Hereditary - Movie Review

  • Published on Jun 6, 2018
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    Chris Stuckmann reviews Hereditary, starring Toni Collette, Milly Shapiro, Gabriel Byrne, Alex Wolff, Ann Dowd. Directed by Ari Aster.
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  • YarrakBaron
    YarrakBaron 3 days ago

    Somebody can give me disturbing horror Movies like that?

  • Naki Value
    Naki Value 3 days ago

    Left the movie 20min in it was dog shit and boring as hell

  • EonHSD
    EonHSD 3 days ago

    The scene with the ants was so incredible, I had goosebumps all over. Honestly the most terrifying scene in the movie for me.

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler 4 days ago

    Just saw this, not really a scary movie too me but gave me a disturbingly uneasy feeling.

  • Alan Humphrey
    Alan Humphrey 5 days ago

    A masterpiece film

  • Heather Salfrank
    Heather Salfrank 6 days ago +1

    I finally saw this movie! And I walked out freaked out and feeling uncomfortable lol. It’s a good thing! The movie would tease freaky scenes and sometimes was hard to see things in the background (which was freaky). Then it would put you in situations where your just like idk what I would do after lol. I loved this movie Chris!

  • Prynceofthecity
    Prynceofthecity 9 days ago

    Just finished watching this movie and Chris sums up exactly how I felt about this movie. The sound design, disturbing imagery, performances, memorable moments. this film was amazing and enjoyed the hell out of it!

  • Bedasubash Tonmoy
    Bedasubash Tonmoy 10 days ago

    Man that horrific scene...I was disturbed...what a brilliant film!

  • Amanda Rickert
    Amanda Rickert 11 days ago

    Toni collette was amazing i actually felt her pain when she lost her daughter. This was the best horror movie i've seen in years. To me it was more like a modern rosemary's baby but with a whole lot more. I was like you i just sat there after it was over and was frozen in thought like almost in disbelief that it was so good. Im just sorry i waited this long to watch it!

  • russbear40
    russbear40 12 days ago

    The headbanging moment got me.

  • Foxhound R336
    Foxhound R336 12 days ago

    The son still cried like a bitch though 😉

  • Charlie Sierra
    Charlie Sierra 14 days ago

    Fantastic movie. Horror done right. @1:38: "...antsy," gold.

  • CAROLINA 1024
    CAROLINA 1024 17 days ago

    This movie did something to me 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • D Cade Sivertsen
    D Cade Sivertsen 20 days ago

    So scary.

  • Paul Crossley
    Paul Crossley 20 days ago

    If this had been David Lynch's latest film, critics would be falling over themselves to laud it. It also reminds me of "Kill List", an underated classic from Ben Wheatley.

  • Karen J
    Karen J 20 days ago

    You know a horror movie is good when you want to see it again ....but you don't.

    IGRETRO 21 day ago

    This movie is a mediocre. Like, 6/10, In my opinion.

    • Trey IM2
      Trey IM2 12 days ago

      I'd say that's a favorable score. I'd give it a 3. I just don't get what so many others see in this movie and I'm a horror fan and also love movies that don't always fit in the typical "movie box" but THIS movie is a bowl of garbage. I felt nothing for anyone and the whole story line is just hokey, at best.

  • Jack Krmpstee
    Jack Krmpstee 22 days ago +1

    This honestly is my favorite horror movie I've ever seen. I've seen many horror films. It effected me on a level that no other movie has.

    • Jack Krmpstee
      Jack Krmpstee 15 days ago

      +lschroter2020 lschroter2020 lschroter2020 I've seen all of those movies except Scream. Hell most of them I own because there mostly great movies.
      Hereditary specifically disturbed me on a whole different level. It left a whole different impact those movies.

    • lschroter2020
      lschroter2020 15 days ago +1

      So I am guessing you had never scene
      The Thing
      The Exorcist
      Texas chainsaw massacre
      The shining
      Friday the 13th
      Nightmare on elm street
      Night of the living dead
      The evil dead
      The conjuring
      I mean hereditary was very effective and awesome but it has to age well over time

  • Andrew Gonzalez
    Andrew Gonzalez 22 days ago

    Saw it a second time with my family. And they didn’t like it. I found it a bit more boring on second viewing. I think we wanted more actual scares. But of course the quality of filmmaking cinematography and acting was great.

