Hereditary - Movie Review


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  • 1269Hammerhead
    1269Hammerhead 4 hours ago

    for grade, go to 13:37, for anyone wondering

  • Cassandra Klun
    Cassandra Klun 17 hours ago

    This was one of those movies where, as badly as I wanted to look away, I almost physically couldn't.

  • StrainMIX
    StrainMIX 20 hours ago

    The hood headless in the rear view mirror

  • StrainMIX
    StrainMIX 20 hours ago

    Do you guys think the male ghost got inside the boy's body?

  • Neil Daniels
    Neil Daniels 21 hour ago

    When are you gonna review the haunting of hill house??

  • Heath Barrett
    Heath Barrett Day ago

    Maybe its just me... but I thought it was possibly the worst movie ever made. It contained no drama, no suspense, no action, no mystery... just pure morbidity.

  • tat8johny
    tat8johny Day ago

    I agree with you but he stretches the film. Especially the first hour is very slow.

  • Jeremy Matthews
    Jeremy Matthews 3 days ago

    There are 2 prequels an a sequel that could be made

  • Fingers Meller
    Fingers Meller 3 days ago

    You Stup** Mother**cker, this is one of the stupidest fu**ing movies I have ever watched. The movies plot was asinine and there was not one scare to be found in the over 2 hour film! I paid only $0.99 for to rent this cr**fest and feel like I should sue both the makers of this trash and you for my pain and suffering. You owe me a $1 you fu**ing POS!!!

  • Dravianpn02
    Dravianpn02 4 days ago

    You should review Izo by Takeshi Miike(also Aterrados(Terrified) is a far superior film to Hereditary. Hereditary is average.)

  • Wayfaring Stranger
    Wayfaring Stranger 5 days ago +1

    It definitely wasn't for me.

  • sniccoll
    sniccoll 7 days ago

    I loved High Tension, cant remember where I saw it the first time but I bought it on dvd later on because it was such a good movie. When I first saw advertising for this film though, I hadnt heard anything about it and was very disinterested, but definitely going to watch Hereditary now because of your review.

    NELL REACTS 7 days ago

    So what’s a good horror film

  • Lorenzo Arns
    Lorenzo Arns 7 days ago

    Chris, that's your best review. I mean it.

  • sultan humaid
    sultan humaid 8 days ago

    This is the best horror movie i ever watch !!!!!!

  • Joel Dirt
    Joel Dirt 9 days ago

    The ending made it even more beautiful of a movie

  • TheWhiteFang284
    TheWhiteFang284 9 days ago

    I can cut about 45 minutes of bullshit walking dead like time wasting scenes that prolonged the movie and ruined the experience, also that shitty ending is inexcusable and whoever wrote it should be fired immediately

  • Johnathan. Aviles
    Johnathan. Aviles 9 days ago

    Is that a Starfox tattoo? Lol This movie is probably the best horror movie in a couple years. It touched me in such an uncomfortable way

  • piggypoo
    piggypoo 9 days ago +1

    It just seems to me that people who think this movie is garbage is the type of person to laugh at any horror movie. They refuse to suspend their disbelief at all. My favorite horror movie of all time is Jacob's Ladder and Hereditary's combining sorrow with the unknown reminds me of it so much. For those who hate Hereditary, I wonder what their favorrite horror movie is?

  • MissFlow
    MissFlow 9 days ago

    Am I the only one who found this movie utterly boring?? THIS is considered the scariest movie of the year?? Gimme a break.
    Look, I know you have to build up things and set things up and that takes time....but MEN this movie drags and drags on at times.
    There was nothing in this movie I found scary. Nothing. Only a few moments that were a bit disturbing at best but those were véry rare.
    Maybe it's just me, a complete different level of taste probably, but so much in this movie (especially the ending) is to me just pure nonsense.
    It was long, slow, dragging, uninteresting, and at the end just confusing. If you right now explained the ending to me....oke that's fine. But it's not gonna change my mind.
    This was a snorefest and I was glad I didn't watch it in theaters.

