Vicki Barbolak: Hilarious Comedian Brings Trailer Nasty To AGT - America's Got Talent: The Champions

  • Published on Jan 8, 2019
  • Vicki is BACK! She returns with funny tales about life in Los Angeles versus life in her trailer park.
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    Vicki Barbolak: Hilarious Comedian Brings Trailer Nasty To AGT - America's Got Talent: The Champions
    America's Got Talent
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Comments • 491

  • Amandeep Dhillon
    Amandeep Dhillon 20 days ago

    Who notice Preacher laugh and then stop🤣 like fake laugh

  • Nawal Muhamed
    Nawal Muhamed Month ago +1

    Preacher was 💯💯 percent funnier in *my opinion* I didn’t laugh one bit on hers *if I’m being honest*

  • Nicole Murray
    Nicole Murray Month ago

    Wow I like Vicky....but this wasn’t funny at all

  • haleofgunfire
    haleofgunfire Month ago

    Sounds like Eric Cartman

  • Stuffed Animal Land
    Stuffed Animal Land 2 months ago

    Vicki makes me laugh

  • Robert K
    Robert K 2 months ago

    I miss Oceanside! Prettiest little town I ever lived in! Back in the 70s... Surfs up! Hang Ten! 🤙

  • Lalli 16
    Lalli 16 4 months ago

    Simon to Vicki: I have a crush on you

  • Sasusaku4Eva!
    Sasusaku4Eva! 4 months ago

    Sorry for being a party pooped but Sara and Hero were funnier than this. 😐

  • Nicole B
    Nicole B 5 months ago

    It's like listening to my favorite aunt during a visit. I enjoy her comedy!

  • Abel Mantor
    Abel Mantor 5 months ago

    She's a good comedian. I love preacher better , but at the same time i don't think she's terrible like other people think she is.

  • Sam
    Sam 5 months ago


  • Raman Nagavarpu
    Raman Nagavarpu 5 months ago

    Wait a minute... Simon is not American, then why is he judging America’s Got Talent??

    • Stephen Olan
      Stephen Olan 5 months ago

      Mel B is also British.
      Heidi is German
      Howie is Canadian.

  • KenTheGamer 11
    KenTheGamer 11 5 months ago

    I like Preacher Lawson better. No offense she is funny but bout funnier then Preacher

    • Stephen Olan
      Stephen Olan 5 months ago

      I agree.
      And I think she would have done better if she had gone more for a Joan Rivers vibe than a Rosanne vibe.

  • Abrasuve
    Abrasuve 6 months ago +2

    She did this same act in AGT........ line by line lmao come up with new stuff

  • Joy Wilson
    Joy Wilson 6 months ago


  • Ghia Tay
    Ghia Tay 6 months ago

    That was so dry.

  • John Kim
    John Kim 6 months ago

    None of them were funny

  • Charity Jan
    Charity Jan 6 months ago

    I laughed at gets better than at Preacher's

  • Ann Hila Levy
    Ann Hila Levy 6 months ago

    Why do you think a dog is hideous just because he's a rescue??????? So insulting and cruel--- so disappointing that people in our world would insult and belittle rescue dogs or those who try to help them... Is it preferable to buy beautiful and fancy dogs when poor other dogs go without a home and die unhappily tomorrow? What a way to ruin your act!!!! not funny at all!!!!!

  • TheCookingNerd
    TheCookingNerd 6 months ago


  • khpredator00
    khpredator00 6 months ago

    Eh...not exactly that funny

  • PetHub
    PetHub 6 months ago

    She looks like Carrot Top

  • babynesstone's videos
    babynesstone's videos 6 months ago

    You need to watch this video just click the link below:

  • Dope Boi
    Dope Boi 6 months ago +2

    honestly i like her better than preacher

  • Sandy Riley
    Sandy Riley 6 months ago +1

    We have allready had a roseanne, and a eddie murphy. I like the guy with turrets way more.

  • William F. Henry
    William F. Henry 6 months ago +1

    Grand Slam Simon? Just how big are your skates??!!

  • Marlene McKenna
    Marlene McKenna 6 months ago


  • Chris Loe
    Chris Loe 6 months ago

    Instead, she should just have her own Trailer Park Boys like Show. That would be entertaining af!

  • RayLo
    RayLo 6 months ago

    I was waiting to didn't happen.

  • Rubixx
    Rubixx 6 months ago


  • Hayley Ortwein
    Hayley Ortwein 6 months ago +9

    I love Vicki so much she’s such a good person

  • Samado Tips#46
    Samado Tips#46 6 months ago

    She is fantastic ❤️
    Give her some love

  • M Mason
    M Mason 6 months ago

    This is horrible

  • Anastry Galuh Khusika
    Anastry Galuh Khusika 6 months ago

    Not sure I didn't laugh simply because of her performance. Or it is because i watched simon hitting a buzzer on another comedian performance and ruined my mood before i watched this video.

  • Erin DeVries
    Erin DeVries 6 months ago +1

    Catching fire anyone?

