Is Height Genetic?

  • Published on Sep 18, 2018
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    I’m tall. Most of the people in my family are tall. Does that mean my son will be tall? Turns out the inheritance of height is a lot more complicated than we thought. Scientists know that nature (genes) and nurture (environment) both play a role, but after more than a century of questions, we’re only just now starting to get some answers
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Comments • 8 298

  • Lola_Dash
    Lola_Dash 18 hours ago

    Pshh I wish I was 5’4”. I hateee being tall esp when most dudes are your height or only like an inch taller. Dunno why and I wish I didn’t care but I can’t date a guy my height or shorter than me, it makes me feel soooo self conscious and uncomfortable

  • Gaua Shxh
    Gaua Shxh Day ago

    My mom is about 5”4 (her sister is 5”10, brothers are 6”4 and 5”11) and my dad is 5”11 (his sister is 5”4 1/2) My mom’s mom is really short, about 5 feet, but her dad is 6”2 (he lost 2 feet from surgery). His whole family is way taller than him though. My dads mom was 5”9, and his dad was 5”11. I’m 14 and 5”3, and haven’t had my period yet. Btw my brother is 11 and my height, he is in the 99th percentile for height, while I’m at 40. I’m really sad that I’m short, and cry about it everyday. Do you think I’ll be taller, and how tall?

  • Johan Bakker
    Johan Bakker Day ago

    Im dutch and my dad is in between 6.1 and 6.2. And my mom is 5.4. Atm im 15 and 5.6. How tall will I be?

  • Mrinal R. Jani
    Mrinal R. Jani Day ago

    Mom: 5'2"
    Dad: 6'4"
    Me: Ygdrassil (I'm actually short for a man, but this is just a joke)

  • IssoDav Critical force

    Mom - 5'7
    Dad- 5'10
    Me at 14 - 5'9 and I'm trying to be 6'4

  • Miles Andray Casilao
    Miles Andray Casilao 3 days ago +1

    my dad is 5'8 and my mom is 5'5, im 6'0 at the age of 16. i was hoping to get a max height of 6'3 if that is possible. i always eat rich in protein food and im very skinny for my height

  • Δmαzε 1
    Δmαzε 1 4 days ago

    Kind of well I think there is a 30 percent chance that height is not genetic because my friend is 5 foot 1 and 11 years old and his dad is 5 foot 7 and his mom is only 5 foot 3 in only 4 foot 11 and 11 as well and my dad is 5 foot 10 and 3 quarters

  • The Chicken Of Life
    The Chicken Of Life 4 days ago

    I am a normal 11 years old kid with the height of 165 cm

  • Chimney nugget
    Chimney nugget 6 days ago

    I have seen that my uncle that played basketball is 183cm compared to his brother (my dad that lifted weights) who is 170cm! I am happy that im 175cm at the age of 13.11 and im expected to grow from 180cm to 190cm tall

  • Soc MAN
    Soc MAN 6 days ago

    Mom 1.67m
    Dad. 1.56m
    Me : 1.83m
    ???? 🧐

  • Eillac Enna Rengaw
    Eillac Enna Rengaw 7 days ago

    My parents are the shortest of their siblings but all above 5’7. I’m the shortest of my family at 5’3.

  • ThatOneKid Wyatt
    ThatOneKid Wyatt 9 days ago

    Im 10 and 5’0 and my mom is 33 and 5’1 and my dad is 34 and 5’10 help me

  • J Espinola
    J Espinola 9 days ago

    Everyone trying to figure out how to get taller

  • Houssam Firachine
    Houssam Firachine 11 days ago

    eat meat guys

  • SarCasualGuy
    SarCasualGuy 13 days ago

    Mom: 5'10
    Me: 6'7

  • Savannah Seney
    Savannah Seney 14 days ago +1

    I’d willingly stand behind someone tall if it meant I got to go to a bon jovi concert 😂

  • Chí Thiện Nguyễn
    Chí Thiện Nguyễn 15 days ago +1

    Mom: 5'4''
    Dad: 5'5''
    me: 5'9''

  • thejokersonyou
    thejokersonyou 15 days ago

    Are taller men having more kids than shorter men???

  • Claire Redfield
    Claire Redfield 16 days ago

    Shut up, idiots. Nobody cares how tall you are.

