Christina Applegate On Freaky Dutch Traditions

  • Published on Dec 20, 2013
  • The Dutch love to threaten naughty kids that a demon will take them away to Spain. More CONAN @
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 7 024

  • Emma Wagemans
    Emma Wagemans 4 days ago

    I'm dutch and Sinterklaas is very nice and I don't know anybody who is taken to Spain so......and I know it tradition.
    Btw I love this show

  • Ouissam B
    Ouissam B 6 days ago

    I am dutch and i was really offended.they don’t know much about the netherlands and i don’t What song that was but it wasn’t dutch.

  • #Hesch tag
    #Hesch tag 7 days ago

    Americans are just so stupid when it comes to the rest of the world.

  • Sarah Is raar
    Sarah Is raar 7 days ago

    I am Dutch!

  • Naomi V_d_V
    Naomi V_d_V 12 days ago

    lol. 'Sinterklaas' -Sinter Claus has nothing to do with christmas, his name just sounds kinda the same as santa claus.

  • Kaas
    Kaas 13 days ago

    Dit is gewoon pure propaganda om een soort prototype te creëren bij de Amerikanen.

  • Lucca Klarenbeek
    Lucca Klarenbeek 15 days ago

    What is she making up? Beating up with sticks? What? Christmas is Sinterklaas?

  • Yente Giegas
    Yente Giegas 22 days ago

    just to let u know but sinterklaas was first and american made it to santa claus with the different tradition

  • Roderick Verduijn
    Roderick Verduijn 24 days ago

    I’m amazed how cocky and stupid you americans are Haha. En leer je kind gewoon Nederlands, heeft ze veel voordeel van later in het leven!

  • Fozza
    Fozza Month ago

    What do you mean creative? Santa Clause came from our holiday "Sinterklaas"

  • Kayla
    Kayla Month ago


  • Yuri Van Der Gaag
    Yuri Van Der Gaag Month ago

    Echt rare gasten dit

  • gepekeje
    gepekeje Month ago

    This people are DICKS the hate is as much as we hate them!!!!!!! funny butt fake im dutch.

  • TheMadHatter
    TheMadHatter Month ago

    That is just. Racist

  • TheMadHatter
    TheMadHatter Month ago

    Wich song are you referring to

  • jina
    jina Month ago

    why would you prevent your child from being bilingual..

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith Month ago

    Partied with her on Maui back in the early 90’s... #Mauiwowiedayz

  • BiscuitsAndGravy
    BiscuitsAndGravy Month ago

    3:20 No, its Sinterklaas. Santa is based on Sinterklaas, dumbass.

  • Tessa 77
    Tessa 77 Month ago

    No speaking Dutch in the house? I hope her daughter will learn the dutch language.
    The rest of the things they said is funny because it doesn't make any sense

  • Jonathan Davies
    Jonathan Davies Month ago +1


  • Jorge Sanchez Ahumada

    Bella bella saludos de chile

  • Elise Eeckhout
    Elise Eeckhout 2 months ago

    I'm Dutch and I never heard of that song that she is talking about

  • Elise Eeckhout
    Elise Eeckhout 2 months ago

    In the Netherlands we also celebrate christmas and Santa Klaus is based of sinterklaas and Santa is called that way because americans can't say sinterklaas. You would only understand this holiday if you grew up with it.

  • Arthur Lecomte
    Arthur Lecomte 2 months ago

    In the Netherlands we have a kind of funny dark comedy and it was at one time very popular in songs. The song she's talking about is "De Gezusters Kamarazov" (The Sisters Karamazov), a play on the book by Dostojewski, by Drs. P. Another example is "Dodenrit" (Death Ride), by the same singer. It's about a Russian family on their way to Omsk, but they get chased by wolves, so they have to throw their children off the troika to keep the wolves away. They start with the least talented one, but the wolves keep coming back, so they have to keep throwing their children off. Drs. P was inspired by Louis Davids, who sang songs about all day themes, but with funny dark undertones. There's one example named "De Begrafenis van Ome Manus" (The Burial of Uncle Manus). In this song a rich man has died, but he has many descendants who start to kill each other over the heritage. Another example is "Weekend in Scheveningen", where the chorus is about happy like "Yeah, we're going to the beach in Scheveningen. The sky is blue, the sea is warm in Scheveningen!", but in the verses the family irritate each other and they start beating each other to death. It may be strange to some people, but I think it's funny as hell.

