Film Theory: Was SpongeBob ADOPTED?! (SpongeBob SquarePants)

  • Published on Dec 24, 2017
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    SpongeBob SquarePants is quite the odd character. A yellow pant-wearing sponge with an unmistakable laugh. The lovable son of two… well… different looking parents? Are we EVEN sure those are his parents? There’s only one way to find out Loyal Theorists! Time to buckle down for some good old biology to solve this once and for all!
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Comments • 35 322

  • Chewy Mustard
    Chewy Mustard Hour ago

    1:24 was that Kyle exum

  • ChattierFlame 49
    ChattierFlame 49 6 hours ago

    What advanced classes did Mat Pat take d@mb

  • Kira Whitwell
    Kira Whitwell 17 hours ago

    5:15 hoi weasleys

  • Doge Man
    Doge Man 23 hours ago +1

    he is not adopded.

  • Danielle Tiller
    Danielle Tiller Day ago

    I can roll my tongue

  • Kaya Duncan
    Kaya Duncan Day ago

    6:37 heh, i has 4 fingers explain that 😂

  • cool goggles kid

    this is what happens when you over analyze spongebob

  • bébé, sauve moi

    I doubt that sea sponges are bright yellow and perfectly squared off...
    Spongebob is a kitchen sponge and his parents are sea sponges... done.

  • Meme Dogeman
    Meme Dogeman 2 days ago

    RIP stephen hillenburg
    You will be missed

  • son goku
    son goku 2 days ago

    #@$$ grandpa square is my grandpa im spongebob

  • son goku
    son goku 2 days ago

    or hes deformed and fell into cemicals

    SLJREB YHTTAT 2 days ago

    But your recessive alleles can be dominant in your child's. That is how, for example, a child can have blue eyes while his parents have green and brown eyes.

    SLJREB YHTTAT 2 days ago

    My cousin has 6 fingers.

  • Ridisword
    Ridisword 3 days ago

    So he propouse the idea of spongebob being adopted and then he disproves himself....... ok

  • james kowalski
    james kowalski 4 days ago

    Hey, so I know a family that in which three of the people in their family have six fingers. Just thought I would mention that.

  • Eyes Cream
    Eyes Cream 4 days ago

    This show is already very unrealistic xD

  • goldendragoification

    Matpat what about black jack he was dark yellow and circular

  • Captin awsomeness
    Captin awsomeness 4 days ago

    IT THE ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ari Gacha
    Ari Gacha 4 days ago

    5:15 hmmmmm it looks a lot like Ron’s family from Harry Potter but it’s probably not

  • Bereket Keleta
    Bereket Keleta 4 days ago

    You stupid mat pat

  • Ethan InAus
    Ethan InAus 4 days ago

    Well what about Patrick ??👶

  • Itzel Coronel
    Itzel Coronel 4 days ago +1

    I literally saw this in science class and am a 8th grader going to be a freshman and the only reason we we watched this was because of 🧬 genetics/reproduction and am not mad we got to watch a 12:08 seconds that we don’t need to really learn

  • emma a
    emma a 4 days ago

    The sponge with the watermelon in his nose honestly makes me so uncomfortable 🤮

  • HOLDEn Sutton
    HOLDEn Sutton 5 days ago

    Burn pickles Rick!

  • Dunder Mifflin
    Dunder Mifflin 5 days ago

    You forgot to add cousin black jack to the family tree.

  • Martha Medina
    Martha Medina 5 days ago

    Mmmmm......MattPatt I'm going to 5th grade so...... IDK

  • GhostRider12
    GhostRider12 5 days ago +1

    Spongebob channel made made a video about how much money Mr. Krabs has before MatPat. Huh

  • Rick Seeley
    Rick Seeley 6 days ago

    But in one episode squidwards mother adopted spongebob so his mother would have been taking him as an orphan

  • Quinn Dooley
    Quinn Dooley 6 days ago

    I just got an ad singing we are family

  • Keith Fenning
    Keith Fenning 6 days ago

    Lol interesting theory 😂

  • 終極神卡
    終極神卡 8 days ago

    How do you flip someone off with six fingers?

  • MorganMacie Chaney
    MorganMacie Chaney 8 days ago +1

    Is it sad that I mostly learned this on a Magic School Bus episode?

  • caitlyn castaneda
    caitlyn castaneda 8 days ago

    I use to think that they were cookies

  • Marianella Obispo
    Marianella Obispo 9 days ago

    Just don't question cartoon logic

  • animals are awesome
    animals are awesome 9 days ago +1

    im studying for my science test I hate books

  • Blackfire Dragon
    Blackfire Dragon 9 days ago

    Do a film theory on Old Man Jenkins!

