Stephen A. says Serena Williams was wrong for 2018 US Open controversy | First Take | ESPN

  • Published on Sep 10, 2018
  • Stephen A. Smith says Serena Williams was wrong about the way she approached the chair umpire, adding that when she brought the issue of sexism into the argument, “that’s where she lost.”
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Comments • 17 817

  • Joe Wells
    Joe Wells 10 hours ago

    Max kellerman is such a whiney liberal cunt...wgose cock did be suck to get his job..

  • robin mitrani
    robin mitrani 11 hours ago

    Tennis has its double standards::
    🕯️ Game penalty was completely unfair against Serena.
    (Watch Nick & Fabio's match)
    🕯️ Ignoring and considering On-court coaching whenever they feel good.
    🕯️ I heard Umpires are forming union to stop Serena!!!! They don't have balls against many offenders in men tennis.

  • Jose Hernadez
    Jose Hernadez 11 hours ago

    She is dronk,to much drgssssss

  • fknyooom m
    fknyooom m 13 hours ago

    White dude is a fuckin idiot.

  • jaitus
    jaitus 14 hours ago

    Can’t say she’s wrong because the white guy will get fired and he’s prendenting to be upset that makes him a virtue signaling cunt

  • John Menyhard
    John Menyhard 15 hours ago

    The sisters are sore losers

  • John Menyhard
    John Menyhard 15 hours ago

    She is a man

  • Martin Bradley
    Martin Bradley 15 hours ago +1

    That guy on the right is a pussy

  • Sanguanboon
    Sanguanboon 16 hours ago

    The white guy trying to make a point about sexism by talking over the woman.

  • Chris Parada
    Chris Parada 16 hours ago

    This is what happens when race or gender is just shoved into any public argument like this. God, I hate the times we all live in. EVERYONE offended by EVERYTHING.

    ENTERTAINMENT 16 hours ago

    Sir Black man sir, ur argument is like lost on me " had she made it about her" sge did that already, and talked bou how its always aonething, then the sexism was like the last option cuz he waant budging I mean, w

  • Simon Tabony
    Simon Tabony 18 hours ago

    The guy on the right is a fucking clown

  • DingbatToast
    DingbatToast 19 hours ago

    If you want to see intelligent commentary on the incident start the video at 3:12 unless you want to listen to an egocentric wanker vomit on the mic for the first 3 minutes

  • yash koli
    yash koli 20 hours ago +1

    Atleast someone doesn't fear to say the Truth.

  • Pedro Gonzales
    Pedro Gonzales 21 hour ago

    Serena had a meltdown, I reckon it was that time of month 😂

  • Tom Greenough
    Tom Greenough 22 hours ago

    A rule is a rule That is why the rules are there.

    AUSTDOG1 23 hours ago

    Oh ffs Someone shut that dumb cunt up! Is he really comparing Serena to events that took place 30 fucking yrs ago?? Moron! Stop looking for reasons to excuse Serena and just face what she did was ludicrous! Why, when you see a duck, is it so hard to say you seen a fucking duck??

  • DJZ
    DJZ 23 hours ago

    Not sure why I ever liked max kellerman

  • Mushroomstamp
    Mushroomstamp 23 hours ago

    No class sore looser cunt .

  • Wind of Roses
    Wind of Roses Day ago

    An unnamed referee is accused on the contrary, because Serena is a famous player. It's an awkward results, people call it sour grapes.

  • Avel Linklater
    Avel Linklater Day ago

    I wonder when that guys balls fell off.....

  • Anna Warner
    Anna Warner Day ago

    Osaka played Williams twice and she beat Serena twice. That is quite a record. Also we are lucky that Osaka was black. otherwise we would hear from Serena about racism.

  • Sophisticated Nebula

    Are they aware that a third violation leads to a game penalty?

  • Reinaldo Fields
    Reinaldo Fields Day ago

    Max when did you turn in to a lil bitch. Your a fucking pussy

  • TheMightyThor83
    TheMightyThor83 Day ago

    It's ok to say that a black woman acted like a spoiled brat having a meltdown. Who care what's between her legs or what her skin color is. She acted liked a horses ass and got punished for it.

  • MikeyMan
    MikeyMan Day ago

    Shut up Max you reverse Uncle Tom !!

  • BobbyBoyGaming
    BobbyBoyGaming Day ago

    Max Kellerman is a smart guy, but on this show, these guys are told what to say and to take opposite stands. So you can be almost 100 percent sure that Kellerman was just saying that for the sake of keeping the show and his career going. Anyone with any level of common sense knows Serena was full of shit.

