• Published on Oct 14, 2017
  • Today I tried $5 Halloween Makeup Kits with Miranda Sings! Let me know down below what other videos you'd like to see.
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  • Emily Ocampo
    Emily Ocampo 57 minutes ago

    Halloween is my birthday🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

  • Princess Gee
    Princess Gee 2 hours ago

    I saw you on Reckitt Ralph’s

  • Noelle Berg
    Noelle Berg 2 hours ago +1

    You guys were soo funny together😂😂❤️❤️thank you for 0 likez

    NATHAN GROSS 6 hours ago

    Miranda is anoing

  • Amira Mcaroy
    Amira Mcaroy Day ago

    I'm all most 8

  • Nesa Dimas
    Nesa Dimas Day ago

    You're are fat

  • Nesa Dimas
    Nesa Dimas Day ago

    Why do you speak to Much

  • Lisa Baker
    Lisa Baker Day ago

    Oh I'm going to still celebrate hollowen

  • Lisa Baker
    Lisa Baker Day ago


  • pink pie by Mia stretton

    My moms b day is the day b4 Halloween

  • Precious Jorgensen

    My brother's birthday is on Oct 29

  • Cwub Cwub Studios
    Cwub Cwub Studios 2 days ago

    Just looking at Ro the which reminds me of Escape the Night Season 3.

  • Laken Collins
    Laken Collins 2 days ago

    Hey Miranda I want your show on Netflix and I really like it I like how it’s called haters back off and I get picked on a lot at school so that really helps I mean at least I’m out of school though bye love you all

  • Pamela Word
    Pamela Word 2 days ago

    Cry baby Miranda

  • Ley-Ley YT!!!!!
    Ley-Ley YT!!!!! 3 days ago

    I look like a grassy monster of
    Love xD

  • Emily Singh
    Emily Singh 5 days ago

    Oooooo I just realized that this was posted on my bday ✨✨

  • Marie Wessels
    Marie Wessels 5 days ago

    Ro I think 🤔 you are so nice 👍 because you said that you love ❤️ Halloween 🎃 my birthday 🎁 is on Halloween 👻 maranda you aren’t so nice sorry 😐 bye 🖐🏼🖐🏼🖖🏻🤚🏻✋🏻

  • Delphine Tonsay
    Delphine Tonsay 5 days ago


  • segni bayisa
    segni bayisa 5 days ago

    my doughter wach's mirnd sings and she finnished it

  • Karlie Jade
    Karlie Jade 7 days ago

    Merainda: oh so you can’t do it

    Roe: silent
    Me: roe’s probably thinking no merainda can’t do it because she acts like a little girl

  • Emily Gall
    Emily Gall 7 days ago

    Ro you on nailed it I 💗you food

  • Maggie Bruce
    Maggie Bruce 7 days ago

    Love you Ro you expierd me to bake ,make food ,your and become a TVclipr
    Your the best TVclipr ever

  • Stuart Curran
    Stuart Curran 8 days ago

    I love miranda I have her costume

  • Zachary Xzavier Gokool
    Zachary Xzavier Gokool 8 days ago +1

    hey ro

  • Free Ryder
    Free Ryder 9 days ago +1

    Rosanna: I’m am so exited!
    Miranda: I am so esided!

  • Mafer Hi
    Mafer Hi 9 days ago

    Miranda just roasted you😃🎃

  • Journey Perea
    Journey Perea 9 days ago

    Her bae is vampire

  • asfah masood
    asfah masood 9 days ago +1


  • Manpreet Singh
    Manpreet Singh 11 days ago


  • Ana Arreola
    Ana Arreola 11 days ago

    I like Halloween in Mexico because it's day of the dead because I'm Mexican and I don't like real Halloween

  • tica leaf
    tica leaf 11 days ago +1

    Every vampire needs a cape

  • PinkPorg
    PinkPorg 11 days ago +1

    Miranda was kinda rude to poor ro

  • Lacey Herring
    Lacey Herring 12 days ago +5

    Ro:oh it’s for 8 years and older
    Miranda: oh so you can’t do it
    *Five seconds later*
    Miranda: I need help😂

  • barry leathem
    barry leathem 12 days ago +7

    "oops my skin just fell off" -Miranda Sings 2017

  • Molly Kelsey
    Molly Kelsey 13 days ago

    3:50 “what’s your name where do you live”

    Miranda 2017

  • Justina Bauer
    Justina Bauer 13 days ago

    You on the first one you looked like me on Halloween 🎃

  • Adele Hill
    Adele Hill 13 days ago

    Hide from

  • Ivelisse Santiago
    Ivelisse Santiago 14 days ago

    I hate you Rosanna Pansino and you are awful I’m putting this comment right now and you are sending it to me and I hate you no matter what because you try to scare more Miranda and that is rude so rude and I don’t want that to happen to Miranda she is going to get scared have nightmares and that that’s on acceptable I hate you

  • Roxana Rodriguez
    Roxana Rodriguez 15 days ago

    I am on Miranda team That’s sad

  • Tanvirul Karim Chowdhury

    that does not happen in halloween we get sweets

  • Elizabeth Luck
    Elizabeth Luck 18 days ago

    Love u ro

  • PALALAGI Kasey
    PALALAGI Kasey 19 days ago

    I have seen that movie

  • Jessalyn Mcclure
    Jessalyn Mcclure 19 days ago

    Yasss Queens 👸🏼

  • Bryan Cox
    Bryan Cox 20 days ago

    That’s my birthday that haters back off comes back

  • The Smol Potato14
    The Smol Potato14 21 day ago


  • Travis Crusa
    Travis Crusa 21 day ago +11

    Who remembers Ro being killed by a witch in Escape The Night and now she has the face of one


  • Marilyn Daniel
    Marilyn Daniel 22 days ago

    I. Love it 😍

  • Firas Shaker
    Firas Shaker 23 days ago

    I am such a big fan

  • Aliyah Vaidya
    Aliyah Vaidya 25 days ago


    SING WITH MIZANUR 25 days ago

    I hate Miranda if u hate plz 1like 👇💔

  • Ifoto
    Ifoto 25 days ago

    vampires are dead *but they’re living*
    Lol Ro

  • Sarah Brown
    Sarah Brown 26 days ago

    Miranda yeah I might of all ready said this but
    I love Miranda’s videos!

