2010 - NEW VIDEO - Russian Stealth Fighter - Sukhoi T-50 PAK FA - HD - High Definition Trailer


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  • Geschafts Fuhrer
    Geschafts Fuhrer Year ago

    Devis2000 your videos are awesome

  • Christos Gavalas
    Christos Gavalas Year ago


  • Hrushikesh Kangaokar

    Love T50 and Russia from India

  • Tommy Finley
    Tommy Finley Year ago

    Love and respect from America.

  • Anthony Mize
    Anthony Mize Year ago


  • MrArcadia2009
    MrArcadia2009 Year ago

    I give them props for Design, this thing LOOKS BAD-ASS!!!

  • Driptanshu Das
    Driptanshu Das Year ago

    nothing is better than f 22 raptor

    • Golden brother
      Golden brother 11 months ago

      Driptanshu Das f22 is obsolete since 90is

  • Francisco Garcia
    Francisco Garcia 2 years ago

    si son tan buenos los americano porque no inbaden rusia como lo an hecho con otros paises es mi pregunta?

  • Jose Menezes
    Jose Menezes 2 years ago

    Tecnologia da Guerra Fria ainda e foi testado a 1ª vez em 1990.

  • nikolai s
    nikolai s 2 years ago

    straxoten samolet

  • Сергей Моисеенко

    Эпично начинается: Эдакий советский гений в очках идет под рок, а за ним самолет. Гремучая смесь советских гениев и современности

  • Alekx888
    Alekx888 2 years ago

    что это

  • Darko Milosevski
    Darko Milosevski 2 years ago

    you stupid americans coments of russia coping american plane tell me when america gona make so flat plane like pak fa litle a piece of paper noobs:)

  • Charles Darwin
    Charles Darwin 3 years ago

    Haha looks like a cheap crude copy of the f22. The f22 is old yet in 2010 the t50 still doesn't have the capability the f22 has .

    • Golden brother
      Golden brother 11 months ago

      Charles Darwin f22 iw crap in every modern aspect

    • Charles Darwin
      Charles Darwin 2 years ago

      +RobinHood Vandalton
      u could not be more off lol
      that 50 cal bullet would never make it because the would be blown up before it ever happens.

    • Jo Im
      Jo Im 2 years ago

      +Charles “Mole” Darwin as if you knew

  • pauljackowacko552
    pauljackowacko552 3 years ago +2

    Send those over to Syria.

  • Freddy von grunn
    Freddy von grunn 3 years ago +3

    I can't get enough from Russian planes☺☺☺☺I love them☺☺☺☺☺

  • socrates mwalandi Mwambogha

    no one should complain about Russians stealing American military designs of planes....that's how brilliant the Russians are

  • SmokeStack
    SmokeStack 3 years ago

    Every Russian jet now is a copy of US designs. The Su-27 was a copycat F-15. The Su-35 seemed just an improved copy. This thing looks nearly identical to the F-22 minus the gadgets like internal weapons bays and different engines. Thats all that looks different. Tell me you don't see the resemblence. Like maybe a little, or A LOT.

    • Golden brother
      Golden brother 11 months ago

      SmokeStack f15 is copy from MiG25 so?

    • Dmitri Patronov
      Dmitri Patronov 2 years ago +1

      Every plane the US design was a copy from other countries such as F-35 it was a copy from Yak-141.

    • Matthew Penfold
      Matthew Penfold 3 years ago


      It looks more like the YF-23, IMHO.

  • i am NOT the father
    i am NOT the father 3 years ago

    amedicans are pussy

  • Rob G
    Rob G 3 years ago

    So it can fly without crashing...GO RUSSIA!

  • Ryan Summers
    Ryan Summers 3 years ago +2

    it sad their only building 12 I would of love to see the 200+ they were going to build be shot down by a squadron of f 22 or better yet the even the crap f 35. you Russian say its 5 gen but every one else says it 4.5 gen.

    • Pavel Cueto
      Pavel Cueto 3 years ago

      +Ryan Summers, the NATO is one of the LESS objective and less reliable source of information... it is just the political mask of powerful military corporations. Obviously they say crap about other aicrafts (and other countries), because they need to sell their own products.