  • Patty Jones
    Patty Jones Day ago

    This guy needs to take a calm pill....geez

  • trev smith
    trev smith Day ago

    White reporter apologist. Weak as piss. Broke rules, suffer consequences. If it was a white male who was spitting chewing gum everyone would think the same - suffer consequences as well.

  • pj mt
    pj mt Day ago

    Serena sucks and is a weak, spoiled, delusional, trolling loser. Just fucking spit it out already. She also looks like a dude and plays like one too with that heinous, toxic person ballerina outfit she wears

  • Jose Chey
    Jose Chey Day ago

    Is Stephen A. Smith the only sports commentator with common sense? Always say whats correct and does not care about the stupidity of the political correctness.

  • John Quinn
    John Quinn Day ago

    Snowflake answer ,

  • Wareagle86
    Wareagle86 Day ago

    Serena is no different than Kanye West during the video awards. Stole that poor girl’s spotlight.

  • CANALI Rodriguez

    Serena broke her racket like a gorilla. There someone had to say it. Her manly looking ass. To much testosterone flowing through her blood. She a sore loser. And no one likes losers.

  • Aakash Sharma
    Aakash Sharma Day ago

    This white man.. Completely doesn't have any knowledge about tennis rules..

  • Jeannette Oliver

    Serena Williams is a flake.

  • Beto Goncalves
    Beto Goncalves Day ago

    Congratulations to Naomi Osaka for the well deserved win. I don't care about Serena's controversy. She can blab all day about sexism or racism. Give the spotlight to Osaka 💙

  • Cameron King
    Cameron King Day ago

    Serena threatened Ramos's career, Serena should be suspended.

  • Axomia account
    Axomia account Day ago

    Support the umpire. Serena was a cry baby.

  • samson dakuwaqa
    samson dakuwaqa Day ago

    You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

  • here we go
    here we go Day ago

    Tennis days are over Serena. Now just turn around.

  • Joejoetheboss Culler

    She wasn’t wrong for the way she acted

  • angh909
    angh909 Day ago

    bunch of morons talki9ng.....

  • Ryan MacFarlane
    Ryan MacFarlane Day ago

    The rules are the rules. You don't get to bend or break them just because you're a star. That Serena believes her stardom means she gets to order umpires around and violate conduct rules with impunity says everything you need to know about what her character actually is. I hope her daughter doesn't grow up to be like that.

  • Mindfook Films
    Mindfook Films Day ago +1

    I cant believe these people are justifying that disgraceful act of her.

  • Geria Wright
    Geria Wright Day ago

    Check out Zina Garrison's opinion in the video Former Tennis Star Defends Serena Williams published September 14, 2018...what does that make Ms. Garrison, just curious (no debate)?

  • BananaMilk
    BananaMilk Day ago

    god i love stephen A. he will always agree on what he has to say..he just makes the most sense everytime

  • steve chris
    steve chris Day ago

    Ugh Look at this shameless jew with serena's cock in his disgusting

  • Ruksun Neupane
    Ruksun Neupane Day ago


  • Maxantium
    Maxantium Day ago

    Kellerman is on POINT ! Stephen A , gotta kick rocks on this one !

  • Sabotage Elite
    Sabotage Elite Day ago

    why is he shouting?

  • Scott Allen
    Scott Allen Day ago

    The way the game was going serena was being dominated before the ump took the game away. She lost 6 to 4 1st set. She was down 2 on the second

  • Damian Mccall
    Damian Mccall Day ago

    Sore loser... She lost. It happens, hahaha.

  • trey reznor
    trey reznor Day ago

    it's simple, she knew she was going to lose, and not even close, so she had to change the headline, which she did , now people are not talking about how she got outplayed. she acted like she never knew about losing the point, until she lost the game, to make it a bigger highlight.

  • Mark Buckley
    Mark Buckley Day ago

    The dude talking at the start must have an acquired brain injury. I've never heard such retarded nonsense in my life.

  • Gadjo X
    Gadjo X Day ago

    How dare that umpire apply the rules of the game to a black woman? Especially when she's a top player?

  • KorisnikBr1
    KorisnikBr1 Day ago

    what a soyboy

  • todd meeks
    todd meeks Day ago

    sir-ena the tennis tranny. Pos

  • Daniele Messina
    Daniele Messina Day ago

    why does this delusional man have a well paid job?

