Milo Yiannopoulos Pollutes First #LwC Live Stream | Louder With Crowder

  • Milo Yiannopoulos talks Trump and making black babies. Need we say more?
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  • Amy Koval
    Amy Koval Month ago

    I know this is an old video but I love you, Milo!!! 🤗😍🥰💃 come back to TVclip and the US! Xoxo

  • keenan ryan
    keenan ryan 8 months ago +1

    Watching this in 2019 is depressing. He said America has a chance to hold onto free speech. Now it’s gone.

  • Karen Rehardt
    Karen Rehardt 8 months ago

    Love Milo so much ❤

  • Henrikas SEAL
    Henrikas SEAL 9 months ago +3

    NOOOOOO !!!

  • HeroicIdealism
    HeroicIdealism 9 months ago +3

    Love how triggered Crowder got at milo praising the alt right. Good times.

  • Patrick Brinson
    Patrick Brinson 9 months ago

    It stopped in the middle of him talking.

  • Luna Youre right
    Luna Youre right 10 months ago +1

    This is proof crowder is gay

  • LatrineTerrorst Shithousebomber

    I'm more than a little disappointed in milo response to your comment, "You were sick from seafood poisoning?" He should have said, "No, Steven, it was SEA-MEN! Not sea-food!" LOL!

  • Postal Patriot556

    Lack of makeup makes him look funny 😂


    they kind of have that Letterman and Richard Simmons vibe together.

  • csenge varkonyi
    csenge varkonyi Year ago

    I love Milo so much

  • Jacob Muirhead
    Jacob Muirhead Year ago

    Stephen called me a good person 😍😍

  • Tripper Harrison
    Tripper Harrison Year ago

    Never eat a raw oyster unless it’s connected to a crotch !

  • Cam
    Cam Year ago

    5:17 "They think Trump is controllable" hahahahaha!

  • Zoe H.
    Zoe H. Year ago

    Milo cracks me up 😂😂😂

  • Byrdland57
    Byrdland57 Year ago

    I love milo even tho I barely agree with him on issues

  • Ssnickass M8s
    Ssnickass M8s Year ago

    Two of my favorite people

  • Frank Blackcrow
    Frank Blackcrow Year ago

    Under the Human rights ACT we have what's called the right to freedom of expression... not the same as not per a single country, as their own constitution, which can be amended to each country as to what is prescribed out as of the law as to what is freedom of expression.
    As like the U.S has freedoms that are sacrosanct to their own laws as bound to it.. but that can still get you in jail if you ask for photos from the coroner as from the sandy hook shooting.. specially if your studies include forensics.

  • Eric
    Eric Year ago

    I want to see these 2 kiss

  • Tony Carrico
    Tony Carrico Year ago

    I can't tell if this was a friendly debate or a big laugh. They made it seem like a weird play fight the whole time and I sort of love it

  • Greg Frohwein
    Greg Frohwein 2 years ago

    1:49 as a kid from iowa. He is right of the 55.6 million square acres that make up the state.....50.6 MILLION. IS. NOTHING. BUT. GOD. DAMN. CORN!!!!!!!

  • BenTheAryan
    BenTheAryan 2 years ago

    Milo X not gay Jared

  • Bricks Accomplice
    Bricks Accomplice 2 years ago +1

    flambiont level over 9000!!!

  • mjlover817
    mjlover817 2 years ago

    I unsubscribed Crowder after watching this.... I'm too protective over Milo and watching Steven kinda grill him gets on my last nerve, that's just unacceptable

  • walt charamba
    walt charamba 2 years ago

    All I see, is these two sucking each other off!..Holy fuck! it's gross

  • stoner4311
    stoner4311 2 years ago

    Hey, is there a way to find this full video on your website? It would be nice if you included episode numbers for these clips.

  • David Jones
    David Jones 2 years ago

    "And you coach them." Grin.

  • LA B
    LA B 2 years ago

    Love ya bro but water those plants...😀😀

  • Sorex Lozen
    Sorex Lozen 2 years ago +1

    This is the gayest video I've seen of milo soo far.

  • Billy Burd
    Billy Burd 2 years ago

    Who ended up winning that election? Sorry, i’ve been searching for Amelia Earhart.