  • KND Video
    KND Video 17 days ago +1

    Dad:5’8 or 5’7
    Grandpa mom side: 6’0
    Grandpa dad side: 6’2
    Me: 5’9
    I feel like I should of been taller

    • Sunforged
      Sunforged 15 days ago

      +KND Video
      Blame ur grandfather's for going with short women, they threw their tall genetics in the trash.
      Just accept it bro and make the best out of what you got

    • KND Video
      KND Video 15 days ago

      sadly there both 5’2 I hope I could grow more like at least 5’11 but I’m 21 years old so I don’t know if I’m going grow even more

    • Sunforged
      Sunforged 16 days ago

      Are your grandmother's short?

  • max marrero
    max marrero 17 days ago

    exodus 34 :7 parent to son.

  • max marrero
    max marrero 17 days ago

    Bah idiots still believing we came from stupid monkeys.

  • max marrero
    max marrero 17 days ago

    Bah idiots still believing we came from stupis monkeys.

  • max marrero
    max marrero 17 days ago

    as bible exodus father to son gens.

  • Maddox Howerton
    Maddox Howerton 18 days ago +1

    im 12 and 5’10

  • Emma Schimmel
    Emma Schimmel 18 days ago +1

    Go Dutch people! The tallest people in the world! I think that you may buy a cake for yourself now.

  • Nicola
    Nicola 20 days ago +1

    1:14 you are oversimplifying. Read more:

  • Gangsta Grieves MT
    Gangsta Grieves MT 20 days ago

    Is penis size genetic? If so I want another father.

    • Mr. Pepe
      Mr. Pepe 6 days ago

      I want to be non-Asian then.

  • LG imperial
    LG imperial 20 days ago +1

    i'm dutch and i'm only 163 cm that's around 5'3'

    • Das Ankan Anirudh
      Das Ankan Anirudh 16 days ago +2

      I'm Indian I'm only 161 CM where Average In India is 165 CM

  • Noelle Caylor
    Noelle Caylor 20 days ago +3

    Dad: 6’2
    Mom: 5’6
    Older sister: 5’0 (don’t worry she has diabetes)
    Me: 5’5

  • Claw
    Claw 21 day ago

    Mom 5'3
    Dad 5'5
    Brother (20yo) 5'8.5
    Me 5'10.5 and still growing cos i had a late growthspurt (at 15 it started and I was 5'6 almost 16 in 2 months)

    • Mr. Pepe
      Mr. Pepe 6 days ago

      Yo, you got a spurt at 15? Perhaps there is still hope for me.

  • Muhammad Farhan
    Muhammad Farhan 21 day ago

    Mom: 161 cm
    Dad: 170 cm
    Brother: 175 cm
    Sister: 165 cm
    Twin sister: 163 cm
    Me: 173 cm

    I hope i can outheight my brother

  • Myles Frampton
    Myles Frampton 21 day ago

    Short gang here 🙋

  • Jd Smith
    Jd Smith 22 days ago

    Bruh I don’t think it is cause ik this dude his dad his 5’8 his mom is 5’6 and he 6’8 😭 I was like are these yo parents fr 💀

    • Mr. Pepe
      Mr. Pepe 6 days ago

      Is the milkman tall?

  • Emily Pentland
    Emily Pentland 25 days ago

    he said bon Jovi and I'm actually wearing a bon Jovi shirt at this moment from his this house is not for sale tour in 2017

  • PureLittleLamb
    PureLittleLamb 25 days ago

    Mom: ~5'7
    Dad: ~6'
    Older Brother: 6'3
    Little Brother (six y/o): 4'2
    *_Me (fully grown): 5'2 and 3/4_*
    ((my one grandma is 5'3 so I probably got it from her))

  • Dennis Hu
    Dennis Hu 25 days ago

    Im 6 foot 6 and I’m tryna reach 6 foot 11 and I’m 17 turning 18 this year is it still posible

  • nebi k
    nebi k 27 days ago

    Dad: 5'8"
    Mom: 5'4"
    Me: 5'9"
    I think that's plausible

  • JSG
    JSG 29 days ago

    You Americans and your stupid metric system that no one (except for you)really understand

  • lilo
    lilo Month ago

    I'm dutch but I'm only 5"0

  • Aaron Dominguez
    Aaron Dominguez Month ago

    Mom : 5’5
    Dad : 5’6 or 5’5
    Me: 5’7
    Im 15 currently

    • Mr. Pepe
      Mr. Pepe 6 days ago

      I'm exactly your age and height but my parents are 5'0 and 5'5.

