Julian Assange jailed but defiant as extradition battle begins

  • Published on Apr 12, 2019
  • The Justice Department may have to fight for months or even years to bring Julian Assange to the U.S. British police arrested the WikiLeaks founder at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London Thursday after his diplomatic asylum was removed. Assange faces a charge of conspiring with Chelsea Manning to hack Pentagon computers in 2010. Imtiaz Tyab reports.
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Comments • 272

  • Aloha
    Aloha 28 days ago +1

    Free Assange!

    • jeep23862
      jeep23862 23 days ago

      No thank you, not even if he was in a packet of corn flakes.

  • Morpheus x
    Morpheus x Month ago

    Trump sanctioned the arrest but hides like a cowherd for being exposed as a enemy of free speech which he is . MAGA BY ARRESTING AND PERSECUTING THE DEFENDERS OF FREE SPEECH TRUMP AND THERESA MAY ARE ROTTEN TO THE CORE .

  • Michael Ray
    Michael Ray Month ago

    Hillbillrie needs to answer to her crimes

  • Nige C
    Nige C Month ago

    Lets not forget, the real reason ASSange ran like a cornered rat and hid in the Ecuadorean embassy had nothing to do with wikileaks, he was trying to avoid extradition to Sweden to face rape charges. A lot of people seem keen to support and protect a potential rapist, SHAMEFUL

  • shua sensai
    shua sensai Month ago

    He is either gonna be suicided or the plane that will transport him to the U.S. will end up in the Atlantic.

  • Elaine pitman
    Elaine pitman Month ago +1

    God bless & protect Julian Assange !

  • M Chaney
    M Chaney Month ago

    lol he hid in europe... like we won't gonna get him eventually. Too elitist to hide in africa or something lol. Hop he gets "suicided" in prison.

  • Gary V
    Gary V Month ago

    I notice CBS reporters are mum & have hardly anything to say about arresting a fellow journalist. Incredible!

  • John Freeman
    John Freeman Month ago

    If Hillary wasn’t corrupted there wouldn’t be no problem 🤷‍♂️

  • fuzzywzhe
    fuzzywzhe Month ago

    He's a poitical prisoner. Had to be done apparently, because BS "news" in the United States is obviously propaganda, and can't compete.

  • 0neofthem
    0neofthem Month ago

    He’ll be in prison for the rest of his life.

  • Dj
    Dj Month ago

    No one was ever arrested or prosecuted for information that assange leaked

  • Smiling Bob
    Smiling Bob Month ago

    This is a global downfall for everyone. It is now a crime to tell the truth.

  • lumpfish99
    lumpfish99 Month ago

    disgusting.....this man is a hero.

  • Doyoukown Uay
    Doyoukown Uay Month ago

    this is great let the world see what Americans really are

    • Green Earth
      Green Earth Month ago

      *Americans are scared how much more hard evidences he may have on America spying on other countries, such as Merkel and Macron, other than the ones he already exposed.* *First, free Assange and support Snowden for free press! Please, no more attack on our journalists and medias.*
      *Huawei, or the US spying and droning way.*

  • Kapil Morrison
    Kapil Morrison Month ago

    2:17 " This precedent means that any journalist can be extradited for prosecution in the United States for having published truthful information about the United States" I think she forgot that he published Stolen information from a hacked DNC.

  • MaryLu Whittle
    MaryLu Whittle Month ago

    Associated Press put out a video on Assange but disabled the comments. That says everything. So I thumbed down the video.

  • Michael
    Michael Month ago

    So what about the journalists who released edward snowdens documents????! They should be very scared right now...

    • jeep23862
      jeep23862 23 days ago

      Not really because they never skipped UK ball and have never been accused odf rape or sexual assault

  • Dennis Pfeifer
    Dennis Pfeifer Month ago

    Well, they better go after The New York Times for publishing the Pentagon Papers in 1971...Exposing war crimes demands equal justice.

  • Dennis Pfeifer
    Dennis Pfeifer Month ago

    Do you mean the Trump administration is claiming Russia is responsible??? LOL It's Russia again??? LOL

  • Nowandthenagain
    Nowandthenagain Month ago +1

    Who cares. Someone else will just replace him in no time.

