Luigi Goes Ballistic and Walks Out on Staff - Kitchen Nightmares


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  • Balkan Hawk
    Balkan Hawk 3 days ago

    I didn't know Joe Pesci owned a restaurant.

  • Synystershy
    Synystershy 12 days ago

    Luigi: Mama always preferred Mario's restaurant over mine!!!

  • Jarek [Zapzap]
    Jarek [Zapzap] 12 days ago

    Mario has left the server

  • Frederick Lawton
    Frederick Lawton 14 days ago

    That stupid Fuck would get knocked out

  • Exnivus
    Exnivus 18 days ago

    The title got me at “Luigi goes ballistic”

  • M̈är̈k̈ Ḧül̈s̈ë

    I remember this loser

  • Pablo Mendoza KI7DBV

    My goodness!! Never seen Gordon this patient

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    dinner time yay

  • David Beck
    David Beck Month ago

    So many cooks/chefs on KN just fuckin SCREAM!!!!!! In the kitchen like wild drunks.
    I’ve worked in kitchens; I know it gets tense, but that’s just unprofessional af.

  • B. Vaughan
    B. Vaughan Month ago

    Luigi I feel sorry for any family members he might have

  • lost vayne
    lost vayne Month ago

    I want someone that looks at me like Tony looks at gordon 2:51

  • homestuck Fan
    homestuck Fan 2 months ago

    Time to make super Mario jokes

  • sammy R
    sammy R 3 months ago

    They're Italian it's only natural that they fight than kill they're brothers while shortly crying one tear for dramatic

  • SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder

    He hasn't been the same since Mario, left.

  • michael Jacobs
    michael Jacobs 4 months ago

    Feel sorry for the chef while his lazy brother does fuck all

  • newlend six
    newlend six 4 months ago


  • Россия !!
    Россия !! 4 months ago

    The Luigi's in Texas is actually pretty good

  • peter barber
    peter barber 4 months ago +1

    its all just a big set up for the camera

  • Kora Marie
    Kora Marie 4 months ago

    If it was would be a success

  • Tommylad2
    Tommylad2 4 months ago +1

    Isn’t that how Ramsay reacts when he’s in the kitchen?

  • Natalie Banham
    Natalie Banham 4 months ago

    Wheres mario

  • Aleph Null
    Aleph Null 4 months ago

    Luigi Goes Ballistic and Walks Out on Mario

  • SuperRasputia
    SuperRasputia 4 months ago

    I need a collaboration episode with Luigi and *NINOOOO*

  • Lhae Greenleaf
    Lhae Greenleaf 4 months ago

    You know my boy Gordon had to get that rolley in the thumbnail

  • ThePoppets
    ThePoppets 4 months ago

    Its 1:30 and I have work in the morning, but now I really wanna watch this episode, thanks Gordon

  • Dillon Davis
    Dillon Davis 5 months ago

    when i watch this i start to think about "It's a me, LUIGI!" imao

  • BimBam YeeYee
    BimBam YeeYee 5 months ago

    "You do it, you know better than me"
    Yes Luigi, you brainlet, _he does know better than you_

  • Jonathan Wentworth
    Jonathan Wentworth 6 months ago


  • Dizzle
    Dizzle 6 months ago

    I like restaurant across the street better, Waluigi’s.

  • 新藤実幸
    新藤実幸 7 months ago

    mario and luigi
    where are they now?

  • qrow branwen
    qrow branwen 7 months ago

    youth are a weekend youth piece of what so life yourself nod u digging dog

  • Ivan C
    Ivan C 7 months ago

    Luigi is an ABSOLUTE idiot

  • graffProdigy
    graffProdigy 8 months ago

    Rule #1. To being a Chef: Have a bad a attitude.

  • tatiana
    tatiana 9 months ago

    I'm sorry. I have to take a deep breath before I go thru these comments because I'm about weak from laughter

  • Squiggley
    Squiggley 9 months ago

    Fucking hell. Only 7 years between the brothers? Could’ve pulled the wool over my eyes.

  • Jess M
    Jess M 10 months ago

    Woah, at 0:13 look at the kids hair in the bottom left corner 😯

  • Fluoride Jones
    Fluoride Jones 10 months ago

    *Nino* would never go ballistic.

