Exit the MatrixI Targeted Individual Orgone Love and light

  • Published on Dec 28, 2016
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Comments • 14

  • The Raw Warrior
    The Raw Warrior 5 months ago

    This is great, nice video.

  • gone cheadle
    gone cheadle Year ago

    Just like Eminem said:
    And I am, whatever you say I am
    If I wasn't, then why would I say I am?
    In the papers, the news, everyday I am
    Where you been lately? Would Love to see some new vids if you have time...
    Peace Brutha

  • T-DOGG
    T-DOGG Year ago


  • ForGod soloved
    ForGod soloved 2 years ago

    Victims of gang stalking, you are far from insanity; Jesus is your only hope now. Please come to grips with the reality that You have been chosen by God. This a ancient program that is designed to attack all arenas of your life. It has been practiced in full affect since the Biblical days brought about by the secret societies, aka rulers of darkness that control the masses on a macro level. The only difference now is the puppets of Satan have more covert weaponry than what they employed in the days of old, including MK Ultra Mind Control. Many of the saints and disciples in the Bible were covertly harassed, abused, stalked, falsely imprisoned, accused, slandered, sabotaged, poisoned, campaigned against and later murdered. There is nothing new under the sun, brothers and sisters. Look into this TVclip channel: Servants Research Ministry....that is if you truly desire to get acquainted with the hidden truth. Seek the Lord and He shall help you.

  • mmakshak
    mmakshak 2 years ago +1

    The best method to counteract attacks is to raise your energy. Even with this, at certain times, I've still had to use affirmations(asking God, in the name of Jesus Christ) in addition to raising my energy.

  • herkimer frogg
    herkimer frogg 2 years ago

    right on

  • Anne Lane
    Anne Lane 2 years ago

    whys orgone in illuminati pyramid shape?

    • ConstitutionLost
      ConstitutionLost  2 years ago +2

      The pyramid shape carries the frequency of love and is sacred represents ascension. Illuminati takes sacred things and tries to corrupt them all the time. Beat the programming they have given you and understand that all is love and sacred.

  • Hunter Crow
    Hunter Crow 2 years ago

    Is this effective? If there is, I would like to place it on my head.

    • ConstitutionLost
      ConstitutionLost  2 years ago


  • Sarah Grant
    Sarah Grant 2 years ago

    Youre right about astral dimension. When I astral projected out of my body, I saw them hovered over it feeding on me. I told them to get the fuck out of my house and they looked flabbergasted. Then I used the force and pushed them out of my window. They looked pissed and proceeded to control my dream and invoke fear tatics from outside my house so they could continue to feed on me. I must not indulge in the weirdness of my dreams because they can control them.. I would have to say I am a big threat to them. I figured out who we really are and I am starting to understand conciousness. I am able to move the sun, moon, clouds, objects but just barely. There are hundreds of low to the ground stars every night outside my house and they follow me everywhere I go. At nights I here the owls outside my window and they sound pissed. I don't think I will ever be completely free until I evolve. They will try to prevent that from happening by torturing me and sucking me dry. I hope that I can at least do some of these things to protect me even to relieve only a little bit of whats happening to me, so that I can continue to practice my power so that I can save humanity and kick there sorry powerless worthless filthy demonic rodent asses the fuck back down to the lower realms and lock that shit up tight. But I need help from others as well. I need other people to realize there true potential and practice understanding there concious mind and powers as well. There shouldnt be only one.. We are all gods and we all think what we create....

    • shadow
      shadow 2 years ago

      Sarah Grant they are afraid of swords. not stainless steel wallhangers. but real high carbon steel. longswords are the best. kultofathena.com seriously. orgone helps too but because our bodies are carbon based just the sheer amount of carbon in them alone is an EXTREME amplifier of the positive enegry. peace. look into to semiotics of swords. they are a powerful symbol.

    • ConstitutionLost
      ConstitutionLost  2 years ago

      Same exact perspective see you in the Astral!

  • Targeted Since 2015
    Targeted Since 2015 2 years ago

    The basic weapon used by gangstalkers to electronically harass targeted individuals are their cell phones. They have cell phones that have directed energy weapons built in it. It uses 3 different energy radiations: RF/microwaves, scalar waves, and focused vibrations. These energy radiations can be used to see your body through the wall. Each type can penetrate different materials. That is why you will need to shield against all 3.
    Use metal, magnets, and piezo electric materials (silica sand, silica gel, etc) for shielding. They can see any gaps in your shielding so you must make sure that your shielding has no gaps that allow a direct line of sight to any part of your body. These directed energy weapons work with nanobots in the body. We all have them already. They have been dumping nanobots in the sky and it's currently being called Chemtrails. You will need to use zappers to kill most of these nanobots.
    These directed energy weapons can cause the following: headache, lumps on the head, vertigo, sleepiness, sneezing, tooth aches, coughing, create mucus in your nostril and/or throat, neck pain, shoulder pain, heart palpitations, heart attack, abdominal pain, hernia, liver pain, testicular pain, knee pain, pain or itchiness anywhere in the body, farting, diarrhea, numbness of limbs, make you feel hot, cold or tired, CANCER, etc.
    Dod personnel and government contractors are made to participate in this illegal program. They are made to believe that these are non-lethal weapons and that their targets are criminals. Targeted individuals are being tracked and their locations are visible to the perps. People that participate earn points for harassing targets and can then be exchanged for prizes like new vehicles or paid vacations. Some perps are targeted, manipulated, blackmailed, or tortured into it.
    The government can kick your neighbor out of their house to use it as their base of operation. Watch for neighbors that instantly gets replaced or sells their house and gets bought immediately. They place perps in that home to give them proximity and a wider range of angle to attack you from. They can also attack you by parking close by or parking their vehicle and leaving equipment in it that they will remotely control. If you are traveling by vehicle and are out of range from ground equipment, they will switch to aircraft or satellite. Flying in an airplane will make them lose track of you, just don't carry anything that will help them locate you all over again (like your cell phone).
    Perps will be provided lock picking tools that will easily open normal locks. They will break and enter your home and try not to leave evidence. They will, however, move stuff around on purpose or leave the lock unlocked just to get you paranoid. They also like to lace your food, drinks, shampoo, towel, etc with nanobots. Try to get a much more complicated lock like Mindy locks. Have some way to show proof that someone broke in your home, otherwise they will keep breaking in. They can see people through the wall so they can also tell if someone is home or not.