    THE GANG STARS Month ago +1

    Julian has given the strange thumbs up to Wikileaks, for all American and British secret documents to be released, should he be jailed for life, he predicted this day and planned for it well ahead bawahahaha :)

    • John Freeman
      John Freeman Month ago

      THE GANG STARS he should be in jail for telling the truth?

  • D Marreux
    D Marreux Month ago

    Its when you speak truth to power. Forget the crimes committed by the government. Mlk once stated the united states is approaching spirtual and moral bankruptcy. we officially arrived when the corrupted assail others for being corrupt.

  • Fortaz107
    Fortaz107 Month ago +9

    Funny how only those in power seem to be applauding his arrest.

    • Fortaz107
      Fortaz107 Month ago +1

      +MARK CHRISTOPHER Yes because he doesn't remember who Julian Assange is now apparently.

    • Cheryl Cold
      Cheryl Cold Month ago

      The general public count for nothing.

      MARK CHRISTOPHER Month ago +1

      Fortaz107 except the President.

  • shelby hill
    shelby hill Month ago

    Julian Assange can't be a journalist! He doesn't issue retractions!

  • Faqm Mall
    Faqm Mall Month ago

    Did Assange report on Iraq having WMDS? Saddam purchasing Yellow Cake Uranium? Nothing reported by Assange were lies! Nothing reported by Assange led to anyone’s death! Nothing reported by Assange led to an invasion of a sovereign country or a bombing campaign costing countless deaths and forced migration.

  • Faqm Mall
    Faqm Mall Month ago +4

    He will have a mysterious death sooner than later....

    • jeep23862
      jeep23862 20 days ago

      +Faqm Mall
      Would you really want to know the exact time, place and circumstances of your death?
      Certainly I wouldn't.

    • Faqm Mall
      Faqm Mall 20 days ago

      jeep23862 Hopefully not! I hope mine is totally predictable....

    • jeep23862
      jeep23862 23 days ago

      Sooner or later we all do.

    • dood poop
      dood poop Month ago

      Maybe it took them 6 years to get his clone ready.

  • Blaze Duskdreamer
    Blaze Duskdreamer Month ago +13

    Who cares what Hillary thinks? She's ticked because he exposed her crimes. She's the one who should be going to jail.

  • Cyndee Ratledge
    Cyndee Ratledge Month ago +5

    He still did not set foot on British Soil !! Wise up , he was carried!!!!

  • Sam St Amant
    Sam St Amant Month ago +7

    Pompeo is such a puppet. All the politicians are corrupt and America isn’t sovereign.

  • Seoul Man
    Seoul Man Month ago +12

    Free julian!

  • Scott Matlock
    Scott Matlock Month ago +9

    Seth Rich is the connection NOT Russia. Also he didn't conspire to do anything if someone brings him information he posts it, same as any other journalist. Wake up, this is your first amendment under attack.

  • Davin Maki
    Davin Maki Month ago +18

    Corrupt psychos flinging mud at Julian Assange for telling the truth.

  • Qingeaton
    Qingeaton Month ago +3

    Assange is a more important and better person than anyone who will be jailing or judging him.
    Our world is upside down people.
    But, it's crazy to understand that we the people could have him free in a week if we all chose to.
    IF, (and of course it will never happen), but IF every single person who respects him, called their reps and congress people and simply stated that they will be staying home from work until he is released.

    Can you even imagine half of all jobs not being done? This country would shut down in 3 days.
    No food delivered into New York City for 3 days shuts it down. I could go for 6 months easy without a paycheck and it would an awesome thing to watch our so called leaders beg people to return to work.
    After he is out, we could just not go back for a few more days, just to let it sink in.
    Be a good movie plot.

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith Month ago +2


    • lissa leggs
      lissa leggs Month ago +1

      Much funner to see him thrown in jail..

  • Landroverdude101
    Landroverdude101 Month ago +6

    I see the leather lizard had to put her 2 cents in.....