  • kyron mcintosh
    kyron mcintosh 2 years ago

    hes so gay

  • Matthew Stull
    Matthew Stull 2 years ago +2

    Milo should just put the lip gloss all over his entire face

  • Ked Taczynski
    Ked Taczynski 2 years ago +7

    Woah didn't realize how gay Milo was

  • Bella Biesel
    Bella Biesel 2 years ago +1

    Milo rules!!!

  • Cloudwarrior1
    Cloudwarrior1 2 years ago +4

    I can't stand Milo probably because I'm a unwavering fan of Ben Shapiro or at least his ideas.

    • Keely Williams
      Keely Williams 2 years ago

      Joe Shanahan ohh i see, and i totally agree.

    • Joe Shanahan
      Joe Shanahan 2 years ago +2

      Keely Williams They have a beef, it’s pretty stupid because they could be a great united front for conservatism

    • Keely Williams
      Keely Williams 2 years ago

      if you’re a fan of ben then why not milo?

  • Smash gamer
    Smash gamer 2 years ago


  • foginspector
    foginspector 2 years ago +2

    there are more people in Britain who like Trump than you think Milo, just saying.

  • jim lans
    jim lans 2 years ago

    I dig Crowder because he GETS IT. He's been a major influence on me & my humble podcast, Morons Radiogram.
    I invite you all to go to, type Morons Radiogram in the search bar & click on episodes. It's 100% FREE & you'll find several 10 minute recorded edgy & comedic episodes, where I expose & goof on the left's incompetence, hypocrisy & corruption.
    If you like what you hear, please re-visit frequently, as I add new episodes all the time. Thanks!

  • TkUSA 1776
    TkUSA 1776 2 years ago

    I miss milo

  • Lisa Voyce
    Lisa Voyce 2 years ago +1

    Why the fuck was he cut off before commenting on free speech? I am a Canadian,sadly because of Trudeau, and I realize this is an older video but Milo is is very smart and speaks the truth so be nicer and facially fucking friendly to him. By the way I love your show and am a subscriber, it's just watching the older videos are sad.

  • Davyd Taylor
    Davyd Taylor 2 years ago

    "You don't understand him if you're trying to interrogate him on policy positions" 😂 lmfao. Yes Millo we had guessed that you didn't vote Trump for his ability to run the country. 😂🤣😂

  • Y P
    Y P 3 years ago +1

    As much as I love Steven Milo is so much better

  • Dan Bolivar
    Dan Bolivar 3 years ago

    It says Feb 8 2016, when was this published?

  • John Hooyer
    John Hooyer 3 years ago

    It's very interesting looking back on this video. I remember thinking that Milo was pretty cool and wishing that he became mainstream, and lo and behold, he did. It's also rather interesting to realize that as flamboyant as he is in this video, he wasn't _nearly_ as provocative as he is today. He's come a ways.
    And no, that recent liberal hit-piece on him being a pedophile won't stick. He's going to come back from that. He's found his niche, his calling, and he isn't going to go back to talking about video games after shooting up on the drug that is politics.

  • alexandria patton
    alexandria patton 3 years ago +1

    Milo is so sexy holy shit

  • Collin Barham
    Collin Barham 3 years ago +1

    Never knew how gay he was.....

  • GLaDOS hates your safe space

    I don't even care if Milo is actually a straight man trolling the living fuck out of the internet, I'd do him.

  • Rhett Heidler
    Rhett Heidler 3 years ago

    Yes, white guys adopting black babies is precisely cuckish behavior.
    Just like white countries "adopting" taking in non-whites and forcing it's citizens to pay for their cash welfare is cuckish.

  • Randy Johnson Jr
    Randy Johnson Jr 3 years ago

    steven crowder I was wondering if you can do a show on the texas voter id law...I love what texas did and I feel all states should have this law.. its not hard too get a state id.. and btw I am also black lol

  • No Good
    No Good 3 years ago +1

    Just re-watching this after the #FreeMilo post on the site. I hope he comes back on the show sometime (if he's not dead in a couple weeks).

  • Kosst Amojan
    Kosst Amojan 3 years ago +1

    "I judge people by their enemies." Props, Milo. Never thought of that before.

  • austin h
    austin h 3 years ago

    how come you guys couldn't schedule a debate with ben shapiro?

  • Mr. President Ma'am. -

    omg they are idiots! talk about internet trolls

  • Charlie Pickles
    Charlie Pickles 3 years ago

    I'm British and I dislike Donald Trump because he is a dickhead, not because of his 'brashness'.

  • Elia
    Elia 3 years ago +1

    Milo looks terrible.

