Are Intelligent People More Lonely?


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  • The School of Life
    The School of Life  9 months ago +276

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    • Hannibal Tate
      Hannibal Tate Month ago +1

      The School of Life Congratulations, you not only proved your vocabulary is above average, but you've managed to confuse a few hundred thousand people. Congrats asshole, I don't get your video at all, and I'll be sure to leave a dislike, piece of shit

    • Yahia Kandil
      Yahia Kandil 2 months ago

      Hey , hope you're well, i would love to know more about this spesific topic and so i was wandering where ( or how) you brought all theses connections of information, is this some philosophical view or is there a spesific "someone" (like Emerson that appeared in the video) that i can look for? thanks

    • Hadi Kosh
      Hadi Kosh 3 months ago

      The School of Life why art always show Male Frontal Nudity like this david dick statue? FreetheVagina too in art for true equality huhahuha

    • I am the cat
      I am the cat 3 months ago

      The School of Life wow thank you so much for making this!

  • stupid lady
    stupid lady 11 hours ago

    I'm definitely more of an introvert..don't like leaving the house

  • joe 90
    joe 90 14 hours ago

    Spot on

  • the honest seer
    the honest seer 2 days ago

    Intelligence is a configuration of ones mental and psychological abilities. im classed as uneducated. .also lack social skills and interaction, resulting in lonliness and isolation. very sad..😢

  • tutu07777
    tutu07777 4 days ago

    Yes exactly, sometimes I just wanna hear someone else's unfiltered thoughts about something.

  • Laura V.
    Laura V. 5 days ago

    oh god why I started to cry when you talked about art

  • Glitchy Swirl
    Glitchy Swirl 5 days ago

    Well many people say im smart just by my actions, grades and actual performance in school. And the answer is YES i do get lonely bc im very different from others, different likes and interests, and sure some have the same hobby but i feel like i dont relate to them

  • Daniel Forrester
    Daniel Forrester 8 days ago

    I like this.

    It did not give a black and white feeling about being this way as 'bad'
    Our society is just a little too hard pressed to make everyone feel like we have to be on the front lines and socializing or we have 'failed'.
    In doing so they create huge feelings of self-depreciation, guilt, and shame.
    I could easily argue (and feel it's even a bit necessary as a defense) that more 'social' people lack self-awareness and are much less secure than they would like to project.
    Anyway, this was kind of a relief. Loneliness still sucks though.
    Waiting for the 'day of departure' into the great unknown to be relieved of such a horrific burden...

  • Mary Ignacio
    Mary Ignacio 11 days ago +1

    Check your levels before rendering. Narration is around 10, Outro is 100. You blow my speakers up dude.

  • Someone  Special
    Someone Special 12 days ago

    2:52 that hit way close to home

  • Jagabee
    Jagabee 12 days ago

    1,000,000th view...

  • Joy Lucas
    Joy Lucas 13 days ago

    Nd aq naniniwala n matalino c dion pg nd nia ginawa s mga taong un ang ginawa nl sken.

  • Trace Absence
    Trace Absence 14 days ago

    I am lonely because this world has decided that I have nothing to offer. But I have a great deal to offer. I am not good looking, tall nor masculine, everything this world considers before anything else. I’ve known many beautiful women who said to me, “If only you were a bit taller”. Image is everything. Life is a mirror: It’s depth is an illusion. It is nothing but surfaces.

  • pls dont click
    pls dont click 14 days ago

    I'm only 1:40 in and frankly I relate alot

  • summer scent
    summer scent 15 days ago

    I think they enjoy what they are doing (learning, thinking, etc). And some of them need to isolate themselves because they find it easier to focus. And if they are going too deep with their work, they will have less contact with others.

  • Muzol Byte
    Muzol Byte 16 days ago

    I feel uncomfortable watching this character shaking.

