Film Theory: Was SpongeBob ADOPTED?! (SpongeBob SquarePants)

  • Published on Dec 24, 2017
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    SpongeBob SquarePants is quite the odd character. A yellow pant-wearing sponge with an unmistakable laugh. The lovable son of two… well… different looking parents? Are we EVEN sure those are his parents? There’s only one way to find out Loyal Theorists! Time to buckle down for some good old biology to solve this once and for all!
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  • Googly Gamer
    Googly Gamer 13 hours ago


  • Mr Pickle
    Mr Pickle 20 hours ago

    This vid bugs me because he but it as fF not Ff like a proper punet squares

  • Sophia Pascua
    Sophia Pascua Day ago

    I could just imagine how you can live without ya know 🖕like how???

  • Noah Casement
    Noah Casement Day ago

    Is the kid saying no in the intro based on a meme? 'Cause it seems like it is, but I can't find it anywhere else.

  • Butterman EX
    Butterman EX Day ago

    When he said Hillenburg IS a Marine Biologist I died a little

  • Neon Gaming
    Neon Gaming Day ago

    What if he's just a mailman baby?🤔

  • Kristen Marshall

    Can yes do a film theory on diseasnse3?

    MICHELLE BLAIR 2 days ago

    they both have circles ? someone explain pls

    • Sub for Sub
      Sub for Sub 20 hours ago

      Did you even watch the video? 😀😀😀

  • Juleah Cephus
    Juleah Cephus 2 days ago

    What about sponge bob cousin??

  • phanets
    phanets 3 days ago +1

    Their was a round yellow sponge on the show.
    His cousin. I remember the episode. His a tall round yellow sponge

    Edit: nevermind apparently he was a square.

  • Chaotic Cars
    Chaotic Cars 3 days ago +1

    I mean like there might still be a big chance of a new character being introduced in the near future that will prove that Spongebob IS adopted.

  • warrior cat loves jelly

    In the time I’m watching this I have started 6th grade recently so saying “think back to sixth grade” would be like asking me to Summon my memories of the future

  • The Lean Subscriber
    The Lean Subscriber 4 days ago

    What if he is adopted, as long as he is loved thats the only thing that matters.

  • Sour Gum
    Sour Gum 4 days ago

    his cousin Stanley has yellow skin and is square

  • Linkachu 123678
    Linkachu 123678 4 days ago +1

    5:26 but mat pat, I’m in fifth grade

  • Forsten Family
    Forsten Family 4 days ago

    Spongebobs parents are old and used

  • Kenyatta Barton
    Kenyatta Barton 4 days ago +2

    Spongebob and his mom have the exact same eyes

  • Glowstone Piggy Piggy


  • Gillette Wow
    Gillette Wow 4 days ago

    6:22 about whether you’re right handed or left handed based on genetics is a myth, I can confirm that because me and my whole family are right handed except for my baby sister who is left handed.

  • Emeh Studiozz UwU
    Emeh Studiozz UwU 4 days ago +6

    My mum: *has blue eyes*
    My dad: *has brown eyes*

    *the only one in my family that has green eyes* WHAT IS THE LOGIC?!

    • Peyton Desoto
      Peyton Desoto 2 days ago

      Both my parents are brunette and imma redhead😂

    • CookieGamer :3
      CookieGamer :3 3 days ago

      Emeh Studiozz UwU Both my parents are brunettes. I have blonde hair. My dad has brown eyes, my mom has blue eyes, I have blue eyes.

  • •Meeponolope Meep•

    What I find amusing with this episode, is that I was that child who was literally the odd one out. Both my parents have dark hair, dark eyes, and somehow. I was born with Blue eyes and Blonde Hair....

    • CookieGamer :3
      CookieGamer :3 3 days ago

      •Meeponolope Meep• I’m similar except my mom has dark blue eyes. I’m blonde and have medium blue eyes

  • SuperTomP
    SuperTomP 6 days ago

    11:40 I just died laughing

  • Baelrosh The Viking
    Baelrosh The Viking 6 days ago +1

    Wait... both Ford and Glossaryk have 6 fingers... and both are seemingly comfortable/familiar with dimension-hopping (per Star’s dimensional scissors)...and they both are shown to know pretty much everything to do with the shows (Ford with the journals and Glossaryk, well, being Glossaryk)... am I seeing a connection here or what? Reply whether or not you agree

  • Baelrosh The Viking
    Baelrosh The Viking 6 days ago

    Tell me the hair on the left doesn’t look like an omega sign

  • Mr2k19 Superstar
    Mr2k19 Superstar 6 days ago +1

    I liked just for the intro

  • Choleric Charmander
    Choleric Charmander 7 days ago

    I can disprove this theory with one simple scene:
    When we see Spongebob eating his first Krabby Patty in the episode Truth or Square, he’s *in his mother’s womb.* Therefore, his parents are his legal parents, seeing as the person who gave birth to him is called his mother.