  • Mary Samuelson
    Mary Samuelson 3 years ago

    Yes... Most of the trolls are 17 years old, what's even more fun is trolling in irl! It's the best!

  • MontageMomentt
    MontageMomentt 3 years ago +1

    "and we don't..." WTF how can you cut him off like that xD

  • Ryan McGarry
    Ryan McGarry 3 years ago

    There are a ton of videos of trump in the 80s of him saying he is republican. Those exact words.

  • tensacross
    tensacross 3 years ago +2

    look at all those dead plants behind milo

  • Illegal Commenter
    Illegal Commenter 3 years ago

    "most of these guys are 17 year-old kids" -this guy!

  • lcjr
    lcjr 4 years ago

    TFW You will never be able to give Milo head.

  • Jay Fedder
    Jay Fedder 4 years ago

    Fuck you Steven Crowder

  • Dadutta
    Dadutta 4 years ago

    This was... weird.
    Milo I like. Trump 2016. But this Crowder guy, what the fuck is wrong with him.

  • Spare Change
    Spare Change 4 years ago

    Can you at least not let two liberals greet me when I come to watch your videos.

  • rrnzo
    rrnzo 4 years ago +2

    He looks like Rick Astley now.

  • Sam Adams
    Sam Adams 4 years ago

    I hope Milo is not seriously supporting Trump. His "daddy" was shown to be a lier and a hypocrite who can put everyone in trouble so that he can make more money. Trump University and the way he dealt with his bankruptcies are few examples.

  • whiskyhotel199
    whiskyhotel199 4 years ago

    Thank the founding fathers for our amendments. We're gonna need them for this government.

  • matt corcoran
    matt corcoran 4 years ago

    im a lassical liberal but the left has moved away from from me and im almost more in agreement with conservatives like these guys, imo free speech is most important right

  • Ian Christiansen
    Ian Christiansen 4 years ago

    Eye roll. Get a room, you guys - so you can spoon and tell each other all night how terribly intelligent and clever you both are.

  • Jack Star
    Jack Star 4 years ago +3

    2 of my fav people in one video

  • Matthew Jacobsen
    Matthew Jacobsen 4 years ago

    Crowder, get on board or get rolled over. Trump doesn't need a Canadian radio pundit/talking head to tell him what is right and wrong. You are a nobody in comparison to Trump. You couldn't lead a girl scout troop, let alone a country... Milo is far smarter and more educated on Trump than you are. You're a coward. Go back to Canada and be critical of Trudeau... goes to show what Canada knows. LIGHTWEIGHTS!

  • Amber Shuey
    Amber Shuey 4 years ago

    wait where is the rest of it? I want to hear what Milo is saying at the end but I can't find it on his website

  • The Iron Duke
    The Iron Duke 4 years ago +1

    +StevenCrowder that statement about Trudeau - on point!

  • termsofusepolice
    termsofusepolice 4 years ago

    A conservative flamer: The only thing more irritating than a progressive flamer.

  • Sergey Pokrovski
    Sergey Pokrovski 4 years ago +1

    Love both these guys. Full homo.

  • Griffith Valentino
    Griffith Valentino 4 years ago

    The only candidate that can win the election for the republicans is Trump yet all i see from them is attacks. For the love of god people this might be the most important election in the U.S history don't fuck it up because you want a dream christian conservative running.

  • MooseheadDrinker
    MooseheadDrinker 4 years ago

    Milo says publicly want every white, straight, cis-gendered man wants to say but can't because he is racist, oppressive, misogynistic, trigger warnings etc...

  • AlexCureske
    AlexCureske 4 years ago

    Not only is it confirmed Milo Yiannopoulos is a vampire he also possesses the merit Dollface. only way he just wakes up looking like that.

  • Andrew Matthews
    Andrew Matthews 4 years ago +1

    Milo is a liar. He totally enjoyed being seen in public with Lauren Southern. She's Canadian.

  • The Real Optimus Prime
    The Real Optimus Prime 4 years ago +1

    Go a head and make fun of Canada. We don't care because you muricans are a complete joke and the laughing stock of the rest of the global community :). I'm quite happy you no longer represent Canada you vapid simpleton.

    • GMFreeman
      GMFreeman Year ago +1

      The Real Optimus Prime If America didn't act as Canada's big brother, Canada would have been royally fisted by every other fuckin nation by this point. You're lucky America is here, otherwise there would likely not even be a Canada.