  • Kunal Kamble
    Kunal Kamble 23 days ago

    Mother chasing her son to the attic scene.🙁

  • Beevenhouse
    Beevenhouse 23 days ago

    This film was fantastically scary. So many things I just wasn't expecting to see at all, and got me swearing and sink into my couch in horror.

  • Hadi Ali
    Hadi Ali 23 days ago +1

    I could not breathe for 10 minutes I mean this movie was a frontal assault on my soul

  • Gio Ribeiro
    Gio Ribeiro 24 days ago +1

    I feel like they didn’t develop Charlie’s personality/character enough to make her such a vital part of the scares in the film, like she’s very clearly an outcast and she seems to have issues with concentration like in the scene right before the bird hits the window or when she keeps popping her tongue. I wish we got to know her better as an audience so that it would be easier to connect with her reasoning and perhaps pain (this is just my opinion ofc). Pls send ur opinions I wanna talk about it!!!! Also- the ending really confused me, anyone wanna share thoughts on the whole demon/cult aspect?

    • Antigone Harding
      Antigone Harding 22 days ago +1

      I actually really responded to that aspect, it was like she was being held at a distance from the rest of the characters, like they couldn't understand her either. It's only after the event that happens do you start to see the significance of all those little shreds of personality and motivation coming together in their grief for her. There's something very unsettling about her all throughout and it's only as the full picture comes into view that you understand that she was just a little girl and not something darker, which is what I assumed how the story was going to play out upon seeing the marketing. I'm not sure if I'm making my point very well so apologies if rambling.

  • Phantom Prism
    Phantom Prism 25 days ago +4

    His new movie Midsommer looks crazy!

  • Scott Mackie
    Scott Mackie 25 days ago +1

    I love this movie because it doesn't let you relax at all its disturbing and really intense its amazing because it keeps you going its unbelievable the decapitation of the mom was messed up and the decapitation of the little creepy girl that was what got me i wanted more and more it keeps you on tje edge of your chair and in a frozen place

  • Courtney Collinsworth
    Courtney Collinsworth 26 days ago +1

    I watched this for the first time tonight. All I could say was what the FUCK did I just watch

  • Voracious T
    Voracious T 26 days ago

    2 hours is long for a horror movie
    i like good stories in horror , but is it worth watching

  • Troy Thomas
    Troy Thomas 29 days ago

    I just read my review... I think I might be a prick, but I'm going with it.

  • Troy Thomas
    Troy Thomas 29 days ago

    Toni Collette's astonishing work holds this movie together and lifts its script. If her character had voluntarily descended into a cult and sacrificed her family to it through the legacy of her past and deep grief, it would have been more compelling and horrific, instead, a mischievous-looking poltergeist-like light which apparently holds a demon spirit is doing it all instead of exploring the depths of human grief and depravity.
    I was relieved when Gabriel Byrne's character got flame broiled, what a hapless, useless person- a psychiatrist with his family crumbling around him - he was as imperative to the story as a sugar-free marshmallow at Weight-Watcher's camp.
    The director himself has a leaning towards drama and said he imposed the horror genre onto Hereditary.
    It showed.
    I'll admit, on my first viewing this felt different and fresh for the genre, I was floored and impressed and recommended it, but by the 3rd viewing and critical thought, it lost its magic.
    I've watched The Shining, The Omen, The Exorcist like 50 times each, they hold up.
    Hereditary sags over multiple viewings and time.
    It's a shortcut, it's lazy, it's cheap.
    The script feels 1st draft.
    And 1st drafts are shit.

  • HECKproductions
    HECKproductions 29 days ago +1

    am i the only one who found this really really bad?? nothing in the film made even a bit of sense and there was almost nothing that was scary and it was all pretty stupid especialy the ending which was like uh ok i guess this is whats happening now
    really dumb
    3/10 for a few good moments and good overall aesthetics

  • Eddie Q
    Eddie Q 29 days ago

    The head scene. I... stopped the movie and just fuckin stared at my bf like the actual fuck

  • Roarke6
    Roarke6 Month ago

    Loved the movie and the style of scare!