  • serving vengeance
    serving vengeance 18 days ago

    You're Kind Of Describing Life With HFA

  • PuppyCatLOVE
    PuppyCatLOVE 18 days ago

    im dumb and lonely

  • ram Sai
    ram Sai 19 days ago

    He is so true!!! The only friend we have is Art!

  • james collins
    james collins 20 days ago

    I'm so high and it rly described my life perfectly. Emotional intelligence for me has these aspects, but comes with fucking depression and too much drug abuse to have prudent focus on studies

  • Arielle Seerattan
    Arielle Seerattan 20 days ago

    MY painful life issue...

  • miapdx
    miapdx 21 day ago

    I clicked on because I thought it said loony.
    Oh well, both apply. 😩

  • Vitto Corleone
    Vitto Corleone 21 day ago

    Finding and staying with jesus removes lonliness n makes us wise

  • Came Here
    Came Here 21 day ago

    Why I don't get lonely??

  • Tonka Red Bull
    Tonka Red Bull 24 days ago


  • Senpai
    Senpai 25 days ago

    😭 Im crying right now, im deppresed, im lonely, if you guys ever meet me you will not see me because im nothing in this life😭

  • CraftedGadgetMC
    CraftedGadgetMC 26 days ago

    Im pretty good at art but I recently see it as more of a task than a hobby now. It feels pretty stressful to keep doing it. But I really feel like I have to do something with art except I'm all exhausted with the idea of doing it despite wanting to. You have any suggestions with want kind of art/medium I should be doing? Game development has been pretty fun for me but it feels to demanding most of the time. I just want simple, relaxing, a way to express without any stress.

  • Igor Živac
    Igor Živac 26 days ago

    I am kind inteligent but stupid for life. I am 43...but like 23.

  • J C
    J C 26 days ago

    What if you just hate people

  • OvertureKyKiske
    OvertureKyKiske 27 days ago


  • voxie
    voxie 27 days ago

    Omg I’ve been doing life all wrong... instead of trying to fit in I should just produce more art!!!

  • שירה ניב
    שירה ניב 27 days ago

    thank you. thank you for being so senstive,kind,brave and mind free in the making of this video

  • Marc-André Poulin
    Marc-André Poulin 27 days ago

    Very, very more lonely

  • Little Gamer
    Little Gamer 28 days ago

    I see many comments saying that they are both Dumb and lonely, I just want to tell them you're not dumb but you all are smart actually, You're smart enough to accept that you're dumb and that makes you smart.

    Not every body needs to know Quantum mechanics,Not every one can solve Calculus in seconds. We all have different brain structures and different abilities.
    You are dumb relative to some other person or a group and by that logic no one is intelligent or smart we all are dumb in relative to some other thing.

    Yes I'm lonely too but I love the isolation.
    I read books,I listen to the music, I stare stars.
    We all are lonely because we don't know how to sugarcoat a conversation and how to pretend like a personality you never were.

    Enjoy you company and you all are my friends. Whenever you feel sad reply to my comment I'll try to reply back❤

  • Regina Sutanto
    Regina Sutanto 29 days ago

    just because you are alone doesn't mean you are lonely, and if being alone is happier than being with other why not

  • A Lone Spirit
    A Lone Spirit 29 days ago


  • Leigh Taylor
    Leigh Taylor Month ago

    Yes! Total relate. But not just art, also music, writing, dancing, any kind of creativity really..

  • John Frost
    John Frost Month ago

    Most people don't get the video because there not that intelligent . Cleverness might leave you to loneliness because you can never be truthfully true to anyone who's mind set is inflexible and to accepting of what is consider normal. expressing bigger than life ideologies ,existential questions, questioning human morality and endless amount of thought provoking questions and answers , normal people don't tackle this topics , reflection and emotional intelligence can be disciplined regardless how intelligent the person is, having the will to do so or the acknowledge is what separate the intelligent from the normal . Talking out of experience people have called me crazy either from classmates, family members , co-workers , just because i question morality point of views and more i tired to keep it sort but ended up writing a paragraph :b this video is true on many many things just don't take as a ultimatum. ( English isn't my native language so some things may be redundant )

  • Logic is genius
    Logic is genius Month ago

    If a person is lonely then that means that either a person is very smart, or either a person is very stupid.
    The most smart people tend to be lonely because it is more interesting and beneficial for them to be lonely rather than to be with other people.
    The most stupid people tend to be lonely because they are way too stupid to find friends.