    • lissa leggs
      lissa leggs Month ago

      Your land rover has cloth seats...?
      Too cheap for leather..? 😂

  • J K
    J K Month ago +1

    It wasn't random Julian Assange was arrested
    clutching a book. He didn't just happen to be
    reading Gore Vidal when the police arrived. It's no
    coincidence that he made sure that the cover of
    the book was visible for all the world's journalists
    to see and photograph.
    Immediately after they loaded Assange into a van
    a handful people in places around the world left
    their homes and headed to their various local
    bookstores and libraries, each clutching a piece of
    paper with a series of numbers which they
    received from Assange long ago.
    They had the cyphers all along, but were waiting
    on the key.

  • Elina Gazarva
    Elina Gazarva Month ago +6

    Freedom to Assange !!!!

    • lissa leggs
      lissa leggs Month ago

      Prison awaits and an orange jumpsuit.. Muhahaha

  • Tristan Coates
    Tristan Coates Month ago

    Jullian Assange VICTORIA CROSS

    • lissa leggs
      lissa leggs 23 days ago

      He is a delusional idiot that believes he is way too goody two shoes and entitled for jail.

    • jeep23862
      jeep23862 23 days ago

      What for?
      Breaking his bail?

    • lissa leggs
      lissa leggs Month ago +1

      Victoria Secret...

  • StratXIII
    StratXIII Month ago

    Possible Julian extradition to US, probable vengeful Hillary, possibly not looking good for Julian I'm afraid.

    • lissa leggs
      lissa leggs Month ago

      Pompeo wanted him dead... You are either stupid or Russian.
      Assange attacked the release of Panama papers exposing Putin as a common thief. You have no problem with that apparently.

    • GH1618
      GH1618 Month ago +1

      StratXIII - Clinton has no power or influence in this business.

  • Keith Citizen
    Keith Citizen Month ago

    well if you thought your rights were slim before, guess what if Julian gets charged with conspiracy to hack Big Gov. computers there goes the 1st ammendment out the window as well, he only reported the facts he recieved from a hacker, that is what a truth reporter is supposed to do, it is cutting the toung out of free speaking journalism, bad enough they already misinform and fake debunk everything to the point of utter confusion, but now they step up and just show if you report truth you will be shut up into a cell to forever shut you up, make no mistake, this is an assault on every last standing honest human American. WHAT A SHITSHOW!!!

  • Kaffekaffe Kaffe
    Kaffekaffe Kaffe Month ago +2

    Sorry, but Assange will never be free again, never. It’s sad, but true. To me he looked like a broken and depressed man. Ecuador is just not strong enough politically to fight America and Britain

    • jeep23862
      jeep23862 23 days ago

      His choice, no other.

    • Jenn J
      Jenn J Month ago +2

      I only read independent journalism... I only check in with the Lamestream Media to laugh and watch the cabal controlled spin machine in action. Most have NO IDEA how horrifically he has been treated and psychologically tormented. The details are sick.

    • lissa leggs
      lissa leggs Month ago

      Don't cry for Julio...

  • TeeTee LouKy
    TeeTee LouKy Month ago +3

    Don't mess with the United States or its citizens you foreigners! Or we will hunt you down, find you and break you, and arrest you in your own country! God Bless America! And no place else.

    • TeeTee LouKy
      TeeTee LouKy Month ago

      +Metallkopf86 he was a foreigner revealing classified information!

    • lissa leggs
      lissa leggs Month ago

      Assange denounced Pentagon papers exposing Putin as a common thief..

    • Metallkopf86
      Metallkopf86 Month ago

      Julian Assange messed with the US by exposing its corruption much like Edward Snowden did and you're mad at him? Clearly you want to be enslaved.....

    • lissa leggs
      lissa leggs Month ago

      +Rasmus Lind Greiner
      Tokyo Tokyo...

  • swp with
    swp with Month ago


  • Shawna Brookes
    Shawna Brookes Month ago +6

    Sad - heroes treated like this

    • GH1618
      GH1618 Month ago

      Shawna Brookes - Cue the violin music.

