Stephen A. says Serena Williams was wrong for 2018 US Open controversy | First Take | ESPN

  • Published on Sep 10, 2018
  • Stephen A. Smith says Serena Williams was wrong about the way she approached the chair umpire, adding that when she brought the issue of sexism into the argument, “that’s where she lost.”
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Comments • 17 237

  • Matthew Simnor
    Matthew Simnor 3 days ago

    The woman on set is a sexist against men

  • AgileWrath67964
    AgileWrath67964 3 days ago

    Serena was wrong 100%

  • Young Simba
    Young Simba 3 days ago

    Molly I play tennis so I know it all

  • Non-conformist NWO
    Non-conformist NWO 3 days ago

    Race baiters and feminazis plagued this land of snowflakes

  • Hoe Lander
    Hoe Lander 5 days ago +1

    Unpopular opinion: if serena is a man, they wouldn’t hype him as much. Put serena on a match against a prime roger federer. Im a girl, but i know serena dominates women tennis because there’s no competition for her

  • John GTA
    John GTA 6 days ago +1

    white beard says - "Umpire took away the moment from osaka" - wow!

  • Howard Tempel
    Howard Tempel 7 days ago

    What a point!!!

  • Granville Walker Jr.

    Essentially, there were three "moving parts" to this very public quarrel. Ramos, Williams and Osaka. But only two were active while the third was an undeserving recipient of negativity in what should've been an uplifting moment on the eve of her Grand Slam triumph over one of the sport's best ever athletes. There is evidence of Serena's spirited accusation of sexism having a modicum of precedent in the officiating of this era's game. Daniil Medvedev was fined for his flagrantly offensive acts of flipping "the bird", and tossing his racket towards an official, but according to the NY Post no penalty points were assessed. Also the "Audacious Aussie" Nick Kyrgios has gone so far as to verbally attack his opponent during a match, and has admitted to intentionally underperforming in matches, after having previously lied about it. Could official and player have exercised greater decorum in the match? No doubt. Is one more culpable than the other? That argument has two sides. Ramos' critics maintain that although he operated within his professional charter, his strict mode of officiating needn't have gone to the lengths it did. Serena on the other hand, was not only playing to win and thereby further cement her place in sports history, but she was under added pressure from a hungry and formidable opponent who had Williams on the ropes at a critical juncture in the contest. A pivotal mental aspect an umpire doesn't wrestle with in performance of their duties. A major sporting event that is completely or in part decided by an official's ruling instead of the athlete's performances will always be remembered with a figurative taint of "what might have been".

  • Alig4realz
    Alig4realz 8 days ago

    Max: "Carlos Ramos took away that moment from Naomi Osaka."

    1.Ramos rightfully issues warning because Serena's coach was illegally coaching from stands (which the coach openly admitted).
    2.Ramos rightfully issues second warning for racquet abuse.
    3.Ramos rightfully issues third warning for continued verbal abuse by Serena.

    Max: "Serena is right about sexism"

    Reality: Ramos has a long history of doing the exact same with male players.

    Why does anyone take this snowflake Max Kellerman seriously?

  • Everett Knight
    Everett Knight 8 days ago +1

    You wrong she was a black woman,no one watch tennis unless Venus and Serena playing, ratings.

    • Everett Knight
      Everett Knight 6 days ago

      @Wyntah Haadid again I'm wrong,thank you for correction.

    • Wyntah Haadid
      Wyntah Haadid 6 days ago

      Everett Knight factssssssss!!!!!!!!!

  • Matthew Haines
    Matthew Haines 8 days ago +1

    The ref didn’t take Asokas moment away Serena did

  • God
    God 9 days ago

    I'm sad because she is so jealous and classless that she stole Naomi's winning night. This such a disgrace to the sport.When someone calls herself pro and cannot stand lost, but also try to steal her opponent's victory by trying like a child to putting herself in the spotlight . Crying, throwing tantrums, cheating, concealing, disrespecting referees, breaking the racket. She should be banned for sometimes so she may learn how to behave and respect for other opponents who outplay her. What a shame to tennis. Cheers for Naomi. Stupid jealous Serena stole Naomi's night but Naomi stole our hearts! From now on, Serena will be remembered as a cheater, But Naomi will be remembered az a winner! both match and sportWOmanship.

  • Fire
    Fire 10 days ago

    1 year later
    Stephan. A smith: Serena is the second greatest athlete of all time!