  • Alysia Mer David-Wasser

    Well, we know what Chris' first release will look like. 😰 Speaking of Shudder, i'm going to have to give this a ALL a hard pass. i was unsettled just listening to this description, & i've seen clips. 😱

  • Kendall Sand
    Kendall Sand Month ago

    I had to take a break from the movie at one point because it was so disturbing

  • Stoopid Cat
    Stoopid Cat Month ago +1

    Love ur shirt dude

  • ka ms
    ka ms Month ago

    This is the only horror movie to ever freak me out

  • choptop
    choptop Month ago

    The ending was fucktarded and ruined the movie. Oh I guess Charlie was a demon all along. So her dying has no weight anymore. Peter has no reason to feel guilt bc he's the victim of a dick-stealing conspiracy.

  • MissFortunate Draws

    My boyfriend and I are avid horror fans, we were thrilled to go see this movie in theatres, but we had to leave about 30 minutes in because the mom's performance was so chilling we were mortified, we are probably going to rent it to see how it ends though!

  • Blake Bauman
    Blake Bauman Month ago +3

    I just saw the movie. I don't think of this as a "movie", I don't like it, dislike it, etc.

    As someone else described this film, it's like "watching a nightmare."

    That's the perfect way to describe it. It's not even a movie. I don't "like" my nightmares, I don't "dislike" nightmares, you don't rate them on a level of how much you liked or disliked it, it was just fucking TERRIFYING.

  • michael martell
    michael martell Month ago

    Finally saw this last night, what a great film. I’m surprised that other reviews like Grace Randolph had this on her list of worst movies of 2018. Like WTF!!!

  • Zombie Killer
    Zombie Killer Month ago +2

    I love the Greek tragedy aspect of the movie.

    • Verga Papi
      Verga Papi 29 days ago +1

      Zombie Killer Poor Peter, never had a choice in his own fate

  • Tiana Kuntz
    Tiana Kuntz Month ago

    Same. I've seen a lot of stuff but this...unholy hell.

  • SoundCzech
    SoundCzech Month ago

    this movie is going to be super scary for specific people. I am one of them. didn't sleep well for a couple weeks.

  • Aaron Lowe
    Aaron Lowe Month ago

    9:28 I was waiting for the video to end so that I could say, if you like this watch the Babadook but you're already on the same wavelength. These two films are like spiritual sisters.

  • Hamdon Nut
    Hamdon Nut Month ago +2

    no spoilers but the ending was complete shite.
    the whole movie itself was amazing tho....3/4 was good.

    • Flora Posteschild
      Flora Posteschild Month ago

      It was a little conventional compared to what went before, but it did make sense, and was set up throughout the film.

  • Stephen Edmunds
    Stephen Edmunds Month ago

    All I'm seeing is that beautiful bluray collection!!

  • wazzup dock
    wazzup dock Month ago

    The scariest part was at the very beginning when Annie turns the light off in the room and sees the faintest shadow of her mom in the room. It made me so sick to my stomach and still does.

  • Joe AS
    Joe AS Month ago

    I was fortunate to have watched this film on an airplane not knowing anything about it , I just randomly selected it in a thing i do called film roulette ... long story short this movie scared the living crap out of me as i was thinking it would be a drama not a horror film 😂👻

  • Turbonilla
    Turbonilla Month ago

    one of the best movies I have ever seen. The supernatural plot was even unnecessary and I didn't care much about it because the core of the experience was clearly elsewhere

  • matthewakian2
    matthewakian2 Month ago

    The cinematographer is also very important in the construction of the scenes as well. Oh.. the editor as well. This was a great film, slow burn, but the pay off is fantastic.

  • VinylRecordsCareEtc

    Toni Collette. I’ve loved her for 20 years, since I saw The Velvet Goldmine. Such a good actress!

  • JonnyCashh
    JonnyCashh Month ago

    idk this movie made me feel like all this was happening infronna ma face like i was present in those scenes............when she saw her mom faded in the corner ..............omggg

  • James Keeling
    James Keeling Month ago

    I'm happy that Olivia Coleman won the Oscar this year, but if anyone else was going to win, it should have been Toni Collette. There's so many astonishing acting moments in this film from her, especially the rage scene and her reaction to THAT scene. My favourite horror performance since Essie Davis in The Babadook (such an underrated performance).

  • ruben g
    ruben g Month ago

    This is the first movie to make me look away from the screen in a long time.

  • Odinson
    Odinson Month ago +7

    I'm convinced that only stupid people or people with absolutely no understanding of supernatural/psychological horror and/or the art of cinematography don't like this movie.

