Hereditary - Movie Review


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  • Jmpsthrufyre * 665 years ago

    Anyone notice what looks to be one or two cult members in the opening scene? Under the treehouse, on the bottom left corner of the shot as it pans right? And how Annie positions the miniature of Granny after Peter and Charlie go to the party? It's almost exactly the way Peter was creepily standing outside Annie's bedroom as she's wailing screaming and crying. And all the pics or shots of heads before Charlie lost hers.

  • Lawrence Bittke
    Lawrence Bittke 2 days ago

    I’ll talk around this so I don’t spoil anything: The last 20 minutes of HEREDITARY is RELENTLESS. The slow burn tempo of this movie has a series of terrifying events and a sense of mounting horror during these 20 minutes that blew me away. Enough said.

  • Jonah Simpson
    Jonah Simpson 4 days ago

    I just watched it and totally agree it is the best horror experience since the babadook

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 4 days ago

    I personally hated this movie. The acting was really good, but it was way too slow for my taste and honestly, I thought it was kind of stupid.

  • senseo
    senseo 4 days ago

    I watched this movie at night. Big mistake. I can't sleep, it's dark and I'm scared

  • Dylan Jones
    Dylan Jones 5 days ago

    Just saw this

  • Guy Guest
    Guy Guest 6 days ago

    Why didn't you review suspiria?

  • multibrandan
    multibrandan 8 days ago

    I watch zero horror movies as of late. The last horror movie I watched out of curiosity was Annabelle (curious for The Conjuring but not anymore) n As Above So Below (also curious due to the trailer back then) and I watched them at night. Since then I don’t do horror anymore. Only horror I enjoy is anime horror. If u do horror movie reviews I’ll gladly watch ur reviews and spoiler reviews for them too. Cause (non anime) horror movies are 100% no way for me. Cool video bud

  • Steven A.
    Steven A. 8 days ago

    Probably the new exorcist

  • straightoff 420
    straightoff 420 8 days ago

    This movie had some fantastic acting and suspense. Slightly disappointed with the weird ending but overall a great movie imo

  • Ahcheenui Utai
    Ahcheenui Utai 9 days ago

    This movie made me so uncomfortable. Edge of my seat, eyes glued to the screen. I wanted to look away but I couldn't. I was in shock so many times. I hated how it made me feel but that's why this movie is so amazing. It actually scared me, first time ever I felt genuine fear from a movie as opposed to the usual jolt/shock or disgust I get from usual horror movies. And I am so disappointed and angry that it got shunned completely at the Oscars even though it was the best movie of 2018

  • Adotpdot
    Adotpdot 9 days ago

    This movie sucked ...The ending will leave you thinking ..."wtf"

  • B0rn0nly0nce
    B0rn0nly0nce 9 days ago

    I bought a copy of the Paimon necklace from Etsy. I'm going to wear it next October 31st as my Halloween costume.

  • Shavea Blake
    Shavea Blake 10 days ago

    and here i thought it was crap

  • Joey K
    Joey K 11 days ago

    Annie's shocked face and the son's crying were the worst acting I've ever seen in my entire life. Everything else was very good

  • Summer Morin
    Summer Morin 12 days ago


  • rewster7
    rewster7 12 days ago

    Both Hereditary and The Babadook starred Australian actresses.

  • justNikolai
    justNikolai 12 days ago

    Awful film!!! Not worth even 1 minute of your time unless you just want a scare with a plain story. I do not recommend it for 3 main reasons.
    1: story contains numerous flaws and pointless turns
    2: dialogue is 2/10
    3: the main plot or even motivation to write the film is boring, predictable and gives absolutely no satisfaction upon watching the idea of the writer
    4: shallow unrelatable characters
    A big plus is the acting I do agree that it was exceptionally good.
    As I stated before if you’re into a quick scare without any strings attached then watch otherwise move along

    • malicious patrick
      malicious patrick 10 days ago

      Really? , the acting was really really good , the story maybe it's a little bit too hard to understand it , cause there's a lot of details in this movie that probably you didn't notice , but heyy, it's your opinion , maybe you just like kind of horror movie with jumpscares.