  • ZeroGTomohawker
    ZeroGTomohawker 10 days ago

    Rodger Federer the goat of tennis. Stop this Serena Williams nonsense. She's great no cap but she ain't taking it over Rodger federer. Stop this.

  • K P
    K P 10 days ago

    Stop shouting Max

  • Innis Mor
    Innis Mor 10 days ago

    Queue 2019 US Open Finals --- what's da excuse this year?

  • Gerard Vinet
    Gerard Vinet 11 days ago +1

    Tennis is not the only sport?Contreversy, is America's favorite past time!!

  • Murdock MacIntyre
    Murdock MacIntyre 11 days ago +2

    Kellerman is sooooo bad. How he's still on TV is beyond me. He's so pro Serena.

  • Darrell Kramer
    Darrell Kramer 12 days ago

    Kellerman doesn't know what he's talking about.

  • mariem
    mariem 12 days ago

    Serena was disgraceful. I don't WHAT colour or what sex she is - it was such a great display of garbage on the court.

  • Innis Mor
    Innis Mor 12 days ago

    You just knew it was going to an angry day today for SAS, when American Serena Williams lost to some Canadian Americans never heard of on the weekend in the Finals of the U.S. (as in United States) Open Women's Singles Championship.
    ( #&^*@^^#*@*%& RAPTORS !!!)

  • Innis Mor
    Innis Mor 12 days ago

    You just knew it was going to an angry day today for SAS, when American Serena Williams lost to some Canadian Americans never heard of on the weekend in the Finals of the U.S. (as in United States) Open Women's Singles Championship.
    ( #&^*@^^#*@*%& RAPTORS !!!)

  • go figure wow
    go figure wow 13 days ago


  • go figure wow
    go figure wow 13 days ago


  • Emily Song
    Emily Song 13 days ago

    Serena couldn't blame the referee yesterday lmfao

  • Martez Govan
    Martez Govan 13 days ago

    She was right about the men in tennis tho she wasn't cleary right but she had a point 💯 just my point!! And opinion

  • Nick Dionisio
    Nick Dionisio 13 days ago +1

    They say "But he took a *GAME* away from her! Not just a point!"
    Yeah, because that was the THIRD violation, and as stated in the rules of tennis, the penalty of a THIRD violation is taking away a game. Their lack of knowledge is disgraceful in their positions of influence.

  • Sun Min Groot
    Sun Min Groot 13 days ago

    3:39 Huge respect for Stephen A. to stand up and speak what’s right, not what the public wanted to hear.

  • tiktok beautys
    tiktok beautys 14 days ago +2

    I hate Serena......

  • joebutcallmejoey
    joebutcallmejoey 14 days ago

    love Stephen hate stephen...y'all got to agree he sure is entertaining!!….hahahahahaha

  • Elizabeth Reilly
    Elizabeth Reilly 14 days ago +1

    So happy she lost Today!!!!!

  • Willco
    Willco 14 days ago +2

    Don't forget about the time, ten years ago, when she threatened to kill the lineswoman.

  • SamsungCreation
    SamsungCreation 14 days ago


  • SamsungCreation
    SamsungCreation 14 days ago

    Wtf has steph even have with tennis? I mean she’s the goat of female tennis and i mean she can do whatever she wants to!!!

  • Elentail
    Elentail 15 days ago

    Only stupid americans blame it on judge. They listen to superbowl on their earpieces while watching tennis. Only americans dickheads can do this

  • Nick Coller
    Nick Coller 16 days ago +2

    Serena is the greatest female tennis player so far, and....who's Osaka....nobody. End of story.

  • Katy Niziol
    Katy Niziol 16 days ago +1

    Everyone’s talking about Serena, and not Osaka’s win. :(

    • Highflyer
      Highflyer 15 days ago

      You're like 11 months late on this....

  • Frank Jans
    Frank Jans 16 days ago +1

    Spot on, Stephen A. Respect. The annoying shouter overactor who got to speak first.... fake blablabla

  • blueguise23
    blueguise23 16 days ago +1

    Ugly inside and out. What a self-entitled manipulator. She had a full meltdown and there is no excuse for her behavior. It was disgusting.