  • Jovan Moreno
    Jovan Moreno 10 days ago

    i feel like no one caught the foreshadowing when annie goes to the meeting and she explains how her brother killed him self bc he thought he’s mom was trying to put something in him maybe she was trying to put paimon in him before annie’s son was born

  • 65impact
    65impact 10 days ago +1

    I just watched this movie and it's fucking amazing! It's a little slow In the beginning but oh my god it's amazing by the end.
    I was watching on the edge of my seat at the end of the movie and my fucking dog knocked something over and I almost had a heart attack lol.

  • Seregon72
    Seregon72 10 days ago

    found this movie very boring. 5 of us watched it in my home theater, and only one of us liked the movie.

  • Ardis Greenwater
    Ardis Greenwater 10 days ago

    A bit out of context, but if that's still possible after seeing so many of your reviews (although possibly still just a small portion of what's on this channel...), I admire you even more with each Cowboy Bebop T-Shirt I notice on you. Fine collection! I'm also so used to the beard by now, that randomly bumping into some of your older, less hair-covered videos has become a really awkward experience xD

  • Saint4 Life
    Saint4 Life 12 days ago

    Should I watch the damn movie or nah.

  • Andy Banda
    Andy Banda 12 days ago

    Your T-Shirt collection is one of the many reasons I watch your videos, Chris. 👍 Thank you for keeping intellectual dialogue with your fellow movie buffs. Good luck with all you do.

  • Shot in the Heart
    Shot in the Heart 14 days ago

    This movie scared the shit outta me in a weird way.

  • Bee Popp
    Bee Popp 15 days ago

    I can't believe I just found this channel. Well done.
    And you are the first amongst ALL of the many channels to speak of Hereditary as I saw it and also say it was the best since the Babadook. The family trauma plus "let's add a sinister force" formula is so horrific. I actually own one of the few "Mister Babadook" pop up books created by the art team from the film, one of my prized possessions.
    And yes, in November, I am still thinking of Hereditary and I am going to watch it again...right now.
    Subscribed and signed up for notifications. I'm in, dude 👏👏👏

  • Sam Azza
    Sam Azza 15 days ago

    Sorry Chris but i fucking hated this movie for most part.

  • sarcasmus L
    sarcasmus L 16 days ago

    That dinner scene fucked me in the ass

  • mortado
    mortado 16 days ago

    I honestly didnt like it as much, idk why but there is a lot of "good horror movies" that i dont like.

  • George  Sciblo Jr
    George Sciblo Jr 17 days ago

    Love this damn movie. Hail Paimon

  • Jonathan Morein
    Jonathan Morein 17 days ago

    Some scenes seem to take a nod from Alien. Particularly those where you only notice something until there is movement with in the frame. Thoughts?

  • Kelvin Mejia
    Kelvin Mejia 17 days ago

    This movie was fucking crazy

  • Norek Olivas
    Norek Olivas 18 days ago

    am i the only one who laughed out loud at the mom starring from the ceiling? she looked like spiderman

  • inkmeal
    inkmeal 18 days ago

    I liked this movie but had one problem. I wouldn't really even fault the movie for this, but the absolute most horrific scene in the movie takes place in the first act. I won't spoil it but the scene I mean is the ride home from the party. Along with the scenes immediately following that, nothing could come close to the horror shown there. it was brutal and I don't care if the devil himself crawled out fo Gabriel Byrne's urethra and started whistling show tunes, there is no way to get scarier (Or more emotional) than those first 20 minutes.

  • Khadijah Frye
    Khadijah Frye 19 days ago

    I'm a horror fanatic and I'm honestly a little traumatized by that movie (but in a good way)

  • Wangdiddy
    Wangdiddy 19 days ago

    Great movie! The car scene was so realistic by the acting. Such an intense scene.

