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Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) - (1 of 10)

  • Published on Mar 20, 2009
  • from Playlist : Arcade Fire - Funeral
    (full CD)

    And if the snow buries my,
    my neighbourhood.
    And if my parents are crying
    then I'll dig a tunnel
    from my window to yours,
    yeah a tunnel from my window to yours.
    You climb out the chimney
    and meet me in the middle,
    the middle of the town.
    And since there's no one else around,
    we let our hair grow long
    and forget all we used to know,
    then our skin gets thicker
    from living out in the snow.

    You change all the lead
    sleepin' in my head,
    as the day grows dim
    I hear you sing a golden hymn.

    Then we tried to name our babies,
    but we forgot all the names that,
    the names we used to know.
    But sometimes, we remember our bedrooms,
    and our parent's bedrooms,
    and the bedrooms of our friends.
    Then we think of our parents,
    well what the hell ever happened to them?!

    You change all the lead
    sleepin' in my head to gold,
    as the day grows dim,
    I hear you sing a golden hymn,
    the song I've been trying to sing.

    Purify the colours, purify my mind.
    Purify the colours, purify my mind,
    and spread the ashes of the colours
    Over this heart of mine!

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  • Scott Hubert
    Scott Hubert 16 days ago

    My sanctuary song...heavan!!

  • Emily Farn
    Emily Farn 17 days ago

    Still makes me cry like a little bitch.

  • Jacques Bolzoni
    Jacques Bolzoni Month ago

    Could be the best song of all times, it really could be, why not? after listening for decades to all types of music and loved so many of them (Pink Floyd, Led Zep, Muse and so on, and even bach and chopin) this song in particular is so passionate, and i think it's also for the despair and tears in the voice. I'll listen to it until i'm totally disgusted... By the way, isn't it the first song of the band?

  • Bon Zo
    Bon Zo 2 months ago

    Gives me the chills

  • Jorge Bravo
    Jorge Bravo 2 months ago

    Los engreídos de Bowie

  • Anonymous Hypersphere
    Anonymous Hypersphere 2 months ago

    This song played seconds after I watched my childhood pup die of a heart attack over FaceTime. He couldn’t hear me. I was hours away from getting home from my first term at college. This song is a fucking beautiful masterpiece but it’s literally the sound of grief for me now. It wrecks me instantaneously.

  • Gillanator
    Gillanator 2 months ago

    Weird how they can make songs seem longer than they actually are.

  • Fabrício Souza
    Fabrício Souza 2 months ago


  • danatello williams
    danatello williams 2 months ago

    I can finally die in piece now

  • jhony 2 hats
    jhony 2 hats 2 months ago

    Its 2018
    And december in Cali, im still listening to this album

  • Johnny Shamrock
    Johnny Shamrock 3 months ago

    It's a great album.Gets better the more you play it.I'm 62 and I love it.

  • david boyd
    david boyd 3 months ago +1

    i am 63 and i agree this could be the best song ever

  • andytallman101
    andytallman101 4 months ago +3

    My ex once said that she never listened to the album, because she kept putting on this first song and would get so overwhelmed with emotion that she couldn't keep going.
    It's a testament to the power of this song that I can actually understand where she was coming from, rather than it just seeming crazy.

  • Linda Lee
    Linda Lee 4 months ago +1

    meet me in the .beautifully done. .a wonderful talented band

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 6 months ago +1

    Still my favorite Arcade Fire song after all these years.

  • Na M
    Na M 6 months ago

    This song feels like Never Never Land.

  • Zack Ottoman
    Zack Ottoman 6 months ago

    Just watched a documentary on pompeii and then this popped into my head

  • jakereynolds123
    jakereynolds123 6 months ago +1

    I literally was in love with my childhood sweetheart. More than 14 years ago I made a huge collage video of us. This song made us feel like we weren’t crazy. This is how our love was. I used to sneak to hear house at night and in the video I made for her I had mapped out in red on google maps the short trip between our houses,through woods, etc. love just like this song exists and I had it once but let it go. I’ve recently come back into contact with her after 10 years and she played this song for me. I almost fucking died

  • Diablo A.
    Diablo A. 7 months ago

    this makes me miss my previous life

  • Nurtheon
    Nurtheon 7 months ago +2

    Music like this gives people something to live for.

  • Wawawawa Wawaw
    Wawawawa Wawaw 8 months ago

    Just saw them live, omg this song is incredible.