  • Cosmos with Dr Turi Louis

    Julian Lassange’ Secret Life Exposed - I can only hope the FBI who visited me twice already will forget about me and learn something about Lassange's natal UCI who lead him to experience such a dramatic fate instead!tvclip.biz/video/udagjEs4Lnc/video.html As a rule geniuses from all walks of life are targeted by both the nasty reptilius and the benevolent Draconis. Read more www.drturi.com/julian-lassange-secret-life-exposed/

  • Sherri Greeydelinarez

    Yeah , Pompaio Really? I'm sure Pompaio had a hand in this! Assage first to London & then to the states , they are afraid of what Assage will tell on Trump & Trump Jr. & Stone - All Connected! Dictator Trump Strikes again!!!! Under table Manipulation,distraction & deflection!!! Come on People Wake Up!!!!!!

  • Edgar Cardenas
    Edgar Cardenas Month ago

    $#$# nasa sb ca 805 eff

  • Shirley Cranfill
    Shirley Cranfill Month ago +1

    Sounds like pompeo might be a part of hilary's human trafficing ring. But its plain to see that the deep state has learned nothing from history. Where in the dark ages protestants of papal tirany chanted the blood of martyrs is seed. And indeed it is.

  • We_Must_Continue The_Good_Fight

    These elite and media have no idea how upset people will be and what they will ultimate cause if this man isnt freed. Were watching closely. This may just wake up people to the fact that the govt is still controlled by the elite, and that we are still being used and abused and wealth is still being extracted slowly by theft.

  • Metal Kezzl
    Metal Kezzl Month ago +1

    they admit its truth

  • Doppler Overrun
    Doppler Overrun Month ago +8

    Free Assange ✊

  • Hermina Nieves
    Hermina Nieves Month ago

    A real Journalist would of walked out straight and proudly, when you believed in what he did but he's a coward, who deserves jail time not for just releasing the papers but for staying seven yrs in the ambassador house. Manning is a hero, look at the difference people, one is being carry out the door and The other is straight and proud and spending time in jail again. Which one you should be defending.



  • Russell WestGOAT
    Russell WestGOAT Month ago +5


    • lissa leggs
      lissa leggs Month ago

      +dood poop
      You are a POS obviously..
      Quite the accomplishment in your short life.

    • dood poop
      dood poop Month ago

      +lissa leggs

    • lissa leggs
      lissa leggs Month ago

      Are you stupid or Russian..

  • Ann M.
    Ann M. Month ago

    He deserves a metal. Why is he jailed with the Communists running free?

    • GH1618
      GH1618 Month ago

      Ann M. - Yes, metal would be good. Steel bars.

    • Douglas Clark
      Douglas Clark Month ago +1

      Yes he does. That metal will be steel in the form of manacles, and leg chains, and prison bars.

    • ruth lindemann
      ruth lindemann Month ago


  • Randy Lafferty
    Randy Lafferty Month ago +1

    Poor juilain he is a hero!!!! Dont let the media distract you from this. #1984

  • Big Bad
    Big Bad Month ago +1

    AOC supports Assange.

  • Mahadev Harahara
    Mahadev Harahara Month ago

    Trump also 100percent good president and he stopp war and he was humanity asange release free my hope

  • new reach
    new reach Month ago

    So what if Aus China or Russia arrests US investigative journalist.

  • Jobber
    Jobber Month ago +10

    Assange is an innocent man. To deal harm to him would betray the trust placed in Western governments by their people more than ever.

  • MrCantstandliberals
    MrCantstandliberals Month ago +5

    Here's a Russian there's a Russian everywhere is a Russian - MSM for 2 years. Actually it was all.a sick joke hoax put on by Clinton crime syndicate

    • lissa leggs
      lissa leggs Month ago

      +Roger Out
      He wears blinders when he not sleeping. Lol..

    • Roger Out
      Roger Out Month ago +1

      how was it a "hoax"?
      What do you think all those people who were found guilty of lying about Russian contacts were lying about? Including the campaign manager who's going to die in prison now?

  • MrCantstandliberals
    MrCantstandliberals Month ago +4

    Julian assange is a world hero. He helped Hillary from putting the last nail.in the American coffin.