  • El Caudillo
    El Caudillo 10 months ago +1

    Where the hell is the spaghat?

  • Audrey Johnson
    Audrey Johnson 10 months ago

    Gordon is like Mary popping in real life lol

  • Lucas Butterfield
    Lucas Butterfield 11 months ago

    Luigi just misses his brother.

  • griffin
    griffin 11 months ago

    luigi board

  • Matthew Reyes
    Matthew Reyes 11 months ago

    Shame I I used to go here a lot. The quality did dip though

  • Hawkatonics
    Hawkatonics 11 months ago

    Gordon finally knows how it feels.
    "Why are you shouting at me?"

  • Nighttray
    Nighttray 11 months ago

    “Why are you shouting at me?” “IM NOT SHOUTING AT YOU!!”

  • CBear624
    CBear624 Year ago

    So no one's addressing that there's a kid with a bright red Mohawk hairdo on one of the tables?
    I'd feel embarrassed if my kid would go out in public looking a an idiot thug

  • Vox Populi
    Vox Populi Year ago

    I'd just go there for the free entertainment

  • Peps Haven
    Peps Haven Year ago

    Well that was quite the meltdown. What an arsehole.

  • Spycrab •
    Spycrab • Year ago

    *God Dammit Luigi,thats why Mario Hates you*

  • NoQuarter
    NoQuarter Year ago

    Where's Mario

  • Dan N
    Dan N Year ago

    That Grace sure is whacky.

  • AveHortor
    AveHortor Year ago


  • Bag Of Weed
    Bag Of Weed Year ago


  • BlackKnight Ghost

    The Mario Bros. XD

    HYPNOGLANCE87 Year ago

    And the grumpy bitch cant take any criticism and yells at customers.She needs a dog collar and a leash and tie her up to the nearest pole.And the chef just bitches alot nonestop and needs to be ball gagged while he works so people can bitch at him nonestop.Taste of his own medicine.

  • Joshua Nunez
    Joshua Nunez Year ago

    that lady in the pink is the female tony montana.. voice on point

  • Hikarin 16
    Hikarin 16 Year ago +6

    Now I know why Mario gets the spotlight

  • FEMex
    FEMex Year ago

    The food looks good, but it was coming out to fast lol

  • Awale Yusuf
    Awale Yusuf Year ago

    Luigi doesn't need to do anything to be successful.

  • Date Masamune
    Date Masamune Year ago

    Mario should have treated him better.

  • Ethan Heldreth
    Ethan Heldreth Year ago

    They sound Italian

  • Heather Sawyer
    Heather Sawyer Year ago

    It's a me! Weegee!

  • megan Mihalisin
    megan Mihalisin Year ago

    Omg the food looks disgusting Italians always talk loud so maybe Gordon was not use to the way they talk lol 😂

  • tesa m.
    tesa m. Year ago

    where's mario:(

  • Andrew A
    Andrew A Year ago

    Gay Luigi

  • A. Lugo
    A. Lugo Year ago

    Insert mean spirited comment here.

  • Sour Puss
    Sour Puss Year ago +5

    "Why are you yelling?"

  • Adam Tironsi
    Adam Tironsi Year ago

    I see all this food being sent back and in Romania if you don’t let tips or be rude to the servers let alone send food back you would 100 percent find spit pubic hair or other things in your food

  • Barry
    Barry Year ago

    Luigi wheres Mario when you need him?

  • Katie M.
    Katie M. Year ago +15

    Nino would never show this much disrespect

    • George W Kush
      George W Kush 3 months ago

      Katie M. Nino would greet costomers and take charge of the situation. Plus, everyone would be impressed with the lack of chewing gum under the tables!

  • Kyrie
    Kyrie Year ago +4

    I would have laughed if the title was “Chef gone ballistic”

  • Simon0
    Simon0 Year ago +3

    Luigi has gone to rescue princess peach since mario always gets the praise.

  • Lee Cortez
    Lee Cortez Year ago

    Would love to see grace get punch in the throat, fucking loud mouth whop.