  • Li Alkalo
    Li Alkalo 12 days ago

    Watched the movie yesterday and it was the first time that a horror film was so unsettling that I wanted to turn it off

  • Vikram
    Vikram 14 days ago

    Sell me your shirt. Please?

  • The Question
    The Question 15 days ago

    I think the director is the same from the witch, that movie came before criss and its awesome

  • Zombie Killer
    Zombie Killer 15 days ago

    Fuck you for this pretentious ass review for this shitty, stupid boring ass movie.

  • Tyler Kline
    Tyler Kline 15 days ago

    Unrelated to anything. Star Fox tat 10/10

  • Jean Amparan
    Jean Amparan 16 days ago

    Gotta give it a second try but for me, the ending a la Rosemaries baby was a let down.

  • Victoria Torrealba
    Victoria Torrealba 16 days ago

    I’m gonna be hearing that tongue clicking noise every night ...

  • 3589546
    3589546 17 days ago

    Great review.

  • Sven Veader
    Sven Veader 18 days ago

    worst movie since Jlaw's Muddar

  • Perfumaphilia
    Perfumaphilia 18 days ago

    Toni Colette's performance was the best part of this movie. She deserves an Oscar nomination a least, and I wouldn't be surprised if she won.

  • 차환승
    차환승 19 days ago

    Before I delve into the video, I wanted to comment that your shirt looks fantastic.

  • B Fresh
    B Fresh 19 days ago

    I didn’t think this movie was scary, it was just really weird to me.That might just be because I’ve seen a lot of horror films and I’m hard to scare but it’s just my opinion

  • Michael Kazich
    Michael Kazich 19 days ago

    Toni Collette deserved to win best actress for this, I still can't believe she didn't even get a nomination.

  • Temporally displaced
    Temporally displaced 19 days ago

    I hate jumpscares with a passion and have been wishing for a horror movie with zero jumpscares ever since I got into horror fiction, focused on scaring you instead of startling you and THIS IS THAT MOVIE!!! Finally! There are NO jumpscares in this movie (maybe one moment will startle you but it's not that loud and doesn't have jumpscare music), just messed up ideas, implications and imagery. It should get an A+ for that alone

  • Tamashi232
    Tamashi232 20 days ago

    the babadook is my shit son!!

  • craps 48
    craps 48 20 days ago

    That lady that talked her into doing seance had an evil aura to her. I knew deep down inside she was evil. But when she saw that doormat at her apartment I knew she had bad intentions.

  • Armando Karamgalan
    Armando Karamgalan 21 day ago

    A little pee come out while waching

  • Asela Bandara
    Asela Bandara 21 day ago

    Best horror i have seen recenlty

  • captcorajus
    captcorajus 22 days ago

    As a parent, there's a part in this movie that tore me apart, and was gut wrenching.

  • John Tziannis
    John Tziannis 22 days ago

    Toni Collette is amazing. I really want to see this movie. I wish it was on Foxtel.

  • eshraq ahmad
    eshraq ahmad 23 days ago

    I saw the movie because it was your top pick of 2018
    and being the loyal subscriber I am, I watched the movie even though I hate horror films (I am easily scared), still I watched it...
    this is a new level of fucked up scenarios
    I am scarred for life
    Just watch this shit with the lights on

  • D'Onjre Young
    D'Onjre Young 23 days ago

    Just saw it, 6.5/10=Really good movie.

  • zat am
    zat am 23 days ago

    Surprised to know tat u being a horror fan havent reviewed suspiria yet!

    NORRIN RADD 25 days ago


  • Jaydebaee
    Jaydebaee 25 days ago

    Most incredible horror movie Ive seen in a very long time. Wish there were more amazing horror movies like this... instead of every other decade. Amazingly thought out and so realistic and relatable in a unrelateable horrifically disturbing and twisted. I love it. If u don’t u have absolutely 0 taste in what REAL horror is.

