What’s the Longest Train in the World?

  • Published on Feb 15, 2018
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    Actually there are 2 different Moscow-Vladivostok trains, they have some differences in routes. So all top 3 longest trains located in Russia.

  • Corn Fed
    Corn Fed 7 days ago

    The title of this video is misleading. THUMBS DOWN.

  • me myself and I
    me myself and I 8 days ago

    Wait, no...go back...I wanna know more about the 4 mile long train. Like what circumstances required such a train, how did they distribute the power to be able to not overcome the tinsel strength of the car's couplings, how did they handle it as a sizable unit, how did the engineer's have to overcome the handling of such a train so as to not snap it in half each time they made a change in speed. Truthfully...I actually am more interested in that then the longest train ride.

  • XxLukeEngland2xX RBLX

    1:11 You didn’t mention Ireland had a different one to, it is a EU country ya know?

  • yo normal gaming channel

    Its actually from Thurso to Penzance

  • TurtleSauceGaming
    TurtleSauceGaming 13 days ago

    Brave Dave. A British man who freight hopped from Montreal to Vancouver.

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith 13 days ago

    The longest train ride in the UK is actually Thurso to Penzance

  • FlegSlav //JimDSB HardbassFanatic

    Finland being Finland

  • ZeniQ
    ZeniQ 16 days ago

    0:59 “Previous testing has proven that trains don’t work well off the track” 😂

  • Avery Meyrose
    Avery Meyrose 17 days ago

    ok, the front of the train is here, now the back is 4 and a half miles away

  • Kieran Leslie
    Kieran Leslie 17 days ago

    in australia, all the states have different track widths. so you can't leave any state without having to change trains

  • Jan Guardian
    Jan Guardian 18 days ago

    Consider the train from Moscow to Berlin - it automatically changes the wheel width as it passes the border between Belarus and Poland

  • Blizzard
    Blizzard 20 days ago

    About Finland being Finland.
    There are plans to connect Finland and all the Baltic countries to rest of the Europe with Rail Baltica.

  • morenauer
    morenauer 23 days ago

    You're talking out of your fucking ass. I'm from Spain and I've traveled by regular Talgo trains from Barcelona to Paris more than once. You DON'T HAVE TO CHANGE TRAINS. The train is stopped at a yard by the border and it's fitted (dunno if by changing the width of the mechanism or what) so you can enter France with the same train without even having to leave it. DO YOUR FUCKING RESEARCH.

  • Ryan Glogowski
    Ryan Glogowski 28 days ago +1

    “18 day freight train journey”
    Yo someone call Brave Dave

  • Codenwarra Cove
    Codenwarra Cove 28 days ago

    You are well and truly out of date. The longest train was in Western Australia 2001 hauling iron ore, the Spanish have an automatic gauge change system that takes much less than 4 hours and Australia has three rail gauges, 3'6", 5'3" and 4'8.5". The longest passenger train has been the Ghan, with 44 carriages.

  • gmem04
    gmem04 Month ago

    Watch until 4:26 and click off to avoid the embedded commercial.

  • Totallymady
    Totallymady Month ago

    The first 420 420 people

  • Ricardo Martinez
    Ricardo Martinez Month ago

    Anybody know the song he is using?

  • Bulldog D
    Bulldog D Month ago

    I always wondered why a train that would regularly cross a border couldn’t be designed with a dual system; a second set of wheels at the other gauge.
    Lots of large trucks have 4 wheels on the same axle so as far as I can tell, there’s no major mechanical reason for it not to be possible.

  • George Costarica
    George Costarica Month ago

    Fuck india

  • alejandro estrada
    alejandro estrada Month ago

    i wonder what happens to the passsenger that want to be the first to go out bu the other passengers want to be first.

  • BeamingBetelgeuse XD

    Planes and trains, wow this guy loves transportation!😂

  • Yamato
    Yamato Month ago

    I know the longest train is

    n o t h i n g

  • Anthony Mwangi
    Anthony Mwangi 2 months ago

    Me and the homies fucking your mum

  • nikoplayz
    nikoplayz 2 months ago

    I thought this was the longest train on Earth,
    Not the largest train TRIP on Earth.

  • 🔹️XD Tube🔹️
    🔹️XD Tube🔹️ 2 months ago +1

    Longest Train is 7 km

  • GabZonY
    GabZonY 2 months ago

    connect the trans siberian highway all the way down to south africa on one end and all the way across the bering strait and down to the southern tip of Argentina on the other. then I'll be impressed

    AGTHEBEST 2 months ago

    Belarus and Ukraine have the same track as Russia, so could there be a train service from Minsk or Kievto the capital of North Korea, won't that be the longest passenger train route in the world?

  • Fluffy Boi
    Fluffy Boi 2 months ago +1

    0:23 *LONGE BOYE*

  • Gabriel Okur
    Gabriel Okur 2 months ago

    If the train starts or ends in North Korea well no one is going on that train🤣

  • Hello sir
    Hello sir 2 months ago

    All other questions aside, who tf would want to go to North Korea.