  • Jordi Santos
    Jordi Santos 9 months ago

    su mejor disco con diferencia

  • zax reds
    zax reds 10 months ago

    sat n listened. park bench . city street. winter.
    glad i did. best album

  • dreammaster495
    dreammaster495 10 months ago

    Not going to lie, Degrassi/Eclare brought me here, but I'm so grateful it did! This is the best song for writing I've come across in a long time. Perfection.

  • m s
    m s 10 months ago +1

    I saw them on the tour to support Obama in NC it was in the parking lot outside of the coliseum.. just set up like no big deal... they were amazing and Win signed my little red ticket (which I still have) it’s was so amazing and beautiful because they played with a purpose of wanting to have a chance for our country to be better. One of the best concerts I’ve ever been apart of

  • Anne Thistle
    Anne Thistle 11 months ago

    So many good memories. This song makes me so happy.

  • Captain Moondog
    Captain Moondog 11 months ago

    In the last year, I saw the final of the *sub - 20 world cup: Venezuela - England.* When the game ended, I felt bad because Venezuela lost, so I put this song because it is one of my favorites, that day I almost cried for more than 1 hour :(

  • Lo Lux
    Lo Lux 11 months ago

    Anyone who knows the sundown in boulder knows this song

  • Jack Carpenter
    Jack Carpenter Year ago


  • Jack Carpenter
    Jack Carpenter Year ago

    His names dick

  • Jack Carpenter
    Jack Carpenter Year ago


  • Jack Carpenter
    Jack Carpenter Year ago


  • Jack Carpenter
    Jack Carpenter Year ago


  • Jack Carpenter
    Jack Carpenter Year ago

    This guys name is dick

  • why isaac
    why isaac Year ago

    This might just be one of the greatest songs of all time

  • Jessie Aapd
    Jessie Aapd Year ago

    the first time i heard this album, i cried, it was so beautiful

  • Ana Perugorría
    Ana Perugorría Year ago

    This is the best love song in history.

  • Ryan Dornan
    Ryan Dornan Year ago

    well, whatever happened to them!?

  • Kirk Crist
    Kirk Crist Year ago

    Tunnels is the best song i ever listened to.It is such a awsome song!!!!!!

  • Daniel Sebastian Celentano

    Song to life, life to song, make me cry , soo deep and emotional, thanks Arcade Fire, one of your best works so far !!

  • actttn
    actttn Year ago


  • Haleluya C.
    Haleluya C. Year ago +2

    It’s very nice to listen while driving a car.

  • Sofá Sessions
    Sofá Sessions Year ago

    This song is fantastic! Recently i recorded a cover versions of this song. If anyone is interested:

  • minkosaurus
    minkosaurus Year ago

    What are their influences? I hear some new-wave, post-punk??

  • Ana Maria Arias
    Ana Maria Arias Year ago

    Man, this song....master piece.

  • Ryan Moore
    Ryan Moore Year ago +4

    Anyone else get the chills EVERY TIME at that first guitar riff??

  • hungfao
    hungfao Year ago

    I'm old and rather jaded on music. So little seems to catch my ear that I don't turn off after about a minute. Arcade Fire was on some music show - MTV...or what remains of a once truly music channel. I usually can find I need to be somewhere else when the bands come on. Arcade Fire played 5 songs. I stayed through all 5. Good band. In this case, great song!

  • Amos Esra
    Amos Esra Year ago

    reminds me of the theme from twin peaks a bit

  • Marintia Mayola Nava

    And if the snow buries my, my neighborhood.
    And if my parents are crying
    Then I'll dig a tunnel from my window to yours,
    Yeah, a tunnel from my window to yours.
    You climb out the chimney,
    And meet me in the middle, the middle of the town.
    And since there's no one else around,
    We let our hair grow long,
    And forget all we used to know.
    Then our skin gets thicker from
    Living out in the snow.
    You change all the lead
    Sleepin' in my head,
    As the day grows dim
    I hear you sing a golden hymn
    Then we tried to name our babies
    But we forgot all the names that
    The names we used to know.
    But sometimes, we remember our bedrooms,
    And our parents' bedrooms,
    And the bedrooms of our friends.
    Then we think of our parents,
    Well what ever happened to them?!
    You change all the lead
    Sleepin' in my head to gold,
    As the day grows dim,
    I hear you sing a golden hymn,
    The song I've been trying to say.
    Purify the colors, purify my mind.
    Purify the colors, purify my mind,
    And spread the ashes of the colors,
    Over this heart of mine!