  • Jason Augustine
    Jason Augustine 25 days ago

    (*tounge clicks*)

  • Seth
    Seth 27 days ago

    Scariest film I've seen. Beats The Conjuring, The Babadook, The Excorcism of Emily Rose, The Shining, etc...

  • Alice Brenneman
    Alice Brenneman 27 days ago

    Viewers, stop digging further. There is no deep meaning behind the movie. It has stupid plot holes all over the place. Which mother on earth would force her teenage son to bring their wired/whatever-challenged 13-old daughter, who is seriously allergic to nuts, to go anywhere, let alone a freaking high school party where she already suspects that alcohol would be there? And in which freaking high school party there would be a cake baked and served, with that crazy amount of nuts? (Remember that chopping nuts shot?) Chris, can you seriously think these plots were thought through?
    Even if this cult is so amazingly manipulative that can twist all people's mind and explain all these unreasonable behaviors, then why do they wait till now to wake up their king? If they are so capable, shouldn't they have already done so when they first tried?
    Yes, the acting is amazing. Thumb up to all actors. Other than that, this move is a shit. If you haven't watched this movie, and you care about your time, pick any other movie, seriously any other movie.
    A24 is a shitty studio and just wants to make a few bucks with a low budget and cost horror movie. Just like The Witch, the plots of their movie never made a god damn sense. Somehow, with amazing acting and nice cinematic shots, they make their horror movies seem to be artistic which are truly not. In this way, their movies always got good reviews from the hippy and pretentious reviewers from screening at pretentious film festivals. But the mass audience is with true wisdom. That's why their movies are always terribly reviewed by the general audience. That's why after one or two weeks in the theater their movies are sent straight to streaming.

  • Just another army goat
    Just another army goat 27 days ago +56

    She didn’t get the Oscar nomination and I’m honestly so disappointed

    • Jmpsthrufyre * 665 years ago
      Jmpsthrufyre * 665 years ago Day ago +1

      Just another army goat The movie was TOO good for such paltry awards.

    • Mark Andersen
      Mark Andersen 2 days ago

      Toni Collette should have won an Oscar for her performance, nominations for horror are very rare, Ellen Burstyn was nominated for the Exorcist. I thought Essie Davis for the Babadook was also deserving of a nomination, her and Collette create an uneasiness that never leaves you, you feel their dread.

    • peachy
      peachy 5 days ago +1

      Zombie Killer Again, how is this movie “Oscar bait” when it was released in the summer and they didn’t even push for an Oscar campaign? Go cry somewhere else, incel.

    • Del Banks
      Del Banks 5 days ago

      +Zombie Killer I conclude that you're just a bitter individual. There was absolutely character development. Agreeably, there wasn't enough, but there's no way in HELL you can dismiss Toni Colette in this movie.
      This may come as a shock to you, but the father wasn't supposed to do anything. Why, because most families don't confront each other or intervene when it's too late. The result is that their problems often worsen or reach an inevitable point of no return.
      Common sense, which I assume you were looking for, is hardly a thing in most horror movies. That's kinda the point. Horror movies are often a blueprint for what not to do or what to avoid. You just lost that or you're handling your frustration completely wrong.

    • Ahcheenui Utai
      Ahcheenui Utai 9 days ago +1

      To everyone in the comments thinking this was an Oscar bait movie....NO. it's far from it, this is a strong genre movie and the Oscars don't look well upon these kind of films. Toni Collette was amazing in this movie, the audience saw an amazing performance. But we all knew deep down it wouldn't get nominated, and because we knew, that eliminates it from being oscar bait. That's why I haven't watched the Oscars in years because they only consider what's popular and go from there. I hope in the future that they'll stop this award ceremony, unless they IMPROVE it. The Grammys actually impressed me this year as opposed to last year. Lets hope the Oscars will do that soon

  • Rafarield77
    Rafarield77 27 days ago

    I think the movie does a good job with the individual sections, but when trying to mash them together it just blew itself up(spoilers ahead)
    Like, the change of pacing in the end just comes out of nowhere, and the story goes from family drama to an entire sub-plot about Satan just getting thrown at the spotlight
    In the ultimate ending, nothing about that family really mattered anymore, aside from "possessed grandma dies and now lil bitchboy gets possessed too"

  • Paul Di'anno
    Paul Di'anno 28 days ago

    The scariest part was how after Toni Colette finds her daughter's body and it cuts to her daughter's decapitated head decomposing.