  • ぴのじょしゅあ
    ぴのじょしゅあ 2 months ago

    1:26 bet this clip is illegal...

  • chris wilson
    chris wilson 2 months ago +1

    you are once again wrong! the highspeed trains ARE NOT built on European gage tracks. They change gage. They literally just drive through a track and the wheels fit the french gage . They don’t even need to stop just drive a bit slower 💁🏽‍♀️

  • Jayson Proxy
    Jayson Proxy 2 months ago

    why 424??

  • Sean Andrasick
    Sean Andrasick 2 months ago

    my Minecraft train track is longer

  • Pavel Sovička
    Pavel Sovička 2 months ago

    About the gauge change around 2:07 - "At best it takes hours". Spains says hold my beer: tvclip.biz/video/ZiH4kt14yGw/video.html

  • Dylan Shramko
    Dylan Shramko 2 months ago

    America uses Freedom Units

  • Triple U
    Triple U 2 months ago

    2:28 moscow-beijing thats also the name of one of my favourite songs

  • Alfons Rasmus
    Alfons Rasmus 2 months ago

    1:15 Thanks... I live in finland

  • Kelvin Kan
    Kelvin Kan 2 months ago


  • Patricio Andres Muñoz Lopez

    I really admire all your videos but change to metric FFS!

  • movies and entertainment

    I like russian Moscow to bejing I love that routr

  • Aaexx
    Aaexx 3 months ago

    Из России прямо в Северную Корею! Какая ирония!

  • Andrew Hatton
    Andrew Hatton 3 months ago

    Freedom units I loved it

  • Mr_6ix
    Mr_6ix 3 months ago

    Кароч Рашка Лучше

  • Elemer San Miguel
    Elemer San Miguel 3 months ago

    Changing gauge is something that happens frequently in Spain

  • Kylene
    Kylene 3 months ago

    0:54 Are they making fun of us?

  • 5674 inCincy
    5674 inCincy 3 months ago

    Nope. I've been on the train from Madrid to Paris.

  • Jackson Slaughter
    Jackson Slaughter 3 months ago

    0:55 ‘merica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!boi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SephirothRyu
    SephirothRyu 3 months ago

    Now the REAL question. Do the british use the longest train in the world to import tea?

  • TransportSpain
    TransportSpain 3 months ago

    In Spain and Portugal there's a different gauge because in Iberian Peninsula there are lots of mountains and the steam locomotives haven't got enough power to cross them. So a bigger gauge means more capacity in it's boilers, and more power.
    Also, between 1969 and 2012, there were some international services between Spain and France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy, which has got a tecnology made by Talgo. They made a system that allowed bogies to change gauge easily. If you want for more info, look for "Catalan Talgo" in Google or TVclip.
    Also, some French trains arrive to Irun, and some Spanish trains (in this case are from the vasque country operator EuskoTren and not from the Spanish national operator, Renfe) arrive to Hendaye

    REVERSE STARZ 3 months ago

    Why not just...book a flight?

  • Gr1pEnemy
    Gr1pEnemy 4 months ago

    You lost my interest after 15 seconds.

  • NRG Gnomed
    NRG Gnomed 4 months ago +2

    Australia has the best outlets and that’s facts

  • Spot State
    Spot State 4 months ago

    1:26 you didn’t censore that like you did in the video about the Eiffel Tower

  • Johnaayyy
    Johnaayyy 4 months ago

    Brave Dave's Big Fat Freight Hop!

    VINODH VINU 4 months ago


  • jmmypaddy
    jmmypaddy 4 months ago

    I clicked on the video for the longest train and not longest train journey, because I was interested in knowing what the longest train is. To say that you publish videos with misleading titles is your thing, it's a pretty shitty thing.

  • Dragonia Gaming
    Dragonia Gaming 4 months ago

    1:54 ...... art??

  • luke
    luke 4 months ago

    Did anyone else notice that the UK plug was the only one that had a switch to turn it on and off

  • toshdeluxe dr.
    toshdeluxe dr. 4 months ago

    Is South Korea is cheongnyangi to bujeon station

  • Tomedy
    Tomedy 4 months ago

    A really long jorney would be a fright train from London to Hong Kong, by swaping units and waggons, longer but cheaper then changing wheel brackets

  • Pablo Postigo Olsson
    Pablo Postigo Olsson 4 months ago

    Hey I’ve been watching your videos for a year or so now and I love them. I used some of them for my urban geography class. I am sorry I have an amend to mehr to this video: changing the width of a train for it to circulate on different tracks is right now a matter of minutes. There is great technology that has been in use for that for decades now, eg on the overnight train Paris - Madrid. Keep it up!!

  • Nathan Deane
    Nathan Deane 4 months ago

    When u doing plane videos again

  • Lee Hong Hui
    Lee Hong Hui 4 months ago

    Freedom units? Britain has something to say about that.

  • Adletkhan Birtanov
    Adletkhan Birtanov 4 months ago

    Nowadays there are trains that can switch gauge in a few minutes. They operate e.g. in Spain to connect High speed line on european gauge and conventional line on iberian gauge. They implemented this on a Berlin-Moscow service too.