  • den525
    den525 17 days ago

    This is what happens when a sports panel that covers alot of sports but don't know alot about any of them.. max is literally making points for argument sake, but doesn't understand the rules of tennis, where each warning leads to a more severe penalty, he's goes on and on about Serena should've got a less severe punishment at that point of the game, but the rules are 3rd violation gets a game penalty, it's in black and white.
    Serena broke 3 rules that day, there's no grey area there, current and ex players agree, current and ex umpires agree. It's no one's fault but Serena's.
    I'm all for equality, but Serena used the sex card, the mother card and the race card, that's why there's no equality because of people like her, who's a role model and as one of the greatest athletes ever. She's weak to use those cards as a point of argument.

  • Dan kool
    Dan kool 17 days ago +1

    OMG Steven is actually right this time..

  • daxis 1234
    daxis 1234 17 days ago +1

    The white dude is a dumb as fuck . Wrong idiot, shut your stupid mouth

  • A Moment With Nancy
    A Moment With Nancy 17 days ago

    WHY WHY WHY WHY is “as a black woman” always said!! Why can’t we just say a woman! She was playing a young lady obviously not a Caucasian....nobody makes a point to bring that up!

  • B. Real right
    B. Real right 18 days ago +1

    I love Serena but I watch that game don’t really know to much abt it, but I feel like she was being a sore loser

  • RBI 352
    RBI 352 18 days ago

    Max - Uncle Tyrone

  • Inayah .Baaqee
    Inayah .Baaqee 19 days ago

    Stephen is acknowledging that Serena’s objection was valid BUT simultaneously excuses the entire game being taken away from her!! What happened to Serena was excessive!

    • dan theman
      dan theman 16 days ago

      no it wasnt its LITERALLY in the RULES, Max doesnt know the rules. Carlos Ramos literally gives the same violations to men just as Stephen A says

  • Doksh
    Doksh 19 days ago

    Also, I have seen many coaches make signals to their players and they get away with it.

  • Doksh
    Doksh 19 days ago

    Everybody is entitled to their opinion. However, there are many great tennis players like Davenport, Roger, Nadal, and others who thought that the umpire handled the situation poorly and pushed Serena to the limits. I personally have witnessed many men and women tennis players who argued with the umpires and they were never ever treated so harshly as Serena was. I believe that the umpire was the great reason she lost the match and should be penalized. If according to the Tennis Federations tennis players are not allowed to argue with umpires, then should be across the board and applied universally and not only with Serena.

  • Charles M Rinehart
    Charles M Rinehart 19 days ago +1

    What Serena should have been penalized for was wearing a ‘dance of the sugar plum fairy’ outfit.

  • Ekan Akpan
    Ekan Akpan 19 days ago

    Serena was truppin

  • xiomana xoxoxo
    xiomana xoxoxo 19 days ago

    SERENA acted like a child she also had the opportunity to pass the baton with class and she missed it. Shes an entitled princess, who has achieved so much, facing this most racist of sports and she has turned them around...she had to be the G.O.A..T. to do it but damn she has done it but she's a sore loser a champion we will never forget but a weak moment here. Hated her speech too at the trophy ceremony.

  • kck
    kck 19 days ago

    We all have moments we wish we could take back where we had a meltdown towards someone, we treat these people like they are gods and when they act human we are quick to comdem but when we fail as being human it's hard for us to comdem ourselves

  • Godmarz Popy
    Godmarz Popy 19 days ago +2

    Serena Williams just a sore loser

  • Sena Cresena
    Sena Cresena 19 days ago

    I lost repect to Serena. She's cancelled.

  • paul _
    paul _ 20 days ago +1

    that interviewer is spitting facts

  • LovedBy You
    LovedBy You 20 days ago

    Why Steven sound like a preacher?? Lol

  • checkdasaus
    checkdasaus 20 days ago

    0:50 what a bullshit

  • prima prima
    prima prima 20 days ago

    Wtf ....IT was sexism!!! Men get away with IT...

  • Jasmine Roundtree
    Jasmine Roundtree 20 days ago

    We don't know everything that she said to Osaka after losing control of her emotions, and we don't know what happened between them two after the match. Osaka still looks up to Serena, because she's the player and probably understood her frustration. I'm not saying that what she did was right, and yes I know about the 3 violations rule, but I as a person that only played sports up until HS, understand how passionate of a player she is and how she could have lost her cool. This does not take away from her being the greatest female tennis player of all time though. You may question her character, but you can't deny her game and her 23 major wins. Come on now. These comments I'm reading are ridiculous.

  • ******
    ****** 20 days ago

    Of course the black man wouldn't agree who only dates white women uncle tom

    • J T 1
      J T 1 13 days ago

      you are an idiot. You are a racist. You got Serena;s back for one reason only....she is black.