  • Vero
    Vero Month ago

    Watching this made me hate myself even more. I’ve tried to make strides. Let me preface this by saying I have a lot of people around me people I hang out with “friends” in other words people who consider me a friend, my parents, siblings. And non of them seem “real” they’re all like empty shells to me. It’s super depressing and lonely when I think about it. Not only that I know somethings wrong and I’ve tried many attempts to fix it, even a shrink (which didn’t work, we weren’t a good fit).
    So right now I just feel stagnant.
    I gotta say Ignorance truly is bliss....Back to distracting myself so I don’t lie awake in torment. 😎
    Side notes: I’m also a confirmed misanthrope just wanted to throw that out there.
    I don’t think I’m smart because I’m cognizant of the vacuum of shit I don’t know, But people are fucking stupid so..... idk lol
    Any errors in punctuation etc etc...sue me It’s almost 4am.

  • Logic is genius
    Logic is genius Month ago

    If a person improves more by being alone rather than by being with other people, then it is better to be alone.
    If a person becomes smarter and stronger by being alone rather than by being with other people, then it is better to be alone.
    If loneliness is the main source of intelligence and strength, then it is better to be alone.

  • N A
    N A Month ago

    Your voice puts me to sleep, but your words... your words make me want to put a 44 magnum to my temple and pull the trigger. You're almost always wrong though so whatever.

  • Llynya L'amour
    Llynya L'amour Month ago

    thank you so much for this video.

    ADIB ADAM Month ago +1

    "Think before you speak"
    This sentence is the main reason why intelligent people have this issue

  • Fukin invain Sg
    Fukin invain Sg Month ago


  • summerbylulu reviews

    misleading title, u couldve mentioned emotional inteligence in the title.

  • Christian Guerrero
    Christian Guerrero Month ago +1

    I will add that a common myth is that intelligence means lacking stupidity, I assure you intelligent people are capable of committing profound mistakes.

    • Vero
      Vero Month ago

      Christian Guerrero PREACH!!!

  • abhishek chatterjee

    I have just given up on our species. As a person with a functioning brain you have to options : a: either have something you're good at and do it, this way, loneliness doesn't affect you much
    B: you just sit back and watch the freak show, that is our primitive species march towards a path of self destruction and try to have fun
    C: if you have done B and don't find it fun and are feeling lonely, dumb yourself down in order to connect with people
    D:If you've done all this and feel life is not worth living and tried to adjust to this diseased species unsuccessfully, kill yourself.

    • Vero
      Vero Month ago

      D, feels like a cop out

    PEKA PEKA Month ago

    r u robot? fuck this bulshit

  • Katinka Cappelli
    Katinka Cappelli Month ago

    At 4:24 What’s the title of this painting? The bottom line is the first image

  • SirErnz Alot
    SirErnz Alot Month ago

    Nope. You're just less intelligent at making friends that's all

  • Tiago Pesce
    Tiago Pesce Month ago +1

    We gonna need a lot more art...

  • jay. may__
    jay. may__ Month ago +1

    Thank you, thank you , thank you so much for this💫💫💫

  • Y Liang
    Y Liang Month ago

    I watch rick and morty. I am very lonely

  • Tristan Williamson
    Tristan Williamson Month ago +2

    I find it interesting that I'm watching this at 3 Am..

  • Xcaliburz
    Xcaliburz Month ago

    well i must be smart i am stupid ass high school drop out wow how can i be smart i have one friend all my school friend or childhood firned moved never got back to me . so am i smart .