  • Marc
    Marc 4 months ago

    In Spain there is a Gauge changing system (Talgo) that can change the width of a train in a matter of seconds. You can see it in action here: tvclip.biz/video/y8N7Ikw87tM/video.html
    But, of course, it doesn't work on any train. It needs to have a specific kind of bogie.

  • nic schimanski
    nic schimanski 4 months ago

    I couldn't figure out how to dislike videos, thankfully I went to brilliant.org and learned how! Now I can finally dislike all those videos that are 20% advertisements and really not that interesting in the other 80%

  • visionsofpromise
    visionsofpromise 4 months ago

    The answer is at 3:16 you're welcome

  • PIcoAirBearings
    PIcoAirBearings 4 months ago

    Trains are great for cargo, but they don’t make much sense in America for passengers...

  • louis christopher
    louis christopher 5 months ago

    Yoo there's Yiwu - Madrid tho its 12.874km long 🤙🏼

  • Jack Brown
    Jack Brown 5 months ago

    The Spanish have an automatic system that switches from Iberian gauge to Standard gauge whilst travelling at 15Km/h. FYI.

  • ElKrakowiako
    ElKrakowiako 5 months ago

    There was my city Cracow 2 times

  • Tae Tae
    Tae Tae 5 months ago

    1:26 according to another one of your videos you are violating French copyright law by showing that clip

  • Nazik Adam
    Nazik Adam 5 months ago

    Pretty Much europe, North America middle east china and parts of africa use the same track gauge. Lets standartize it!
    Edit: Also austria and few other countries.

  • Erik Revaj
    Erik Revaj 5 months ago

    Isnt Yiwu-Madrid longer route?

  • Jens8502
    Jens8502 5 months ago

    Thats interesting because I did take the train frim Biaritz to San Sebastian and there was no issue whatssoever. No changing trains or anything. It was a night train from Bordeaux to Lisboa if you wonder.

  • TimeDeoIsBad
    TimeDeoIsBad 5 months ago +1

    the choo choo train



  • ScienceTastic
    ScienceTastic 5 months ago


    Say that again...

    DJT FOREVER 5 months ago

    In August I got the overnight train from Chisinau, Moldova to Bucharest, Romania. Cranes picked up the carriages and changed the wheels under us.

  • M Zaid
    M Zaid 5 months ago

    Very intresting and informative , i like it👍💙💚

  • Zack Smith
    Zack Smith 5 months ago

    I think I'm doing the 2,770 mile trek from Toronto to Vancouver and back this summer. In economy. For four days. Wish me luck.

  • ZacierToni
    ZacierToni 5 months ago

    1:12 lmao xD

  • DMadd519
    DMadd519 5 months ago

    1:26 you didn’t blur parts of the picture of Paris.

  • Casey Broughton
    Casey Broughton 5 months ago

    Someone else has probably pointed this out by now, but the Chicago - LA route you showed as the longest train in the US isn’t actually the longest route. While the longest route is indeed between Chicago and Los Angeles, and is approximately 2700 miles (Wikipedia shows it as 4390 km), the map seems to show the Southwest Chief, while the actual 2700 mile service is in fact on board the Texas Eagle via San Antonio, hence its length.

  • 이진민
    이진민 5 months ago

    1:01 ????

  • Sergio
    Sergio 6 months ago

    I think the Yiwu-Madrid route is longer than the Yiwu-London route; you should check it out.

  • asianbubbleteapilotboiiiBOEING777-8X

    North Koreans be like: "North Korea is BEST Korea!"

  • Spacebar311
    Spacebar311 6 months ago

    Do you you mean amtrak

  • Nate Wilson
    Nate Wilson 6 months ago


  • Alex31YTB
    Alex31YTB 6 months ago

    1000 second trip.

  • Heeiked
    Heeiked 6 months ago

    0:54 🇸🇪

  • MoodyMeNow
    MoodyMeNow 6 months ago

    Y'all forgot about the snowpiercer... smh

  • Leon /Leon88991
    Leon /Leon88991 6 months ago

    Track gauges.
    Japan has 1435mm in their bullet trains

  • Prakhar Mathur
    Prakhar Mathur 6 months ago

    Dude, great video , hats off for your style and delivery.
    But dude, at 4:02 you just used a Japanese narrow gauge train to be a Chinese Standard gauge one .....

  • RicaDoga
    RicaDoga 7 months ago

    Pocket trains

  • S. KUMAR
    S. KUMAR 7 months ago

    In India, railways are our Lifeline, reaching almost every corner of the Country. It is very cheap. A ticket for a distance of 4200 Kilometres or 2609 Miles costs only Rs. 625 , or US Dollar 10. Only. (UNRESERVED SITTING), while in SLEEPER class it is Double i.e. 20 US Dollars.

  • S. KUMAR
    S. KUMAR 7 months ago

    India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh has 1676 mm Broad Gauge tracks, and in next year Nepal will also join the list.