  • Liyah
    Liyah 19 days ago

    Please watching the Haunting of Hill House!!!! ******

  • William Schaeffer
    William Schaeffer 19 days ago

    i like this movie 😀
    edit: oo i like martyrs too 👍

  • Mckenzie Mahal
    Mckenzie Mahal 20 days ago

    Damn you Grandma !!!!!!
    😂💀 spoiler question **

    So who killed mom? Or did she really saw off her end in the attic? Was peter really see this??! I need to know.

  • Mckenzie Mahal
    Mckenzie Mahal 20 days ago

    I loved how they made it feel like the family was living in a doll house the whole movie.

  • John Haigh
    John Haigh 21 day ago

    The movie had its moments,the acting was quality,the direction was decent,however i found it descended into horror cliche with an almost comedic ending..this could have been so much more

  • James
    James 23 days ago

    yo fuk this movie I watched it with my friends and was sweating the entire time. You never know whats gonna happen and then boom the last 10 minutes your shitting yourself. Seriously the end of this movie was so interesting but gives me chills.

  • Scott Mackie
    Scott Mackie 24 days ago

    I had to literally rewind the car part were the little girl is hanging her head out the window because I didn't think her head was decapitated but it was this movie is so messed up in a good way it actually made me shocked and think it's so unsettling it plays with your head a lot

  • thomas gibbs
    thomas gibbs 24 days ago

    this film was hilarious .i hugely recommend it to anyone looking for a spoof horror in the guise of a serious scary movie .shots ,direction and acting were all on top form but damn this was in no way a real horror movie at all -
    did anyone else notice that this is a secret comedy horror ? i sat ready to watch this movie with baited breath and was very excited but my god it made me laugh out loud every ten minutes which i was not expecting .i would think i was nuts if it were not for the fact that the five other people i watched it with and a whole bucnh of other people watching in the movie theatre all laughed when i did and so i now know that im not a crazy sicko which was a huge relief -
    personally i could only think that this was a practical joke from the director on hollywood producers to make a statement of saying "fuck you and your money you assholes! im gonnna make a movie thats funny as shit but because im going to make it look good you wont even pay enough attention to it to notice its a fucking mockery " which to me ,is genius and bold as brass ! if this is not the case then i dont know why the fuck else you would enjoy this film?! and if you did watch this movie through serious eyes and didnt find anything funny ,please Chris Stuckmann and anyone reading please please please watch it again with the humour in mind and im 100% certain you will see where im coming from - i would even place money on it !
    creepy kid keeps clicking = giggles .
    creepy kid cuts head off dead bird = funny.
    KIds head gets cut off = funny.
    Brother does'nt tell anyone,just lies there in bed until someone notices the gore in the car = kinda funny.
    Mother chills making a model of the tragic beheading = absurd but very funny.
    mother and son argue at dinner table = awkward but funny.
    Son smashes his face in to school desk = uber funny.
    having no experience with ouija boards the mother makes it work first time = chuckled .
    mother tried to strangle son in his sleep and she tells him she tried to abort him = fucking funny.
    after the dad burns to death the mothers just hiding in the top corner of a really tall room = very funny.
    son runs away and mother defies gravity and head bangs the fuck out of the attic door = hilarious .
    son then see's mother hanging from rafters slicing her throat to shreds = trippy but funny.
    son falls /jumps out the window in panic = funny.
    then just loads of wrinkly old person nudity which was very cringey but funny .
    theres a few other funny moments that i cant remember off the top of my head having only watched it once this is the best i can do .
    i would love to have a discussion with someone /anyone who can look passed the great cinematography and so so cast and see the movie for the funny fucking film/practical joke on hollywood producers that it truly is .

  • Jonnyboy356
    Jonnyboy356 26 days ago

    Ohhh good lord. Okay i don't see anyone saying this so i'm gonna go ahead and say don't watch this movie. If you love yourself and want yourself to be happy, just don't. You can't un-see some things. I've been a HUGE horror fan for almost all my life. This movie crosses the line. Yep. Most traumatizing movie I've ever seen.