    • Cecil Turtle
      Cecil Turtle 3 years ago +1

      +Ryan Summers it's shape looks more stealthy than f 22.

    • Ryan Summers
      Ryan Summers 3 years ago

      +Anna Liszka no I mean the rest of nato

    • Anna Liszka
      Anna Liszka 3 years ago +1

      Everyone you mean who? Americans? Lol :D

  • SemperFido9915
    SemperFido9915 3 years ago

    What's that... what's that on the nose wheel? Is that a Denver boot, or training wheels? Hyuck hyuck hyuck! Just kidding. Nothing but for for the guys who stole the plans for the F-22.

  • Murray3Art
    Murray3Art 3 years ago

    lmao...good luck NATO...

  • revolution2010ful
    revolution2010ful 3 years ago

    what song did you use?

  • idpaipsc
    idpaipsc 3 years ago

    The world would be much better without war . The planes were only instruments used to transport people from one place to another. But unfortunately it does not .

    • Matthew Penfold
      Matthew Penfold 3 years ago

      +МУР4ИК МУР4ИК

      Then you have little chance of survival. Any alien race capable of travelling such distances would be able to bombard us from orbit with little consequence.

    • Собака лает Караван идет
      Собака лает Караван идет 3 years ago

      +idpaipsc What if aliens will come to us?!

  • PapaJohn
    PapaJohn 4 years ago

    Why do I love aviation so much.

  • vlad emanuel
    vlad emanuel 4 years ago

    Good Video and a really good aircraft. But what song did you use?

      MAD MAGGOT 3 years ago

      +vlad emanuel One of the band DISTURBED, distruebd - stricken

    • koglowa
      koglowa 4 years ago +1


  • ioan dumitru
    ioan dumitru 4 years ago

    this plane is safe only if naked Sharapova pilot inside it ... Russians airplanes still need sexy Russian women at board :)

  • Владимир Рутковский

    some write here that the Russian can not create anything)) Americans still can not create the engine, through which you can perform aerobatics)) Only the F-22 is able to perform at the Cobra) And it's like)) Russian planes are capable of were over 20 years ago)

  • Ryan Summers
    Ryan Summers 4 years ago

    why would Russia steal plan from America to make a plane that doesn't fit in there definition of a fighter simple and rugged not advanced and fragile

    • Ryan Summers
      Ryan Summers 3 years ago

      +Nekto S. and how the just seemed to get all dis tech out of thin air

    • Ryan Summers
      Ryan Summers 3 years ago

      +Nekto S. there's a reason the Russian still use soviet tech

    • Abo Fares
      Abo Fares 3 years ago

      Fuck you

    • Nekto S.
      Nekto S. 4 years ago +5

      there's not a word of stealing, if it's Russia is the first who made a plane like this. If you would like a test like collective learning battle, you'll see that nobody compares.

  • lapisredux
    lapisredux 4 years ago

    yay...new ways for politicians to kill all of us.

  • Mr. Caswell
    Mr. Caswell 4 years ago +3

    What a beautiful aircraft. I have a model of it in my room. I wonder how it would fare against an aircraft like an F-22 or F35.

  • Georges Le Gal
    Georges Le Gal 4 years ago

    a premiere vue il semble voler comme un fer à repasser

  • Sauce Lloron
    Sauce Lloron 4 years ago +1

    No es por despreciar esta maquina, pero.....
    No es demasiado parecido al F-22 RAPTOR / lockheed martin ?

    • Sauce Lloron
      Sauce Lloron 4 years ago

      +Diego Molina si entiendo, pero la ventaja de la tecnología empuje vectorial 3D es mínima a la 2D, mira analiza las acciones de evasión... Escasa Vez se usa el movimiento de horizonte.

    • Diego Molina
      Diego Molina 4 years ago

      parecido aerodinamicamente, pero diferentes mecanismos el empuje vectorial del raptor es 2D del sukhoi es 3D


    Всё гениальное просто.