  • Mr. Barlow
    Mr. Barlow Month ago


  • The SR Chronicles
    The SR Chronicles Month ago

    Most of the time when I talk, I think about things, and am almost one with my thoughts. When I talk, i'm almost always thinking a polar different over detailed opinion to what i'm saying. Oof

  • david roskelley
    david roskelley Month ago

    I'm lonely cause anime body pillows don't talk back.

  • Nihal Kenkre
    Nihal Kenkre Month ago

    How lonely are you

  • fanofXuWei
    fanofXuWei Month ago

    3 minutes into the video and I still don't get the answer, nor do I know WTF dude is talking about. Must these videos be narrated by Brits? Brits for brains?

  • guitar warrior
    guitar warrior Month ago


  • nananananananana batman

    I'm dumb. But I'm smart enough to know that I'm dumb...

  • Larry Conrad Dovteal

    I think freud said something alike

  • Burak Orman
    Burak Orman Month ago

    Social intelligence is something else

  • moist faucet
    moist faucet Month ago


  • Righteous1
    Righteous1 Month ago +26

    Yup. Intelligent people think before they do or say anything. They don't say or do pointless things. So they're not very good conversationalists unless its with other intelligent people. But there aren't many intelligent people so they are mostly alone.

  • IntlctOne
    IntlctOne Month ago

    i think i am dump.... i cant understand anything explained here.

  • RaYze dark
    RaYze dark Month ago +1

    *How to get a Harvard student to get depressed in 5 minutes*

  • yo niha
    yo niha Month ago

    Yes mediocrity, ignorance, and stupidity are all too common especially when our vast supply of knowledge available to the common citizen is more than its ever been. Pop culture, unnecessary purchases, not taking care of oneself, never being happy with what one has are all main contributors to the distraction that keeps people from reaching knowledge enlightenment

  • 11Dubs30
    11Dubs30 Month ago

    The UK accent makes me think this is factual, and not just some youtuber's channel of opinion.

  • Timo van Veen
    Timo van Veen Month ago

    Do lonely people wanna be told they are actually quite smart and special?

  • Psyche H
    Psyche H Month ago

    Why is this so painfully relatable?

    MY BALD SPOT Month ago

    The real question is are lonely people intelligent?

  • challenge accepted
    challenge accepted Month ago +1


  • Nigel
    Nigel Month ago +1

    I didn't even click on it for this reason but this video just explained my life so accurately I'm actually bugged out

    • Nigel
      Nigel Month ago

      I'm actually bugged out, how was research carried out for this video cuh if there's a while book or summit I will read it

    • Nigel
      Nigel Month ago

      Even the insomnia and art. I hate sleeping, sometimes I even get scared of my own thoughts cuh I feel like I'm getting too close to the core. I would rather go to sleep listening to Jazz, rap, irrelevant podcasts or these videos than sleep alone with my thoughts because I will prolly be thinking until the next morning

  • BorrieBeats
    BorrieBeats Month ago

    i've been saying this to myself for years now.

  • Barbara C
    Barbara C Month ago

    That is soo very true! ~~~ I have a self analytical personality and cherish honesty . Also digging for truth is a high virtue and priority for me so i'm a freak !! (( compared to others )). I moved a lot and when settled down 7 yrs ago in my older age I found I only have 1 friend I see once in a while. For me I feel only Yeshua ( eng Jesus ) the son of G_D likes my passion and honesty truth digging on myself etc. The only one on earth that I met who enjoyed me the way I was was my mom.
    Unforunately she had PTSD and some bi polar ?? in my opinion from nazis bombing her london apt when she was under 4 yrs old and ended up taking her own life at 27 yrs old. I was 11yrs old at the time . That damaged me and after some recovery and finding God that made me a seeker of human behavior and the whys of it ( along with healing from God ) , made me a digger of the depths of human beings .
    ~~~ thx for confirming me . only what do you do if art makes me anxious to create it and I still havent been able to find a person other than this vid maker that to a point understands this loneliness and being different ...cuz your DEEP.

