What’s the Longest Train in the World?


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  • GroovyMotion
    GroovyMotion 23 hours ago

    Toronto is far fro being the start of the line! It is the most popular route because of The Canadian, but if you would start in Halifax the travel time would be around 4 days 14 hours.

  • eat vevo
    eat vevo 2 days ago

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  • Joel Mohan
    Joel Mohan 3 days ago

    *lEtS jUsT uSe RuSsIaN tRaInS*

  • hold mybeer
    hold mybeer 4 days ago

    0:29 best stock footage ever!

    NAME NAMENAME 5 days ago

    Remember when HAI didn't use terrible jokes?

  • TheSecondSealeo
    TheSecondSealeo 5 days ago

    i’ve been on the la to chicago train route and it’s really beautiful. only problem is that there’s only wifi if you buy a sleeper car (which we did as it’s more than one day)

  • Manuzki
    Manuzki 11 days ago

    "Thats you Finland being Finland" wtf onko tämä rasismia.

  • Zach Ryder
    Zach Ryder 18 days ago +1

    Big Smoke would still expect CJ to follow it

  • Yl Pea
    Yl Pea 23 days ago

    But that's just Finland being Finland - true story!

  • Duc Hung Nguyen
    Duc Hung Nguyen 26 days ago

    How I feel when Im study

  • ViggisYT
    ViggisYT 26 days ago +1

    1:13 Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan🇫🇮
    I like trains😶🚂

  • Thickerok 45
    Thickerok 45 27 days ago

    Freedom measurements heck yeah

  • GoodbyePanama
    GoodbyePanama 29 days ago

    Imagine being stuck on an 8-day train ride with this bore.

  • Dim Zaytsev
    Dim Zaytsev Month ago

    Well, but what about going from st. Petersburg to North Korea?
    Seems even longer.

  • izach duncan
    izach duncan Month ago

    Stop plugging

  • Fail Marine
    Fail Marine Month ago

    Suomi mainittu!

  • Hafiz Al Madani
    Hafiz Al Madani Month ago

    But did they thank the bus driver?

  • Mr Diesel
    Mr Diesel Month ago

    0:58 some real insight right there

  • Belrox
    Belrox Month ago

    204 hours??? In germany the new built "High speed railway" from Munich, where i live, to Berlin, the capital city, should take 4 hours, which is really fast ( the old way took up to 13 hours with the ICE too) but it mostly just needs 6-8 hours.... so some people here in germany say, that you will spent *Your complete Life* in this train xD

  • Niko O
    Niko O Month ago

    1:15 Finland and Russia have pretty much the same broad track width. Finland adopted Russian 1524 mm, but nowadays Russia has adopted 1520 mm. The difference is within the tolerance, so you can travel from Finland to Russia easily in one train, Allegro, which travels from Helsinki to St. Petersburg.

  • FranchuFranchu
    FranchuFranchu Month ago

    The longest train service is my OpenTTD save

  • ewok225
    ewok225 Month ago

    1:13 TORILLE🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮

  • MrMCKlebeband
    MrMCKlebeband Month ago

    btw ur imperial messures sucks!

  • jakubste
    jakubste Month ago

    There are some systems, that enables changing track width of train much faster - lookup Talgo or SUW2000

  • Brent s
    Brent s Month ago

    Dude, these brilliant ads are getting quite annoying

  • Satzz
    Satzz Month ago +1

    That's not Aberdeen, that's Edinburgh.

  • Virginia Lover Productions

    I thought Amtrak's California Zephyr was the longest. I could be wrong. Good video, BTW!

  • 7249xxl
    7249xxl Month ago

    The spanish (i belive) train manufacturer Talgo has developed bogie systems that allow for on the go gauge changing.

  • Hector the Arsenal boy!

    The EG Biarritz to San Sebastián, you don’t have to walk over a bridge, there is a Spanish train system terminating at Hendaia, next to Gare de Hendaye! Take a train to Hendaye, walk to the Euskotren station and take the train direct from there!