  • Amber Gijsen
    Amber Gijsen 2 months ago

    bruh americans talking about the american christmas being better than the dutch sinterklaas but its all about spending time with your loved ones so why does it matter? sike yall hoes wish you could celebrate sinterklaas and eat them pepernoten and chocolade letters. and we celebrate christmas too mofos same like yall so we have 3 holidays in december suck on that bitches

  • Amber Gijsen
    Amber Gijsen 2 months ago

    this is exactly why europeans hate america because they are uncultered swines and think we still live in the 1800’s smh ik ga hun in de zak van sinterklaas gooien

  • Martijn Hendriksen
    Martijn Hendriksen 2 months ago

    Nederland is een land met zijn eigen ras Amerika kan je geen land noemen ze zijn vol trots over hun volkslied het zijn een stelletje mongolen op een veels te groot land

  • Deadlyfati 1
    Deadlyfati 1 2 months ago

    Ahh so selfish, it is super awesome to speak two languages or even more

  • InstaShotBE
    InstaShotBE 2 months ago

    I'm Belgian and I don't even know what to say, I knew Americans aren't THAT well educated when it's about foreign culture and everything but damn...this is just tragic

  • LH Streaming
    LH Streaming 2 months ago

    pretentious bitch doesn't know a thing about netherlands

  • Jan Jaspers
    Jan Jaspers 2 months ago

    tante constance en tante Mathilde van drs p

  • Maurice van Egeraat
    Maurice van Egeraat 2 months ago

    Conan sounds like a character from Frozen (which is based on traditions from Norway).

  • Sophie Van Leest
    Sophie Van Leest 2 months ago

    I am dutch and this is hilarious😂😭

  • • Royalistiq • Royalarmy • Love •

    She could’ve also said Thank You for christmas...

  • • Royalistiq • Royalarmy • Love •

    Okay this woman is so stupid

  • 04061969Airman
    04061969Airman 2 months ago

    Remember that Spain used to subjugate the Netherlands ? That's the reason for kids scare.

  • Acylowrider
    Acylowrider 2 months ago

    I just love how the Dutch people are offended by it, but meanwhile they make fun of other people and culture, no they deserve everything.

  • Daphne Brevé
    Daphne Brevé 2 months ago

    Okay now I finished the video. It's REALLY offensive.

    • Acylowrider
      Acylowrider 2 months ago

      Just stfu and don't be an autistic cry baby

  • Daphne Brevé
    Daphne Brevé 2 months ago

    This is kinda offensive.

  • do istired
    do istired 2 months ago

    sinterklaas is niet de kerstman-

  • Khalid Larmoud
    Khalid Larmoud 2 months ago

    Sinterklaus en shworte piet ahahahaha ik ga stuk😂😂😂

  • delete delete
    delete delete 2 months ago

    santaklaus comes from sinterklaas

  • Angela van Spanje
    Angela van Spanje 2 months ago +1

    Excuse me Mr. Conan? Walnuts? No. That accent sounded Russian btw. And our their take on santa Claus? Ironic. Santa Claus is literally your take on Sinterklaas. (Sihnt-urr-klaaaaasssss)

  • Géraldine B
    Géraldine B 2 months ago

    not cool

  • Pavarossi #1
    Pavarossi #1 2 months ago

    Do not who the host is, but he is bloody ignorant. The Guy does not have a clue what he is talking about, just making a fool out of himself

  • Suzy
    Suzy 2 months ago +1

    Ze zei “alsjeblieft” 😂👍

  • wouw music
    wouw music 2 months ago

    This is so funny

  • Maud Meeder
    Maud Meeder 2 months ago

    Toen ik klein was had ik echt zoiets van F* Sinterklaas GEEF ME GEWOON PEPERNOTEN

  • Jessa Holland
    Jessa Holland 2 months ago


  • Kristan O.
    Kristan O. 2 months ago

    Snelle schreeuw-uit naar Christina Appelpoort!

