Top 10 Cards No One Expected to be Good in YuGiOh

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • In this video we'll go over cards which no one expected to be good when they first came out, but ended up seeing lots of play.
    --The List--
    10-Cup of Ace
    9- Metaverse
    8- Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere Mode
    7- Brilliant Fusion
    6- Solemn Judgment
    5- Mudragon of the Swamp
    4- Mass Driver
    3- Super Rejuvenation
    2- Ancient Fairy Dragon
    1- Grinder Golem
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  • Cioda
    Cioda 6 hours ago

    Scrubs. I was playing grinder golem before it got good

  • Ghalaghor McAllistor
    Ghalaghor McAllistor 9 hours ago

    Cup of Ace combined with Greed can be good depending on who gets to draw.


    Who thought sphere mode was bad? Name 1 person! Its a triple kaiju! Same with metaverse, i knew it would be great. If your field spell would be popped, it acts as protection AND you can change the field up as a surprise and possibly make some disruptions

  • Ivan Saijas
    Ivan Saijas 19 hours ago

    Sphere and Kaiju made me quit the game.

  • markos50100
    markos50100 23 hours ago

    then you remember the blue-eyes exodia ftk with super rejuvi would help you finish drawing the rest of your deck to instantly win.

  • Sorthen Daniel
    Sorthen Daniel Day ago

    Very poorly informed. Duel links had a "each player draws 1 card at the start of duel." - this lead to degenerate ftk coinflip games. This is the sole reason restructure revolution is on 1 too. Does this make cup of ace good? Is catapult turtle good?

  • Tobias Pause
    Tobias Pause 2 days ago

    So funny watching this. Bought Grinder Golem once for 2 cent because even so its bad it was interstng, using stuff like creature exchange and than ... wait he is banned now? xd. only played rarely and very casually. its great.

  • Electric Titan
    Electric Titan 2 days ago +4

    Solemn Judgment: Pay half your Life Points to say no.

  • masterxk
    masterxk 3 days ago

    I watched a video where a player used sphere mode, then the oponent use in response winged dragon of Ra.

  • specialk412
    specialk412 5 days ago

    whos here after new banlist super rejuvenation coming off ban

  • VixXstazosJOB
    VixXstazosJOB 6 days ago

    This is why i quitted watching Yugitubing long time ago - except when the kids are shamelessly clicbaity with their thumbnails and titles... that's when you gotta SJW a little -... realizing most of the supossely 1st World smart community don't even read cards to figure out their strategies. Given how long we've got YGO is saddening how we can't 1 + 1 together by figuring out plays, combos and scenarios when.... idk, reaaaading low budget cards

  • icedtea
    icedtea 6 days ago

    cup of ace was limited because of a burn deck with restructure revelation, nobody was putting cup of ace in their regular deck lmao

  • John Moser
    John Moser 6 days ago

    Electric snake?

  • LTStarting
    LTStarting 10 days ago

    They need to nerf master of destiny. It’s such bullshit

  • Seris Bloodsoul
    Seris Bloodsoul 10 days ago

    Ur top 10 favorite extra deck monsters

  • Raziel
    Raziel 10 days ago

    Cup of Ace was also relevant in mill decks in Duel Links cuz if you got heads you got to draw 2 cards fine but if you got tails you thinned your opponent's deck by 2 cards.

  • ZetaByt
    ZetaByt 11 days ago

    Could be wrong here, but I thought what actually got Brilliant Fusion limited was the Gem-Knight FTK around Lady Lapis and Master Diamond (among other cards), because Konami really hates FTKs.

  • Clayton Fisher
    Clayton Fisher 12 days ago

    I thought for sure Rescue Cat would have been on here. Oh well.

  • GDT - Y96
    GDT - Y96 12 days ago

    where the EFF ins terra the terrible?

  • Gryph00
    Gryph00 12 days ago

    in regards to the Solemn Judgement. It saw plenty of use [I played competitive back then] It absolutely CRIPPLED Beat down decks [The Hayabusa variant to stop them from getting beefed up with united, mages, and scapegoats] And it also stopped the summoning of Jinzo [which incidentally, we used horn of heaven to counter it as well] Solemn Judgement, also stopped the older LP drain decks and deckouts that focused on running Gravity Bind and the Magical Scientist fusion OTK before they banned it, as well as the original Beginning and End Deck before Chaos End and Black Luster were banned to stop them from gutting the Light and Dark monsters from Witch and Sangan by preventing them from hitting the field. It was useful from day 1 onward. It was a mainstay in every single deck you ran back in that card shop and local tournaments in Jersey back then.

  • Saurus no Haineko
    Saurus no Haineko 12 days ago

    Ancient Fairy Dragon was never the worst one of the bunch, I mean, NEVER. That prize goes without a single doubt to Blacked Winged Dragon, whis is just useless.

  • talentless hack
    talentless hack 12 days ago

    Number 95: Galaxy-Eyes Dark Matter Dragon should be on this list. My boy was disrespected for so long and now it's banned

  • Dave Alan
    Dave Alan 12 days ago

    I can't find Mystic Mine in the Card Catalog in Duel Links. It doesn't seem to be there.
    But he mentioned Mystic Mine being good in Duel Links. WTF? Is or was it there or not?

  • Lup
    Lup 13 days ago

    Dude, I just found you and I love your content. I stopped playing YGO! like four years ago so these videos are super informative and entertaining. Keep up the good work!

  • Lup
    Lup 13 days ago

    Dude, I just found you and I love your content. I stopped playing YGO! like four years ago so these videos are super informative and entertaining. Keep up the good work!