  • 55batmanandjoker
    55batmanandjoker 29 days ago

    Scariest movie ive ever seen

  • Marina and The Devil
    Marina and The Devil 29 days ago

    The husband is the true villain of this film

  • Abner Fernando Benitez

    Everyone talks about the perfomances of Toni Collette and Milly Shapiro, and yeah the'yre impressive, but I don't understand why anybody talks about Alex Wolff perfomance. C'mon,at the end, he's kinda the protagonist of the movie and no one talks about his great perfomance. The look on his face in that car scene after THAT HAPPENS (if you've watched the movie, you know what I'm talking about) it's stunning! Underrated actor, at least, in this movie

  • Glen Brown
    Glen Brown Month ago

    Man....... I hope you get yur money.....
    YOU deserve it!!!!!!!!!
    Please keep making nice vids!!!!!

  • Frank Sobotka
    Frank Sobotka Month ago


  • Rabbit
    Rabbit Month ago

    I thought it was alright. Didn't find it scary, but it was definitely unsettling. Didn't like how it ended. I wasn't shocked or scarred or left thinking for days on end like some people.

  • La Nuit
    La Nuit Month ago

    I feel the same way

  • Theoriginalct Theoriginalct

    What about Steve tho? He got super ði¢k€ð over. ...Family full of crazy people.

  • Zach Boardman
    Zach Boardman Month ago

    The film was good but the ending sucked ass

  • Zoe Simza
    Zoe Simza Month ago

    I thought the movie was great up until the scene where Charlie dies. That was so hackneyed, and from there the focus of the film changes from a dysfunctional family that's falling apart to some weird occult bullshit with Annie jumping off the walls like Spiderman and Peter being possessed by demons in public places. It went full on cheap supernatural thriller after that, and it was pretty bad. It wasn't as bad as something like, say, The Nun, but it was still pretty awful.

  • Giffar Masabih
    Giffar Masabih Month ago

    Hereditary just replaced The Babadook as the scariest horror Ive ever watched.

  • Ian Genuine
    Ian Genuine Month ago

    Chris is still in college?

    • Jacen Barker
      Jacen Barker Month ago

      College isn't only for kids right out of high school

  • Ivan Cvetkov
    Ivan Cvetkov Month ago

    This was the scariest shit I have ever experienced (hereditary).

  • Chase Frances
    Chase Frances Month ago

    the fucking thing with her in the corner.. oh god i had to pause the film when i saw her i was so freaked out like i was legitimately afraid at that point i mean what the fuCK

  • Ange Alexiel
    Ange Alexiel Month ago

    awesome movie, i was petrified .... i really hope one day you would pay attention to some Tv shows like The hauting of hill house on netflix that deserve the same attention and praise... hope at least you will see it , cos it's pretty damn awesome too, wish you could review these kinda stuff too..

  • B D
    B D Month ago

    Martyrs is legit the most fucked movie ever made

  • itisimpossibleto
    itisimpossibleto Month ago

    One of the best scenes for me was the mom hiding in the corner for a good minute and the son has no idea. One of the worst moments for me was when she floats away crawling along the wall. With that said great movie altelast 8/10

  • Jenni Elina Holopainen

    It had some pace that is known for me from finnish movies, and that connect to me, my Mother, my Daughter, my Grandmothers, our history in a war against Rushia, closed hearts and the pain that was never discussed ; this movie was true horror in a deep level.
    And the boy, we lost so many sons in war, and that pain is like a curse in our society.

  • ken bibi
    ken bibi Month ago

    I thought it was famke janssen all the time, just thought how she got so terrific in acting suddenly?... oh my

  • Joseph Marquez
    Joseph Marquez Month ago

    What do you think about the remake of Suspiria?

  • Eddie Brock
    Eddie Brock Month ago

    It reminded me of Lords of Salem if it were more subdued and somber.

  • nashcameronn
    nashcameronn Month ago

    Air-ee? Pronoucned like the letter R then long E.