  • Joshua Thangliana

    Max I'm disappointed at you. Just because you are afraid to be called sexist and racist for telling the truth you back off, looking at Molly's reaction constantly being afraid that you will offend her.

  • ben079329
    ben079329 Day ago

    Rules are there to be inforced. No discussion, Serena was completely wrong

  • Contiusa RIO
    Contiusa RIO Day ago

    Times have changed. You can do that to referees anymore. In soccer, some of the old matches were true blood baths. Nowadays the referee would expel half the field. And she is a full blown bully, all the way. Shameful.

  • Joy Jamago
    Joy Jamago Day ago

    Call a spade a spade. Good point.

  • Joe Rafferty
    Joe Rafferty Day ago

    “The greatest player who ever lived” come on, moron. Federer, Djokovic, Del Porto, Roddick, all would demolish her. Quit comparing women’s tennis to men’s tennis in an attempt to defend Serena’s absurd behavior.

  • Dani
    Dani 2 days ago

    5:13 What a stupid question. It's Serena's fault that she verbally abused the umpire AFTER she had ALREADY received a point penalty. She had a freakout fit at the juncture where the next outcome is a game penalty. So the question is, did Nadal or Djokovic misbehave when a whole game is on the line?

  • Joao Rodrigues
    Joao Rodrigues 2 days ago

    A lot of ignorant people! Serena, go cry to home. Let her win! She must win, is a woman! Please! Wait, the other it’s also a woman? Ohhhh my good! Let win the two! There must be a rule for that! Serena must not lose! Call that men some names, you are a woman. You can do it! That’s it! Yes yes! Serena it’s a LOSER!!!!! Hahahaha I don’t want to see her again! Sexism? WTF!!! Get another point. LOSER!!!!! Ahahahahaahahahahaha
    Congratulations Naomi!!!!!!! You are a very PROFESSIONAL PLAYER!

  • Keith B
    Keith B 2 days ago

    Between 1998 and 2018, men were penalized a total of 1517 times. Women were penalized a total of 535. A ratio of roughly 3 to 1. It is false to claim that men aren't penalized the same as women for the same behaviors.

  • Kel Rinehart
    Kel Rinehart 2 days ago

    Steriods are bad

  • Kel Rinehart
    Kel Rinehart 2 days ago

    Sore loser!

  • Kel Rinehart
    Kel Rinehart 2 days ago

    She's a spoiled child

  • Metolius9
    Metolius9 2 days ago

    White people virtue signaling to the poor Negro victims is one of the more offensive things about modern America. Used to be a time you’d get fucked up for acting that weak. This country is done, enjoy the decline faggits!

  • James Meikle
    James Meikle 2 days ago

    That guy on the right talks so loud and for so long but it's nothing but garbage coming out of his mouth.

  • Marty P
    Marty P 2 days ago

    Max is such the opposite of a uncle tom..

  • Ali Polaris
    Ali Polaris 2 days ago

    Reading the comments below, no wondering why we have to pay for edcadtion because stupid motherfuckers like Mr Smith and common below , no one can't lable anything on ms Williams, only problem one should have, is not due to her emtionals behavior, it is due for ms Williams using sexiests, saying that she woman, no it is beacuse she black woman

  • WillieRants
    WillieRants 2 days ago

    @MAX who are you? Are you really this stupid? You blamed Ramos for taking away this victory from Osaka? Really? You stupid fuck. You are implying that umpires should not enforce the rules if a player might throw a tantrum. Yeah players may say things much worse, other women players might say things much worse. Ramos didn't penalize Serena because of WHAT Serena said. It has nothing to do with the word "Theif". That's an assessment you and others have made, not Ramos. He penalized her because she WOULD NOT STFU and play the game. She just kept going and going and going. Get your head out of your ASS MAX. [edit] Let me continue. Had Serena just STFU and moved on none of this would have happened other than the fact she was going to get your ass whooped by Osaka. Serena knew this, she chose to release her frustrations out on the Umpire. That is the unequivocal truth. Stop taking the easy way out Max, this issue rests squarely on the shoulders of Williams. Period. You weak spineless sympathizing with the wrong side coward.

  • Dom
    Dom 2 days ago

    She didn't just say "thief" lol
    She harassed him for like 5 minutes straight.
    Such behavior needs to be reprimanded.

  • Sly mur
    Sly mur 2 days ago

    After a having a baby, Serena's brain turned in a mush potatoes. Sorry she need to go

  • Nilesh Agrawal
    Nilesh Agrawal 2 days ago

    this useless loudmouth is just a ball-licker !
    P.S. I know this time the balls are missing.

