I Got My Legs Professionally Shaved By A Barber

  • Published on Jun 26, 2018
  • Yep, this actually happened lmao. I got my legs shaved with a straight razor by a professional barber.
    Thank you to The Barbershop Club for shaving me! Check em out if you need a shave in Los Angeles:
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  10 months ago +3810

    Guys I am actually so proud of how this video turned out. I hope you love it as much as I do!! Would you do this?! :O :O

    • Swamy Naidu
      Swamy Naidu 17 days ago

      Very nice ,nd I like your video ,

    • Shxrtie Edits
      Shxrtie Edits 17 days ago


    • randal campbell
      randal campbell 17 days ago

      Michelle comes off as a cute, smart down, to earth girl.

    • William 39
      William 39 Month ago

      Michelle Khare honestly I’d just love a back or head rub😊

    • Angel Diamond Star
      Angel Diamond Star Month ago

      +AbbyViberStirlingite1219 you are a sexy hot girl!!!

  • Nicola
    Nicola 22 hours ago

    She let the girl shave her legs and not the boy. Sexist.

  • Angie S
    Angie S Day ago

    My husband does mine all the time. I can't see that well without glasses lol

  • Johnny T
    Johnny T Day ago

    Should have stayed naturally hairy. Why women think they have to shave at all to fit into society is dumb. Now you look like a raw chicken before it’s cooked with no hair.

  • Teebiskit
    Teebiskit Day ago

    She’s sexy af

  • Taniea Rai
    Taniea Rai 2 days ago


  • Naila Estrada
    Naila Estrada 5 days ago

    idk what to do i also have a mustache and boys make fun of me for having one.. what should i say?

  • R Ruata
    R Ruata 5 days ago

    Nice and pretty face

  • suresh ani
    suresh ani 6 days ago

    ಮಹಿಳೆಯರ ದೇಹದಲ್ಲಿ ಅನಧಿಕೃತ ರೋಮಗಳಿದ್ದರೆ ಕೆಲವು ಪುರುಷರಿಗೆ ಇಷ್ಟ ಆಗುವುದಿಲ್ಲ

  • suresh ani
    suresh ani 6 days ago

    ಹಾಯ್ ಮೈ ಡಿಯರ್ ಗರ್ಲ್ಸ್ , ಲೇಡಿಸ್ ನಿಮಗೆ ಬಾಡಿ ಮಸಾಜ್ , ಬಾಡಿ ಶೇವ್ , ಜೊತೆಗೆ .... ಶೇವ್ ಫುಲ್ ಬೇಕಾದ್ರೆ ಕಾಲ್ ಮಾಡಿ

  • Faiza Tabassum
    Faiza Tabassum 7 days ago

    Wish could have Michelle's athletic body..

  • Mimi
    Mimi 8 days ago

    5:51 She sounded annoyed 😂

  • Hari janarthanan
    Hari janarthanan 11 days ago

    r u growing moustache now !!!!

  • WarLead2792
    WarLead2792 12 days ago

    Learn to use a straight razor. Do it yourself. Barbershops that specialise in short hairstyles (i.e. mainly men) don't want women shaving their legs in the middle of their shop and Salons that specialise in long hairstyles (i.e. mainly women) aren't going to have much of a use for straight razor training.

  • myname istavo
    myname istavo 12 days ago

    this woman is so annoying

  • Gacha Nub
    Gacha Nub 16 days ago

    They're both called michelle

  • disney shill
    disney shill 17 days ago

    She doesn't even have any leg hair wtf

  • Lex5576
    Lex5576 17 days ago

    I'd be honored to take a crack at those gorgeous legs with my Spyderco Delica LOL.

  • Lillie Nekvinda
    Lillie Nekvinda 19 days ago

    Omg, I live in Iowa! ilysm Michelle💕

  • karajayne43
    karajayne43 19 days ago +1

    i love the sweeney todd references!!

  • Silly Brock
    Silly Brock 19 days ago

    Female barber shops are called salons and no man gets their legs shaved at the barber

  • AlexandeKnight
    AlexandeKnight 20 days ago

    XD the only time I shave my legs is when I sharpen a knifes/blades and want to see if it can save my hair

  • Alessandro Civalleri
    Alessandro Civalleri 22 days ago

    I don't wanna know how hair will grow back ahaha

  • Jose Vega
    Jose Vega 24 days ago +1

    6:34 you’re welcome boys

    JM RAMIS 25 days ago

    Bad idea for girls to shave their facial hair, it will grow thicker and thicker and in the long run they will have a beard like a man.

    JM RAMIS 25 days ago +1

    Bad idea for girls to shave her facial hair, it will grow thicker and thicker and it will be noticed more,

    • JM RAMIS
      JM RAMIS 20 days ago

      I have not expertise in these matters, I would not like my girlfriend to look like the bearded woman.