  • Steezy boi008
    Steezy boi008 7 days ago


  • Phoenix Fury
    Phoenix Fury 7 days ago +1


    Can teach a ten year child ( meh ) about how family and genes faster than all of my teachers I ever had combined

  • Zack HD
    Zack HD 7 days ago +1

    Haha i have 6 fingers

  • Zack HD
    Zack HD 7 days ago +1

    Maybe it did happen but with someone else

  • Kurisutofā Kōei
    Kurisutofā Kōei 8 days ago +6

    MatPat Of Course He Can't be adopted In Episode "Truth or Square" we clearly see Spongebob in Margaret Squarepants's womb eating Krabby Patties,

  • Ashley Sanchez
    Ashley Sanchez 8 days ago


  • TheTrueBakedPotato
    TheTrueBakedPotato 8 days ago

    Its been 2 years and im still confused on how six fingers are the dominant trait

  • Magikarp king /Lucas Dinh

    I just came from the family tree about spongebob square pants video

  • Super Star Bros.
    Super Star Bros. 8 days ago


  • Jennifer Is cool
    Jennifer Is cool 8 days ago

    Am I the only one who noticed that this was a picture of the Weasley‘s from Harry Potter? 5:16

  • NOC Echo
    NOC Echo 8 days ago

    If you had 6 fingers which one would be you r middle finger?

  • XZachX _Minecraft
    XZachX _Minecraft 8 days ago

    Matpat here to ruin my childhood but good video anyways

  • Kawaii_fangirl_ 22
    Kawaii_fangirl_ 22 9 days ago

    Anyone allergic to plant sperm has a plant std

  • Rovy Laag
    Rovy Laag 9 days ago

    Sponge bob grandpa and grandma have no child so they adopted sponge mom and dad that why sponge bob is square because hes grandpa is square that my theory a film theoryl ol

  • sunshine
    sunshine 9 days ago

    My mom is black and made me super pale with straight hair because my dad is Korean, although my dad isn't very pale either. It's not IMPOSSIBLE for him to be born from two circle parents. There just has to be another yellow square in the family. Which there is. ;)

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown 9 days ago +1


  • Jeremy Medina
    Jeremy Medina 9 days ago

    According to the spongebob channel, spongebob is not a oprhan

  • amanita gacha
    amanita gacha 10 days ago

    Broh it's a cartoon

  • x_mc fry
    x_mc fry 10 days ago +3

    me when finds out spongebob’s parents aren’t cookies: *impossible*

  • Evelio Aguilar
    Evelio Aguilar 10 days ago

    Film Theory this a theory can you swim in the beach in the ocean????

  • Samurai
    Samurai 10 days ago

    Brown square sponge? Don't you mean Spongenig.

  • un known youtuber
    un known youtuber 10 days ago

    Matpat can u help me explain wht i have blu eyes cus i only have 1 blu eyed parrent im the inltone with blu eyes besides that parrent so wherw did i get my blu eyes

    Please and thank you for answering me

  • Jennifer A
    Jennifer A 10 days ago

    The Theorizer proved you wrong that SpongeBob isn't dark as if anyone has watched those theories they will know they go way into depth about the characters.

  • CanniestTread6
    CanniestTread6 11 days ago

    Isn't there a cousin that is like circle and yellow??

  • Aidan Aidan
    Aidan Aidan 11 days ago

    Spongebob was meant for adults

  • Gabemario
    Gabemario 11 days ago

    I wish I had 6 fingers

  • NICHO_ games
    NICHO_ games 11 days ago

    SpongeBob has blue eyes
    So does his mother
    Mother CHECK
    FATHER .....
    ur not the father!!!

  • Max Harper
    Max Harper 12 days ago

    I was watching spongebob as I’m watching it

  • DJ Norris
    DJ Norris 12 days ago

    I just thought they were old dried up sponges because they’re old shriveled up seniors.

  • K3V1N
    K3V1N 13 days ago

    I have a theorie.. its a cartoon

  • Creepypasta  12 33 45
    Creepypasta 12 33 45 14 days ago


  • Blue Spinel
    Blue Spinel 14 days ago

    Well actually them being brown and round might be the cause of aging because if you go back to the episode blackjack spongebob visits his uncle captain blue and we se him progressively getting darker and rounder

  • robby burrows
    robby burrows 14 days ago

    I used to have 6 fingers

  • Aryanna Lee
    Aryanna Lee 14 days ago

    Teaching me new science everyday