  • jakeinator21
    jakeinator21 Month ago

    The Babadook was the last horror film that I really loved prior to seeing Hereditary. I regard Babadook as better than Hereditary, but I still think Hereditary is brilliant and it's nice to feel like somebody else has similar tastes to me. Especially because most of my friends don't even like The Babadook. Are you going to review the new Suspiria? I just watched it last night and I think it's comparable to both Babadook and Hereditary. I'd love to see your take on it.

  • Jonah T
    Jonah T Month ago

    I loved this movie. But my one issue was the very last scene. I feel like they wrapped up the whole plot in a nice little package with a bow. Leaving nothing for you to try to figure out.

  • Kernics's virginity

    love you're reviews chris

  • Wendy Wirawan
    Wendy Wirawan Month ago

    The moment that you said barely visible at the corner, I missed it the first time. Now that I saw it again..Brrrr

  • Krhodes02
    Krhodes02 Month ago

    I loved this movie! Bravo to Toni I loved her performance. The horror elements were so unique and so different which usually lacks in horror films. I never knew what was going to happen and I loved that. 10/10

    ASTRALSAURUS Month ago

    Just watched this tonight. I agree with a lot of what you've said in this video.

  • Djrobinv
    Djrobinv Month ago +8

    2013: The Conjuring
    2014: The Babadook
    2014: It Follows
    2015: The VVitch
    2016: The Conjuring 2
    2017: Get Out
    2017: It Comes at Night
    2017: IT
    2018: Hereditary
    2018: The Haunting of Hill House
    Man, there are some great classic horror movies out there, but this recently has really been the golden age of Horror for me...
    Even films like Oculus, Annabelle: Creation and Ouija: Origin of Evil deserve some major credit.
    Haven’t seen Halloween yet... hope I can add it to the list.

  • Mr Orc Shaman
    Mr Orc Shaman Month ago

    this movie has next to no jump scares, its all intense psychological build up and a very slow release, so the horror lingers with you more.

  • VoDKa
    VoDKa Month ago

    Come on she wont get awarded for this horror movie, just look kinda crazy and scared. Its not that hard to get hysterical

  • Robert_6- _
    Robert_6- _ Month ago

    Promote at the begining not in the middle of talking about the movie

    • Jacen Barker
      Jacen Barker Month ago

      What are you talking about. He talked about Shudder for like 15 seconds at the beginning, reviewed the movie, then he talked about it at the end

  • Elias Marklund
    Elias Marklund Month ago

    I think Hereditary is the Amnesia of movies. To hell with the norm, use great visual and audio presentation to send the chills and panic down peoples spines. That is not to say other movies and games didn't do it well, it's just that they both feel so revolutionary in one sense or the other. I want the atmosphere, sound, and story to dominate, not a cgi face invading my iris every 5 minutes.

  • Rob Billeaud
    Rob Billeaud Month ago

    I don't know what all the hype was about when I first saw all the press on this movie saying how scary it was. This generation's Exorcist, they said. What a load of crap that was. I will say it was interesting, not something that had been done before, which is an accomplishment these days, but scary is not a word I would use. The ending was underwhelming and I could have come up with half a dozen endings that would have been better. I just wasn't all that impressed and glad I didn't pay $15 or whatever at the theater.

  • Abhi Abz
    Abhi Abz Month ago

    A psychologist says bipolar disorder is not hereditary, nor is DID. When i checked through the net, it says bipolar disorder is definitely hereditary and that it is the strongest cause too. Anybody know whats true? Have a gut feeling this psychologist lady is so wrong (all the articles on the net says it is hereditary)

  • thewestwardsky
    thewestwardsky Month ago

    i thought the film as absurdly blunt and boring. yes, it is VERY well made, the camerawork is excellent, so is toni, rivalling essie davies in the babadook. but the story itself is utterly disjointed and uninteresting. the clues we DO get (like what she says during the self help group scene). unfortunately the fast resolution turns the film so upside down that it makes no sense anymore. its as if these were two completely different movies. i liked the build up a lot, it was so well crafted, the designs and visuals are great. but the ending ... i dont know its just a completely different trope than all the build up would suggest. even the trailers suggest a completely different film - after the two trailers i had seen, i assumed the grand mother had made preperations for her spirit to return to a host, and all the people in the movie would have to play a key part in bringing her back (a bit like the bell in fringe, that brings back william bell).
    as for the babadook - it is clearly the superior of the two films. what i think hereditary lacks is peters perspective. does he understand what's happening? it would have been a more interesting film if we had known what the grandmother had done with the kids. or to them.

