Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Bear Costume!

  • Published on Aug 3, 2016
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    For this One Day Build, Adam Savage builds the head for his grizzly bear costume from Comic-Con 2016! Adam explains how he sketched out the design for the character, how he experimented with its forms, and how the suit comes together. But the head is the most important part!
    Adam also made a poster based on his sketches and notes for this costume design:
    Shot and edited by Joey Fameli
    Music by Jinglepunks
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  • Adam Savage’s Tested
    Adam Savage’s Tested  3 months ago +30

    Watch Adam Savage walk the Comic-Con 2016 floor in this costume:

  • Daddy Smash Mouth
    Daddy Smash Mouth 22 hours ago

    All that dust’ll kill me but yet I want to hug it. Stupid allergies

  • broken Arrow gaming
    broken Arrow gaming 2 days ago

    The bear in the big blue house

  • DDZ 76
    DDZ 76 3 days ago

    Were that in someone's lawn in Alaska

  • Martin Cooper
    Martin Cooper 4 days ago

    ive been to sanfrancisco, the wharf, across the golden gate around alcatraz to name a few

  • M8 X8
    M8 X8 4 days ago

    It reminds me of the bear in the big blue house and like it makes me smile

  • Kai Smith
    Kai Smith 4 days ago

    When you said terrified didn’t you mean ^Bearified^ 🐻

  • HappyZombieKid
    HappyZombieKid 5 days ago

    Nice fursuit

  • Mark Bailey
    Mark Bailey 10 days ago

    Reminds me of freddy from fnaf

  • roughy762004
    roughy762004 11 days ago +3

    it needs tactical sci-fi armor and heavy weapons!

  • Juicy Jelly
    Juicy Jelly 11 days ago +2

    Smash like for how many times he had to redo the bear nose

  • Mikey Angelo
    Mikey Angelo 11 days ago

    Asmr??? Lol

  • richard short
    richard short 11 days ago +2

    If you shave it's butt you can have a bear ass!..what nothing? aw oh well, great job as usual Adam:)

  • PhotoSmith Photography

    I can’t wait for the Pedobear Version he’s got in the works is done. Should be really wonderful. He’s modeling it to be completely like the actual Pedobear. Should be a big hit at the Blackhat-con hackvest thing he’s doing it for. Can’t recall the name of the event. Hit me up and I’ll be able to tell ya. •••2019 The Bear’s making a comeback..•••

  • PhotoSmith Photography
    PhotoSmith Photography 12 days ago +1

    I hope you addresses the back shape as it had some valleys (maybe it’s the Grinch from grizzly man and it’s just hungry?). Also the neck Line need to be secured. I know you’re a detail master so I’m sure the final was all buttoned up and proper. Oh cool i should have checked out the comicon vid before writing this probably. Let’s check it out now and see what ya did.
    I love it. Would be so fun to wear around. The girdle structure is so cool with its lightweight flexuality.

  • vallie _val
    vallie _val 13 days ago +2

    I love this cute fursuit thx for building it with a tutorial to

  • BOB Gaming
    BOB Gaming 13 days ago +3

    Adam Savage is a furry?

  • BookstoreDinosaur
    BookstoreDinosaur 13 days ago +2

    Adam Savage is a Fur suit maker confirmed

  • CT's playground
    CT's playground 14 days ago

    21:23 says eyelide then wipes his eye ×)

  • Zoom Bip
    Zoom Bip 15 days ago +1

    Furry lmao

  • Ninja_041 0
    Ninja_041 0 16 days ago

    I died the moment he started dancing from laughter

  • Jairus Sorensen
    Jairus Sorensen 16 days ago +1

    Me: What happened to all the plastic molding stuff????
    Other people: of Adam is making his bear nose
    Me: ohhhh

  • Nancy Drew
    Nancy Drew 16 days ago +1

    I wanted so bad to just skip to the end and see the results but I also wanted to know the journey to creating your bear character.

  • Mara Tomlinson
    Mara Tomlinson 16 days ago

    Why doesn’t your bear have a tail

  • cleytech
    cleytech 16 days ago +3

    Adam:"Now I have a good collection of eyes" me aquward laugh

  • Billie Jean Is Back
    Billie Jean Is Back 17 days ago

    So it’s 3am


    29:13 at comicon who is the bear dragging? and why?

