Nate Stanley Interview | Iowa | Big Ten Football

  • Published on Oct 16, 2018
  • Iowa QB Nate Stanley checks in with Dave Revsine to talk about his 6-TD game against Indiana and the season so far.
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Comments • 24

  • Dr Dwg
    Dr Dwg 5 months ago


  • billy jean
    billy jean 5 months ago +4

    Nice response about BF. Nate is spot on. He has what it takes to be great!. He doesn't give himself any credit but, it's due. Glad he is a Hawkeye.

  • Next Ed Reed
    Next Ed Reed 5 months ago +2

    Iowa fans question. Since my wolverines beat Wisconsin do you guys think Michigan opened the door for you guys to make it to the big 10 championship??

    • New Usurname
      New Usurname 5 months ago

      +Branden Johnson 100% agree

    • Branden Johnson
      Branden Johnson 5 months ago

      +Colts Sneaker Closet your right and we need to win the rest of ours

    • Colts Sneaker Closet
      Colts Sneaker Closet 5 months ago +2

      You opened the door forsure but we still need Wisconsin to lose at least one more time

    • Iahawks 22
      Iahawks 22 5 months ago +1

      Bryan Zachery hopefully

    • Branden Johnson
      Branden Johnson 5 months ago

      Thanks Michigan, but hopefully we bet penn state but if we lose. You guys did nothing.

  • James Anderson
    James Anderson 5 months ago +3

    As a Nebraska fan, I’m in awe of Iowa!!! and follow them religiously.
    We’re at a Husker/Hawkeye TV viewing last year and I got so much flack when others heard of my opinion on the game...I said “IOWA all the way”. The gamblers said “Oh you have no clue what your talking about”. I said, “their going to control the game at will, their fresh and play with a professional attitude, and I’m not shaking a bit...YOU on the other hand are better off calling in Iowa right now!!” Thing is, Husker fans act with their hearts, but have lost their minds over the years. Screw that! I go with players that act with confidence over minor jubilee wins.

  • Steven Russell
    Steven Russell 5 months ago

    Great interview, Nate. All the best.

  • iriemike420
    iriemike420 5 months ago +3

    Audio is very distorted on this video

  • 结诚梨斗
    结诚梨斗 5 months ago

    Nate Stanley 是个瓜批~

  • Kyle Weiss
    Kyle Weiss 5 months ago

    How is Iowa #19, the only ranked team they have played was a loss.

    • Dr Dwg
      Dr Dwg 5 months ago


    • billy jean
      billy jean 5 months ago +1

      Kyle very easy 5 wins 1 loss. West division of the b10 went undefeated in bowl games. Not Iowa's fault that the east division champ didn't schedule Iowa this year. Remember what Iowa done to them last year with Big Stan.

    • Aaron Speck
      Aaron Speck 5 months ago +1

      Just to make you mad

    • Xander
      Xander 5 months ago

      NWilkinson46, Iowa State was no one?

    • Jake Gittes
      Jake Gittes 5 months ago +2

      Iowa has played teams that have been competitive with and have won against some of the best teams in the nation. just recently Iowa st. won against #6 ranked WVU and played a close game with Oklahoma. Also Iowa has the 2nd ranked rushing defense, 13th ranked scoring defense, and number 5 ranked total defense. Coupled with a resurgent offense that has played extremely well the past few weeks they have impressed both computers and humans alike. so yea thats why they're ranked. Also Iowa's strength of schedule through 7 weeks (per SB Nation's Bill Connelly) is 13th in the nation... that's why they're so respected.