  • Josue Castaneda
    Josue Castaneda Month ago

    Mom: 4’10
    Dad: 5’4
    Me: 5’3 (I’m 13)

    How tall am I gonna be??

    • Papa Drake
      Papa Drake 25 days ago

      U can use height caculator but its not accurate

    • Papa Drake
      Papa Drake 25 days ago

      Probably 5'7

  • Kiara
    Kiara Month ago

    Me: 5'0 (haven't grown in 7 years)
    Brother: 6'5
    Sister: 5'8

    Me to my DNA: where tf is my height. c'mon where is it. i know youre hiding it. gimme

  • Rozzzi
    Rozzzi Month ago

    Mom 5”10
    Dad 6”4
    Brother 6”7
    Older sister 6”2
    Little sister 5”2
    Me 13 year old and 5”8

  • Amy Nguyen
    Amy Nguyen Month ago

    Dad: 5'11
    Mom: 5'4
    Me: *4'10*
    I already had my growth spurt...

  • chlowieIris pasterypastelgalaxy

    Dog 8'5
    Me awww your so cute
    My best friends and neighbors
    Oh hey is that Clifford
    Me: No it's not she's a Calvin king spaniel
    Also me: rides on her and they wants to and my dog barks at them 😂

  • A Oumar Diallo
    A Oumar Diallo Month ago

    Im like 4'5 and im 11 years old

  • endsss
    endsss Month ago

    Mother: 5"6 (165cm)
    Father: 5"9 (175cm)
    Me: 5"7 (170cm)
    I'm 14, early bloomer

  • Der Professionelle Anfänger Turnier Analytiker

    What is height? Height is the one-dimensional measurement of humans telling the length of the body of an individual. Because this is destined mostly due to bone structure / bone shape it can be said that it is determined by the genetic encoding. (There exist people with long legs, short legs, short torso, long torso etc. You can mostly see a homology to some of your parents or family members). But there is another factor called size, something that occurs in all lifeforms on Earth. Because life aspires to grow, lifeforms get bigger the older they get. Wanting to occupy the most three-dimensional space as possible. (This is why "tall" or "big" is a positive attribute to all people). This size is not primarily the length of bones, which is mostly genetical and controlled by hormones but as well the width of them and the "expansion" of the meat tissue etc. This size is mostly due to nutrition. So if you eat well and stay healthy you can't expect to get another body structure but to get bigger in general (so taller in the end) than you would.

    The problem most people have is that height is such an important factor in social interactions. People compare themselves and some get psychological problems, sadly.

    This is how I see it due to my life experiences.

  • Kay Duff
    Kay Duff Month ago

    What is happening in the comments section...??

  • Cody Fields
    Cody Fields Month ago

    Mom is 5'1"
    Dad is 6'2"
    I'm a 5'4" and 20 year old guy

    • Sunforged
      Sunforged 16 days ago

      Ur dad fucked up by going with a midget

    • t38 big trees
      t38 big trees Month ago

      Do some spine stretches like hanging or anything else , there isnt much research on this, but i ve been doing it for a few weeks now and i was 5'11 now im just about 6'1, could possibly give u a cm or two, watch your posture when you sit down aswell this compresses your spine making you seem slightly shorter.

  • fum fop
    fum fop Month ago +1

    Where my short people at?

  • NoodleyMane
    NoodleyMane Month ago +1

    My mom: 9'11"
    My dad: 4'20"
    Me: 6'9"
    My will to live: 0'0"

  • WattoXtreme
    WattoXtreme Month ago

    I’m 6’6 and I’m 15

  • Jikook Harling
    Jikook Harling Month ago

    Dad: 5'4
    Uncle 1: 5'9
    Uncle 2: 5'6
    Mom: 5'8
    Uncle 3: 6'2

    Brother: 5'9
    Adult male me: 5'2
    Damn dad, why did you give me the midget gene :(

  • Magdalie Mexile
    Magdalie Mexile Month ago +1

    “Siblings Heights are much more similar” * my 5’5 eyes slowly pan over to my 6’4 brother*

    • Luthér Olayemí
      Luthér Olayemí Month ago

      Are you a female? It's more similar with the same gender

  • Magdalie Mexile
    Magdalie Mexile Month ago

    I’m 19yrs old and I’m 5’4 and I have a 12yr old little brother. A couple months ago I came home from college and went to sign out my little brother from middle school to surprise him. _Now imagine my shock when the bell rings while I’m there and 90% of the _*_middle schoolers_*_ walking around are all taller than me!_ I literally felt so small I was like WTF IS GOING ON.