  • Anton Villarina
    Anton Villarina 6 months ago

    She's funny..but not her jokes.

  • Nuwar Alabdallat
    Nuwar Alabdallat 6 months ago +1

    I totally respect her..
    but Preacher is better

    CRFHONDARIDER100 6 months ago

    Tom cotter is way funnier

  • Michael Jarrett
    Michael Jarrett 6 months ago +2

    that was soooo cringe😑🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Ethan Wang
    Ethan Wang 6 months ago

    Don't get how this person is funnier than Tom. Like wtf, she was terrible.

  • Mary May
    Mary May 6 months ago

    I feel bad that i didnt laugh at her jokes

  • Cruzkilla88
    Cruzkilla88 6 months ago

    Uh.. people found this funny?.. Tom Cotter is WAY better, as is Drew Lynch and Preacher

  • vickieam
    vickieam 6 months ago

    Yeah I have to be honest I didn't even crack a smile. Props to her and congrats on the success, but not really a fan

    *FUNNY* CRAZY* 6 months ago

    I did not laugh ,not funny not for me .

  • Olivia MacDonald
    Olivia MacDonald 6 months ago

    Vicki doesn’t have to prove that she is a champion she is a natural champion

  • Action Albert
    Action Albert 6 months ago

    Barked in a French accent. So funny .

  • gmy33
    gmy33 6 months ago

    x factor taught me singing is really hard ... this teaches me comedy is even harder than i thought ... i wish her the best though ...

  • Paulo Rivera
    Paulo Rivera 6 months ago

    She's such a cinnamon roll! I love you!

  • Christy Winkler
    Christy Winkler 6 months ago


  • ava xx
    ava xx 6 months ago +19

    Kinda disappointed in these comments. Vicki was always my favorite act, just how natural and hilarious she is. I don't have a preference between her and Preacher though, tbh

  • Chris Fournier
    Chris Fournier 6 months ago

    The winner of AGT Champions...........Vicki.... Barbolak!!!

  • Donna Kaminski
    Donna Kaminski 6 months ago

    Thank You!

  • TrevorTalks
    TrevorTalks 6 months ago

    Tom Cotter is way funnier. Smh

  • Alexander The Great
    Alexander The Great 6 months ago +1

    Funny af😂😂

  • Savage Hedset
    Savage Hedset 6 months ago

    Howies outro he sounded so funny

  • The Life of Leo
    The Life of Leo 6 months ago

    The show purposely makes Vicki seem funnier than the guy who was actually good and got the buzzer from Simon. Like seriously, he’s WAY more funny and Simon didn’t like him from the moment he stepped out. Unfair

  • Lolita Bridges
    Lolita Bridges 6 months ago

    I like Vicki. She is very funny because she's real and authentic. I can see her on tour with other funny ladies. Female comedians are the best!

  • junetunes
    junetunes 6 months ago

    Hearing her call rescue dogs ugly made me sad

  • N S.
    N S. 6 months ago

    Literally only laughed when they showed Preacher's fake laugh at 4:01 I am so sorry sis but this just aint it.

  • Karamella
    Karamella 6 months ago

    Couldn't laugh.. I didn't get it how it was funny but she seems like a nice lady

  • shannon tyrell
    shannon tyrell 6 months ago

    I didn't laugh even a bit

  • Nicky PALKA
    Nicky PALKA 6 months ago

    I wanna see more of Daliso Chopanda and Preacher!!

  • Keine Information
    Keine Information 6 months ago

    I think she is funny :-) I like her Trailer btw.

  • Allison P
    Allison P 6 months ago

    I prefer preacher lawson

  • benvinda miguel
    benvinda miguel 6 months ago

    And how was that funny???😐

  • Pevonis
    Pevonis 6 months ago +2

    She’s not funny and + she’s kinda creepy.
    Like that 1 mom at your friends house that asks if you want cookies every few minutes

  • Alien Allie
    Alien Allie 6 months ago

    The only thing I find funny about her moment is how she makes fun at shelter/rescue dogs but she's not aware of her own appearance. Dude, at least those dogs didn't get to choose what they look like (and they are still not ugly), but you did. Check yourself out in the mirror... UGH And the other socalled jokes - not jokes, what is she doing here anyway?!

  • Kayy Mahon
    Kayy Mahon 6 months ago

    She’s not funny

    LOTUS DOLL LITTLE 6 months ago

    preacher Lawson is amazing he did well. can't believe

  • Augusto Maués
    Augusto Maués 6 months ago +1

    Como eu queria que tivesse legenda em português "__"

    LOTUS DOLL LITTLE 6 months ago

    what beautiful home she has

  • Zen Rahman
    Zen Rahman 6 months ago


  • Shelby Fischer
    Shelby Fischer 6 months ago

    When Viki came out with that senery I spit my water on to the screen

  • Goddess Artemis
    Goddess Artemis 6 months ago

    Not my cup of tea for content but I respect the hell out of her natural cadence. It's like she's just talking to folks sitting next to her outside her trailer