  • Rodrigo Valente
    Rodrigo Valente 4 years ago


  • jack bauler
    jack bauler 4 years ago +4

    Obama is making a LOL face..

    • rira388
      rira388 4 years ago +3

      ваш президент, вот от чего мне хочется смеяться)))

  • Freddy Athaboe
    Freddy Athaboe 4 years ago

    beautiful airplane.

  • Ram Berto
    Ram Berto 4 years ago

    If i were a Russian T-50 pilot all i would care that worked was the ejection seat and just don't fly them at airshows Russia we all know how well you do at those things....

  • Fred Johnson.s
    Fred Johnson.s 4 years ago

    т50 дерьмо собачье, он не может сравнится с F-22, ибо имеет кучу недостатков и т.д русские не когда не создавали то что бы могло бы хоть отдаленно сравнится с американскими разработками....

  • mrpositronia
    mrpositronia 4 years ago +1

    Pretty amazing! It's like a cross between the Su-35 and the F22. That's some plane.

  • Nabeen Kandel
    Nabeen Kandel 4 years ago +1

    this is a real fighter plane. !!!

  • Haider Sabri
    Haider Sabri 4 years ago

    I like this its mos powered in the world

  • Mighty Gorge
    Mighty Gorge 4 years ago +1

    that thing looks crazy, largest wingsize I ever saw on a stealthjet

  • Паша Гаджик
    Паша Гаджик 4 years ago

    winter comes

    • eualadindeal
      eualadindeal 4 years ago

      it was announced 12 years ago...
      fucking winter...
      F22 already old and no longer in production...
      6th generation fighters announced on USA and Europe...
      it looks more and more as a fucking joke...
      even the Chinese got one working... J20...
      by the time PakFa will fly Chinese will already put a man on the moon...

  • Ryan Summers
    Ryan Summers 4 years ago +1

    cheep f 22 knock off stupid Russians

    • Александр Самойлов
      Александр Самойлов 4 years ago

      +Александр Чеснович Согласен!

    • Александр Чеснович
      Александр Чеснович 4 years ago

      +Александр Самойлов
      Есть правители, понимающие что они заинтересованы в поддержке своего народа. Я не говорю что они хорошие, нет, наверняка ни один из них не прочь запустить грабли в закрома своей родины... но они тоже люди и они тоже разные, а значит разговоры "наш лучше чем ваш" не лишены смысла! )))

    • PapaJohn
      PapaJohn 4 years ago +1

      Once again no point in arguing. Let's just say that there will be no point in arguing because you can't prove your reason. Plus neither the U.S. Or Russia had the first stealth design concept. It was the Luftwaffe!

    • Александр Самойлов
      Александр Самойлов 4 years ago

      +Александр Чеснович А много в современном мире нормальных правителей отстаивающих интересы своего народа, а не только личные?

    • Александр Чеснович
      Александр Чеснович 4 years ago

      +Александр Самойлов
      У себя они могут рассчитываться чем угодно, но зная что РФ переходит на национальную валюту, им придётся принимать решения. К тому же резервы обеспечиваются не цветными бумажками, а золотом. И беда той стране в которой резервы обеспечены чужим золотом! Путин не зря создаёт альянсы, он наверняка консультирует заинтересованных как выпасть из чужого колпака. А уж это то я уверен любой нормальный правитель хочет!

  • eualadindeal
    eualadindeal 4 years ago

    not new
    not stealth
    not in production....

    is a fucking farce
    an old Su with new skin and some shitty cheap radar absorbing coating
    imagine this..... they covered the entire plane but when they got to the engines...
    "Ivan, we need to cover the engines too...
    But Aliosa.... we have no clue how to cover engines.... at those temps our crap paint burns off"
    yeah right...

