How Can Kim Jong-Un Feast While North Korea Starves?

  • Published on Mar 8, 2019
  • How can North Korea survive without food and fuel while it's leaders live in luxury? In today's educational animated cartoon we look at North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, and the trade restrictions starving the country.
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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  6 months ago +1875

    "I said lunch!" 😁

  • Fernando Reyes-Guzman
    Fernando Reyes-Guzman 14 hours ago

    the sanctions is whats causing the starvation simply because they don’t want to be pals with the US what would happen if sanctions wouldn’t be followed by other countries? get your heads at of your bums and realize that the starvations of the Korean people is the cause of the sanctions .

  • richard smith
    richard smith 21 hour ago

    Im the US, talks about inequality 🙈

  • MaryStewart
    MaryStewart 3 days ago +1

    7:30 kim lost weight!!

  • MaryStewart
    MaryStewart 3 days ago +1

    eat dog for ling time!

    [sponsored by kimjon-un]

  • Skateboard Mission
    Skateboard Mission 3 days ago

    Free north korean people✊✊✊✊✊✊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇰🇷

  • Dorothy Isidro
    Dorothy Isidro 4 days ago

    only needs like me will understand
    Bismuth, Technetium, Hydrogen
    Strontium, Oxygen, Hydrogen!
    no swiping down (nerds only)

    Bi Tc H,
    St O P!

    SRISHTI BHADANA 4 days ago

    wait kashmir is a part of india why to show different

  • Arthur Sneyers
    Arthur Sneyers 5 days ago

    How the American pharmaceutical industry baths in wealth while the American people suffer

  • Anthony Freeman
    Anthony Freeman 5 days ago

    I watched this while eating toast...

  • starclan specops
    starclan specops 6 days ago

    If we could find someway to get Office 39 shipping information and mess with it. We might send them to some very happy Somali pirates

  • Sopi Ang
    Sopi Ang 9 days ago

    I'm so glad i wasn't born there

  • Hayley’s Comet
    Hayley’s Comet 13 days ago +1

    I hope the people will rise up someday. Pray for the people of North Korea. I hope that one day North and South Korea can unify again! I know it’s borderline Impossible, but we can only hope.

  • Dyslexic Teletubby
    Dyslexic Teletubby 13 days ago

    Isn’t China suffering from food shortages?

  • Alwin Benjamin
    Alwin Benjamin 14 days ago

    Help the people, Jail the leader.

  • Oh my gosh Is that bread?

    If Kim threw up all his fat, it would be able to drown every country 40 under fat

  • Nahom Boke
    Nahom Boke 17 days ago

    I hope he gets beat up

  • MoneyGod vG
    MoneyGod vG 18 days ago

    Wait the reason we got new 100 Bill's is because of North Korea we didnt just change it because it needed a new look

  • imploding_enjoyment
    imploding_enjoyment 18 days ago

    5:29 look at the left dudes hands

  • Damien Reyna
    Damien Reyna 21 day ago

    "Rotund"? Let's not play with words. The mudda fusker is fat.

  • BaconGuyBob
    BaconGuyBob 23 days ago

    oh no it's the French Revolution all over again but this time it'll be Korean.

  • vlad games
    vlad games 23 days ago

    Hi evryone. I am fron North Korea..plz help me get out of this country. We people dnt have freedom of anything.. I havenot eat for 3 days.. Help us

  • Emmanuel Doub
    Emmanuel Doub 23 days ago

    I wouldn't be surprised if it was north Korea who was funneling fentanyl into the country through cartels.

  • PatrickFilms
    PatrickFilms 23 days ago

    america has a lot of wheet... can you give me some in my minecraft server

  • PatrickFilms
    PatrickFilms 23 days ago

    not so secret are ya now

  • Oneil theriot
    Oneil theriot 24 days ago

    the last bastion of true totalitarian dictatorship in masse... just like all the other ones it will be destroyed its only a matter of when...

  • King Super Saiyan
    King Super Saiyan 24 days ago

    When will we execute Kim Jong Un?

  • Make Romania great again

    LOL. Just got an "adventure communist" ad at the beginning of the video

  • Pranav
    Pranav 25 days ago +1

    Why is there such dramatic music when he's talking about wheat

  • Noodle Soup
    Noodle Soup 25 days ago +1

    North Korea under Kim Il Sung had a stronger economy than South Korea.