    • H E L P W A N T E D
      H E L P W A N T E D 20 days ago

      That's not true, it just looks thicker because the root of the hair is thickest/darkest

  • Melissa
    Melissa 26 days ago

    Love the Sweeney Todd reference lmaoo

  • Ironwolff69
    Ironwolff69 26 days ago

    Love a good barbershop. Not alot of them around anymore sadly.

  • Naruto _
    Naruto _ 26 days ago

    *shaves legs* but why if u dont have any hairs

  • Siraj Khan
    Siraj Khan 28 days ago

    Barber lady is looking so Beautiful...

  • Ivan Saravia
    Ivan Saravia 28 days ago

    thich B!@#ch really wearing 2 different color socks?

  • Angel A
    Angel A 29 days ago +1

    Hairy women are BEAUTIFUL😘😘 And I'm not just saying that because I have a ladystache too😜😂😂

  • nella bella
    nella bella 29 days ago

    fuck shaving your hair grows for a reason!

  • kcloe88
    kcloe88 29 days ago

    The conventional straight razor wasn't outlawed "because of AIDs" you idiot. It was outlawed due to the fact that they can't be properly sterilized and cleaned. The same with brushes, hence those being banned as well. And that isn't a straight razor that's being used, it's a shavette. Totally separate utensil.

  • William 39
    William 39 Month ago

    I like your smile beautiful

  • Aircraft Planet 333

    You are Hot😁😁😁😁😁

  • Jazmine Zuniga Paiz

    Where is the hair tho

  • Sabastian M
    Sabastian M Month ago +1

    U gonna look like a men next month. With a thick moustache

  • Amit Prasad
    Amit Prasad Month ago

    Hey Michelle! You have been doing great. I just wanted to try Chicken Biryani and Mutton Biryani and review it 😋😊

  • hogfest 50
    hogfest 50 Month ago


  • Cadence McDaniel
    Cadence McDaniel Month ago

    Lol The Sweeney Todd scenes

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez Month ago

    Ive always wanted to do this because i have pcos and that causes me to grow a somewhat "beard". Having that i shave my face everyday cause my hair is SO dark and im a lil light skinned. Wonder if this would last longer or feel better then my normal shaving process. Other then that great video!

  • Almightyy Faggotry
    Almightyy Faggotry Month ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Bass Assassin
    Bass Assassin Month ago

    0:46 best sound

  • David Hill
    David Hill Month ago +10

    My mother learned to be a hairdresser in the UK in the1940's (she is 90) part of her training was to shave a balloon with a cut throat razor without bursting it

  • Kristin Talia
    Kristin Talia Month ago


  • lolme2 cat me
    lolme2 cat me Month ago +5


  • Arianator stuff
    Arianator stuff Month ago

    I feel you! I am really hairy too!

  • Joe Gibbs
    Joe Gibbs Month ago

    Was it accidental that the thumbnail made it look like Michelle had a massive penis?

  • Random May
    Random May Month ago +1

    I started shaving my legs this year. I’m 13 and I loveeee it I cut my self three times this year in about 7 months. I used to be very self aware of the hair on my legs I’m newish with thick black hair on light pale skin soooo those suckers are visible. My brother used to call me gorilla because of the hair and I hated it I would cry because I couldn’t do anything. I used to sneakily shave my upper lip for myslelg because I could get away with hat but not my legs they were to viable so when I was allowed to start i LOVED EVERY MIN I stopped for winter but I find it almost therapeutic to see the little hairs fall or get cut off like that and the smooth feeling of rubbing your feet together and the deleting or rubbing on the covers I love it all!!!!

  • Shayla Ramsey
    Shayla Ramsey Month ago +4

    omg i freaking love the movie Sweeny Todd, i love how she put a clip of the movie in the video at 4:20 and 5:29

  • Knight Rider
    Knight Rider Month ago

    Lol I've never seen sweaney todd before, but now I think I know why my friend said I'd love it😂😂 just these clips are amazing

  • ASMR Ross
    ASMR Ross Month ago

    6:30 Dream

  • officially Nohate1
    officially Nohate1 Month ago

    I am so proud that I have you to look up to as the society is so ever changing and how much you make me feel so amazing now this kinda isn't a big part of the video but I love how you are a important part to my life 💕 I love what you do and I hope you keep it up

  • Megan Nation
    Megan Nation Month ago

    I'm from Iowa

  • MaestrO Frags
    MaestrO Frags Month ago

    razer makes hair grow more thicker dont do this.

