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  • Joseph Gordon
    Joseph Gordon 4 months ago +1

    jasmine is the definition of "dont judge a book by its cover"

  • Dakota Horne
    Dakota Horne 4 months ago

    Grace vanderwaal is my favorite

  • Rockstar Deva xxD
    Rockstar Deva xxD 4 months ago

    i love listening to anna clendings music. All it took her was one audition and now she is famous writing her own songs

  • Jae Jae
    Jae Jae 5 months ago

    the first singers mother is a tranny

  • Young Migo
    Young Migo 5 months ago

    Coconut head

  • ---------------NONE---------------

    64th comment xD

  • RedBomberZer0
    RedBomberZer0 7 months ago +4

    16:17 dat vocal range though

  • sun shines
    sun shines 7 months ago

    Your da best.

  • Reed Decker
    Reed Decker 8 months ago

    she has to be prepared for singing

  • Joselyn Salazar Espinoza
    Joselyn Salazar Espinoza 9 months ago +2

    My tia and my cuzin went there they are in this video

  • Simen Ellingsen
    Simen Ellingsen 11 months ago

    partnership in argue bind limited intense Japanese course childhood.

  • Alexis Mendoza
    Alexis Mendoza 11 months ago

    Min 4:13 is memorable!! Love it!!♥

  • Magic Modus
    Magic Modus 11 months ago

    GGWP all

  • Personal
    Personal 11 months ago +2

    It's blue and black!

  • JjayzK8ee
    JjayzK8ee 11 months ago +6

    Isn't the second lady wearing the black and blue/white and gold dress?!

  • RaMaN
    RaMaN 11 months ago +4

    This is The Different Betwen The Other Singers And The Girl Who Sang Funny Valentine All The other Singer Were Too Good That They Hit The Note At First Time The Crowd Clapped For Them But The Girl Who Sang The Funny Valentine Song Everybody Waited Till She End And Clapped Cuz She Was Amazing Hited Every Note But She Brought Every One On A Journey While She Was Singing No One Remembered Clapping At That Time Best Singer Audition I Have Ever Seen Aside From Sal Her Name Is Alice Frednham BTW

    • Niels
      Niels 11 months ago

      Its annoying

    • RaMaN
      RaMaN 11 months ago

      Just Used To It ;)

    • Niels
      Niels 11 months ago

      Why you use a capital for every word, thats so annoying lo'

    SHARKANATOR 72 11 months ago

    The Gracie girl should not of won

  • Lillian Hagan
    Lillian Hagan 11 months ago +2

    I love Grace Vanderwall

  • Eduardo Alves
    Eduardo Alves 11 months ago +12


    • Charles
      Charles 3 months ago

      You guys commenting are stupid. He knows that’s not sia. He’s comparing them

    • Lily Crystal
      Lily Crystal 11 months ago

      Eduardo Alves thats Grace VanderWall u Baka!

    • xXDragonGamesXx
      xXDragonGamesXx 11 months ago +1

      Eduardo Alves it's not sia idiot its Grace Vanderwall

    • Holly Reeves
      Holly Reeves 11 months ago +1

      Eduardo Alves that's grace Vanderwaal

  • Atharva Dhurwey
    Atharva Dhurwey 11 months ago +2

    Wow I'm the 6 the dislike... My way to encourage ..

  • Snek
    Snek 11 months ago +28


  • HS 12TM
    HS 12TM 11 months ago +1

    2:25 black blue or white gold?

  • Michelle Zaderaka
    Michelle Zaderaka 11 months ago


  • Thedarkwolfplayz 12
    Thedarkwolfplayz 12 11 months ago

    28th comment

  • Μαρια Καλαντζη


  • Catizard Eliassen
    Catizard Eliassen 11 months ago +1

    Naruto Music LOL

  • Autumn Wyldwood
    Autumn Wyldwood 11 months ago +3

    Don't mind me just testing TVclip

  • Arline Joseph
    Arline Joseph 11 months ago


    ROFEX MUSIC 11 months ago +1


  • Nacho TV
    Nacho TV 11 months ago +3

    which of these will be the winner? 🏆

    • xstealthy gamer
      xstealthy gamer 11 months ago +4

      Nacho TV last one was definitely the best in my opinion!

  • Aashish Rai
    Aashish Rai 11 months ago

    I love their voices..... 😁😁😁😁😁

  • itati DIY
    itati DIY 11 months ago +3

    Grace 😍

  • xstealthy gamer
    xstealthy gamer 11 months ago

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    • xstealthy gamer
      xstealthy gamer 11 months ago

      Maya Rhoda I subbed back with the two channel!

    • Maya Rhoda
      Maya Rhoda 11 months ago

      xstealthy gamer i subscribed

    • Half The Heart
      Half The Heart 11 months ago

      Stop asking for subs and start making some _good_ content -.-

    • xstealthy gamer
      xstealthy gamer 11 months ago

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    • your mom
      your mom 11 months ago +1

      xstealthy gamer no

  • EnGlAnD iS mY cItY
    EnGlAnD iS mY cItY 11 months ago

    I'm really early 😜

  • Keagan Dubois
    Keagan Dubois 11 months ago


  • Davide Maisto
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  • Banana Berry
    Banana Berry 11 months ago

    I love it

  • Luton Town
    Luton Town 11 months ago +1


    • Maya Rhoda
      Maya Rhoda 11 months ago +1

      All love Dj wood whats so funny

  • Matthew Feather
    Matthew Feather 11 months ago +19

    firt comment

    • CanadianCatDog123
      CanadianCatDog123 11 months ago +4

      Matthew Feather nice to know u r firt. How about first?

    • mjrm. AGARIO
      mjrm. AGARIO 11 months ago +1

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