  • A Guy Named Chad
    A Guy Named Chad 29 days ago

    Toni didn’t get that Oscar nom, but Melissa McCarthy did. Fuck me

  • stephen rampersad
    stephen rampersad 29 days ago

    Movie was trash af

  • Aiwen Lin
    Aiwen Lin 29 days ago

    This movie was so scary and disturbing my mind rebelled. Hereditary is too intense.
    You need to take your foot off the gas but this film is too punishing.
    Amazing film but I need time to recover. I’m exhausted.

  • TED_ M
    TED_ M Month ago +2


  • Ahmad Elmahdy
    Ahmad Elmahdy Month ago

    OK just saw the nominees official list and Toni is not there but there's a YoYo called GaGa got nominated !!

  • No days off
    No days off Month ago +2

    annnnnd Toni Collette was snubbed at the Oscars :D same for Ethan Hawke for First Reformed.

  • Mireille Elliott
    Mireille Elliott Month ago

    I am a massive fan of Hereditary. I’ve been a horror movie fan since I was about 10, 11? And chris mentioned how many f-cked up horror movies he’s seen, like French ones. I have also seen truly horrific and inhuman movies as well and I agree that Hereditary is one horror movie that sticks out from the rest. I felt like when I first watched it, I didn’t realize what I was watching I guess? I knew it was a horror and I had read the movie’s plot online, saw the trailer and what not, but that didn’t give me any real idea of what i was about to watch, they were careful to keep things pretty vague. With many horror movies, it’s incredibly easy to figure out exactly what you’re going to watch. I think that’s why the genre is disliked so much (same with romance). There’s really nothing that can be done in a horror flick that hasn’t already been done a thousand times before, which makes the genre itself predictable. But Hereditary is just fucking awesome. At the end I seriously didn’t know how to react. I was just in shock, I have finally watched a horror movie that has terrified me to the core. Forever in my top5 horror movies!

    • Lance Dukel
      Lance Dukel Month ago +1

      Hereditary is a fantastic movie horror or not. Easily one of the best if not THE best picture of 2018. Toni Collette gives a riviting performance and honestly everyone is excellent in it. I do not scare easily but I slept with the lights on after seeing it. Definitely deserves multiple veiwings!

  • Miranda Hudson
    Miranda Hudson Month ago

    Just finished watching this movie... OH MY GOD. It has been SO FREAKING LONG since I've watched a horror movie - ANY movie, honestly! - that left me going "WOW". I knew it was going to be good because come on - it's Toni Colette! But I was so utterly blown away... Just amazing (and disturbing!), I WANT TO WATCH IT AGAIN!!!

  • SchizoidMan5
    SchizoidMan5 Month ago

    It was weird and brutal how bad No One Lives was from what I remember haha.

    • SchizoidMan5
      SchizoidMan5 Month ago

      Cool to see you mention Stir of Echoes as one of your favorite horrors though, been on my list for a while, I have high hopes for it.

  • w gabie
    w gabie Month ago

    please watch haunting of hill house :D

  • sad bomb
    sad bomb Month ago

    i just watched this im so scared help

  • Ali Altaf
    Ali Altaf Month ago

    Horror movies fails at scaring Adults but Horror Games are much more scarier.

  • J Gunzler
    J Gunzler Month ago

    Even the exposition gave us stuff to think about and chew on afterwards 🤔

  • Logan Roberts
    Logan Roberts Month ago

    Does anybody see similarities between this and and The Haunting of Hill House?

