5 Top Burnouts: Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode 235 V8TV

  • Published on Dec 29, 2017
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    This week, we’re taking a look back at some of the best smokers from recent episodes of Muscle Car Of The Week featuring cars from The Brothers Collection!
    Here are links to the videos to see more of each car featured:
    Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode #181: 1964 Ford Falcon 260 Termite Racer
    Muscle Car Of The Week Video #70: 1970 Dick Harrell 454 Camaro
    1965 Chevrolet Impala SS 396 425: Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode 224 V8TV
    Muscle Car of the Week Video #118: 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T 426 Hemi
    Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode #150: 1970 Chevrolet Nova Yenko Deuce

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Comments • 57

  • Jeremy  Thompson
    Jeremy Thompson 8 months ago +1

    That 71 Hemi Challenger is my favorite of the 5 cars in this video. Just wish we could've heard it instead of that music

  • Knightmare 1690
    Knightmare 1690 10 months ago +1

    Impala was epic

  • David Unger
    David Unger 10 months ago

    How can you not giggle during and after a burnout????
    I'm 53 years old and still giggle when I see or do a good one.

  • Joseph Romano
    Joseph Romano Year ago

    The 1970 camaro with the 454 was the burnout King! Hands down!!

  • Ronnie Boucher
    Ronnie Boucher Year ago +1

    yes my mate had a chevie 454 and he warmed up the motor and did a burnout = blew up the new diff = cause he did not drive the car around for 10 minutes to warm up the running gear = just saying beware and think about it !

  • Jonathan Jones
    Jonathan Jones Year ago

    Where was the black 71 Buick GS 455????? That thing lit em' up like a champ!

  • Squirmin Herman the one eyed German


  • Bend
    Bend 2 years ago

    What is the name of green camaro whells ? 3:51

  • Eric Black
    Eric Black 2 years ago

    love your show man, love those cars! It's great that you can take the pictures of that one nice burnout and not have to keep on beating the cars. Just watch the video. Keep it up boys!

    TAZ MAN!A 2 years ago

    This is a repeat comment but again I think it be so awesome to see a driver point of veiw shot. Go pro on head. Excellent show. Definitely my favorite, please keep it going!

  • Mike
    Mike 2 years ago +1

    Ok Kev, I know I'm in the minority here with Mr. Meyer but what does this prove? Only that the coefficient of friction at the tire's contact patch can be overcome by the powertrain. I've roasted some bias-plys back in my day too but now it just seems juvenile. Considering the value of these rare and classic vehicles I'd err on the side of caution. Why terrorize the clutches and rear brakes of such cherished history? I'm forgetting that car guys never grow up and that's what makes us so much fun!

    • Mike
      Mike 2 years ago

      I see your point, but once you break the clutch on a pristine, rare, all-original L88 (let's say) you can never get that 'never been opened up, all stock' status back. So you fix it and it now has unoriginal parts. The seal has been cracked. Doesn't that diminish the value?? I get that it's impossible to retain the original fluids and battery. Just seems like in the rarified air where this collection exists the cars would be treated like the royal crown jewels that they are. I'm being too fussy I guess -I don't smoke up the tires on my own Corvette mostly because I'm buying (and I don't have "The Brother's") bankroll -plus I'm cheap!

    • RTLL
      RTLL 2 years ago +1

      Mechanical breakage is no big deal on most of these cars. Break it, fix it. Just like the old days :-). If I owned the cars I'd be much more concerned about wrapping one around a tree....which, perhaps, is why we never see any videos of the cars being driven on the streets

  • aleo corona
    aleo corona 2 years ago

    The one with the '65 Impala is definitely my favorite one.

  • mcrozoo
    mcrozoo 2 years ago

    do the amc machine

  • Matt M
    Matt M 2 years ago

    Automatics do the best burnouts hate to say it.

    • Thomas Marshman
      Thomas Marshman 3 months ago

      You people... manuals are much better for burnouts if you know what you’re doing.. check the video on my page, my Aussie ford falcon at the local burnout competition, holding third gear... autos are trash

    • TAZ MAN!A
      TAZ MAN!A 2 years ago

      Manuals with a good driver can do just as good but they need to be done in 2nd gear for higher wheels speed. First gear in an auto is almost always taller that 1st in a stick. I'm sure they don't want to smoke the clutches with a 2nd gear burnout hence the autos are better

    • Matt M
      Matt M 2 years ago

      :) I thought it was something special to do a burnout with. Hey if you got enough hp the manuals will do a great burn out. But face it autos you can brake stand.

    • RTLL
      RTLL 2 years ago

      gear grabber = manual transmission

    • Matt M
      Matt M 2 years ago

      What's a gear grabber?

  • Khris Makaruk
    Khris Makaruk 2 years ago

    Was going to give it a thumbs up until the classical music on the rt instead of the engine

  • 2M62
    2M62 2 years ago

    What is the Brother Collection?

  • Michael Meyer
    Michael Meyer 2 years ago

    To be honest I dont understand the idea of the "BurnOut" hay each there own. But to be honest car with six or a 4 can do this when doing a break stand or put soap under the wheels. Meh each there own.

  • my name is 905
    my name is 905 2 years ago +1

    line locks and autos are easy burns,but the sticks,they just need to be rugged in 1st to get em baking nicely. I can smell the cam 2 and burning rubber all the way from my house! thanks again guys! !!

  • Rich Santoro
    Rich Santoro 2 years ago

    Kevin.....You have one of the best jobs on Earth. Do you need an assistant?
    Also.....The '65 Impala was by far the best.