  • ArArArchStanton ArArArchStanton

    I don't understand what anybody thought was so special about this. It was so overly convoluted I didn't get any fear factor or emotion out of any of it. It's just a box of questions marks somebody dumped out, and reading fan theories about what was really going on doesn't make it more interesting

  • Melissa McMillan
    Melissa McMillan Month ago

    Can you do Death Proof, May, and American Mary. Sorry if you have, I'm new to your channel.

    • Outplayedx
      Outplayedx Month ago

      Melissa McMillan hey if you search those titles and his name in the search bar on top it should show you results if he’s done em before

  • Norglad Mbile
    Norglad Mbile Month ago

    I'm definitely never watching this again. That's how scarred I was. Just want to forget.

  • Norglad Mbile
    Norglad Mbile Month ago

    Creepiest movies I've ever seen. This kind of scary should be censored.

  • Jordan wells
    Jordan wells Month ago

    So I shouldn't watch this rn at 2:41 am ?😂

  • Aaron Hartje
    Aaron Hartje Month ago

    Yes, ASPECTS of this film are relatable to most of us, but not the whole laundry list at once.
    I thought it was done fine but, as mentioned, you've seen it all before. No tangible horror for the entire first half, with a hackneyed 70s ending tacked on to wrap things up.
    I'd still recommend the film, but I can't say it's really all that.
    I'm not surprised that Chris was high on this one given his love of The Babadook.
    To each his own.

  • Shanna Sweger
    Shanna Sweger Month ago +1

    It's bullshit that Toni Collette didn't get an Oscar nomination, her performance was on another level.

  • BenRiley83
    BenRiley83 Month ago

    I just watched it. I’m standing in the middle of my room. Alone. Trembling. I don’t know what to think. I am at loss for words. I feel like I’m falling. This feeing won’t leave me be

  • TheBlutopian
    TheBlutopian Month ago

    to be honest i really didnt like the movie. the first hour and a half are nothing but eerie horror, so when it finally got to the actual scary parts it just was more funny than scary.

  • B r a n d i
    B r a n d i Month ago

    Dang man this movie must really be good. Literally everyone is saying this. Me and a couple friends are watching it tonight.
    Update: Yeah this movie was stupid and there was nothing scary about it at all.

  • Rick Grimes
    Rick Grimes Month ago

    Scariest movie ever

  • House Mastiff
    House Mastiff 2 months ago

    Stay away from tree houses

  • Nicholas Snyder
    Nicholas Snyder 2 months ago

    "I just went through a phase where I watched all these French horror films like High Tension", I love that movie, but you want problems sleeping? Go watch Irreversible.

  • Dope Terminator
    Dope Terminator 2 months ago

    I watched this movie and went to sleep terrified after. At around 3 in the morning I woke up, terrified, and stayed up until 5 when it felt safe to go back to sleep again.

    • Danny 310
      Danny 310 2 months ago

      5am is that sweet spot lmao

  • Joe Shawcroft
    Joe Shawcroft 2 months ago

    Is this movie Marwen gone wrong?

  • Renee Felix
    Renee Felix 2 months ago

    Excellent movie!

  • Veronique Benoit
    Veronique Benoit 2 months ago

    Wow, a sponsor I’m actually interested in.

  • Naomi thumper
    Naomi thumper 2 months ago

    I couldn't watch it after the car accident part

  • Taylor Paulic
    Taylor Paulic 2 months ago

    I had to sleep with the lights on after watching this. I was so scared my god.

  • melissa albrecht
    melissa albrecht 2 months ago

    I definitely agree. I was so satisfied about how disturbed it Made me feel! Last time I felt this was it's such a beautiful day

  • titts mcgee
    titts mcgee 2 months ago

    Yeah this movie was really fucking good for a hyped up horror usually hyped up horros movies are terrible but i loved hereditary soo much

  • Corey Campbell
    Corey Campbell 2 months ago +2

    The squelching, then the silence, then the drop.
    I can never watch this film again.

  • The Bad Guy
    The Bad Guy 2 months ago

    this movie made me cry out of panic

  • Trenton Richmond
    Trenton Richmond 2 months ago

    I don’t watch the oscars so I’ll ask did this movie get any nominations?