    • Golden brother
      Golden brother 11 months ago

      F22 are less stealth than Su57

    • eualadindeal
      eualadindeal 4 years ago

      no shit... lucky me... some dude online just made me "american"... yey!
      I do support their conquest of 3rd world countries... like South Korea or Indonesia...
      let me guess... North Korea is your idea of a "free non-conquered country"?
      go "freedom"...
      get off the vodka dude... Putler is fucking you up...
      17 years...
      same president...
      no more opposition...
      yeah right

    • eualadindeal
      eualadindeal 4 years ago

      you must realize, they shit money... actually they shit money!
      waste processing industry - garbage and shit, has an annual turnover of 145 BILLION dollars...
      last year the "garbage and shit industry" alone... got over 55 billion dollars in NEW contracts alone!
      the shit and garbage from USA has a turnover of 145 billion dollar... while the Russian entire defense budget is.... 87 billion
      do you realize?
      they shit more that Russia spends on their Entire Defense Budget....!!!

      you got no clue how much money the USA economy can create in 1 single month... 1.8 trillion dollars... meaning 1.800 billions... 1.800.000 millions...
      per month...
      when you cry about a plane costs... you must to size it up to the economy...
      F-22 = 150 million dollars for USA at 16 trillion economy..
      PakFa = 110 million dollars for Russia at 2.2 trillion economy
      now think a little.... the economy of USA is 7 times bigger...
      F22 is 22 millions in Russian money... compared to 110 Pak Fa...
      or Pak Fa is 880 millions in USA money... compared with 150 millions F22....
      prove me wrong

    • Steve fkthasys
      Steve fkthasys 4 years ago

      They are smart but they do not get that technology for free.. That like saying when you go to walmart your actually saving on a price of an item. There are hidden costs, For ex. walmart does no pay its workers enough so that they qualify for food stamps and therefore use part of the allocated tax revenue to make up for walmart not paying there employees., Thus shifting the burden from the company to the average american who thinks they are saving on a t shirt. walmart is just an example tesco and other corporations use the same tactic. Its only a matter of time before the critical mass is reached=) You sound intelligent, have a nice day my friend

    • eualadindeal
      eualadindeal 4 years ago

      they get from Russia without fucking paying a cent... good smart chinese

  • Douglas Henderson
    Douglas Henderson 4 years ago +1

    UHHH... LOSERS!!!! over half of the video is of NOTHING! then a bunch of stills and just straight flying and take-off and landing. on top of that, where are the missle bays again???? ohhh there are none. why don't you go ahead and put those missles on the wings? DUMMIES!!!!

    • Golden brother
      Golden brother 11 months ago

      Douglas Henderson bomb bay is easy to be out of work bcs of possibly mechanical errors

  • Mussy Eagle
    Mussy Eagle 4 years ago +2

    Russian fighters are the best..!

  • Geoffrey Hillend
    Geoffrey Hillend 4 years ago

    You still have to aim a heat seeking missile at a target and only a ground based stealth detecting radar can easily do that. It's a different story for air to air combat when you have to locate a stealth plane with only your fighter jets radar outside the range of more powerful ground radar. Based on the documentary , the stealth of T-50 is on par with the F22 and F35. It even has a low frequency radar on it's wings which I assume is for detecting other stealth planes. I think this plane is bad ass.

  • Jorge Téllez
    Jorge Téllez 4 years ago +2

    it's just a su-27 with some makeup, not close to the raptor and defenetively nothing like the f35

    • Golden brother
      Golden brother 11 months ago

      Jorge Téllez f35 is too much expensive useless trashcan

    • Jorge Téllez
      Jorge Téllez 4 years ago

      +Pederag Stanojevic and those manouvers are just for airshows, no tactical advantage

    • Predrag Stanojević
      Predrag Stanojević 4 years ago +3

      to all respect to raptor or other us aircraft but....
      Russian air industry make some fantastic planes and this planes make fantastic and awersome maneuvers (Pugachev's Cobra or Kvocur bell).Any us aircaf DONT make some of this maneuvers!!!

  • john hanna
    john hanna 4 years ago +3

    Very well thought out, i assume it has 3D vectored thrust. This could be a raptor killer with the new avionics and radars they are coming out with.