    • Wainer Rinkler
      Wainer Rinkler 24 days ago

      Because they got massive support from the SU and China.

  • New Zealand
    New Zealand 25 days ago

    I found spongebob temple in north korea

  • Moe Rey
    Moe Rey 25 days ago

    Heeeeyyy! Don’t mess with Donnie’s boyfriend!

  • This Skrub
    This Skrub 25 days ago

    Look at his face is he look like some one who csre who gonna die?

  • Sam Lee
    Sam Lee 25 days ago +2

    I’m South Korean🇰🇷 and I want North Korea 🇰🇵 to be unified with South Korea

    • John Smith
      John Smith 21 day ago

      You should move north try it out and get back to us , you may change your mind.

    • Elder LouJ
      Elder LouJ 25 days ago


  • Evan Conway
    Evan Conway 25 days ago

    He is evil and gluttonous! 😡

  • Okay Great!
    Okay Great! 26 days ago

    He fat cause he got all that dough

  • Creeper
    Creeper 27 days ago

    But isnt toycat the leader of north korea
    Toycat is yes

  • Flawless Binary
    Flawless Binary 29 days ago +1

    This video is so bad.

  • Mac Truck
    Mac Truck Month ago

    some dude predicts kim jong un will die this year... i hope he is right

  • Fatboy NOOB
    Fatboy NOOB Month ago

    Communism bad.

  • ryan thomas
    ryan thomas Month ago

    N. Korea is poor because it rejects Global Capitalism and US Imperialism.
    There West wages nothing less than hypocrisy against N. Korea. No nation that was built on the backs of the poor and oppressed and defends its empire with Nukes has the right to tell N. Koreans how to run their government and to not have Nukes.

  • DarkWarchieff
    DarkWarchieff Month ago

    Is there a way to spot Office 39 goods? I´m curious how many circulate in civilian hands. The quality must be trash but that's too little to go with?

  • Cedrik_BOI
    Cedrik_BOI Month ago

    So that's why he's so THICC...

  • An Arc
    An Arc Month ago +1

    Kim Jong Un:

    *The only fat man in the DPRK*

  • just a dog in the comment section

    I feel lucky right now eating my ramen noodles in my bed

  • Another French Surrender

    With his mouth and hands

  • Otto Campaign
    Otto Campaign Month ago

    2:44 China and the DPRK have river borders on the Yalu or something. Not on land. So its un accurate.

  • Fortnite Sucks
    Fortnite Sucks Month ago

    True it is tough being fat kid in ur school I am that kid it isn’t even my fault I was born overweight and put weight on very easy yet I’m still criticised for it

  • Fish Drowner
    Fish Drowner Month ago

    Kim’s farts are probably stronger then his bombs

  • Invincible Gaming
    Invincible Gaming Month ago +1


  • Kristaps Paio
    Kristaps Paio Month ago

    This video has 666 663 views....

  • Maximum Payne
    Maximum Payne Month ago

    So it's real starvation is caused by Sanctions which only punish the people not the leaders.

  • Windows XP memes and stuff lol

    China can just stop the food support for North Korea.

    If they want to attack them or they attacking China.

  • Ravage Gonza
    Ravage Gonza Month ago

    They wanted this, they got it...

  • SvendBosanvovski
    SvendBosanvovski Month ago

    Watch the movie The Public. It about a group of homeless North Korean's starving and freezing during a bleak winter. They take over the local propaganda distribution centre before forcing the cops to bring then kimchi. When the evil commissar is ready to have them beaten with batons, they take off all their clothes and moon the cops. Of course they get arrested and sent to a correctional facility to ensure that the authority of the ruling elite isn't weakened by dissent. It bound to be a big hit in Pyongyang.

  • Elijah King
    Elijah King Month ago

    the thing is, he doesn't eat. hes been starving himself since 2015.

  • troy millay
    troy millay Month ago +3

    ain't. Is why I ain't a fan of sanctions. It seems to only hurt the poor. I am a bigger fan of cutting off the powerful bank accounts

  • R3n3gad3
    R3n3gad3 Month ago +1

    I'm surprised he isn't dead yet from all that diabetes.

  • Agent Johnson
    Agent Johnson Month ago +1

    Because that's how communism works

  • Ariana Shej
    Ariana Shej Month ago

    What bout thirst no water =deadman