  • Kaizou
    Kaizou Month ago

    Billie Jean, not my lover. She's just a girl.

  • Trap EDM
    Trap EDM Month ago

    Just waiting for that 1 day to show all my friends I WILL be taller than them... sadly that day will probably never come

  • Karan Gupta
    Karan Gupta Month ago

    Maharana pratap 2.26 cm in 16 century 7 ft 5 Google search

  • Marc Padilla
    Marc Padilla Month ago

    A guy who comes from a family of tall people is questioning the role of genetics.Omnigenic is a good term if height cannot be pinned down to a specific gene. It may be that growth involves the interaction of several hundred genes that metabolize differently in association with genetics and the environment.

  • Voids
    Voids Month ago

    apparently i'm meant to be 201cm tall?

    i'm eleven and 163cm tall i don't think i'll be 201 when i'm an adult

    • t38 big trees
      t38 big trees Month ago

      you re too young to be worrying about ur height, worry about school kido

  • Om Az
    Om Az Month ago

    I just turn 17 and im only 5’10 i wish I was 6’2

  • King of Meh
    King of Meh Month ago

    How tall will I be I’m 14 5’8 just started a bunch of my growing this year (I grew almost 4 inches in 6 months) and I have a uncle who is 6ft and a grandfather who is around 6,2 (I look the most like him) and I’m very healthy and get about 9 hours of sleep a night and workout for about 2 hours a day( side note I play Basket) what do you guys think my height will be

  • Bashar
    Bashar Month ago +1

    I'm 17 , 5'9" . how much can I grow more help

    • Bashar
      Bashar Month ago +1

      +pepewow ur about 6 ft now.hearing that gave me chills thanks

    • pepe
      pepe Month ago

      I was 17 177 cm now 183 at 20 stop caring about height

  • Dora Këmba
    Dora Këmba Month ago

    1:04 5' ... 7"? Seven?

  • FanisNation
    FanisNation Month ago

    “siblings tend to have similar heights”
    Me: 5’10
    Twin sister: 5’4
    Ok, definitely not the same but I guess we’re both kinda average. But since we were brought up eating the same meals I expected we would be closer, so I guess there’s more than meets the eye. May be the genes?!

  • Betsy Cow
    Betsy Cow Month ago +2

    Also me: Imma marry a dutch man

  • Chandler Griffis
    Chandler Griffis Month ago +1

    This is fake bc the Bible says that we where made as humans Adam was made from sand and eave was made from Adams rib

  • Amal unni
    Amal unni Month ago

    do a video on balding

  • tyawesome johnson
    tyawesome johnson Month ago +1

    My dad is 5ft5 and my younger brother is 5ft6 yet I somehow ended up at 5ft9. Thank god im not super short like the rest of my family lol

  • Irish Boyio
    Irish Boyio Month ago

    I'm only 13, I'm gonna be a fuckload when I'm older

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian Month ago +1

    My dad is 40 while im 15👍🏾

  • Aaliyah Katarina
    Aaliyah Katarina Month ago +2

    Mom: 5"11
    Dad: 6"1
    Me: 5"7
    Hotel: Trivago

  • Yatter Gacha
    Yatter Gacha Month ago

    I’m a smoll potato and im dutch :(

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Month ago +1

    Did they changed the thumbnail?

  • Logan May
    Logan May Month ago

    Twins are the same height so it is genetic your welcome

  • Logan May
    Logan May Month ago

    Twins are the same height so it is genetic your welcome

  • Dream Pastell
    Dream Pastell Month ago +4

    One of my friends is 6'3. He's fourteen.

  • Summer Helm
    Summer Helm Month ago

    My twin brother is left handed and the only other lefty in my family is my moms cousins sisters husband is left handed

  • Katatsuki
    Katatsuki Month ago +1

    Dad: 186cm
    Mom: 157cm
    Me: 161cm
    I guess my generation is bigger than the generations before, cause I look totally close to my mom and the biggest people (including the men) in her family are about 157cm tall.