  • Hallking78
    Hallking78 Month ago +4

    @ 1:26 did Hillary Clinton really say he must answer for what he has done? The hypocrisy is unbelievable

    • Hallking78
      Hallking78 Month ago

      @UCiYGBRk7rQ_mzZArj5ST-sQ Manning was a private in the military...... He\she did not have those type of coordinates....

    • Roger Out
      Roger Out Month ago

      +Hallking78 if you knowingly receive stolen goods, you have committed a crime.

  • here we go
    here we go Month ago +6

    Can't wait till he's extradited to the U.S. and locked up for ever.

    • here we go
      here we go Month ago

      +GH1618 25 years

    • GH1618
      GH1618 Month ago

      here we go - If he is convicted, he won’t be locked up forever. The U. S. doesn’t want to be responsible for him forever. They just want to send a message.

    • here we go
      here we go Month ago

      +ShadowHentai hacking into military computers

    • skills1ent
      skills1ent Month ago

      Can't wait!

    • swp with
      swp with Month ago +1

      whisper whisper ~clinton~ whisper whisper...

  • Hallking78
    Hallking78 Month ago +2

    So now they're saying Julian assange hacked Pentagon computers????

    • GH1618
      GH1618 Month ago

      Hallking78 - The charge is that he conspired to break into Defense Department computer systems.

    • Roger Out
      Roger Out Month ago

      that's what they've always said.

  • 4,999,999 Subscribers

    He's the criminal for releasing criminal activities?

  • mar002007
    mar002007 Month ago +21

    Oh yeah secretary of state who loves journalist murdered by Saudis.

  • mar002007
    mar002007 Month ago +3


  • Mrs Mel
    Mrs Mel Month ago +6


  • Invalidts2Official
    Invalidts2Official Month ago +9

    The whole world is rooting for you Julian Assange! Wikileaks has influenced over 5 billion people world wide and woken them up!

    • here we go
      here we go Month ago

      +Johnny Rico not really

    • Roger Out
      Roger Out Month ago

      +Johnny Rico "TYRRANY"??
      The only thing he really did was show an Apache killing some civilians by accident?? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    • Johnny Rico
      Johnny Rico Month ago

      Yes..thanks Wikileaks, you helped masses wake up to the TYRRANY upon us all.

    • Roger Out
      Roger Out Month ago

      Waiting for him to dangle from a rope.

    • here we go
      here we go Month ago

      5 billion people? Get off the drugs

  • Karen
    Karen Month ago +3

    Who or whatever Julian Assange started out as, he is no longer that. He is now a Russian asset masquerading as a "real journalist." How can he have been a real journalist if he was locked away in an embassy for 7 years? What, did he interview the walls?

    • Bill Tierney
      Bill Tierney Month ago

      So, your argument is that because he was locked away for 7 years, that obviously means he was a Russian agent? Think much?

    • XABY
      XABY Month ago

      Russia russia whatever

    • Dan Fuchs
      Dan Fuchs Month ago

      While he was in the embassy he was helping wistlebowlers publish their information. That is obvious journalism

  • mikitan
    mikitan Month ago +49

    so please tell us as a "real journalist" which information from Wikileaks were wrong?

    • dood poop
      dood poop 23 days ago

      +Green Earth welp.. the pirates have taken over in the U.S. gov.
      Our DOJ is trash; very corrupted.

    • dood poop
      dood poop 23 days ago

      +Hadi Purwanto you're very ignorant; it makes you extra-stupid that you are also very sure, despite your ignorance. HRC had an entire public investigation done on her because she was sharing classified documents. Wikileaks was the outlet that exposed that fact. She admitted it, and the prosecution only didn't charge her because the claimed she was just as ignorant as you are.
      ... somehow claiming ignorance is a solid defense for the elite; though she was secretary of defense, so nobody was buying it.
      And why are you assuming that someone is going to defend your rant about Trump, just because they define why Hillary is a piece of sh!t you idiot.

    • Hadi Purwanto
      Hadi Purwanto Month ago

      +Jean Carvalho he personally against Hilary because she pursued his case during her time as secretary of state. He tried to buy his freedom by supporting Trump. That's why he did a lot of thing in favour of Trump.
      Little he knew Trump doesn't care about him at all

    • Jean Carvalho
      Jean Carvalho Month ago

      +Hadi Purwanto which "personal vendetta"? Julian gained nothing with what he published. He lost his own personal life.