  • Call Me Swivel Hips

    For a few months lest year, I had my face (I'm a dude) professionally shaved every 2 weeks, and it was honestly great. It does cost quite a bit, but it then becomes a source of relaxation rather than stress.
    Plus, SUPER AMERICAN!! American men used to spend their weekends at the barbershop each weekend. It was one of the classic social hours...something that I think most Americans have forgotten about in favor of working overtime. Such a terrible swap!

  • Rob T
    Rob T Month ago

    get that beaver done!

  • Aiden Mentor
    Aiden Mentor Month ago

    Looks like missionary.

  • Gerçekler ACIDIR
    Gerçekler ACIDIR Month ago


  • Abby Phillips
    Abby Phillips Month ago

    When I think barber, I think Sweeney Todd so I'm out.

  • minimalistinlife
    minimalistinlife Month ago

    Now this I really liked.

  • Do Bo
    Do Bo Month ago

    Should have let her shave your pussy and let us watch.

  • Luke_
    Luke_ Month ago +1

    “As a hairy girl”
    *swipes left*

  • Jessica Camp
    Jessica Camp Month ago

    I’m a female barber and I would totally shave someone’s legs with a straight razor. It’s so fun doing a straight razor shave that the more I do it the more fun it gets. 😊

  • WeBe Flexin
    WeBe Flexin Month ago +4

    Now imagine that scraping across your jugular 😂

  • Dylan Wells
    Dylan Wells Month ago

    1:34 I wish she was my barber lol

  • Te Sweetener
    Te Sweetener Month ago +1

    In 2 days it grow back sis

  • young Nuketown
    young Nuketown Month ago

    that Stache Gonna Grow Back SAVAGE !

  • Gustavo Caldeira
    Gustavo Caldeira Month ago

    that is a weird feet

  • Gustavo Caldeira
    Gustavo Caldeira Month ago


  • Hari Haran
    Hari Haran Month ago

    wrong decision of shaving your mustache area ..the more u shave the more u get hair.. only boys get shave in face area ..

  • That bubbly Yeemø
    That bubbly Yeemø Month ago

    The sound!!!

  • admiralspliffyt
    admiralspliffyt Month ago

    just jump off of a cliff or something u parasite

  • Zak Jones
    Zak Jones Month ago

    Women's barber shop?? You mean a hairdresser? But ye I think they should offer to shave women's legs

  • Ramiz Dayı
    Ramiz Dayı Month ago

    She looks like mia khalifa

  • Larra Galvan
    Larra Galvan Month ago +1

    Okay but is her laugh not the cutest thing ever?

  • Mr. Marcus
    Mr. Marcus Month ago

    Did they shave your coochie too?



  • Chandy Chandichayan

    Both u r aDorable

  • James Grayson
    James Grayson Month ago

    Wow so edgy about Darwin, much edge!

  • Merrily S.
    Merrily S. Month ago

    This needs to be a real thing! 😍😍😍😍

  • Praise Kek
    Praise Kek Month ago

    I would smash

  • LiLa Launebär
    LiLa Launebär Month ago

    4:31 whaaa... claws :O

  • QueenMoonElle
    QueenMoonElle Month ago +7

    “breaking news: Charles Darwin was not as smart as we thought he was.” Cracked me up oml 😂

  • Marke Vrs
    Marke Vrs Month ago

    Stop shaving. That sexist trend must end.

  • REMM11
    REMM11 Month ago

    she made it way more of a big deal than it is...

  • Dave Lister
    Dave Lister Month ago +2

    I would shave your legs any time you wanted 😘 You are well hot 💖

  • Elisha
    Elisha Month ago

    Darwin advocated philosophical delusion and "Descent Of Man" was highly racist! Please consider:


    Chapter 19 is fun.

  • Chuck Wilburn
    Chuck Wilburn Month ago

    Oh my Lord makes an old man wish for younger days a girl in a men's barber chair getting her leg shave with a barber Cape only needs her head shaved next

  • Chuck Wilburn
    Chuck Wilburn Month ago

    Oh my goodness how about that was lying outside the barbershop watching you Barber chair getting your leg shaved see you wearing Dr Scholl exercise sandals in the barber chair

  • artmagic4 5
    artmagic4 5 Month ago

    Michelle looks great and I'm ugly I wish I could be as pretty as her

  • lino brentini
    lino brentini Month ago

    bruh you dont even have hair at your fucking legs

  • Roocha Manly
    Roocha Manly Month ago

    The Sweeney Todd clips tho...

  • Dwight Keller-Williams

    weird kink but ok

  • love k9,s grand canyon

    After the shave=banged by bbc

  • 2muchcensorship Liberalfools

    I’ll do it for free 😜

    YNGREEEL X Month ago


  • Kamal Jeet
    Kamal Jeet Month ago


  • Soham Kulkarni
    Soham Kulkarni Month ago

    khare is marathi surname , do you have any Maharashtrian ancestry ?