  • Steve S.
    Steve S. 2 years ago

    Awesome! Thank you for bringing back some wonderful memories of our past. I so miss those simple times.

  • Scotch Budmeister
    Scotch Budmeister 2 years ago +1

    Holy smokes - indoor burnouts! - love this channel!

  • Andrew Ippolito
    Andrew Ippolito 2 years ago

    Kevin, Kelly and crew you guys always do such good videos, I wish they were longer showing more tech details I know there are those of us that really get into hearing and seeing the lesser known info on these amazing rides! Look forward to more content in 2018, Happy New Year.

  • stripervince1
    stripervince1 2 years ago

    Soon to come , brothers muscle car museum??? Wwwhen, wwwherre?????

  • Steve Holsten
    Steve Holsten 2 years ago

    Thanks, Greg & Brother's Crew for this super sweet video! I always love tire smoke.

  • savos aren
    savos aren 2 years ago +3

    Holy shit! That impala is the biggest sleeper ever, imagine at the lights, you wouldn't be expecting that!

  • jaky bakey
    jaky bakey 2 years ago +1

    Don't get me wrong, I'm as much for throwing my trash out on the street and brith control pills into the local creek as anybody. . .What? Acid rain? Yeah, I've dropped acid in the rain, too--who cares?! Prozac in fish? Metamorpho-what? Teratogen-who?. . . And, I do love these cars, but, you'd be very suprised how much we learn from observation. Burn-outs, I just never got that, especially now. . . . Is it getting hot in here or is it just the climate? Phew, what a relief. Now I can turn down the thermosat to save on CO2! . . . You'll excuse me while I set my dog's tail on fire to light my cigar.

  • Pete Medina
    Pete Medina 2 years ago +1

    Awesome burnouts all 5 were good tho I thought the impala and nova were the best.

  • Duececoupe
    Duececoupe 2 years ago +1

    Love your videos guys....I hope that you all enjoyed a pleasant christmas and are looking forward to the new year!
    A couple of questions....how about top 10 lists for hoods and dashboards?
    How many factory sponsored dragrace and NASCAR cars is it in the collection....huge fan of those cars from the 60's, particularly Mopar!
    Just bought the Maximum Performance - MOPAR SUPER STOCK DRAG RACING 1962-1969 by Jim Schild and now I want a '62 Dodge! 😉😄😂

  • bongo7166
    bongo7166 2 years ago

    good top 5 selection, but that triple black 70 buick gsx was better than some of these imho...

  • breezy0037
    breezy0037 2 years ago

    top 5????? a top 150 would have been superb!!!

  • Carl Andrews
    Carl Andrews 2 years ago

    Nice car not my favorite car but still sweet...the Impala is the baddest burnout ever on muscle car of the week!!!!¡

  • glen cyr
    glen cyr 2 years ago

    Was the driver behind the wheel of the white 65 Impala,John Force's brother?

  • Just One More
    Just One More 2 years ago +2

    INDOOR BURNOUTS!! best air freshener for a muscle car museum! Slow motion and music doesn't do it for me. I love the sound of the engine, squealing tires, and smoke rolling out of the fenderwells at high volume. Would love videos with a driver's seat P.O.V. and sound. Looking at a shaker scoop or cowl hood bulge while hearing the 4 barrel wide open from the drivers seat is the coolest thing.

  • Marc Gilbert
    Marc Gilbert 2 years ago +5

    LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! American V8 muscle lives!

  • Tom
    Tom 2 years ago +7

    Good camera work on the Impala

  • mcinkyt
    mcinkyt 2 years ago +2

    Firestones always made the biggest smoke ;)

  • Mark Wegner
    Mark Wegner 2 years ago +2

    Yeah!!!! Thanks, Kevin.

  • Driver Jay
    Driver Jay 2 years ago +5

    That camaro murdered those tires!

  • Old Town
    Old Town 2 years ago +3

    How great was that! Thanks for 2017 - looking forward to an even better 2018. Yes?

  • Garth Clark
    Garth Clark 2 years ago +17

    The green 1970 Camaro 454 was the best. Too bad on the 426 Hemi, slow motion but no sound ruined the effect.

    • Richard Romero
      Richard Romero 2 years ago

      Garth Clark I agree, I thought the same thing

  • Scott F
    Scott F 2 years ago +14

    All 5 were cool.....smokin our way into 2018 ..thanks Kev and crew...Happy and safe New Year🍻😲🤘

  • troynov1965
    troynov1965 2 years ago +14

    I had a friend of mine in High School who had 72 Charger 440 ( SE I think) back in the early 1980's . He ran some hoses from the windshield washer pump over the back wheels, He filled it with bleach hit the pump switch a few times and did a burnout in the School parking lot. It was the most smoke I have ever seen on a burnout LOL. The entire parking lot was nothing but a cloud. Needles to say he was expelled.
    Wish we had had cell phones back then cause that would have been a good video for You Tube.

    • C Smith
      C Smith 2 months ago

      When I was 15 a friend picked me up in his mom 65 Olds 88, he's got a gallon of bleach on the seat, I asked what's that for, he told me, we get to a back road, and I see my first bleach burnout, it was an old boat, but it still made a hell of a cloud, I had forgotten all about that, good times.

    • MuscleCarOfTheWeek
      MuscleCarOfTheWeek  2 years ago +4

      Wow, crazy story. Love the bleach pump. But we bet that 440 didn't need it to make the smoke!

  • Silverwings 82
    Silverwings 82 2 years ago +6

    Nothing like tire smoking burn outs!