    • marcaronx49z
      marcaronx49z Month ago


  • BC Bob
    BC Bob Month ago +7

    No statute of limitations on his case. His days are numbered.

  • Great White Shart
    Great White Shart Month ago +4

    How cute they don't realize what this will mean for them (the press) no like they would investigate the crimes of our government anyways but if they succeed in charging a publisher now your (press) boss could be thrown to the Chinese if someone did a report on crimes being committed there if reporting it is illegal under their laws they would have precedent to take our journalists and publishers Pandora's box is now open don't stare too long

  • Bill Tierney
    Bill Tierney Month ago +3

    From Manning's Wikipedia article:
    "Assigned in 2009 to an Army unit in Iraq as an intelligence analyst, Manning had access to classified databases. "
    As an analyst with TS/SCI access, there was no need to hack anything. He read traffic day in and day out and was tasked to make sense of it. The indictment that Assange helped him "hack" a database is beyond ridiculous to anyone who has ever worked in a SCIF. This was the politicized Obama DOJ abusing its authority to oppress a troublesome dissident in Assange. The persons who signed the indictment should themselves be indicted for abuse of authority.
    Assange will be completely cleared by President Trump, GPE, the same president who just trolled you into a predictable reaction. Assange will declare that Seth Rich provided the DNC emails, corroborating evidence, either material or through testimony of DOJ/FBI criminals who have turned state's evidence, will be provided to prove Assange right, and a hammer the size of Jupiter will come down on all of those involved, including agents of influence in the press.

    • Dirty Dish
      Dirty Dish Month ago

      +Bill Tierney That's exactly what the Deepstate wants you to think. Two steps behind as usual, like clockwork.

    • Bill Tierney
      Bill Tierney Month ago

      +Dirty Dish - DD, you are catching on, there is hope for you yet. Trump and company have the testimony of the DOJ/FBI operators involved. Do you really think what has been released is all there is? He also has the NSA, thanks to the courageous Admiral Rodgers, on his side. They know the tech side. Just a few facts for reference. The DNC brought in Crowdstrike to "verify" that the Russians hacked them. You can research Crowdstrike and its Ukrainian operators on your own. This "RUSSIA!!" business got started after Seth Rich's death (an attempt to cover??). Assange all but declared that Rich was the source when he pointed out that whistleblowers have to be careful, and pointed out the death of Seth Rich. I could go on. Your turn DD, whatchagot?

    • Bill Tierney
      Bill Tierney Month ago

      BC Bob - Assange never had a classified billet and direct access to classified data, so he was never in a position to break the law.

    • Dirty Dish
      Dirty Dish Month ago

      Bill Tierney
      So Trump DOJ requests extradition so they can drop charges? Must be more of that "Trump's 99 dimensional chess" stuff. Where can I donate $ to Q as well?

  • H Pn
    H Pn Month ago +9

    He'll be in the USA by next Friday.
    Wasted 7 years in embassy.
    What was he thinking.

    • H Pn
      H Pn Month ago

      +dood poop yet...no one went to jail.
      No accountability.
      Here's the message steal into anyone stuff, print it and not go to jail.

    • dood poop
      dood poop Month ago

      Nope, he shared a lot of great information on corrupted officials & government in that time. He's appreciated by the public for that.

    • Metallkopf86
      Metallkopf86 Month ago +1

      +GH1618 How dare he tell the American people the truth! I demand that he's locked up and forgotten about! Only CNN should be able to tell me what to think and feel!

    • GH1618
      GH1618 Month ago

      H Pn - It will take much longer than that, but he clearly wasn’t thinking how best to escape the clutches of the eagle. He wasn’t indicted during the Obama administration. Had he faced the music in Sweden, he would be home free today. On the other hand, he wants nothing more than to be a martyr, with mobs in the streets shouting in his defense. I think he’s loving the attention.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago +6

    Assange needs to be brought to justice.