  • The Badger
    The Badger 2 months ago +1

    I hate Conan his fake voice when trying to be the Dutch one with the walnut?? I'm Dutch, that's nonsense! Sinterklaas and zwarte piet bring joy to children much like Santa Claus and we celebrate Santa Claus just as much so hey...twice gifts!!! Bro Sint and Santa hi 5 for them! And out chocolates :3 yeah belgie en Nederland erbij!!! Woot woot!

  • Flower Power
    Flower Power 2 months ago

    I love how many american famous people are of dutch descent..which is not strange ofcourse seeing the dutch history in the states..

  • Ian Laver
    Ian Laver 2 months ago

    Amy. Wot r u doing.

  • Km Bb
    Km Bb 2 months ago

    He doesnt beat you

  • Justin0426
    Justin0426 2 months ago

    This is so much funnier having grown up an American kid in a household of 2 dutch parents. Everything they say is so inaccurate but at the same time the most accurate you can get xD

  • wendyzuidema
    wendyzuidema 2 months ago

    Do they even know where europe and so the netherlands is?

  • Maria Schmidt
    Maria Schmidt 2 months ago

    Geweldig, hahaha, zie je wel zwarte piet is gewoon een elf, en ja hij slaat ons met stokken en doet ons in de zak. (It serves us richt, revenge is bittersweet, Silvana!) en het liedje matilda ken ik in het Duits of Engels? Of is dat weer een ander liedje?

  • Lissy van Tol
    Lissy van Tol 3 months ago

    Ridiculous video

  • Lissy van Tol
    Lissy van Tol 3 months ago

    “ they so tall all of them” hahahaha please I am Dutch and I am 165 cm, why is there such a stereotype of Dutch people AND Amsterdam isn’t the only City in the Netherlands 🤨🙄

  • Kissfan96dr
    Kissfan96dr 3 months ago

    now that's funny

  • Ceyda Swart
    Ceyda Swart 3 months ago

    Stish isn't even true. Om from Nederland

  • shahd ocean
    shahd ocean 3 months ago

    Dude she was talking about sinterklaas it’s a dutch thing, we have Christmas too

  • Wessel Sloof
    Wessel Sloof 3 months ago

    Shout-out to Christina Applegate!

  • Ikraam H
    Ikraam H 3 months ago

    When your dutch your self and you hear al these americans trying to to talk duch is so hilarious 😂
    Who is agrees with me ?

  • chantal de prouw
    chantal de prouw 3 months ago

    I thought it was kinda funny. Even though I'm Dutch. 😂. It only made 1 point more clearer: American people are really that dumb 😂. This says more about them then of the Dutch people.

  • Lut Mad
    Lut Mad 3 months ago

    Wooow she is full of crap , being Belgium we joke about the Netherlands but she is like five times worse ...sinterklaas is not santa claus but santa claus is based on sinterklaas. Zwarte piet doesnt beat kids . seriously her husband must hage been so ashamed

  • Isabelle Andersen
    Isabelle Andersen 3 months ago

    I love how arrogant Americans can be when they talk about Europe😂😂😂

  • Wesley S.
    Wesley S. 3 months ago

    This shows again how ignorant American people are when it comes to other countries, so sad

  • Margo de Graaf
    Margo de Graaf 3 months ago

    Haha ow wow, this is so inaccurate about Dutch culture xD

  • deadend51000
    deadend51000 3 months ago

    Ignorant Americans doing where they are being the best in, being ignorant.

  • Ivo Goosens
    Ivo Goosens 3 months ago

    Stupid American fucks😂😂😂

  • xLindennx Xx
    xLindennx Xx 3 months ago


  • Joren Roest
    Joren Roest 3 months ago

    Wat doe je populair met je boterham!

  • hard truth around
    hard truth around 3 months ago

    Before yankees start talking about traditions of other countries....they are creating a weird tradition of themselves.....shooting highschool kids...

  • hard truth around
    hard truth around 3 months ago

    Just another example of two ignorant yanks talking about traditions of other countries which they actually dont care about ....and i allways thought applegate was playing the role in married with children...not living it...

  • Peter Roeters
    Peter Roeters 3 months ago

    Echt dom volk!!