  • Mir516Zen
    Mir516Zen Month ago

    Nate Hill?

  • Lucas Maher
    Lucas Maher Month ago +1

    Dad: 5’7
    Grandad: 5’6
    Grandfather: 5’3
    Uncle: 5’4
    Uncle: 5’6
    Uncle: 5’8

    Me: 5’0. I got the short end of the short stick.

  • Aggelos Dimitris
    Aggelos Dimitris Month ago

    Would you consider 5 feet 11 tall avrg or short and what height can i possibly reach im 16 my father was 6 feet or 5 11 and 3 quarters and mother 5 8 can i reach like 6 3?

  • Alison EvaMari
    Alison EvaMari Month ago

    My mom is 5'4"... My dad is 5'11".... I'm six feet tall. And female. Riddle me that, Dr. Joe.

  • kav sch
    kav sch Month ago

    Most dna is dormant. Star forts where the outer barrier is a filled water moat can change the vibrations of energetic pulses. These pulse frequencies waken genes associated with height. Henceforth, the country with the most star forts is the country with the tallest people, the Netherlands.

    • harold smith
      harold smith Month ago

      Could you explain star forts more I am curious

  • Luna Ember Diamondz
    Luna Ember Diamondz Month ago +1

    Mom: 4'11
    Dad: 5'11
    Me: 5'6 1/2

  • Iacon Dawnshire
    Iacon Dawnshire Month ago +2

    I wonder if premature birth can affect your height 🤔

    • pepe
      pepe Month ago

      I was premature born and im as tall as the doctor predicted

  • A Coul
    A Coul Month ago

    It's so complex because you'd have the be our maker to know. There are limits to science (how far/deep it can explain things) and even scientists know this lol

  • dite6s9mora
    dite6s9mora Month ago

    That's what my friend was telling me always, that he was shorter because he was very poor as a child with not much to eat.

  • winter ramos
    winter ramos Month ago

    Women care about height...tell me I'm wrong

  • Adhurim Sheji
    Adhurim Sheji Month ago

    Dad: 5‘9
    Mom: 5‘6
    Me: 6‘3

  • Poperino garcia
    Poperino garcia Month ago

    so basically it is 80% genetics plus nutrition during childhood and adolescence

  • usy ysu
    usy ysu Month ago

    I saw this channel fr the first and I immediately subscribed .

  • LionTube
    LionTube Month ago

    Lmao, im 15 and 6,2 ,its cold up here... help

  • Metal MaMa
    Metal MaMa Month ago

    I'm 4'10",my dad was 5'1", grandpa was 5'3",grandma was 4'9", and my great grandma was 4'6". All were poor to middle class and had horrible health and none lived past 60. On the other hand, my birth mother is 5'10",her entire side of the family was 6-7 feet tall. I even have or had uncles that are/were 7'3". But they were poor as well. It's a very intriguing(and hopeful) idea that maybe genetics doesn't have everything to do with height because maybe my sons might have hope to be at least average height, healthy, happy, and live past age 60.... 😊❤

  • bikesquad 420
    bikesquad 420 Month ago

    Think there should be a lot of things the now like stuff and pills to make people bigger if they have a growing problem my growth hormone is bad and am small could someone help me with it

  • bikesquad 420
    bikesquad 420 Month ago

    Why has youtube not have any vidoes of programs on science like dna how take dna and extract the growth hormone to be taller that would be good am small av never went tall a fell and a have a doctor but not the kind of doctor am wantin need tool is there anything that could help me hate being small never have hated it this much a blame my mum and dad but there not even small so how is that

  • Rodolfo felix
    Rodolfo felix Month ago +7

    Mom- 5 foot 1
    Dad- 5 foot 8
    Me - 6 foot 1
    I’m Mexican too which makes it weird since most of my family is short other than like 2 cousins who are like 6 3
    In conclusion I got lucky

    • Doge The IV
      Doge The IV Month ago

      How big were you as a teen

    • H Q
      H Q Month ago

      Im mexican and im 5’9 at 13 and my cousins are all over 6 ft

    • Jeffrey Muu
      Jeffrey Muu Month ago

      Rodolfo felix
      Not much of an advantage you do get alot more eyes on you because you don’t see tall Mexicans

  • Missy Barbour
    Missy Barbour Month ago +1

    I come from two lines of Hobbits and am very short but all of us love to eat. Oh well, curse the Swedes I guess