  • Mark Peters
    Mark Peters Month ago +1

    He's an arrogant slob, but a genius, he exposed the truth. Why waste time/money bringing him to DC. I forget, US is arrogant also!

  • HaveBad Day
    HaveBad Day Month ago +2

    Assange is a hero

  • Can't Beat The BAY!
    Can't Beat The BAY! Month ago +19

    This is CIA propaganda.
    They want you to think Assange is a bad person, when in reality, all he did was expose the U.S. and its WAR CRIMES to the PUBLIC!

    • dood poop
      dood poop Month ago

      +lissa leggs Speak more clearly about what you're suggesting.
      Wikileaks is who released the Panama Papers you dumb sh!t. What could you even be implying?

    • lissa leggs
      lissa leggs Month ago +1

      You forgot he attacked and denounced Panama papers release. Idiot..

  • Matt Yocum
    Matt Yocum Month ago +1

    Hilary said he should answer for what he has done...............very rich coming from her.

  • n701204x
    n701204x Month ago +3

    A publisher of information is being arrested and extradited to a country he has never visited.

    • GH1618
      GH1618 Month ago

      n701204x - What does visiting have to do with it? Nothing.

    • Roger Out
      Roger Out Month ago +1

      yes, because he was involved in hacking government computers, then publishing classified documents.

    • lissa leggs
      lissa leggs Month ago +1

      He said Panama papers was fake news and Putin is not a common thief..

  • Reo Taylor
    Reo Taylor Month ago +2

    Poor fella. 😐

  • James Wesley
    James Wesley Month ago +4

    Waterboarding is back thanks to Trump gettem

    • lissa leggs
      lissa leggs Month ago

      Trump doesn't want Assange waterboarded.. Trump would go to jail.

  • satsukiandmae Moon
    satsukiandmae Moon Month ago +16

    Wow thanks for the propaganda. This country hates having its secrets out. Whistleblowers are real heros

    • dood poop
      dood poop Month ago

      +skills1ent look at you, keeping the conversation about politics like a good little sheep.

    • skills1ent
      skills1ent Month ago

      Wait until all the trump administration's whistle blowers come forward.

  • Juan pablo Perez calvo

    There was supposed to be Wikileaks papers soon close to next election,also watch trump backtrack and use Assange as political pull for the next election. He will tout the freedom of Assange maybe even release him as a "good faith" to his presidency being extended

  • Ben Tatou
    Ben Tatou Month ago +6

    Make sure there is no bone saw on the premises. Most preferred for Journalist eradication.

    • AMPM Ri
      AMPM Ri Month ago

      A bone spur on our premises but not a bone saw.

    • Sara Darklaw
      Sara Darklaw Month ago

      Here’s your brown shirt.

    • BC Bob
      BC Bob Month ago

      I kinda wish there was a bone saw.

  • primerox Israel
    primerox Israel Month ago +1

    Trump must pardon him and be re-elected as president again.

  • Dirty Burger
    Dirty Burger Month ago +1

    If you expose Americas war crimes, you will go to prison. 🤡 world

    • Roger Out
      Roger Out Month ago

      no, I think they're more concerned about hacking government computers.

  • Diosdado Santiago
    Diosdado Santiago Month ago +1

    Assange not to worry. No jail time 'cause Trump will pardon him. He helped Trump win the election by leaking...

  • See More Toys
    See More Toys Month ago +13

    After all the information Wikileaks has released, what has changed? Most people are asleep and live in a dream world of slavery to their masters no matter what information is released. Assange is a whipping boy and is being used to keep the sheep in line.

    • Roger Out
      Roger Out Month ago

      +See More Toys so, no game changers..

    • See More Toys
      See More Toys Month ago

      Torture was approved by higher ups, but cigarette girl and her boy friend were the only ones that did time. Things may or may not change for the better (What ever that is?), but the corporate media no longer has control of the narrative. The real problem is that no one is in control of anything. People and groups only have influence. Will humanity drive off a cliff? Maybe, but how the future turns out is what we deserve as a species.