  • MJ
    MJ 13 days ago

    Super Quantum first broke brilliant fusion? I mean love the originality and hope he won with it but a shame for gem knight players who can't play 3 anymore because the card became splashable.

  • dart20918
    dart20918 13 days ago

    Cup of Ace was heavily used in Exodia Appropriate Decks... It died out when a lot of draw cards were hit and Ash became a thing

  • Daniel Houldsworth
    Daniel Houldsworth 13 days ago

    Before Metaverse got limited, I liked using it with Dark Sanctuary to try and avoid my opponent OTKing me. Didn't always work, but my decks were hardly the greatest thing around, so I made do with that I had.

  • The Potato
    The Potato 13 days ago +1

    You guys remember back when everyone called the Spyral archetype bad before MR4 dropped? I do

  • metroidprime6
    metroidprime6 13 days ago


  • xnotsafety
    xnotsafety 13 days ago

    what's the song name?

  • Charm City Gamer
    Charm City Gamer 14 days ago

    Lord knows I use Cup of Ace in Duel Links like crazy.

  • Remy Militello
    Remy Militello 14 days ago

    This was a great video and overall I recommend the katana brand of sleeves heartily. But I did the rip test on one of my spares and it came apart easily. That was my only katana spare so I'm not sure if it was defective, but thought you might be interested in that.

  • MrGaiakid
    MrGaiakid 14 days ago

    dont people also play mudragon cause its an instant fusion target?

  • taburz blism
    taburz blism 14 days ago +1

    11:54 hieratics used it!

  • VictorMorphHD
    VictorMorphHD 14 days ago

    How could you miss Vanity's Emptiness?

  • Petros Dehara
    Petros Dehara 14 days ago

    you forgot gofu

  • To lazy for a good name

    Top ten best Non meta decks in Yu Gi Oh duel links

  • Vier Bruidhinn
    Vier Bruidhinn 15 days ago

    Mass driiver was exploited in a deck known as DMOC mass driver, which created an infinite loop in of dmoc, mass driver, dimension fusion and monster gate

  • abdo lion
    abdo lion 15 days ago

    Isn't there pot of greed in the game? This week someone used it

  • Shinobi Wizard
    Shinobi Wizard 16 days ago

    Harpie deck lol

  • OctodadUnderstudy
    OctodadUnderstudy 16 days ago

    For a second there, I thought I was watching a WoW video.

  • DIO BrandOOO
    DIO BrandOOO 16 days ago +2

    Today's yugioh be like: 5 negations is one turn (its ok). Ra sphere mode and mystic mine (OMG so cancer)

  • Nocturne989
    Nocturne989 16 days ago

    The first Brilliant Fusion deck I remember getting popular was Madolche

  • Signs
    Signs 16 days ago +1

    13:24 you forgot black-winged dragon!!! :(

  • iLLiDaN30
    iLLiDaN30 17 days ago

    I once won a League with a Grinder Golem, Necroface, Tempest Deck :D Back then it was actually kinda meta, because the meta was slow, the other meta decks often milled and removed alot and 1 tempest was actually always win.

  • Oskar Evans
    Oskar Evans 17 days ago

    Muddragon is also good because of instantfusion

  • Fleasy
    Fleasy 17 days ago

    Was expecting a list of good cards people were sleeping on, but most of these are bad cards that became good after new cards were added. Would be fun to see a full list of cards that were good from the day they were printed but flew under the radar for a long time.

  • Jin Zhang
    Jin Zhang 17 days ago

    Yeah no. Solemn Judgement has always been op even back in the days.

  • Chris Akane ASMR
    Chris Akane ASMR 17 days ago

    But in duel links 😆

  • nikkiandgen
    nikkiandgen 18 days ago

    Machine duplication is another good one in my opinion. With cyber dragons it is a must in the deck. But I don't remember it being used much in the past.

  • Samuel Zuccati
    Samuel Zuccati 18 days ago

    Brilliant Fusion got limited because of Thunder Dragons :v
    Which actually did nothing because they now play Sekka's Light LUL

  • brhom gamer 2
    brhom gamer 2 18 days ago +1

    مين جاي من اكزيت

  • reza wahyu
    reza wahyu 18 days ago


  • CK Khoo
    CK Khoo 18 days ago

    I've been playing duel links only, but the second I look at these cards, I know they are strong asf, the comparison you're giving is definitely worse and there's no way people would think that these cards are weaker

  • Esteban Esparza
    Esteban Esparza 18 days ago

    Is it just me... or this video is a reupload?

  • Mechtronikz
    Mechtronikz 19 days ago

    Last Will is another nobody played. At least until the Rescue Cat Synchro meta came out.

  • Monkey.D Anis
    Monkey.D Anis 19 days ago +2

    Top 10 Cards no one expected to be BAD in YuGiOh!
    4.Ra sphere mode
    5. Ra immortal Phoenix
    6. Uria
    7. Raviel
    8. Hamon
    9. armityle
    I dont know about you guys, but i guess we all are Yugioh OG's, so my opinion is all those cards should have their original anime effects
    Of course they would be banned, BUT HERE IS THE POINT (especially for the gods):
    it is far better that no one plays those cards because they are banned because THEY ARE GODS and OP, instead of like it is today , no one plays them because they weak and shit

  • vishramramoutar
    vishramramoutar 19 days ago

    i gave up yugioh after synchro summoning the game just got too complicated for me to keep up.

  • Ben Tamarkin
    Ben Tamarkin 19 days ago

    Not sure how Galaxy Tomahawk was not on this list.