  • 19smokey71
    19smokey71 4 years ago

    Ohh that's so cute they are trying to copy the f-22 raptor

    • Sgt COLBERT
      Sgt COLBERT 4 years ago +1

      i'm apologize for translate

    • Sgt COLBERT
      Sgt COLBERT 4 years ago +1

      no! Su 35 better than the F-22 raptor! Su 35 has a class 4 ++ T-50 has 5 generation class, it turns out better than Su 35-37=) su 35 maden ​​before appearance F22

  • SlovakiaHawk
    SlovakiaHawk 4 years ago

    New pressure suits will allow safe ejection at altitudes of up to 23 km

  • Walter Benedette Junior
    Walter Benedette Junior 4 years ago +1

    Something smell fake (propaganda) When the guy hit the front of the plane by hand, the sounds looks like hollow, fragil. In high speed that part suffer very high pressure and smash. This is a fake stuff adressed to the people of USA to justify new investments in new aircraft, new equipments, new guns, blá blá blá. Good for Boing, lockMartin, Northtrop,....

    • Jose Luiz Da Roza
      Jose Luiz Da Roza 3 years ago

      +Yasmim Silva Viva as forcas aeroespaciais russas!

    • Yasmim Silva
      Yasmim Silva 4 years ago


  • Najeeb Albany
    Najeeb Albany 4 years ago

    So pretty baby.. Woow!!!

  • herewegoaround
    herewegoaround 5 years ago

    About the video's theme, I agree, it´s nice. About the image's video, sorry, it's a joke. Between time stops 2:05min and 2:13min, the images shows a "pure crystal fake frames". Oh, C'amon man! One more: Where is the "multi-function" strike visor on the helmet's pilot?

    • Yasmim Silva
      Yasmim Silva 4 years ago


  • raptor5908
    raptor5908 5 years ago +1

    Best fighter-plane ever made. Greetings and respect from Western Europe!

  • MrPeerum
    MrPeerum 5 years ago +1

    bye bye U.S.A.

  • Chris Potter
    Chris Potter 5 years ago

    It must really suck trying to play "catch-up" for over 50 years! Face it... Thanks to Obama, China's planes are getting better than the USA's... and they both have better than Russia's prototypes that they can't afford to build! Face it, they build some, take them to an air show, release videos and lies, scrap them, and release a new one... every 6 months! Duh! Get a clue!!!

  • tango viper
    tango viper 5 years ago

    Ditch this thing and build more Berkuts. Bitches love Berkuts.

  • Slobodan Milutinovic
    Slobodan Milutinovic 5 years ago +3


  • CetnikMostNaLimu
    CetnikMostNaLimu 5 years ago

    No radar too

  • CetnikMostNaLimu
    CetnikMostNaLimu 5 years ago

    whats stealth about this plane?

  • Данијел Данијел

    best anti-democracy weapon..if you know what i mean :P

    • Paul Saulnier
      Paul Saulnier 3 years ago

      Oh now I get it , You are a Russkie ( that explains the homophobia)

  • FoodFighters71
    FoodFighters71 5 years ago +1

    The pilot looks 65yrs old and he is wearing a wooly coat.

    • tango viper
      tango viper 5 years ago

      That's because it took him 50 years to get through flight school!

    • FoodFighters71
      FoodFighters71 5 years ago +1

      That is a very good point Matthew..

  • Rigoberto Alas Santos
    Rigoberto Alas Santos 5 years ago

    Woooowwww the russians now talking about Stealth airplanes? hahahahahaahah 25 year later than te AMERICANS? hahahahahahahahaahahah Funny

    • Golden brother
      Golden brother 11 months ago

      Rigoberto Alas Santos there is no stealth aircraft for Serbian Anti Air Defense

    • Predrag Stanojević
      Predrag Stanojević 4 years ago

      You are totally wright Akura :)

    • Akura Deus
      Akura Deus 4 years ago +1

      +Rigoberto Alas Santos
      A funny comment for the citizen of a useless and full of debts country...

