroboy

    Michel is Rick astly confirmed plssssssssssss reply

  • Ostrich Banana
    Ostrich Banana 7 days ago

    Poor Michael dies 3 times

    AWESOMELEGOMAN 7 days ago

    Did you know: The pictures on the wall in the west hall in fnaf 4 are actually pictures of Scott Cawthon and his family.

  • TheRectroDragon Yope

    To be honest at 17:14 that mini-game had me thinking it was him after being scooped and its just the robots getting used to his body, which would explain his color change and people going away from him due to the rotting smell.

  • TheRectroDragon Yope

    Wait what if Afton, William, went to Jr's for an alibi!

  • TheRectroDragon Yope

    10:34 Eyyyyyy Retro

  • TheRectroDragon Yope

    So, I have watched these out of order, which is why I was so confused on Micheal. So, that one theory I proposed was not too dumb.

  • Abby Dunne
    Abby Dunne 8 days ago

    I had no idea William Afton drove Thanos car

    TOXIC 8 days ago

    So the FNAF 2 location is the grand re-opening of Freddy's family diner? And not the re-opening of The FNAF 1 location? (I just thought of this)

  • ArtiAndActualCharles

    Mat: I dun with everything bois.
    Scott: Hold my cupcake and my guitar.

  • 888EKO888
    888EKO888 8 days ago

    Super late comment but previous employees is written in orange and... orange guy... so yeah I think you nailed it.

  • Jarrett Lubbe
    Jarrett Lubbe 8 days ago +1

    Me: Mangle what's your Gender?
    Mangle: My Gender is Yes.

  • Samantha O'Connell
    Samantha O'Connell 9 days ago +2

    Question,if William scared Michael enough that he wouldn't want to go to the pizzeria.Why would Michael go there again?To see why?To see if he would really die?(Even though he did)

  • christian jaye
    christian jaye 9 days ago +1

    Its a blue telephone

  • Jocelyn and Jordin
    Jocelyn and Jordin 9 days ago

    Wait, what about Gabriel Afton?

  • Zemmy Xox
    Zemmy Xox 9 days ago +1


  • Donovan Foster
    Donovan Foster 9 days ago

    Grave 6 is Michael brook

  • tiffany reedy
    tiffany reedy 10 days ago


  • Tegan Faust
    Tegan Faust 10 days ago

    Jeremy and Gabriel could be related. Meaning they would have the same font on their gravestones.

    JONATHAN ROGERS 10 days ago

    Wait what about old man consequnces in the midnight moterist Minigame and... He says you cant save him because the crying child is on the docs

  • Caleb McClung
    Caleb McClung 10 days ago


  • Puppet Master
    Puppet Master 10 days ago +2

    And to this day, the older brother is still Nameless.
    I still really wanna know the name even though almost everyone seems to have forgotten his existence

  • Lucia Marquez Mas
    Lucia Marquez Mas 10 days ago +3

    Dabbing chica OMG🤣🤣
    Boy, I LOVE how you edit the vídeos, you are the master!!🤩

  • Emre Kuleci
    Emre Kuleci 10 days ago

    I think purple guy made security puppet to catch that children and fuse with her so ı think leftys security pupper

  • Baloo 2017 Springtrap Afton

    Cassidy is Psychic Friend FredBear

  • Baloo 2017 Springtrap Afton

    Michael draws awsome, can I hire a robot?

  • Matthew Cruz
    Matthew Cruz 10 days ago +1

    your actually wrong William Afton didn't made the robots it was Michael's nightmare the robots where inside Michael's dream

    • Mrs Beci
      Mrs Beci 10 days ago

      Matthew Cruz i dont think that mike is crying child

  • Diego Martinez
    Diego Martinez 10 days ago

    I have a question what about fredbear the gold one in fanf 4 and the bunny to next to him when he eats mike

  • Heidi Geroff
    Heidi Geroff 10 days ago

    Actually the name for golden Freddy actually was Michael it's just the crying child they say Is It Michael his name is a Michael Michael is the Michael is the older brother the crying child was the blank system is a lot different

  • Saturn
    Saturn 11 days ago

    Pause at 1:05, go a bit ahead but make sure it's still on 1:05. The puppet has HUMAN EYES.

  • Lucas Norris
    Lucas Norris 11 days ago +1

    Its cassidy

  • The Storm Vader
    The Storm Vader 11 days ago

    I knew that the crying child was Michael afton for SO LONG

  • Matthew Qkai76 Cool
    Matthew Qkai76 Cool 12 days ago +1

    The phone is blue and not purple!!! This destroys the theory oh maybe not

  • josue Martinez
    josue Martinez 12 days ago

    8:14 that's what she said

  • Doris Rice
    Doris Rice 12 days ago +1

    MatPat: I finished with fnaf now I can rest. Scott: No you ain’t bro

  • Lydia Ash
    Lydia Ash 12 days ago +2


  • Anime Trash
    Anime Trash 13 days ago +2

    "That he's no longer human"
    *Bungo Stray Dogs vibes intensifies*

  • Angel Bowker
    Angel Bowker 13 days ago +1

    Hey matpat. I have an idea of the show our character we play as watches after every night. The vampire is afton, but the baby is baby,just possessed by aftons daughter,and the cat is an innocent kid being scooped.

  • PlayBud101
    PlayBud101 13 days ago +1

    I know what mangle's gender is. It's yes.