  • William Hough
    William Hough Month ago +1

    0:32 no joke my TVclip crashed half as interesting = Illuminati confirmed

  • 虞海
    虞海 Month ago

    1:12 You're talking as if Baltic-Slavic countries and Estonia were not a part of Europe...

  • 虞海
    虞海 Month ago

    The second-longest is actually also from Moscow to Beijing. The only difference is that the third-longest Beijing⇄Moscow K3/4 service goes though Mongolia while the second-longest 020/019 Moscow⇄Beijing goes through Manchuria.
    The Moscow⇄Vladivostok service cannot be called an independent train service because once a month it's going to be a part of the Moscow⇄Pyongyang train. You can't get off at an intermediate station of the longest-train service and claim you take the second-longest service - that just doesn't make sense.

  • Green Studios
    Green Studios Month ago

    Oh shit it goes to north korea

  • Donny Steelhead
    Donny Steelhead Month ago

    This guy's tried his best but his research doesn't equate to knowledge of the railways. The train he calls the 'longest' doesn't actually run that far. The containers on it do, but they're switched onto different trains as they go. He even mentions the need to switch gauge's on the passenger trains but doesn't seem to notice this on his 'longest' route. If he had he would have found out only the cargo runs that far and not the train itself. Good effort. 6/10/

  • Danii
    Danii Month ago

    Los Angeles to Chicago
    Aberdeen to Penzance
    Vancouver to Toronto
    Sydney to Perth

  • Danii
    Danii Month ago


  • BetsyngHun
    BetsyngHun Month ago

    Uhh...The picture of that cargo train is japanese.. :/ DF-200 is a Japanese Diesel Locomotive (4:02 - 4:07

  • John Valat
    John Valat Month ago

    0:55 lol freedom units

  • Á:/
    Á:/ Month ago

    Finland's different track gauge is part of the national defence strategy. It means no invading country can use their existing trains to overcome logistic problems without modifications to trains that'd be worthless unless trains were intended to run on tracks in Finland. Any invader wanting to maintain an element of surprise would have to rely on something else instead.
    Roads. Except in the case of roads the Finns can point artillery at from nice concealed positions (well stocked with alcohol, salmiakki, alcohol, saunas, alcohol and alcohol) like in WW2 where they measured the ranges for barraging damn near everything inside the borders advance. Effectively reducing the problem of fending off invasion to playing Angry Birds with live artillery.

  • Bennet Xia
    Bennet Xia Month ago

    there is a train between yiwu and madrid

  • RikoAzusa -
    RikoAzusa - Month ago

    I know where to play MHW PC offline now

  • AnTeaVirus
    AnTeaVirus Month ago

    0:50 ussr is back

  • Benny Gundlach
    Benny Gundlach Month ago

    Perhaps in Europe it seems odd that people would have to switch trains mid-trip, I guess? He seems to make a big deal about the Spain/France thing. I mean, here in North America the gauges are all the same, but you almost always would switch trains when going from one rail transport company to another. Sometimes you can't directly transfer from one train to another run by the same company in the same city because it services different stations. (Here's to you, Boston.)

  • Janosh
    Janosh 2 months ago

    why do you use retard units?

  • UNiCoRn PeGaSuS
    UNiCoRn PeGaSuS 2 months ago

    U can take a fast train from paris to spain wtf is this video? I was on one of them

  • Mr Aiq
    Mr Aiq 2 months ago

    ANOTHER fun fact, UK franchises are split into different different sections

    Here are the operators:
    London and South East:
    Chiltern railways
    Govia Theamslink railways
    London Overground
    South Western railway
    Tfl rail
    West Midlands trains
    Long distance:
    Caledonian sleeper
    Cross country
    East Midlands trains
    Great western railway
    Transpennine express
    London North Eastern railway
    Virgin trains
    Arriva trains Wales
    London North Western railway
    Heathrow Express
    Heathrow connect
    Colas rail freight
    DB cargo (EWS)
    Euro cargo rail (only in Britain during autumn)
    Direct rail services
    Royal Mail
    GB railfreight (GBRF)
    Mendip rail
    Passport needed:
    Euro tunnel
    Network rail
    Train making companies:
    Railtour companies:
    West coast railways