    • Roger Out
      Roger Out Month ago

      +See More Toys did you think abuse of prisoners of war was something new, or exclusive to the United States?
      pretty sure she went to jail for it.
      Why no mention of Russia with the Panama papers? 🙈
      did you also think the accidental killing of civilians during war was something new? (yeah, I saw the video, they didn't know until it was too late that they were civilians).
      I think what you're trying to say is that there were really no game changers.

    • See More Toys
      See More Toys Month ago

      Well, I have only read and heard surmised versions of the tons of information that Wikileaks released. Remember "Cigarette Girl" from that Iraq prison? The Panama Papers and the offshoring of massive wealth to avoid US taxes? The real story is that so much information was released that it was kind of like a very nice but large meal. Much to large to eat it all at once, but if you eat as much as you can, you get a bellyache. The corporate media has used that to their advantage. Also, Wikileaks released WORDS and not video or pictures (except those US helicopter guys killing people for fun.) Mass media needs the simplicity of photos and video to dumb stuff down.

  • lissa leggs
    lissa leggs Month ago +5

    He denounced and attacked Panama papers release.
    Pointing to Putin as a common thief. He is just as full of horse manure as trump, Pompeo and Putin.

    • lissa leggs
      lissa leggs Month ago

      +JARON LEE
      Then what you waiting for..?

    • Douglas Clark
      Douglas Clark Month ago +2

      +JARON LEE Registered Democrat's alone out number republicans by a factor of 3 to 1. If a significant amount of the electorate ever votes it will be ruin for the Republicans. Nice try though.

      JARON LEE Month ago


  • Brandon G
    Brandon G Month ago +5

    Oh you mean the same Chelsea Manning that Obama had "her" sentence commuted? Liberal hypocrisy at its finest!

      MARK SANDFORD Month ago


    • Brandon G
      Brandon G Month ago +1

      +MARK SANDFORD Leave off that CAPS lock. Makes people take you less seriously!

      MARK SANDFORD Month ago +1


  • led led
    led led Month ago +11

    Julian Assange deserves the Nobel price ....he knows everything about corruption on this planet...political , financial corruption...if his dossiers are published , world war could be waged......UK and USA are playing a very dangerous game....the special interests , members of Bilderberg , and globalisation's decision-makers , will quake in their boots

    • led led
      led led Month ago

      +lissa leggs ...absolutely......nice people but dumb , they don't get the real point...my problem is that the country is divided ..very sad

    • lissa leggs
      lissa leggs Month ago

      +Eleazar Hernández
      Trumptard = Just dumb

    • Eleazar Hernández
      Eleazar Hernández Month ago

      +lissa leggs orange supporter bad

    • lissa leggs
      lissa leggs Month ago

      So springtime in Moscow yet..?
      Did you get that bomb shelter built..?

  • Bullion Forever
    Bullion Forever Month ago +15

    Free Assange

  • Bee Perry
    Bee Perry Month ago

    Here is Tucker's take on this. Don't be a puppet of liberal talking points! tvclip.biz/video/ZE7OfU71Sbk/video.html
    Tucker: People are mad at Assange instead of Obama
    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested in London, but is hacking his actual crime? #Tucker #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Busi...

  • genocide amerika
    genocide amerika Month ago +1

    Lol those years and years of media and Hollywood propaganda has worked on you
    **"Leader of free world nonsense"**
    **Land of the brave**
    **Only country in the world that have freedom**
    **America greatest nation on earth**
    Truth be told america was founded on genocide and lies
    **america is the great white lie**

    • RainbowTrainStation
      RainbowTrainStation Month ago

      Try naming another nation that wasn't built on political strife and and land acquisition. Go ahead, try it.

    • lissa leggs
      lissa leggs Month ago

      We know Russia still sucks since 16th century..

  • Sun Soaker
    Sun Soaker Month ago +2

    Traitors afraid of the gallows.

      MARK SANDFORD Month ago


  • Marie Johnson
    Marie Johnson Month ago +8

    Wow wtf TVclip!? Removing hundreds of comments.

    • See More Toys
      See More Toys Month ago

      The corporate media must edit to their benefit. No Red Pill here.

    • Robert Parker
      Robert Parker Month ago

      TVclip doesn't do that. The channel does.