  • Seth Henderson
    Seth Henderson 14 days ago

    Sounds like the movie US at the end

  • Wes Fazbear 1987
    Wes Fazbear 1987 14 days ago

    the orange man is THE DERANGED ORANGE MAN!

  • Danileptic
    Danileptic 14 days ago

    I knew that. Michael ist a Robot 😆 and William Said that He Put him together again.

  • Carlos Piedra
    Carlos Piedra 14 days ago

    Hey pat so I have a theory that mike doesn’t remember because the bit of the 87

  • Ballistic Freddy
    Ballistic Freddy 15 days ago

    Matpat: Finished now back to undertale
    Scott: Hey Freddy pass me code name FNAF movie.
    Matpat: Here we go again.

  • Bonstermonster
    Bonstermonster 15 days ago

    ive got good head phones and the sounds are really fricken scary

  • Scott Harland
    Scott Harland 15 days ago

    MatPst, that FNAF 4 telephone isn't purple. It's blue.

  • Llama Llama
    Llama Llama 15 days ago +1

    What a messed up family...

  • Collin Poynor
    Collin Poynor 15 days ago

    Wait that means that Mike was bit 2wice

  • Midnight Rose
    Midnight Rose 15 days ago +1

    The puppet is from candys not a fanf she just loses her sad face to a smile

  • Denise TheBest
    Denise TheBest 15 days ago

    Mangles gender is yes

  • Gacha Girls Studios
    Gacha Girls Studios 15 days ago

    Matpat: *uncovers all the secrets of fnaf*
    Scott: wait no

  • Declan Griffin
    Declan Griffin 16 days ago

    What's cool about this video is that it basically contains proof for theories I had before it got posted. This is why I love game theory! It makes me feel smart, even tho I don't go into as much detail. Also, If it's true that Michal Afton is actually Sammy from the books and that William Afton kidnapped him and claimed him as his son, then how do they look similar? If they aren't genetically related then it could only be a coincidence, right? WRONG. If it's ALSO true that Michal was remade to be a realistic humanoid robot, then William Afton could actually make him look similar to himself! How's that for an explanation?

  • Chris Buncic
    Chris Buncic 16 days ago +7

    Immortal and the Restless, what if that repeated line references something else...
    Purple Guy to His Wife: "Clara, I tell you, the Baby Animatronic isn't mine!"

  • Jack Themoose700
    Jack Themoose700 16 days ago +1

    He here he’s there he’s everywhere who you gonna call? Physic friend Fred bear

  • DreadBear Comics
    DreadBear Comics 17 days ago

    If you squeeze the midnight motorist car, you get an 8-bit purple guy

  • iizRirryX Dacasin
    iizRirryX Dacasin 17 days ago +1

    Dis is changing everything, ples halp, I understanded it and no it changed it.

    Edit : lol so michael is still alive?

  • BTS FF queen 감독은 this is for jokes

    At 1:34 it says does he still talk to you? What does that mean tho I need help leave it in the comments

  • Rayquaza1587
    Rayquaza1587 17 days ago +1

    4:54 *WHERE* is my psychic friend fredbear song?

  • Kids Rotan
    Kids Rotan 18 days ago


  • DarkRockets Clan
    DarkRockets Clan 18 days ago


  • Casey gaming
    Casey gaming 18 days ago

    no the very back next to a tree

  • GD Mr. Isaac
    GD Mr. Isaac 18 days ago

    Golden Freddy name is CASSIDY!

  • DarthJarJar 1234
    DarthJarJar 1234 18 days ago

    In the logbook it asks a question and like answers Clara from the immortal and the restless

  • LochNess 64
    LochNess 64 19 days ago

    Rewatching this months later I realize that maybe that's why Mikes older brother was so mean to him and willing to feed him to Freddy as a prank. His brother probably knew he was a A.I. Robot entity and didn't care whether he got hurt because he would just come back.

  • I'm Will Be The Best
    I'm Will Be The Best 19 days ago +1

    when you get slapped by a 6 years old activity book

  • Catch Me Gaming
    Catch Me Gaming 19 days ago

    Michal is a i quote “ a robot “

  • Pamela Noel
    Pamela Noel 20 days ago


  • Gavin Wilson
    Gavin Wilson 20 days ago

    I’m 8 yet this not freaking me out because I have 2 and sister location

  • Undead Gaming
    Undead Gaming 20 days ago

    Just a hunch, but it makes sense that Michael did not remember his real name. He was bitten at the brain, frontal lobe to be specific, which maybe made him to forget his real name, after all.

  • apple Gaming
    apple Gaming 20 days ago

    “We’re in the end game now”

  • Connorhumor 105
    Connorhumor 105 20 days ago +1

    Isn’t the robot spaghetti the endo skeleton because he gets scooped and the animatronics took his parts so won’t they give there parts to him? Just wondering

    • Connorhumor 105
      Connorhumor 105 19 days ago

      Good point

    • Baby Vegeta
      Baby Vegeta 19 days ago +1

      But remember, he seems to hold some things that would be from Ennard and Funtime Freddy. Such as a mask looking identical to Funtime Freddy, Funtime Freddy's voice, and even mutiple eyes (Except Baby, as she becomes ScrapBaby.). Molten Freddy even says "one big happy family", which would mean that he is talking about himself and the other Funtime animontronics inside him. This is in a way their endoskeletons, but fused together. It is now, however, the endoskeletons in Fnaf 1-2.