  • kylethekiller
    kylethekiller Month ago

    Chris Stuckmann, you are sexy af

  • The Clint Commander

    I just don't understand. This movie was so slow paced, and the end had me shaking my head. The ONLY redeeming quality is Toni Collette's performance was great. I felt absolute NO sense of dread because Toni's character is the only one who I felt any sympathy for, probably because she was the only good actor/actress. The rest were stale and maybe passable at best. I am admittedly very desensitized, so that may have a lot to do with my feelings about this movie. To me, a movie like Requiem For A Dream is more terrifying than this, because that movie is based in reality and things that can really happen.
    You mention that you like how you could understand the story. To me, this story is very convoluted. Maybe it would be easier to follow on a second view, but I refuse to watch this movie again. Once I understood it in the ending, I was just thinking to myself... "Why? Who gives a shit about ANY of this?" One of the 8 kings of hell. Who caaaaaares? And WHY should we care about this story? That's what baffles me. I will give it credit for having some balls to try and be somewhat creative with it's visuals, but it just doesn't do it for me at all, and I will never understand why it was so good to so many people. There was absolutely nothing in this movie that made me feel even a little bit uncomfortable. Even the supernatural stuff that was supposed to scare the casual horror fans who just want monster shit, had no effect on me.
    Lastly, you mentioned Stir Of Echoes. THAT is one of the most underrated horror movies of all time. That is the kind of movie that does have some supernatural aspects, but it balances it with just enough realism, and watching Kevin Bacon nearly slip into madness while his wife feels completely helpless to do anything, is pure epicness. That one also had some really disturbing imagery that I still sometimes think about to this day, and a fantastic ending that actually felt like the story came to a close, unlike Hereditary.

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago

    The whole movie deserves Oscar for Cast, Soundtrack, Idea and for give me goosebumps and feeling of something is behind me !

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago +1

    Hereditary, The VVitch, Babadook,

  • Parrasta Asiaa
    Parrasta Asiaa Month ago +1

    Yes. Propably one of the best horror movies in this the 2000's. Excellent EXCELLENT movie from start to finish. The endscene divides opinions but i thought it was excellent and it was builded throughout the movie. 10/10

  • Josh radtke
    Josh radtke Month ago

    Seriously is this save enough to watch alone?

  • George
    George Month ago

    fuck man now you actually made me watch fucking Paddington 2 after I watched this fucking shit

  • Salitter
    Salitter Month ago

    just finished watching it. not scary but holly crud, what a masterpiece

  • Sayak Das
    Sayak Das Month ago

    The first death scence from the living characters was completely unexpected for me.

  • Aldy Bandojo
    Aldy Bandojo Month ago

    i just finished the movie, and it's so scary that i don't even know what to feel after the end. like i was stuck on my seat analyzing the the last scene. this might be the best horror film ever

  • MrFlipperInvader792

    6:24 new french extremity

  • wolfpacsyxx
    wolfpacsyxx Month ago

    This movie was cool and then the end has this horrible payoff and ruins the whole’s like a really big meh

  • Jota Ferreira
    Jota Ferreira Month ago

    Man, talk about an overrated movie...I've seen the same movie thousand times with different names.
    Some good imagery, acting and cinematography...but that's it.
    It so didn't survive the hype for me

  • Coaster Explosion
    Coaster Explosion Month ago

    I had to watch talladega nights after I got home from this movie to take my mind off it

  • craig3262
    craig3262 Month ago

    It was a good film but I found it really difficult to keep track of the plot, I had to go online and have it explained

  • Blair O'Neill
    Blair O'Neill Month ago

    What are you going to school for? What would be something to look into for cinematography??

  • don7403
    don7403 Month ago

    I just realized Annie's recreation of the accident in the miniatures Charlie's head is on the ground then later on in the movie Charlie's head is gone from the miniature. And the very last shot the movie where they're panning out the tree house and it looks like a miniature I believe that's where Annie puts Charlie's head on the statue. I think the whole thing was a figment of Annie's imagination

  • Rad Sonja
    Rad Sonja Month ago

    its 2 am and ive just watched it help me

  • ldmrod27
    ldmrod27 Month ago

    Stuckman look so hot when he's inspired, i Def want to be stuckmanized 😍😍

  • Kyler Drake
    Kyler Drake Month ago +1

    This movie was pretty mentally scaring

  • Arjun Raj
    Arjun Raj Month ago +1

    Hereditary was a drag for me. Great acting and great attention to detail, but I was waiting for the movie to wrap up.