  • Mr Aiq
    Mr Aiq 2 months ago

    For Britain It ISN'T 720 miles it's 774 miles
    ALSO if you watched why UK trains run to nowhere you have franchises
    I live in the UK and I'm a train enthusiast
    The service is operated by cross county

  • Craig Warner
    Craig Warner 2 months ago


  • Jack Woods
    Jack Woods 2 months ago

    Stop save you 5 mins,
    Fastest train in the world is Pyongyang to Moscow.
    Read More

  • Death Clock
    Death Clock 2 months ago

    My country isn’t that Long, the longest is only 120-150 KM Cuz My Countries small and it’s only 63 minutes :P

  • Gamers adda
    Gamers adda 2 months ago

    Very well explained.....u r the best youtuber..im subbing u right now!

  • Magnesium Films LTC
    Magnesium Films LTC 2 months ago

    1:49 Now in 2018 you can use the train to go to San Sebastian due to the recent works in the Madrid-Irun high speed track.

  • Philippines Productions

    “Freedom units”

    NINTENDOSH 2 months ago

    that 13 day freight train must have high restrictions for rolling stock. it must be able to have the gauge changed easily AND FIT WITHIN BRITISH LOADING GAUGE, WHICH IS TINY

  • 薛陳月美
    薛陳月美 2 months ago


  • TheSuomi
    TheSuomi 2 months ago

    Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan

  • RufeL
    RufeL 2 months ago

    Actually Moscow-Vladivostok is the longest one because it’s 9 288km long

  • Zaini Mohamad
    Zaini Mohamad 2 months ago

    ماشاء الله

  • Jere Laitinen
    Jere Laitinen 2 months ago

    1:15 "That's just Finland being Finland"

  • Dhruv Doshi
    Dhruv Doshi 2 months ago

    the timelapse video of all of those people getting on trains for the Spain and France part was filmed in Japan, not spain.

  • Elf-chan Yamada
    Elf-chan Yamada 2 months ago

    The Sydney to Perth service is called the Indian pacific... because it goes between the Indian and pacific oceans... yeah we're not the most creative people...

  • Ameer
    Ameer 2 months ago


  • the troublemaker
    the troublemaker 2 months ago

    watch here 1000km and 600km under the earth tvclip.biz/video/eI3aztdQEOA/video.html

  • The Green Cactus
    The Green Cactus 2 months ago

    So... 1520mm = 4'11 5/6 AND 5'3"?

  • Václav Voldřich
    Václav Voldřich 2 months ago

    Oh my f* god... at 0:11 I went to the door to answer a doorbell... Guess what. Sooo subtle and hidden... :/ :D

  • Sauron der Herr der Ringe

    The longest Train Distance in the EU is Paris-Berlin-Moscow

  • Miguel Castillo
    Miguel Castillo 2 months ago

    I went on a 25 hour *FREE* train ride last month for the World Cup from city to City in russia

  • Drache A350
    Drache A350 2 months ago

    I live in Germany but I know in spain, there is a train called Talgo, which has special bogies that can switch width while driving. Even we germans had one in 1996, I think for night services or so, but im not sure

  • lordeisschrank
    lordeisschrank 2 months ago

    and here's the blog of two people who actually went on the Moscow to Pyonyang trip... illegally I might add

  • Florian Heinze
    Florian Heinze 2 months ago

    you don't have to walk from Hendaye to Irun. The normal gauge tracks extend to irun on the spanish side where you can change trains.