  • Backwoods Films
    Backwoods Films Month ago +1

    For those who hated this movie or found it laughable, could you list a few horror movies from recent years that you thought were really good? I'd just like to have some context as to where these opinions are coming from.

    • Jacen Barker
      Jacen Barker Month ago

      I didn't hate it, I thought it was good but i wasn't blown away or stunned.
      It Comes at Night was my favorite from last year

  • Schizomania
    Schizomania Month ago

    Idk it was ok... I just watched what you rated it before watching the movie so I expected a bit more. I think my standards are too high for modern horror movies... like it still made me laugh when the little ghost goes swimming by the son in the background at some point... not scary. The movie overall was more just unsettling to me, but it did have had good acting. Ending was kinda meh.

    • Muamar Al Rashyd
      Muamar Al Rashyd Month ago

      Schizomania maybe annabelle could make you stop laughing

  • G -Watch
    G -Watch Month ago

    Horror is the best and worst genre . When it’s the best , it’s the most effective, but when it sucks it sucks . I love horror , I have ever since I was 6.
    Best horror films in the past 10 years
    1. The witch
    2. Hereditary
    3. It follows
    4. The babadook
    5. Evil dead
    6. Your next
    7. IT
    8. The conjuring 1&2
    9. Insidious
    10. Creep

  • t1616161 jaw
    t1616161 jaw Month ago

    Chris suckman

  • Emory Fernandez
    Emory Fernandez Month ago

    The way you speak of this movie, it got me thinking of watching or not...

  • Emory Fernandez
    Emory Fernandez Month ago

    The way you speak of this movie, it got me thinking of watching or not...

  • K.M. Smith
    K.M. Smith Month ago

    I really liked Hereditary. I can't stand all the crap that usually comes out.

  • Asat 85
    Asat 85 Month ago

    Now this is a really great horror film i found myself having flashbacks about certain scenes it honestly fucked with me

  • Austin Ryan
    Austin Ryan Month ago

    Yea this shit was tense for real ,, it made you almost felt like you were seeing things that weren't there! I literally said to myself " alright this movie is fucking with me" after that bird flys into the window.


    I personally didn't find it that good
    It was kinda boring

  • First Name Surname
    First Name Surname Month ago

    i love making tiny things and building tiny houses/ rooms so the shots and lighting are so cool

  • Noël Berens
    Noël Berens Month ago

    Sorry to say me and my friends watched this movie in the Cinema and we all thought it was boring and
    at the car scene we still thought it was boring.

  • Ace Mustang
    Ace Mustang Month ago


  • jakegetscake
    jakegetscake Month ago

    The endinf when he’s in the attic and his mom is hanging her head on the attic and he’s saying please stop mommy really had me scared for my life the way she’s on all fours upside down

  • Mitchel Danielson
    Mitchel Danielson Month ago

    This movie disturbed me to my core.

  • Sebastian Cristan Bellarmino

    As a good horror movie fan, I still get shivers whenever I’m reminded of this film let alone the idea of rewatching the whole thing. :’(

  • Jovana Jovanović
    Jovana Jovanović Month ago


    I just watched it and realized something: one of the reasons why this movie is so disturbing is that the grandmother, matriarch, usually loving and warm figure in life of ordinary people is twisted into this evil, demon-worshiping, cold-blooded bitch witch who is able and willing to sacrifice her whole family in order to bring about the fleshing out of a foul demon. That's a brilliant villain if you ask me. It's unnatural - we usually link men to coldness and manipulation and in this case, it's ol' grandmama that will fuck you up.