  • Amanda Freire
    Amanda Freire Month ago

    whenever I have a greater conviviality with people I feel a great emotional wear, I can perceive emotions in other people that even they do not realize and this leaves me very confused. So whenever I'm alone in my room it's when I feel recharged.

  • Leze
    Leze Month ago


  • Highlighted reply
    Highlighted reply Month ago

    I have an artist's brain but don't create it. I have always found sollice with other art people (painters, poets, writers, sculptors)

    SANITY INVEIN Month ago

    Are intelligent people more lonely
    Me:idk but to me yes I’m intelligent and I’m lonely

  • ava sinha
    ava sinha Month ago +2

    well i not am intelligent ... i observe people's bheaviour very closely and read their mind and understand their situation instead of judjing them......i need alone time everyday its kind of healing thing for me
    sorry for my english

  • jay 77
    jay 77 Month ago

    All these people in the comments have unicorn syndrome

  • Hanz Plumber
    Hanz Plumber Month ago

    Interesting stuff... l get to understand this At 41y.

  • Solid 2 Gas
    Solid 2 Gas Month ago

    Thank god I’m sorta stupid.

  • Obvious Troll. Yet you still got baited. Congrats

    We SMART people are lonely because the are mad of our IQ points 😎i only date girls with triple digit iq gurls, call me hot scientist i will extend my pee into ur meatbox for you simple minded females 🤣😂😂

  • Obvious Troll. Yet you still got baited. Congrats

    r/iamverysmart, thats why.

  • My Production
    My Production Month ago

    so yes or no?

  • steady fatcat
    steady fatcat Month ago

    I have never related to a video so much..thank you for putting these undescribable feelings and thoughts ive been having into words or rather a video

  • William Long
    William Long Month ago

    Difference between lonely and being perfectly content with being alone.

  • Alex SM
    Alex SM Month ago

    It sounds like an hypnosis tape...

  • user
    user Month ago

    Modern world made art and aesthetics irrelevant.

  • Warren Wantoobe
    Warren Wantoobe 2 months ago

    I'm too preliterate to even know that I'm lonely because I have so many hobbies because I'm successful I don't need to work anymore!

    PSYCHRONIC 2 months ago

    Im lonely because i think differently and view things differently. Thus simply there is no one out there who will ever accept me not even my own relatives. If i think differently i am told it is wrong, I am wrong. If i question the logic of mediocrity i am told it is wrong, I am wrong.

  • Vu Huynh
    Vu Huynh 2 months ago

    I have an more than average intelligence. I know that I am not one of the most intelligent.
    Don't fucking patronize me into thinking that I'm Albert Einstein. I just happen to have discovered your fucking dirty secret and you are pissed. And yes, you are stupid

  • Sam Lockhart
    Sam Lockhart 2 months ago

    I was feeling so lonely before I watched this video. Alain de Botton, you kickass human being!

  • fernando martins
    fernando martins 2 months ago

    the video about how not to be boring and this one are in direct contradiction, its funny. This one says ppl who are better at giving honest reports on their inner states are more lonely and for an actual reason, and the other video says that by doing just that which i just described, you will never be boring, wtf i say

  • Noob Saibot
    Noob Saibot 2 months ago

    Hm im Dumb and Alone, and i dont like Art at all, i like Pictures but i dont make Art or like these most known Art stuff.
    I never Liked School, not the People in my Age not the Teachers, didnt got one Friend anymore because they dont fit me, but i got Family, eventually a Woman will cross the Way with me, i never lose Hope ^^
    I once made a test im Normal with everything, im not Dumb but Normal i think. The only thing im allways wondering is why im not like the other People, but then i think its good how i am, eventually there is a reason for it or not who knows, i dont understand People but im not alone i know that for sure, one thing i know for sure for myself, i look Sexy as Fuck and i Love looking at myself, sadly when im getting older i will not look that great anymore, or not the same lets say it like that, i think much about different stuff, i dont even want to but it just happens.