  • Divya Sabu
    Divya Sabu 28 days ago +1

    What a small hashtag😂

  • katie90132 swirly
    katie90132 swirly Month ago

    Maybe but Halloween is in a couple of months

  • Danna Rosenthal
    Danna Rosenthal Month ago +1

    awsome work on the makeup

  • Lollypop princess
    Lollypop princess Month ago

    I love you so much ro

  • Kaitlyn
    Kaitlyn Month ago +3

    "Well,you heard it here first folks!"

    *zombie is now a race!*

  • soft bun bun
    soft bun bun Month ago

    Yessssse!!!!!! mirandas 2 haters back off series is coming out soon and im homeschooled so i can watch the hole thing

  • Fatima Javaid
    Fatima Javaid Month ago

    is mirwnda abnormall
    I think she is not mentally stable

  • Cece May
    Cece May Month ago

    Ro i love you lmao

  • Cece May
    Cece May Month ago

    I love how no one really knows how to react to Miranda while filming with her lmao

  • Alara Temiz
    Alara Temiz Month ago


  • Focused3d Gt
    Focused3d Gt Month ago

    October 25 is my birthday 🍰

  • Danielle Sannders
    Danielle Sannders Month ago

    dollartree is best

  • Zoe Monge
    Zoe Monge Month ago

    I dont like holween!

  • its_manal sanaullah

    Why are ypu lookin old sorry I am so rude

  • Naomi Anderson
    Naomi Anderson Month ago

    No you don't look nothing like it and I'm not a hater you are

  • Unicorn LoVe
    Unicorn LoVe Month ago

    Hey merenda my birthday in october

  • Phlash Cade
    Phlash Cade Month ago


  • Pig friends
    Pig friends Month ago


  • Papi Phong Duong
    Papi Phong Duong Month ago


  • David Booth
    David Booth Month ago +1

    #2019 squad anyone if there is like this comment

    • Shamim Arif
      Shamim Arif Month ago +1

      Well you got one like which was you who liked your own comment 😂

  • Farida Magdy
    Farida Magdy Month ago


  • Bee Johnson
    Bee Johnson Month ago

    My cuzin b-day is October 25

  • Patrick Waters
    Patrick Waters Month ago +3

    5:18 she broke character!!! Lol 😂

  • ilove gravy
    ilove gravy Month ago

    that hashtag tho

  • Audrey Winfield
    Audrey Winfield Month ago

    D to be a great day to 🥙 your beautiful life beautiful and great 👍🏻 I hope 🤞 oil has been filled out for a long and long time of a of life from oudhhjhejowiwhjnjbjbkjihjjjjjnjjjjhbmmmmmńnhsusiwiiiiwwww I hope iwiowooowooooooo is time of a

  • Kathy Motley
    Kathy Motley Month ago

    I watch your videos it is cool I love the part I love the part of you one of your last videos I love that last video I watched it went to me I watch it one 1 million times so cool

  • Kathy Motley
    Kathy Motley Month ago

    I love your

  • Cinabun Gaming
    Cinabun Gaming Month ago

    I agree with miranda but i love the vid

  • Khrystyna Hotsul
    Khrystyna Hotsul Month ago

    Trick or treat smell my feet give me something good to eat !

  • Mike Hughes
    Mike Hughes Month ago

    So funny

  • Khanraya Phouapadith
    Khanraya Phouapadith 2 months ago

    I love you videos

  • Ava Ramnath
    Ava Ramnath 2 months ago +1

    But you’re so cute and little

    But you Died From a witch

  • Ava Ramnath
    Ava Ramnath 2 months ago +1

    You are so Cute And so little

  • Milla Thirlaway
    Milla Thirlaway 2 months ago +1

    Satin is around and hanging out

  • Princess Qaireen
    Princess Qaireen 2 months ago


  • Julia Nna
    Julia Nna 2 months ago

    On my way!

  • Lego Home Town
    Lego Home Town 2 months ago

    Over here it is almost easter

  • Athyina Healy
    Athyina Healy 2 months ago

    Me presently... DONT like merandae

  • Guadalupe Hernandez
    Guadalupe Hernandez 2 months ago


  • Julia Calypso
    Julia Calypso 2 months ago

    Ro looks so horrible(awesome!!!!🎃😁)

  • doggo boi
    doggo boi 2 months ago

    She’s collen ballinger

  • viperpost77
    viperpost77 2 months ago

    Room no afinss that was very sweet

  • Vedika Unnithan
    Vedika Unnithan 2 months ago

    Miranda is very rude ...😈😈😈

  • Amani Hall
    Amani Hall 2 months ago

    Miranda sings always were red lip stick

  • Florenta Leea
    Florenta Leea 2 months ago

    Marques is. Wiyrd

  • Halo Angel
    Halo Angel 2 months ago +1

    Miranda: I have skin in my nose.
    Me: 😂😂lolol dah haha....

  • Sunil Khatri
    Sunil Khatri 2 months ago +1

    You are so nice and you are so pretty and i want tò be like you 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Maiya Winters
    Maiya Winters 2 months ago

    Hey kendall chloe coming bsvk5