How the NFL Overlooked Patrick Mahomes Before His Incredible MVP Season

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
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    Patrick Mahomes just completed one of the most dominant seasons in NFL History, all in his first year as a starter. Just two years ago, Mahomes was the 10th overall pick in the NFL Draft, a selection by the Kansas City Chiefs that was thought to be a major risk at the time. But Andy Reid certainly had a plan, and two years later it's safe to say the risk has been averted and the future of the Chiefs is taking over the league. Watch this video to see why he wasn't taken even higher, as a dynamic talent who was viewed as a multi-year project when he left Texas Tech for the NFL Draft.
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  • Set the Edge
    Set the Edge  5 months ago +398

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    • Moises Souza
      Moises Souza Month ago

      Set the Edge fuck that. Damn too long commercial fuck that!

    • Yunan
      Yunan Month ago

      Yes sir

    • Kamishiro Ghost
      Kamishiro Ghost Month ago

      @I am Big Chrek mjmjvideoes

    • Kaizaro123
      Kaizaro123 Month ago

      What tf does his voice have to do with this story? Lame and puerile.

    • ChaseTheKiddd
      ChaseTheKiddd Month ago

      Set the Edge self promoting on another channel is just simply laughable lol. Your channel sucks too😂

  • Wade
    Wade 2 hours ago

    That boy has one hell of an arm..I sure do like Mahomes..

  • jordan5221
    jordan5221 2 days ago

    He couldnt have sat behind a better QB or guy for that matter in Alex Smith. Plus he just has crazy arm talent in terms of being able to throw an accurate football regardless of arm angle, pressure, on the move. Just an uncanny ability to throw an accurate ball no matter what. Ravens fan btw, hate you Mahomes, i hate you!

  • Ubermentsh
    Ubermentsh 3 days ago

    Bryan Bennett. Similar arm strength, athleticism and combine numbers. Totally overlooked.

  • Ashton Selph
    Ashton Selph 3 days ago

    He was a first round pick?

  • emax
    emax 6 days ago

    pat may not throw 50 TDS this season, by if anything he will get damn near the stats of his mvp season

  • Not Steve
    Not Steve 7 days ago +1

    .Mahomes is the best QB the NFL has ever seen

  • Rodney James
    Rodney James 8 days ago

    Although I am not a Tennessee Titans fan, I think Marriota would be successful in an offense like Andy Reids. Personally, I hope the Titan are stupid enough to let Marriota go so he can end up in Los Angeles playing for the Rams or the Patriots. I'm not a Rams fan or a Patriots fan either.

  • Jarberwok S
    Jarberwok S 10 days ago

    Thank you Alex Smith

  • Joseph Miller
    Joseph Miller 13 days ago

    Why wouldn't you run a offense that would show and help your Q.B talents and as he plays more and his talents get better and he even get better on his weak spot.

  • Joseph Miller
    Joseph Miller 13 days ago

    Ryan leaf I watched him play in college and expert some say he was better then P.Manning I was no way to me he was a right handed Scott Mitchell who was made by his W.Rs and R.Bs just like leaf was in college he looked like the fat lazy rich kid in school I just knew he would flip like Johnny football was over rated he was good but not the god they made him out to be

  • Khoutekkelly
    Khoutekkelly 20 days ago

    Put mahomes on the browns or dolphins and win. Until then, he joined a team that was always undefeated after 9 weeks.

  • Jee Vang
    Jee Vang 21 day ago

    Oh please. You idiots gushed about Dak Prescott too and now see how he's doing. These guys do well for two years and you idiots think they're the best QBs ever lol. Let me know when they've won multiple rings. Until then they're not worth knowing.

  • Craig Castanet, D.C.
    Craig Castanet, D.C. 26 days ago

    He does whatever he wants to do. But then he got injured. And now....................

  • Florida Gator1
    Florida Gator1 Month ago

    Kneecap issues killing KCs. Championship chances. Great QB!
    They need better defense

  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel Month ago

    He cant now, he broke his knee.

  • Joey P.
    Joey P. Month ago

    Until that QB sneak....

  • blah blah
    blah blah Month ago

    Stop crowning this guy damn hes ok qb overall but great throwing on the run

  • Vernon Willis
    Vernon Willis Month ago

    If he would only stop putting ketchup on EVERYTHING.

  • PMAnic
    PMAnic Month ago

    Ok thats cool and all but wtf is the running back doing at 2:43

  • Cason Riley
    Cason Riley Month ago +1

    I'm a texas Tech student and seeing him play in person was WILD

  • bigcapra
    bigcapra Month ago

    Let me say this: Madden Curse? The mojo has been a no go the last 2 weeks.

  • ScrappyGamingHQ
    ScrappyGamingHQ Month ago

    Mahomes is the goat

  • hektorlinko
    hektorlinko Month ago

    I hate the Chiefs but I love watching this kid play. He's very fun to watch and I love his attitude and I hope his career blossoms and he makes it. A+++

  • TLI 69
    TLI 69 Month ago

    Did you just say nick doles is not a top ten Qb come on man

  • milloz_23 23
    milloz_23 23 Month ago

    whats the music at 12:01?

  • Darth Phaser
    Darth Phaser Month ago

    Remember Steve "Air" McNair RIP. Drafted by the Houston Oilers. Played under Warren Moon for years before he became the starter. Then he became the franchise QB for the Tennesee Titans after they left Houston.

