Hello Neighbor Tricks FGTEEV Family! Duddz in Trouble! (Funny Jumping Game + Skit)

  • Published on May 22, 2019
  • FGTEEV Fam gets tricks by Hello Neighbor Mart!!! Duddy in Trouble! Thumbs up for sneaky Mart!
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    FGTeeV is a Family Gaming Channel of 6 people. Dad is known as FGTEEV Duddy & Mom, well, we call her whatever but sometimes it's Moomy. They have 4 children, Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! We play all sorts of games, Thanks for checking us out.
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  • Jayne Cowen
    Jayne Cowen 5 days ago

    Did it

  • Matthew Melendez
    Matthew Melendez 6 days ago

    Why can't you comment in funnel vision? Happy birthday chase!!🎉🎈😉😁😊

  • Tamarcus Alexander
    Tamarcus Alexander 6 days ago

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  • Tamarcus Alexander
    Tamarcus Alexander 6 days ago

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  • Q
    Q 6 days ago

    Would you rather have 10millon subscribers than 10millon dollars

  • Yaseen Eedhah
    Yaseen Eedhah 8 days ago

    Play running timbre 2

  • Serenity King
    Serenity King 8 days ago

    I live in waycross

  • Serenity King
    Serenity King 8 days ago

    You funny on tik tok your my ffunny


  • Serenity King
    Serenity King 8 days ago +1


  • Samantha Johnson
    Samantha Johnson 8 days ago

    I already know your videos name is called fgteev and it is very fun to watch cuz it's really funny and I really wish I lived with you but I love my Mom and Daddy

  • Lyla Burke
    Lyla Burke 8 days ago

    FGTV forgot where all the fgteev toys are

  • Pamela Irvine
    Pamela Irvine 8 days ago

    i do not hae this game

  • Dr. Joe Moses
    Dr. Joe Moses 9 days ago

    I love fgteev I'm subscribed I'm a really big fan

  • Tara Augustaitus
    Tara Augustaitus 11 days ago


  • jay domingo
    jay domingo 11 days ago

    I did it 10 Minutes to complete figuring out to play cause skip tutorial

  • subscribe or i will delete your minecraft account.

    Listen, I've been watching this in a long time and seeing it now is just nostalgic.

  • Merrick Laguren
    Merrick Laguren 15 days ago

    Please do not delete Fgteev? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • orca 1207
    orca 1207 15 days ago

    Why did you doing well the table on you in real😂

  • Infamous
    Infamous 16 days ago

    ello Neighbor Tricks FGTEEV Family! Duddz in Trouble! (Funny Jumping Game + Skit)
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  • Roopert Boopert
    Roopert Boopert 19 days ago +1

    fgteev try roblox legends of speed

  • Laura Edwards
    Laura Edwards 19 days ago

    I meant duddy not daddy it was auto correct

  • Laura Edwards
    Laura Edwards 19 days ago

    Chase would be boss at that game because he is the parkour boss not to be rude but daddy you’re not as good as Chase At parkour

  • Laura Edwards
    Laura Edwards 19 days ago

    U should make a gaming vid about ape chase

  • Gisselle Rodriguez
    Gisselle Rodriguez 19 days ago

    I beet it for tesl i swesr i know tht my moms in the screen but im her son she let me borrow it its not that im poor its just that my annoying sister was yousing my ipad

  • Alicia Smeak
    Alicia Smeak 19 days ago

    You should play scary teacher 3D please

  • Penny Haley
    Penny Haley 21 day ago

    Go fgteev!!

  • Terre Su Jackson
    Terre Su Jackson 23 days ago

    I feel bad so bad for you Mike

  • Anna Hoffman
    Anna Hoffman 25 days ago


  • JIAHN ARIANNA cartoons

    Also know as granny

  • musa drammeh
    musa drammeh 29 days ago

    Yay pick me

  • Folkert Eggenkamp
    Folkert Eggenkamp 29 days ago

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  • Folkert Eggenkamp
    Folkert Eggenkamp 29 days ago

    Fgeev blalalalla p!

  • Bryson Webb's channel

    I beat it in one second

  • Tara_ Shiels
    Tara_ Shiels Month ago

    Do you still have the Machine that shakes you

  • Cathy Bangon
    Cathy Bangon Month ago

    I am Allred’s fgteev

  • ahnaf mughery
    ahnaf mughery Month ago

    its a contry cold oman

  • ahnaf mughery
    ahnaf mughery Month ago

    can u come to oman onece

  • Lis Romero
    Lis Romero Month ago +1

    I subscribed and I downloaded ape chase!

  • JB MC
    JB MC Month ago


  • Ethan the Epic DJ Gamer

    🔥 LIT 🔥

  • Ethan the Epic DJ Gamer

    The game is so wacky and..........

  • Zarine Khan
    Zarine Khan Month ago

    I love there videos

  • Nizevia Newton
    Nizevia Newton Month ago +1

    16 Seconds

  • Nizevia Newton
    Nizevia Newton Month ago +1

    16 Seconds

  • Olivia Acuna
    Olivia Acuna Month ago +1

    I did the check out video quest

    • Olivia Acuna
      Olivia Acuna Month ago

      I'm a fan of you fgteev 😊😋😚🤗😘🤩😍

  • Maria Fernanda
    Maria Fernanda Month ago


  • Chyanne Antania
    Chyanne Antania Month ago +1

    I download your game ape

  • Andrew Tighe
    Andrew Tighe Month ago

    My birthday was yesterday

  • bombard- mint
    bombard- mint Month ago

    Omg is oh my God or gosh

  • Kelly Hammond
    Kelly Hammond Month ago

    It’s my birthday tomorrow pls can I have 18 likes pls

  • Martin Hernandez
    Martin Hernandez Month ago

    Fgteev 👍👑

  • Collen Justice Sibanda


  • Arianna Daines
    Arianna Daines Month ago

    I can't find the game

  • Connie Sturges
    Connie Sturges Month ago

    I only bought your game

  • Wide cat Cool
    Wide cat Cool Month ago

    I feel bad for the 2 oldest kids I hope they don’t get bullied for this

  • Samantha Ramos
    Samantha Ramos Month ago

    Bruh like clearly

  • IKBAL Kashem
    IKBAL Kashem Month ago

    Play helloneighbor alhpha 3

  • Sam Dang
    Sam Dang Month ago

    fgteev duddy do u ever buy robux

  • Kash Tyler
    Kash Tyler 2 months ago

    No bars 👎