  • Bunyipz
    Bunyipz Year ago

    Myself and a few mates watched Arcade fire and Spoon play at the forum in melbourne 2008 i think one of my favourite concerts. another bonus highlight was seeing beer poured on one of my younger crew lol

  • Andy Mcnab
    Andy Mcnab Year ago

    This would be a great song if they had a decent singer.

  • Ms. Blaileen
    Ms. Blaileen Year ago

    SPIN or some mag called Funeral one of the best Alt albums ever

  • justaglimmer
    justaglimmer Year ago +2

    This album is awesome.. Neon Bible is too, but this might be better

  • leafy leafingston

    I always listen to this song on the bus and pretend I'm in a music video

  • Rene Nordman
    Rene Nordman Year ago

    In a live performance of this song i realised he wrote it for Regine. it makes me cry happy tears and fills me with hope and encourages me to fucking move forward through the darkness.

  • rachenar
    rachenar Year ago +1

    This is the best Arcade Fire song imo. Rebellion & The Suburbs are close but this song is classic AF and best represents them in a nutshell.

  • Hilarry Ciltnon
    Hilarry Ciltnon Year ago +1

    How'd they go from this to "Everything Now"? Everything Now should have been called Funeral because it's over for Arcade Fire unless they pull off a miracle

  • RealRobert Hours
    RealRobert Hours Year ago

    Who gives a shit if millions of people don't like what you like?

  • Fiona Riches
    Fiona Riches Year ago

    In 33 days my best friend of 10 years moves 5588 miles away

  • RedPugie
    RedPugie Year ago

    Dreamy, thrilling, exciting, attention-grabbing and beautiful all in one. Fantastic song.

  • bryan mcdade
    bryan mcdade Year ago

    stop saying it's underrated! if you appreciate art and not just shitey wee beats n tunes n singer's sexing up the kiddies, then you know something beautiful when you hear it. also, on a completely different side note, if you don't like queen you have no soul.

  • Garbage Content
    Garbage Content Year ago

    Where did they go wrong

    • Garbage Content
      Garbage Content 11 months ago

      I now like Reflektor and Everything Now I resent this statement.

  • Adrian Jaramillo
    Adrian Jaramillo Year ago

    If trump would listen to this song maybe it will make him stop being such a jerk

  • Ryan Munch
    Ryan Munch Year ago

    'Everything Now' brought me back here.

  • Hi Howarya
    Hi Howarya Year ago +1

    November, 2016: Freshman year of high school. Very first song I ever listened to from this band. Changed. My. Life. Forever, man.
    I now think of thanksgiving/ Christmas as the perfect time to listen to this soundtrack.

  • Crash Anderson
    Crash Anderson Year ago +1

    i just tried to listen to a new AF song then I came back to this and I started crying because what the fuck happened to THIS arcade fire?

    • elledy92
      elledy92 Year ago

      Everything Now is really terrible. I didn't mind their evolution of sound until then. Reflektor is still an incredible good album.

    • RAL III
      RAL III Year ago +2

      I'm depressed because of Everything Now.

    • Crash Anderson
      Crash Anderson Year ago

      RAL III electric blue

    • RAL III
      RAL III Year ago

      To which song did you listen?

  • Michael Shevelin
    Michael Shevelin Year ago

    Fine quality of good music - when you coming back to it after few years no listen, it makes you feel those times, those feelings you've forgot, maybe on purpose. Makes you feel smells from the past, the weather - 2004, autumn of Central Siberia. Makes you remember people you stopped to talk to for no reason, makes you call them again.

  • Zeynep Aydoğan
    Zeynep Aydoğan Year ago


  • Stephen Dwyer
    Stephen Dwyer Year ago +2

    Holy moly my holywhole neighborhood
    can HEAR thisss! ! !

  • hippiecheezburger
    hippiecheezburger Year ago +6

    love reading the appreciative comments, lot of love for this song, its melancholic and nostalgic is special to a lot of people

  • Sophia Mckinzy
    Sophia Mckinzy Year ago

    Buzzfeed sent me here

  • Syracuse TV
    Syracuse TV Year ago +1

    huge Radiohead and Modest Mouse fan, both Pandora stations brought me to this band. Couldn't be happier, only qualm is I wish I discovered them earlier

  • Mr. Donnie
    Mr. Donnie Year ago +1

    this song make me cry a lot. ... is poetry. ... is so beautifull

  • kaley pesek
    kaley pesek Year ago

    kings of Leon needs to cover this

  • Kevan Wignall
    Kevan Wignall Year ago +1

    Where is Roxy Music on this list??