  • Dirty Socks
    Dirty Socks 18 days ago

    *_Peta wants to know your location_*

  • 1961crosley
    1961crosley 18 days ago

    I'm sure you get this question a lot but are there any plans or videos on making the body? I can handle the head, but I'm completely lost with the body! Please, I'd appreciate any help!!

  • Hannah Walker
    Hannah Walker 19 days ago

    He needs to play Honey Heist.

  • Toby Jenkins
    Toby Jenkins 19 days ago

    if your wondering its mark from hotline miami 2

  • Yvonne Winter
    Yvonne Winter 21 day ago

    You now know how I feel in a full fursuit

    JIM MORGAN 22 days ago +1


  • Natalie Su
    Natalie Su 22 days ago

    23:41 when he was feelin himself in that bear head

  • Maze ShadowLifter
    Maze ShadowLifter 22 days ago

    I love watching Adam create, but someone please get this poor man some dotting tools for molding that plastic for the nose. I feel bad that he struggled so much with that part;
    Nevertheless, I'm always impressed with his work. I think he was always my favorite on MythBusters, being fun and imaginative and having so many ideas. I'm very into cosplay, so often I'll watch your building videos and costuming videos for inspiration, along with some other smaller videos on how to use polymer clay, thermoplastic beads and "wire," etc.
    (P.S. Yes I know I'm late, but I've watched this video once before)

  • Tardz
    Tardz 22 days ago

    w h y I s a d a m a f u r r y n o w w h y g o d

  • Ethan Stankowski
    Ethan Stankowski 22 days ago

    I want to hug a bear

  • Dawn Brown
    Dawn Brown 23 days ago

    I see alot of errors with this realistic costume. It has to do with the sizing, body shape, floor on cheeks need to be increased into strait out and droop down like a real bear.

  • furry trash
    furry trash 23 days ago +3

    wrong convention, I think you need to go to Furcon instead

  • jincou official channel
    jincou official channel 23 days ago +4

    Damn..... he’s a next level furry

  • 39 sharkgirl
    39 sharkgirl 24 days ago +9

    I LOVE THIS, btw i was thinking of makeing a bird costum what about u leave a like if u agrea

  • judy hobday
    judy hobday 24 days ago +1

    no doubt about it, you are a master of what you do and it is magic.

  • Gavin Tucker
    Gavin Tucker 25 days ago +5

    Me: for good luck, I carry a rabbits foot
    Adam: well, I carry a bear foot!

  • King Bro
    King Bro 25 days ago

    The bear was waaaay to fat

  • Baked Tater
    Baked Tater 26 days ago

    The head is too small.

  • egg is scary
    egg is scary 26 days ago

    1:22 A mans decent into madness

  • Catrina Coleman
    Catrina Coleman 28 days ago

    I'm going to need one with AC, stat.

  • Xander Panda
    Xander Panda 28 days ago

    Another Furry


  • Redstone Maniac
    Redstone Maniac 29 days ago

    You are a weird person... I like that

  • Shining Asteriscus Luck
    Shining Asteriscus Luck 29 days ago +2

    1:22 Enough said. 👍

  • Oops There Goes My Social Life

    call if what it is coward. its a fir suit

  • Yu Li Xiao Gou
    Yu Li Xiao Gou Month ago

    THAT IS SUPER COOL!! Look at the fur movement! Loved when he danced in it HAHA

  • AprilandLuke
    AprilandLuke Month ago +2

    Puts in eye
    Bear: i am awoken

  • Mochi Bean
    Mochi Bean Month ago

    I would’ve taken some hair gel and watered it down
    Put it in ur hands and just clumped up some of the fur
    Painted the inside of the ears to get darker so they look like real ears
    And used darker fur
    Edit: and made the leather on the mouth droopy and worn
    Just to really make it like a real bear

  • Panda Girl
    Panda Girl Month ago

    He like “this is, this is”. And I was like this is America😂

  • RE_ TART
    RE_ TART Month ago

    Can you build a functioning animatronic Freddy Fazbear suit

  • Experimental Indotaurus

    Can you try making a mirage or caustic cosplay with a kraber or peacekeeper from apex legends. Or just something from that game. Please

  • IDoThings Btw
    IDoThings Btw Month ago

    He is now a furry

  • Random
    Random Month ago

    He looks funny with the mask on without the costume 😃

  • Kano
    Kano Month ago +2

    when I wake up early in the morning

  • Hazel Keith
    Hazel Keith Month ago +1

    I fell like your a secret furry

  • Lizette Welch
    Lizette Welch Month ago

    I'm gonna go rewatch all of the older Mythbusters episodes now.