      SHOOTY GAMES Month ago

      No unfortunately
      The Oscars never nominate horror

  • Fawn Whisperer
    Fawn Whisperer 2 months ago

    I thought this movie was standard and average until the last, say, 20 minutes. I went from being mildly fightened like with any average horror movie to being terrified and having pictures in my head I'll never get rid of. That last twist scarred me.

  • captain deinonychus
    captain deinonychus 2 months ago

    a few scenes gave me fear paralysis in a way, it definitely draws you in and shakes up the nerves. Never hated shutting off the hallway lights behind me on the way to bed more than when I was done this movie lol

  • Craig Holmes
    Craig Holmes 2 months ago +1

    You should do a Stuckmann explains special on Hereditary. It is such a wonderful and layered film. Lot of real world historical lore. And stuuuuuuuff. Please though.

  • Craig Holmes
    Craig Holmes 2 months ago

    Such a good movie.

  • William Boivin-Villeneuve
    William Boivin-Villeneuve 2 months ago +1

    zero...ZERO jumpscares, it was such an enjoyable movie to watch :B

  • João Gonçalves
    João Gonçalves 2 months ago +2

    Toni Colette didn't even got nominated for the Oscar if I'm not mistaken. Bah! The Academy prefered Lady Gaga, who played a singer ffs 😑

    • Shanna Sweger
      Shanna Sweger 2 months ago

      Its bullshit, she should have been nominated and Ari Aster should have been nominated for best screen play and or best director.

  • A-bit Gaming
    A-bit Gaming 2 months ago

    hereditary is actually one of the scariest movies i ve ever seen and good

  • dyl50
    dyl50 2 months ago

    This movie has some powerful scenes.. Peter in shock after the accident had me cold and sweaty. This movie will stick with you for a while. 👍👏🏽

  • Leinad der aufschlüssige
    Leinad der aufschlüssige 2 months ago +1

    i really adore this movie and i really dont understand why there are so many people disliking it so much. It's like they've seen another movie when i hear them talk about it...

  • Viral Bheda
    Viral Bheda 2 months ago

    Toni Collete reminds me of a younger Uma Thurman. So good.

  • El Mantishrimp
    El Mantishrimp 2 months ago +1

    So far this is the only movie that I dont think I can ever rewatch.

    DONJUAN 2 months ago

    C at best! Too many holes in the plot for me.

  • golden gun
    golden gun 2 months ago +2

    when they crown charlie as paimon the movie changed from hereditary to snow white in just a snap

  • Mathias Kanuck
    Mathias Kanuck 2 months ago +1

    Of course you like it. Boring.... 80% of it is in a house.....and nothing in it is actually scary.... You love boring movies that are in one house the time!!!
    And slashers with killers and guts, no no! Jump scares??? No no, jump scares just aren't cool bro

    • Glo Inn
      Glo Inn 2 months ago

      Mathias Kanuck this movie was ass 😂 I just watched it IT TOOK FOREVER TO BUILD UP ! I found some of the “scary shit” HILARIOUS 😂😂😂😂 the funniest shit was when the daughter started speaking out the moms mouth , I was fkn weakk 😂😂

  • jacob mynenko
    jacob mynenko 2 months ago

    Yeah, I feel like the movie would be way too depressing without supernatural elements

  • Amy Sherman
    Amy Sherman 2 months ago

    Toni Collette was robbed.

  • Dregio Ramos
    Dregio Ramos 2 months ago

    Fucked up but good shit!

  • Adam wiggins
    Adam wiggins 2 months ago

    I agree 100%

  • Nicholas092282
    Nicholas092282 2 months ago

    "arthouse"... The sole mention of the word makes me want to punch some fuckers around...

  • Nicholas092282
    Nicholas092282 2 months ago

    So another crappy babadook basically. Im fucking tired of people saying that if we don't like these films we automatically are simple minded michael bay fans. Who enjoy cheap teen horror. Yeah right... Babdook was a piece of shit and this looks like one as well... I like David Lynch, Jacobs Ladder etc. I don't give 2 shits about "family issues"...

  • Steven Luoma
    Steven Luoma 2 months ago +1

    Im an older brother with an introverted baby sister i care deeply for. The first 45 minutes of this movie fucked me up so bad i had to stop watching and go do something else for a long time. I have NEVER had that kind of reaction to any piece of media before this. Ever. Just know you're going in for something that might pick at you and might be too personal.