    • NorthernLights
      NorthernLights Month ago +1

      I loved it, until the actual "twist" became excruciatingly obvious, and it all rapidly descended into a very cliche-ridden horror movie that has been made a hundred times before. Real shame, this could have been great, had it stayed firmly in the realm of psychological family drama/thriller. That part was very effective.

  • Cpt. Hotah
    Cpt. Hotah Month ago

    Have you seen Haunting of Hill House? Its much better then Hereditary

  • CarmSmash
    CarmSmash Month ago

    There's only handful of films from US directors that have truly traumatized me- this is one of them. I had to watch it 3 times, everything in this film means something... including the score. Well done.

  • losewell
    losewell Month ago +1

    scariest movie i’ve ever seen. great review!

  • Nimue
    Nimue Month ago

    Loved it

  • Mostafa El Ayaty
    Mostafa El Ayaty Month ago

    i wasted 2 hours from my life watching this movie . even if it got 9.9 rating still a waste .

  • i Am Gay
    i Am Gay Month ago

    Holy shit this movie fucked my mind

  • Guy Sky
    Guy Sky Month ago

    Its currently on Prime, in UHD, you're welcome.

  • the infinity stones
    the infinity stones Month ago +1

    Two words to descirbe this movie is "holy fuck"

  • Mimi Mimms
    Mimi Mimms Month ago

    I absolutely love your comments/review of this film. Idk if I've found anyone I've agreed w/ more. I gotta say...I am creeped out now. I just barely watched this last nite & WHOA. It's 1 of the movies that u go into unaware, no matter what anyone tries to describe or leak, because it's so atmospheric. I liken it to being dumped in a dark forest blindfolded, then needing to find your way to safety. Alone. No one watching can b feeling the exact same way as another viewer. Everyone's just lost, or horrified, or sad, or permanently damaged. As I can tell, I'm no reviewer or writer. I still enjoyed your review of Hereditary, tho. Nice job. 👌

  • EddyTime
    EddyTime Month ago

    The Ball moment was AMAZING HUGE Chills!! been a long time didn't have one like that thanks to this scene

  • Justin Wood
    Justin Wood Month ago

    Collette's performance was fantastic, but Alex Wolff was pretty horrible in this film. The movie was doing so well until the ending. It was full of red herrings and the ending was totally unsatisfactory and made the whole film feel like a waste of time to me. It was a shame, the rest of the movie was pretty awesome!

    • Justin Wood
      Justin Wood Month ago

      +NorthernLights 100% agree!

    • NorthernLights
      NorthernLights Month ago

      I absolutely *hated* the cliche "twist"/ending. It pulled me out of what up until the final 20 minutes was a very effective movie completely. Such a cliche nonsense turn of events, it just turned it into every horror of this genre ever made. Waste of talent :(

  • Eddie G
    Eddie G Month ago

    It sounds like this is his #1 movie of 2018...

  • Bane Basara
    Bane Basara Month ago

    Chris this could be your best video. Not because of your review. But because how genuine you are

  • Black Phillip
    Black Phillip Month ago

    This movie was disturbing as hell. If you love Stephen King type of horror go and watch it immediately.

  • Buck
    Buck Month ago

    to me, i think, it's the scariest movie I've ever seen! and holy shit was it good!
    oh and that scene.... that fucking scene... SPOILER:

    when Annie is casually driving her car and then she hears that sound that Charlie does. one of my favorite jumpscares next to the Slap from Conjuring and the tall guy from It Follows!

  • Rage Berry
    Rage Berry Month ago

    If you smoke pot, don`t watch this movie... Just don`t xD.