  • Bam
    Bam Month ago

    6:16 that throw is insane

  • shady bernaba
    shady bernaba Month ago +2

    Mahomes was not offered Texas tech he was just a walk on , very important detail

  • Jason Reed
    Jason Reed Month ago

    This kid will be fun to watch for years to come.

  • The Real John Mace
    The Real John Mace Month ago

    I like how everyone is brushing over the abuse of women 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  • El Lobo
    El Lobo Month ago

    Mahomes vs Deshaun Watson might become the new Manning VS Brady. Mahomes=The Mad Scientist. Watson=The General.

  • VW DT
    VW DT Month ago

    It's funny because all of the things that talent evaluators said that made him a tough grade, are what makes him special. I.e. throwing off platform -- I remember Todd McShay said on an episode of "NFL Live" that some of his throwing platforms are "disgusting" lol -- and throwing from unorthodox arm angles. I always knew he was Favre 2.0., once I thoroughly watched him his Junior season at Texas Tech. And that Oklahoma-Texas Tech 2016 game, was tech as S***! Lol. People really missed out on this brother.. especially, Da Bears. They drafted Mitch Trustinsky, when they could've got Patty Mahomes-boy, or Deshaun Watson, without giving up any draft capital.

  • marcus jones
    marcus jones Month ago

    If you watch Texas Tech play you knew ,but I will be lying to you if I thought he would be MVP of the league in his first start season

  • Vernon Trinh
    Vernon Trinh Month ago

    He's already on pace to break his record last season lol. guys is nuts

  • M M
    M M Month ago +1

    The Stephen Curry of Football

  • Kody Martin
    Kody Martin Month ago +1

    Meanwhile I’m over here being a happy chiefs fan 😂

  • PrisonCipher
    PrisonCipher Month ago

    He's better than Dak...nuff said.

  • Bart
    Bart Month ago +1

    Overlooked? What round was he drafted?

    • Mithos103
      Mithos103 Month ago

      He wasn't overlooked. 1st Round Pick 10 was it? I seem to remember a player picked in the 6th round, 199th pick who was SEVERELY overlooked

  • Casey Yard
    Casey Yard Month ago

    Mahomes madden curse is that madden 20 is the broken ...

  • Andrew Castillo
    Andrew Castillo Month ago +1

    do a video on how the NFL underlooked Kirk Cousins

  • HyZo
    HyZo Month ago

    How the fuck does the NFL overlook him and I'm sitting here seeing him on the bench and thinking this dude is gonna be the fuckin goat. Make me a scout, shiiiit.

  • About3spiders
    About3spiders Month ago

    I’m here to say they are 4-0

  • David Rooney
    David Rooney Month ago +1

    Nick Foles is a top tier qb dont at me

  • Adam Davis
    Adam Davis Month ago +1

    Dude is already legend .. I’m having flashbacks of Holmgren and Favre.

  • Allen Saunders
    Allen Saunders Month ago

    Drafted number 11 not that overlooked

  • Rich Kid
    Rich Kid Month ago +3

    Bears could have had him but instead they passed and even traded up to get Mitchell Trubisky. Imagine the Bears w Mahomes. Best team ever. Fml 🤦‍♂️

  • brianminkc
    brianminkc Month ago

    Somehow they overlooked the fact he can throw the ball 90 yards and hit a penny.

  • Dominick Blando
    Dominick Blando Month ago

    I understand the points about what scouts felt was concerning about him. But what I wish I could understand is why Andy Reid saw Mahomes as the guy he needed and the Bears and Texans felt Trubisky was the most NFL ready qb in that draft and the best long term option. Why didn't they see the same opportunity that Andy Reid did?!
    As a Bears fan, I cry every time Mahomes throws another TD and Mitch goes 3 and out missing his receivers by a mile. If the Bears had Mahomes under center last year, they cruise to a SB with that defense.

  • Denver Broncos Mile High View

    Your not "overlooked" when a playoff caliber team moves up to draft you. It will be KC's job to keep top players around Mahomes. When the patsies beat Mahomes in his own back yard one game out from the SB, O-line break downs were the key to making Mahomes look rather pedestrian

  • mike S
    mike S Month ago

    I'm a Pat's fan and naturally a brady fan but mahomes is the best quarterback I've ever seen in my life. Hes got the talent (a little better) than Rodgers and the tenacious mentality of Brady. If he sustains his run for 10+ years, he will be the goat undisputed

  • Dr No
    Dr No Month ago

    I believe he does at least 4k yards

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    Damn so no one got the life saving ad free comment?

    #TEAM TRUMP Month ago

    Tell me when he wins a super bowl oh yeah he won't

  • tokochi100
    tokochi100 Month ago

    Mahomes is really, really good. Brady is average but working in a great system.

  • Josh Nichols
    Josh Nichols Month ago +1

    Well idk if manzeil couch and weeden were the problem
    They all went to the browns

  • diggi juri
    diggi juri Month ago

    'Mahomes isn't going to have the luxury to shock the world the second year in a row' 12:15...... How's that going xD

  • Anthony Derrick
    Anthony Derrick Month ago

    They over looked him because he was black that’s it that’s all

  • Patrick Mahomes
    Patrick Mahomes Month ago


  • Daniel Beavers
    Daniel Beavers Month ago

    I don't care what happens from here on out. In my opinion he deserves to be in the hall of fame off of that 1 season alone. That was the best QB season we ever seen. This dude is different.