  • Peter Brown
    Peter Brown 3 months ago

    Constance and Mathilde -> Gezusters Karamazov

  • Alexander de ruiter
    Alexander de ruiter 3 months ago

    the comments are mostly about how she is wrong

  • Akitsukami
    Akitsukami 3 months ago

    Santa Claus actually derrived from the dutch Sinterklaas
    Funny how Americans always think they invented everything.

  • Noodle Soup
    Noodle Soup 3 months ago

    the funny fact is that without the Dutch Sinterklaas Santa Claus wouldn't exist.

  • Sam van Veldhuizen
    Sam van Veldhuizen 3 months ago

    I love how she described Sinterklaas lmaaooo, also, santa claus = de kerstman. Sinterklaas is a holiday of it's own here, it has nothing to do with christmas. (Although it's origin does)

  • suzanne rekseom
    suzanne rekseom 3 months ago

    ik vind het zo grappig dat hij is van : no it's santa . terwijl die gebaseerd is op Sinterklaas

  • Lisa -
    Lisa - 3 months ago

    okay but WILD idea...learn dutch missy. You are in a relationship with a Dutch person. He knows your language and culture, why don't oyu know his? plain rude if you ask me.
    Also we have both Sinterklaas and christmad. Plus santa was based on Sinterklaas...and what's with the walnuts? we don't have them

  • Amber Gijsen
    Amber Gijsen 3 months ago

    Americans are so annoying towards other cultures and countries. Why can’t they do their research, they think that The Netherlands is still living in the 1800’s. And do your damn research about Santa Claus and Sinterklaas. We celebrate Santa Claus too. Uncultured swines

  • Colin Heeregrave
    Colin Heeregrave 3 months ago

    ´No Dutch in the house´. How about taking an interest in your husbands culture and learn Dutch too. Why would you ruin your childs opportunity to easily learn Dutch growing up. It could be a valuable asset later in life. Do you love basking in the glory of American pretentiousness that much?
    I´m not one to be offended, but this did it. Get your head out of your ass and mingle with the other countries, America. You are not better than us. Not in the slightest.
    I have a sense of humor, but this is just disrespectful AND not even funny.

  • Bert G
    Bert G 3 months ago

    you can not poison a can poison a person

  • Subparanon
    Subparanon 3 months ago

    She just conveniently fails to mention that schwarze Pete is "Black Pete" and he's played by a person in black face, and he's Santas sla.....servant.

  • Helen Branden
    Helen Branden 4 months ago

    hey, ze moeten weten dat chocolade niet van Nederland is, maar van België

  • M Rijke
    M Rijke 4 months ago

    That song is not a tradition. It's just a fun song...

  • Jessica Witte
    Jessica Witte 4 months ago

    wow, a childrens song? not realy.... but she got the end wrong, the remaining sister wasn't happy that she had the clothes all to herself, the end of the song is that constance is realy sad that a bunch of clothes led to such misery... (and for who's interested the song is called 'de zusters Karamazov' by Drs. P

  • Comrade Cat
    Comrade Cat 4 months ago

    This made me doubt whether I live in The Netherlands or not (mainly because the German accents they use when imitating ‘Dutch’)

  • Teun P
    Teun P 4 months ago

    what is she saying i do not knwo that song and i have never heard anything about beating with sticks

  • Mysterious Coconut
    Mysterious Coconut 4 months ago

    Sinterklaas neemt kinderen mee naar Spanje? First time I heard it.

  • Jacqueline van den Berg

    Ken geen liedje met Mathilda of Constance. Ach ja die Amerikanen rare gasten !

  • CreatineJunk
    CreatineJunk 4 months ago

    Sinter klaas is something else than the Santa. They celebrate both sinterklaas and christmass on other days.

  • Joover
    Joover 4 months ago

    2:20 PLease Christina just let him talk, I really want to hear what he has to say

  • nfaguade
    nfaguade 4 months ago

    Not allowing her daughter to speak another language is quite dumb. Also, wtf Netherlands, what's wrong with us.

  • Kristine Willems
    Kristine Willems 4 months ago

    She married him?

  • Victor
    Victor 4 months ago +1

    Santa Claus actually derives from Sinterklaas. It’s a Dutch/Belgian tradition that the settlers braught over to America. People there just started calling it Santa Claus because they couldn’t pronounce Sinterklaas correctly, so don’t get mad at us Conan.