    • Predrag Stanojević
      Predrag Stanojević 4 years ago

      +блабла Baš tako :)

    • Петър Петров
      Петър Петров 5 years ago +3

      Well, back in 1999 Serbians hit B-2 ..a few of them in fact. It was a new *stealth* plane intercepted by old 20 years old radad. I doubt the new stealth is much better now! It's all about the radar to find it, not the plane! Hah :)

  • Harj Ghuman
    Harj Ghuman 5 years ago +1

    What? did I see the ladder attached to the plane? Man, thats crazy.

    • ghumanharj
      ghumanharj 5 years ago +1

      +tango viper Hehehe.

    • Lav Milovanovic
      Lav Milovanovic 5 years ago +1


    • tango viper
      tango viper 5 years ago

      +Lav Milovanovic
      In Russia, they just leave it on for flight. It's a safety feature in case the pilot wants to get out.

    • Lav Milovanovic
      Lav Milovanovic 5 years ago +1

      its removed when pilot seats in

  • bigdarshan
    bigdarshan 5 years ago

    looks hardcore!

  • Brian Matthew
    Brian Matthew 5 years ago

    I can see that this is the Pride of Russia.The best fighter jet that I ever see in history. It could be better when it comes with dogfights. I wanna see how it encounter in real battles. (If there is)

    • bilal meziane
      bilal meziane 5 years ago

      +brianamio i agree dude damn no other jet will be in the air with the T50 xd

    • Brian Matthew
      Brian Matthew 5 years ago

      +Harj Ghuman Your right,they say that is just a prototype. But if you played this jet in Ace Combat Assault Horizon, it's so epic...

    • Harj Ghuman
      Harj Ghuman 5 years ago

      On what basis is it the best fighter jet in history? It is not even operational.

  • guapodenitas
    guapodenitas 5 years ago

    imitación del raptor

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  • tim price
    tim price 5 years ago +1

    Is that the new Killer Pussy cd they're playing?

  • Akura Deus
    Akura Deus 5 years ago +19

    Our superiority is uncontestable, comrades!

    • Dimitris Philipidis
      Dimitris Philipidis Year ago

      Da drug ;-) best jets are the russians i wish our ussles politisions one day buy few suchoi 35 37

    • Akura Deus
      Akura Deus 4 years ago

      +tango viper
      Hun hun boys... Soviet Union ;)

    • tango viper
      tango viper 4 years ago

      +bilal meziane Not on the nuclear arsenal page. That page shows the US has the most nukes.

    • bilal meziane
      bilal meziane 4 years ago

      not in my dreams its on wikipedia dude

    • tango viper
      tango viper 4 years ago

      +bilal meziane only in your dreams comrade.

  • VecinoHuyke
    VecinoHuyke 5 years ago +2

    Am I watching an FY 23 with a red star? :-D

    • john hanna
      john hanna 4 years ago


    • bilal meziane
      bilal meziane 5 years ago

      and u can say the same thing , YF 23 is a copy of the F22 ?? XD

    • bilal meziane
      bilal meziane 5 years ago +2

      well u are talking like a tard ;) from the cold waR THEY WERE STEALING EACH OTHER but the PAK T 50 has nothing to do with the F22 or the YF23

  • Peter Grenader
    Peter Grenader 5 years ago

    15 missiles in internal bays, in that plane? Dream on. Sufficient heat dampening with the engine outtakes exposed like that? Dream on as stealth means more than radar detection. While I argue if anyone can make an accurate assessment of the t-50's maneuverability vs. F22 based on (keywords: unqualified observation of) very limited video available of both, it won't make much difference for the t-50 when heat seeking weapons will be able to track them, now will it?

  • Rafał Cieslar
    Rafał Cieslar 5 years ago

    Super maszyna amerykański F22 zmieciony:D

  • Piotr Fret
    Piotr Fret 5 years ago +1

    Soviet technique hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

    • Zoki ZG
      Zoki ZG 5 years ago +4


  • mark man
    mark man 5 years ago

    if it wont have internal weapon bays how can be stealth????