  • Yaskyn emma
    Yaskyn emma Month ago

    Dis he say he has a collection of bones?

    SKITSY THE GOAT Month ago

    21:03 when you tell the laziest person to to a horse impression

  • Rockford the Roe
    Rockford the Roe Month ago

    Adam Savage > Lemonbrat

  • konanoobiemaster
    konanoobiemaster Month ago

    you're in san fran and didnt sit down at a cafe to read a paper in costume? im disappoint adam.... really disappointed

  • Hahahahahaha
    Hahahahahaha Month ago

    He should have Made the body less buff

  • Toxin Of Darkness
    Toxin Of Darkness Month ago

    Yeah try wearing a full fursuit with NO cooling mechanisms.

  • Toxin Of Darkness
    Toxin Of Darkness Month ago

    There were WAY too many ads. I couldn't watch the whole thing

  • CoyoteFluff
    CoyoteFluff Month ago

    Omg why haven’t fursuit makers thought of some of the methods he’s using?

  • Lucy the Puppy lover
    Lucy the Puppy lover Month ago +4

    "Easy in and out" he says as he is out of breath trying to get out

  • jorgeeh estebaan
    jorgeeh estebaan Month ago

    cazadores de mitos , el mejor programa que vi hasta la fecha

  • Kano
    Kano Month ago +1

    I want one of those to wear daily.

  • Kano
    Kano Month ago +1

    this bear is my spirit animal

  • DeadBoy743
    DeadBoy743 Month ago +1

    3 years to late but no tail? Lol

  • عمو حكيم
    عمو حكيم Month ago


  • Naruhito Da Grandaddy of Japan

    Yo thermoplastics are amazing! And surprisingly affordable

  • Killer Mangle
    Killer Mangle Month ago

    Confirmed furry

  • Mika
    Mika Month ago

    Myth busters but make it fursuit

  • Cooper Jones
    Cooper Jones Month ago

    Adam becomes a furry

  • The_ Joker
    The_ Joker Month ago

    To watch this video you need to be stoned

  • Clark244
    Clark244 Month ago

    The head shape looks more like a black bear shape to me.

  • Christian Newburn
    Christian Newburn Month ago

    Where’s the tail ?

  • Patrick LastName
    Patrick LastName Month ago

    Fantastic built. Darker and bigger nose/jaws would have been perfect.

  • Taffy
    Taffy Month ago

    One of us... ONE OF US!!!!!

  • Brysons Wolf Pack
    Brysons Wolf Pack Month ago


  • Marcus Foxelhaus
    Marcus Foxelhaus Month ago

    My Marcus fox head for my fursuit took me about 15 hours actual work. Good going Adam :-)

    • Marcus Foxelhaus
      Marcus Foxelhaus Month ago

      @Mango Woof , Yes I am a fellow fluff :-) Only been a furry for four months but already have made a partial suit and have a few videos on here :-D

    • Mango Woof
      Mango Woof Month ago

      Marcus Foxelhaus fellow fluff?

  • lillyjammer26 gaming and fursuiting

    Key words: SHOULD be cooler

  • Seth Mueller
    Seth Mueller Month ago

    you should try walking like a bear

  • Isaac Zane
    Isaac Zane Month ago +2

    23:01 the bare is shocked at how you ripped off his mouth

  • pricey0986ify
    pricey0986ify Month ago

    I love how no one cares that a guy in a bear suit is just walking around town lol

  • Aubryana
    Aubryana Month ago

    A realistic furries

  • Elliott
    Elliott Month ago

    Petition to stop associating everything with fur to being called a furry. All I see is a dope bear costume.

  • nick moser
    nick moser Month ago

    I really wanted to see him scratch his back on one of those trees 😂

  • Joe Roman
    Joe Roman Month ago

    **The head of a bear costume.

  • Cooch Chili
    Cooch Chili Month ago +2

    This bear is so awesome.

  • Lorenzo Galan
    Lorenzo Galan Month ago

    I love how old you look (no offense) but you are extremely active and hilarious!!!

  • Judith Bisson
    Judith Bisson Month ago

    You’re so ingenious, just know your on my list of people to meet. ❤️🇨🇦

  • panda bear
    panda bear Month ago

    the head was not in perportion to the body aka too small

  • panda bear
    panda bear Month ago

    the face by its self looks real and the body does too but together you can tell that a person is inside.