  • FranSunset
    FranSunset Year ago +1

  • ragadolls,
    ragadolls, Year ago +2

    The best opening song from an album ever. It would not have mattered whatever they followed this with.

  • ragadolls,
    ragadolls, Year ago

    The best opening song from an album ever. It would not have mattered whatever they followed this with.

  • YeChan Jo
    YeChan Jo Year ago

    now I can understand the lyrics when I remind my late father passing away 2 years ago...

  • Coda The creator
    Coda The creator Year ago

    This is my favourite song

  • Ben Donnelly
    Ben Donnelly Year ago

    duhhz so beautiful duhhz soo unique duhhz so quirky

  • leafy leafingston
    leafy leafingston 2 years ago

    One of my favorite songs to hear in the sun, even though the song's set in snow

  • peaceoglory
    peaceoglory 2 years ago +19

    I don't know, maybe that is just a phrase in english, one that is not familiar to me, because, I don't understand how other people don't think that "You change all the lead sleeping in my head to gold" is the most beautiful declaration of love, ever.

  • shana d
    shana d 2 years ago

    Spread the ashes of the colors
    over this heart of mine..

  • Barroc Cross
    Barroc Cross 2 years ago


  • 1337 H8x0r
    1337 H8x0r 2 years ago

    This song is pure gold, it will never tarnish.

  • gus o.g.
    gus o.g. 2 years ago +3

    I cried when I first heard this song.

  • TheNumberOneGuyDude
    TheNumberOneGuyDude 2 years ago +5

    This song is one of the best of the 2000s.

  • Bobby Critz
    Bobby Critz 2 years ago +40

    What makes music like this so magnificent is that you can listen it a couple times and just get the feel of it. The next time, you really gave it a listen and learned some lyrics. Times later you go through some event or moment i life, or just a rough day, or you're just reminiscing through old days, and you listen to it one more time and you have a strong emotional connection to the song. Then another time after listening to the song, you learn the full meaning of the lyrics and you give full appreciation to the song and the writer. This is how you find the best songs in your life

  • Ktaldoxx
    Ktaldoxx 2 years ago +4

    this song have the personality of the person whom i loved the most... even the cover album have the same art style than her drawings

    • Sean Weeaboo
      Sean Weeaboo 3 months ago

      I'm just gonna be safe and put a big oof here

    • kulturvultur
      kulturvultur 2 years ago +1

      same thing here my friend. same thing here. And, we've been together for the past 12 years and we have a beautiful 9 yrs old boy now. It changed all the lead to gold.

  • Wyoming Cupcake
    Wyoming Cupcake 2 years ago +4

    Play this song at my Funeral.

    • CSD
      CSD 2 years ago +2

      Lol no play their album cuz its called funeral get it

  • Quade Carter
    Quade Carter 2 years ago +8

    The rawness of this song mixed with all the emotion conveyed is extremely moving. This is just one of those songs you'll never forget.

  • Dante Hirata-Epstein
    Dante Hirata-Epstein 2 years ago

    I'm drowning

  • Frank Grimes
    Frank Grimes 2 years ago +18

    Well, now I'm going to have to check the rest of the album out

  • MikeDindu
    MikeDindu 2 years ago +4

    Still get the chills from this.

  • Ricardo Roots
    Ricardo Roots 2 years ago

    GOod Music

  • MagicSpyglass aka Chloe
    MagicSpyglass aka Chloe 2 years ago +133

    This song introduced me to arcade fire. My world is forever changed by this band.

    • Team Cyborg
      Team Cyborg Year ago

      neighborhood 2 introduced me to this album but i have liked arcade fire since reflektor but either way this is probably their best song they have made.

    • Hi Howarya
      Hi Howarya Year ago

      Lps Spyglass YES! Me too! They're touring in the us, and coming to my town in October. As soon as I get the money from my summer job, I'm getting a ticket!

    • somechannel
      somechannel 2 years ago +9

      Same. And specifically this song. It haunts me, in some resonant way.

  • Sofia Ezquivel
    Sofia Ezquivel 2 years ago +63

    oh man, this really was the soundtrack to my high school experience..... I really thought I was never gonna make it past freshman year, and now here I am in college, a hell of a lot better. thanks arcade fire for giving me something to hold onto when things got especially rough, thanks for giving me such a beautiful album

    • Psychoactive
      Psychoactive 2 years ago +3

      This album came out during my senior year of high school, and has helped me through some tough times too. Good luck!

  • Amanda Hindes
    Amanda Hindes 2 years ago +27

    this is hands down the most beautifully romantic song ever written.