  • Rick Elkin
    Rick Elkin Year ago

    1:48 *sigh* watching that reminds me of my old head Chef Lorenzo. miss that psychopath ;(

  • 『Blank』
    『Blank』 Year ago


  • Derek Hall
    Derek Hall Year ago

    That chefs response to criticism reminds me of a triggered feminist 😂😂

  • Pool’s Closed
    Pool’s Closed Year ago +1


  • Alex S
    Alex S Year ago

    LOL despite what you guys think, this is typical italian first gen behavior in the restaurant business. Super hard workers, but before the turn of the century they started americanizing and completely destroying the cuisine that they grew up on back in Italy and turned generational recipes into piles of steaming shit to cater to American customers. Mina patriarchal owner is deluded into thinking what he's producing is good and no one can tell him differently without offending him to the highest degree. More concerned about the efficiency of the business than caring if their food is shit or not. Being a second generation italian and working in a family pizzeria for 6 years when I was younger, this was truly a mirror image (even the food) of what it's like.

  • Wise Arbiter
    Wise Arbiter Year ago

    "She wants the gnocchi fluffier than that? We might as well put feathers on em"
    I'm laughing so hard at that

  • Leonardo Rosas
    Leonardo Rosas Year ago +3

    "The mushrooms are fucking raw!"

    • Анзем Емназож
      Анзем Емназож Year ago

      Leonardo Rosas "the mushrooms are so raw, they told me the princess is in another castle"

  • HotDogFingerz
    HotDogFingerz Year ago

    He shoulda stayed a plumber

  • My church pastor referred me to a pyramid scheme

    Grace, the woman wearing the lovely purple shirt, is a very sensible and hard working Italian American. The way she walks around the dining area to assure guests is difficult. All the hate for her but what do lazy Islamists do for our country? This hard working woman speaks impeccable English, they can't

  • Laterallus
    Laterallus Year ago

    this is so fuckin staged jesus christ

  • Michael Stanley
    Michael Stanley Year ago

    not take a serious the business job

  • fwborelly
    fwborelly Year ago


  • Fusahlok
    Fusahlok Year ago +17

    Green Mario Goes Ballistic and Walks Out on Staff

  • Kai Evans
    Kai Evans Year ago

    yeah, if I ever see Gordon Ramsay in restaurant, I'm fucking leaving

  • Rhiannon Martz
    Rhiannon Martz Year ago +26

    Three years later, Gordon goes back. But it's not Luigi's anymore, no....

    It's back and better than ever since his brother, Mario, stepped in.

  • SyxxPunk
    SyxxPunk Year ago +3

    Something's wrong with this famioli

  • Kenny Dang
    Kenny Dang Year ago

    What is wrong with being easy going? I don't get it,he is doing his job

  • Homo Erectus
    Homo Erectus Year ago +1

    When luigi had enough of marios shit

  • RidleyCR
    RidleyCR Year ago +1

    I hope they make lotsa spaghetti

  • Ethan Edwards
    Ethan Edwards Year ago

    3 Mario bros jokes in the comments. ...I APPROVE.

  • Im Watching You
    Im Watching You Year ago

    86 the food

  • Sagiv Yaron
    Sagiv Yaron Year ago

    LOL what kind of weirdo brings his pet chicken to a resturant?

  • Manuel Rhino
    Manuel Rhino Year ago

    Where's Mario, Probably fucking the princess while Luigi's working his ass off, respect to my boy Luigi

  • Santi Jauregui
    Santi Jauregui Year ago

    Luigi isn't a pissed off Italian chef. That's how all Italian chefs act like XD

  • Speedy Gonzalez
    Speedy Gonzalez Year ago

    Food 2 fast 2 dangerous? Yikes.

  • Lithe
    Lithe Year ago +103

    Ramsay: "Why are you shouing at me?"
    Ramsay: "You're not shouting at me?"
    Luigi: "THATS RIGHT"
    Ramsay: "You're- You're a little bit crazy."
    Luigi: "I'M-A ALWAYS CRAZY!"
    Me: I love this xD

  • Nullll1111
    Nullll1111 Year ago


  • Mark the Medic main

    Oh shit luwigi(lu-wi-gi)is pissed watch out