  • Andnossi J
    Andnossi J 5 years ago

    indonesia harus beli

  • José neto
    José neto 5 years ago

    Muito bom

  • Golani M
    Golani M 5 years ago

    The best Stealth in the world

  • Compare Nownet
    Compare Nownet 5 years ago

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  • Лорен Фокс
    Лорен Фокс 5 years ago

    USA fuck . RUSSIA super

  • Илья Муромец

    Короткопенисные,толстожопые индейцы) Иди сядь в свой маскл кар на 26 колесах, доедь до макдональдса и скушай пирожок и запей 3л колы) Позавтракай) Не пиши ересь!

  • Илья Муромец

    Мальчик ты даже не представляешь что один данный самолёт может потопить целый авианосец со всеми f22 и не обнаружив себя))) Русские всегда лидировали в научных разработках, а вы выпускайте iphone и кушайте побольше гамбургеров и наслаждайтесь нашим превосходством во всем и далее))

  • Илья Муромец

    The boy you at all don't represent that one this plane can sink the whole aircraft-carrier with all f22 and without having found itself))) Russians always were in the lead in scientific developments, and you issue iphone and eat more hamburgers and enjoy our superiority in everything and further))

  • DimeN3Pennies
    DimeN3Pennies 5 years ago

    To be clear I really like this jet too. Idk y americans and russians hate each other but just aprreciate it for what it is.

  • DimeN3Pennies
    DimeN3Pennies 5 years ago

    Sick jet I personally like the design of the f22 and a few others better. And to all the people hating on the f22, its only over rated beecause its literally too maneuverable.. pilots are passing out because it turns too sharp and delivers too many g's. We just need to develop some adamantium skeleton based super pilot to get behind the stick and it will be fine.

    • Golden brother
      Golden brother 11 months ago

      DimeN3Pennies you dont get what G force do to pilot and how F22 acturaly bad is

  • 00008HANK
    00008HANK 5 years ago

    i tink you fowd the rong guy to lie to ass hole SU30 is manuvrebul but it is omly 4 gen fighterbomber nad this is a 5th gen and + it can go mac 7 if the pilot can stay alive that long and this aircaraft is awsom and F22 is way over rated HA! even most amerikan generals say it is.

  • Evasion
    Evasion 5 years ago

    Wow, this guy is really mad at a guy who said that the jet isnt as good as US fighters. Take a chill pill dude. Also the F22 can carry 8 Air to air missiles and 7 Air to ground bombs/missiles. Thats 15 missiles just like the TU50. And btw Purposely* designed* manoeuvrable* shitty*. The most manoeuvrable jet in the world is the su30. That is all i have to say and as a retarded faggot once said STFU!

  • 00008HANK
    00008HANK 5 years ago

    it was purpesy disingd to be the most manuvrabul jet in the world and it is tell me if your shity F22 or F35 can do a flat spin o that is right NO!!! can it carry 15 missels NO!!! so STFU!

  • Rusmir Bandic
    Rusmir Bandic 5 years ago

    Shit. I’m green with envy due to my cousin’s good friend. He’s actually been available for life. By some luck, he has got a model to deeply love him in no time. Just how can that be even thinkable? He told me he tried the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone beautiful said that to me… I cannot recall at any time seeing him so cheerful. Sort of makes me sick.

  • Ivan krivOE
    Ivan krivOE 5 years ago

    Stealth Tech is a Russian Invention check it out > ( Petr Ufimtsev )

  • Javier S
    Javier S 5 years ago

    Pinches rusos ahora ya se copiaron el F22? y de seguro se sienten bien orgullosos

  • Aries
    Aries 5 years ago

    The most beautiful jet fighter i've ever seen

  • Krystynn Sturmovik
    Krystynn Sturmovik 5 years ago

    For real huh!? Where's my waist gunner!?

  • grislego
    grislego 5 years ago

    Does it come with a rear gunner?

  • sarabjit singh sondhi
    sarabjit singh sondhi 5 years ago

    i dont know how his jet work as stealth campare to F22 the exorst is open the weapons are exposed litttel bit confused

  • kloudkreeper
    kloudkreeper 5 years ago

    Americans can click dislike all they want. The rest of us who do have brains know this is an amazing aircraft and great achievement for Russia.