  • Twilight Man
    Twilight Man 2 months ago

    1:16 - 2:00 There was actually a "HUGE" train station high up in the Pyrenees Mts. called the CanFranc International Railway Station. The tracks on one side of the station were of Spanish guage; the tracks on the other side of the station were of French guage. Passengers would disembark on one side and EMBARK on the other. It's sadly abandoned now; because, as you stated, plane travel is much faster, and traffic in and out of the station slowed to a crawl until it was no longer economically feasible to keep the station open. tvclip.biz/video/bhpqRqQop6w/video.html

  • Malcolm Kittle
    Malcolm Kittle 2 months ago

    Pretty sure everyone knows London is in England

  • seppkuerbis
    seppkuerbis 3 months ago

    Coming from France you don't have to get out at Hendaye. The station in Irun serves both systems. So you change trains there and don't have to walk over the bridge. Did that long time ago. min 1:53

  • TrypillianArt
    TrypillianArt 3 months ago

    The part about there not being a train between Hendaye and San Sebastien is incorrect. I took a train from hendaye to san sebastian last month. Hendaye,france is the last stop that the spanish railway services

  • jonnemobiili 69
    jonnemobiili 69 3 months ago

    F you I'm from finland

  • amit john
    amit john 3 months ago

    Euro truck simulator, you seeing this?

  • Grant Haynes
    Grant Haynes 3 months ago

    Actually in the US the longest passenger train route is the California Zephyr from Chicago to San Francisco at 2,438 miles and takes around 50 hours. The one mentioned is the Southwest Chief, is 2,256 miles long and takes around 40 hours

  • Kenneth Chang
    Kenneth Chang 3 months ago

    First 420 people? Lmao😅

  • wildwizardplanet
    wildwizardplanet 3 months ago

    Trains can't change gauge !!! You haven't heard of Gauge-changers ever ??

  • Aaron ___
    Aaron ___ 3 months ago

    That's it, you don't have a name for the 4.5 mile train. What the heck, and forget your ending ads.

  • HikerLarry & Packgoater Robinson

    Re: traveling from Madrid, Spain, to Paris. You are saying that you could not cross the border on the train. You could NOT be more wrong. In 1978 or so, I took the trail from Madrid to Paris. Was the guage different in France? Yes. Did we have to change trains? NO! They jacked up the entire train as a unit, changed the guage, put the train back down on the tracks, and off we went to Paris. No changing trains, no changing even our seats. Don't know where you got your information, but mine is a 1st person experience.

  • ridred309
    ridred309 3 months ago


  • Biker Boiy
    Biker Boiy 3 months ago

    The United Kingdom is the normal for all train tracks (all edcuated people would agree with me)

  • Jesse Sorensen
    Jesse Sorensen 3 months ago

    That was wicked but then you tried to sell me shit. Fuck you.

  • Mark Cruz
    Mark Cruz 3 months ago

    In my Country it will take 48 years to travel from North Ave to Taft Ave.!
    Its more fun in the Philippines.

  • Аки Чуд
    Аки Чуд 3 months ago

    Retard units alert

  • AboveAndBeyond
    AboveAndBeyond 3 months ago

    We found new way to escape North Korea!!!

  • Distrita TV
    Distrita TV 3 months ago

    Hi.. Just to notify. Line 1 Metro from Hendaye to San Sebastián links Spain and France. So people do not need to cross the bridge by foot! distrita.com/metro-donostialdea-border-crossing/

  • Jahin Z.
    Jahin Z. 3 months ago

    Chennai Express

  • CertifiedRBLX -
    CertifiedRBLX - 3 months ago

    wait, California zephyr is slightly longer

  • _Ia_m_th_e_ki_ng_
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  • ABW941
    ABW941 4 months ago

    So who is riding that passenger carriage from Northkorea to Moscow? We want answers!

  • Aryan Agrawal
    Aryan Agrawal 4 months ago

    Freedom units 😂😂

  • mmtcar
    mmtcar 4 months ago

    Is there a real TVclipr behind these videos? Or are they just a very long advertisement?

  • xero0ne1
    xero0ne1 4 months ago

    That's not where Dibrugarh is

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 months ago

    1 american standard hour = average time between tho gun rampages.

  • stefan beaubut
    stefan beaubut 4 months ago

    PLEASE turn down the sass *just a little bit*

  • Anand
    Anand 4 months ago

    That trains don't work well off the track jk hit me hard😂😂

  • Cyrus Chong
    Cyrus Chong 4 months ago

    Does it arrive at st pancras