  • SubtoPewdiepie
    SubtoPewdiepie 9 days ago

    It's not true but it's smart

    SpongeBob thiCCCC tho

  • Risma Arum
    Risma Arum 9 days ago +1

    Knp nggak bsa di download

  • smemble memble
    smemble memble 9 days ago

    But spongebobs grandpa is square too

  • Djatsoris26
    Djatsoris26 9 days ago

    Sponges invented the phrase "are you assuming my gender?"

  • Lyri X
    Lyri X 10 days ago

    sos i could watch the whole vid spongebob was my CHILDHOOD and im not letting that go

  • Dragon Raptor
    Dragon Raptor 10 days ago

    The middle finger or the one near your pinky is was 2 but mixed

  • Fat cat Games
    Fat cat Games 10 days ago

    Am I the only one who didn’t learn about genes in 6th grade

  • dandoessomethings
    dandoessomethings 10 days ago

    Thus video was put on once in science class

  • funtimefreddy guy
    funtimefreddy guy 10 days ago

    Sees the thumbnail
    Me: You are not the father!

  • Shadow4 Cat
    Shadow4 Cat 11 days ago

    I actually learned this stuff in 7th grade but whatever.

  • Ailan the Bins toy bin fan

    there are unknown parts of spongebobs family

  • Ailan the Bins toy bin fan


  • Hank Ross
    Hank Ross 11 days ago

    I learned this stuff in seventh grade, so ha ha!

  • aria Tabrizi
    aria Tabrizi 11 days ago +1

    Bro it’s just an cartoon

  • Harry Wilkinson
    Harry Wilkinson 11 days ago

    Watch this video to see if spongebob is adopted
    Gets a lesson on reproduction

  • Cillian Cronin
    Cillian Cronin 11 days ago

    Fam this is a tv show that people live underwater while eating burgers and ur going going into all of this like ITS NOT THAT COMPLICATED

  • horsewhisper3
    horsewhisper3 11 days ago

    Title: was SpongeBob adopted?
    video: was SpongeBob an orphan? technically speaking, IF he was adopted, he is an orphan no longer.

  • Ethan Jones
    Ethan Jones 11 days ago +1

    Wait, I’ve been breathing in plant sperm cells?!? That makes me sick.

  • Rebecca Lemus
    Rebecca Lemus 12 days ago

    I never actually learned about alleles or genes in the 6th grade and I was in all pre-ap classes.
    So thanks for teaching me something new MatPat.🙂
    In summer break.

  • Diana Amador
    Diana Amador 12 days ago

    Thanks to Pat(t), I will have the allergies thing in my mind every time anyone says they have it. Also, I didn't know that until today.

  • blueboy Gaming
    blueboy Gaming 12 days ago

    He is albino

  • Jessblood
    Jessblood 13 days ago

    In the german version of SpongeBob there is an episode when SpongeBob and Patrick are on vacation with his parents and riding on a big insect later. There is a scene when SpongeBob is annoying for his parents and his father looks at his mother and says "It's your son,...". So maybe SpongeBobs father isn't really his father.

  • Jack TDM
    Jack TDM 13 days ago

    Mat Pat: **mentions the weaslys** Me: don't you DARE bring the weaslys into this!

    for anyone who doesn't get it Harry potter is an ORPHAN

  • Kaitlyn's World
    Kaitlyn's World 13 days ago

    i mean...i learned that in 7th grade

  • Thomas Duffy
    Thomas Duffy 14 days ago

    Matt this is assuming that both parents aee hererozygous one could be homozygous dominet or reccesive, and there is no pure evidence showi g that circle and brown color re dominet you would actually need to do multpile crossings of the genes to figure this out. And because you are working with two genes you need to do a dihibrid punnetsquare of each. But other than tht cool theory👌

  • gorden 123
    gorden 123 14 days ago

    Spongebob mom cheated BOOM

  • Scuruban123
    Scuruban123 14 days ago


  • Ceci The Fangirl of everything but life

    You always put the capital letter first MatPat, did you even pay attention in 6th grade science?

  • Photographic Disaster
    Photographic Disaster 14 days ago

    this reminds me about how I should be studying for science

  • nazu deragnel
    nazu deragnel 14 days ago

    Rip Stephen Hillenburg

  • Mohim Uddin
    Mohim Uddin 14 days ago

  • Its Dolphin
    Its Dolphin 14 days ago

    I definitely need this for my classes thanks

  • Leo
    Leo 14 days ago

    You forgot radiation

  • Fierce Howler
    Fierce Howler 14 days ago

    The fact I did a spongebob worksheet in science class and it was about the same thing he talking about