  • tubewatchingelephant

    Williams acted like the rich and privileged spoilt brat that she is. Why is anyone defending her disgusting bullying and threats to staff. Anyone who justifies this disgusting behaviour is an idiot.

  • Bishal Sangpang
    Bishal Sangpang 2 days ago

    Very well said, wow! Serena is wrong!!!q

  • Nickpug9
    Nickpug9 2 days ago

    This guy really saying some people should be above the rules?

  • TatsuKeDesu
    TatsuKeDesu 2 days ago

    Fuck that brat bitch serena

  • Steve Kituku
    Steve Kituku 2 days ago +1

    If you were sitting for your final exam, you wouldn't go disrespecting the very people you know are going to Mark and determine whether you move to the next step or you don't! apart from being professionals,at the end of the day,they are also human beings with feelings like everyone else!

  • Mo Fungo
    Mo Fungo 2 days ago

    Fact: there is a rule against coaching in tennis. The coach and Serena got caught, therefore warning No.1 - she can argue that she "wasn't being coached" , but if the umpire agreed with her he would have to agree with every other player thereby rendering the rule null and void. FACT: she broke a racket, warning no.2 - FACT: she insulted umpire, warning no.3 - tennis has rules, if you don't like them don't play.

  • Fin365
    Fin365 2 days ago

    lol. The white guy IS mic'd up, right? So why's he shouting throughout the whole thing? Calm down, dude.. it's only a tv show!

  • Pareekshith Gowda
    Pareekshith Gowda 2 days ago

    Can’t wait to hear what BILL BURR has to say about this

  • Toby Srimani
    Toby Srimani 2 days ago +1

    Stfu Max! After two code violations that resulted in a point penalty, guess what comes next Max, that's right, game penalty. And before she said thief, which is what everyone is talking about, she kept berating and badgering him. The gall to demand an apology, threatened his job, called him a liar, and finally a thief. Open your eyes Max, the umpire had to endure this endless verbal abuse while she kept going on and on. I hope the umpires do boycott her match, and we'll see what the wta, usta, and itf do about her despicable behavior, sore LOSER!

  • Don't really care what you think

    Big ass entitled monkey! That's all she is. She needs to be put back in her place...the fucking jungle. She can swat flies off a cows ass with that racket!

  • Carlos Pontes
    Carlos Pontes 2 days ago


  • Mal Vane
    Mal Vane 2 days ago

    The World Champion dethroned in a flaming wreckage.

  • Kendel Fregia
    Kendel Fregia 2 days ago

    100% certain had she not cheated and received coaching, the violation involving her racket would not have been called. furthermore, had she not been harassing the umpire since she had been caught cheating, she would not have lost the game on those grounds.

  • MikeyMan
    MikeyMan 2 days ago

    Max. I lost all of the little respect I had for you. Why is it that you defend the black athlete no matter what. Does ESPN make you defend these Gorilla’s ? Or are you scared to say anything bad about a black athlete cause you are sitting across from Stephen Asshole Smith ?

  • Si W
    Si W 2 days ago

    Erm....I tell you what happened in LAYMANS TERMS... She's black and she has attitude, big chip.... She knew what was going down she was losing so she drummed up this big drama... So it was all about her, racism, sexism.... And a typical nigga.... Period

  • Just Anon
    Just Anon 2 days ago

    I'm just confused at their heights tho. Serena is listed as 5'9'' and Osaka as 5'11''. But look at here 5:00

  • tanat chirapark
    tanat chirapark 2 days ago

    Stop shouting..

  • jimmyhackers
    jimmyhackers 2 days ago

    she got caught, got penalties, had a hissy fit, had another hissy fit.

  • 6'5, Give Me Some Leg Room

    I feel bad for some white people this generation even if they arent racist they still have to play this political correctness side just to not be judged

  • Just Anon
    Just Anon 2 days ago

    She was just losing so she did all those things to make it look like she lost because of her behavior rather than losing on skills.

  • Yee Sen Chai
    Yee Sen Chai 2 days ago

    Tennis needs a rule change:
    1. Coach may coach in the audience, if they bother to come with their secret code. More power to them.
    2. Tennis racquet should be allowed to be slammed on the ground but each player is only allowed one racquet per game.
    3. Player immediately forfeit their game if they bring feminism, racism and trumpism into the game.

  • vendogg
    vendogg 2 days ago

    Steven A was spot on here. I wonder what that idiot Skip would've said about thos