Are Intelligent People More Lonely?


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  • The School of Life
    The School of Life  5 months ago +258

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    • Allaa Tabouni
      Allaa Tabouni 5 days ago

      Can you please add Arabic subtitles for these videos. A lot of non English speakers I talk to and discuss similar topics are so interested in your videos but can't understand them without Arabic subtitles. Thank you

    • Hadi Kosh
      Hadi Kosh 2 months ago

      The School of Life Why statue always "objectified" penis never vagina? Injustice both are genital

    • Duan Torruellas
      Duan Torruellas 3 months ago

      The School of Life awesome work , selfless , helpfull and spot on. Many thx. 👍👍👍

    • Theguy2295
      Theguy2295 3 months ago +1

      You can be intelligent as you want to be, but you still can have a shit life.

    • cmonalready66
      cmonalready66 4 months ago

      what are the sources used in this video? you list nothing on where to find more information on this topic..

    AVPVP 42 minutes ago

    It depends on what your definition of intelligent means to you

  • Alexandra Wimmer
    Alexandra Wimmer 10 hours ago

    gosh, at least now I know why people look at me as if I'm not right in my head. --- I think I want to paint a picture now ...

  • Lal Narendra
    Lal Narendra 11 hours ago +1

    Being intelligent -> being selective!
    Selective is not lonely 😢

  • Error404
    Error404 11 hours ago

    i’m lonely no one like me

  • Emmanuel Sol
    Emmanuel Sol 11 hours ago

    I have loved these videos and have just discovered them, but I must tell you that the Spanish translation is not very well done. Some sentences are incomprehensible and/or poorly conjugated, which makes it a bit difficult to read. I hope to make myself understood, since I am just learning English, I am a native Spanish speaker.

  • Jiří Žák
    Jiří Žák Day ago

    to put it roughly, does it mean, that the less art, the more happy we are?:))

  • Wolfgang H
    Wolfgang H Day ago

    People with e m o t i o n a l intelligence and charm could have a good shot at having company

  • 2B.A .Shadow
    2B.A .Shadow Day ago


  • Koeras
    Koeras Day ago

    Lonely here, and not particular intelligent either though. Correlation is not equal to causation...

  • OnThisSideoftheSky
    OnThisSideoftheSky 2 days ago

    I’m still unsure as to what the conclusion of this video is...
    “If lonely... then art?”

  • skan8
    skan8 2 days ago

    I would question this the other way around .

  • techfromheaven
    techfromheaven 2 days ago

    >tfw to intelligent every human interaction is mundane

  • Insert name here
    Insert name here 3 days ago

    Jokes on you im both stupid AND lonely.

  • Nanthony The Smart
    Nanthony The Smart 3 days ago

    My intelligent Classmate is always unhappy and serious and only have 3-4 friends

  • アルジェリアのモハメッド

    I like your voice

  • osaanri
    osaanri 3 days ago

    You will always be alone. No matter how close you get with someone.

  • Demention94
    Demention94 3 days ago

    Really good writing. My life in a nutshell..or at least this first quarter

  • Testicle Twang
    Testicle Twang 4 days ago

    Most of y'all just jack off too much and got hit by the social anxiety

  • Desi N
    Desi N 4 days ago

    I think us more about correlation, not causation. I know a surprising amount of intelligent people who are extroverts are sociable. On the other side, I also know a bunch of not-so-smart-and-sociable people.

  • Nathan Bianco
    Nathan Bianco 5 days ago

    Is it just me or is the awareness of your inner thoughts neglected and overlooked by society as a whole? Almost systematically ignoring your mind is better, to me this seems what society has told me all my life.

  • cookieface80
    cookieface80 6 days ago


  • TheBlueocean89
    TheBlueocean89 7 days ago

    Not implying one has to be on a certain level of intellect to be more lonely, it is about emotional intelligence, finding someone that shares similar interests, values and morals, someone who you can freely talk to and never feel like you need to hold back, hide a part of you or censor yourself greatly. Feeling bored with the other person and not clicking, often is, because interests and values differ a lot. On a superficial level it's surely possible to not be lonely, but if you're looking for a deep friendship or relationship, it's often difficult and you need to find a common ground/ compromise and accept that almost no one is exactly perfectly created for you as a friend or partner. I was lonely for a long time and felt bored with other people too, it made me bitter and even more introverted. It took quite some time but in the end, you likely somehow stumble over people that are on your level, so don't give up and seclude yourself entirely if you feel lonely.

  • man0z
    man0z 8 days ago

    This shit hit me hard, I find it hard to get a long with people and even my family because I read so much and observe so much around me.

  • thefuture ofcoal
    thefuture ofcoal 9 days ago

    Are white people really trying to steal buddhism from the mongoloids and call it theirs? Just like Christianity. ....

  • Madhurima Gogia
    Madhurima Gogia 9 days ago

    I don't think they're talking as mush about actual loneliness as they are about the disconnect certain people often feel while talking to others. Like if you say what's actually on your mind people will think you're weird and you will inevitably feel out of place. So you keep your deep and weird thoughts all to yourself and and prevent yourself from feeling them. So while actually being around other people you don't really feel you're there at all, only the shadow of a person that's left over. Even while among people you feel alone.

  • shera ghag
    shera ghag 9 days ago

    Hello world
    how you all doing ?
    my 2 cents you guys are all students of life
    Lot of good posts here now you guys need to slowly start to learn to express your knowledge to the others around you so they can help you use this knowledge. It's not going to be that hard for you guys because you guys already know how to learn. Otherwise it could go to waste.

  • Scort Mcbuzzkillington

    bloody hell I'm lonely and bloody hell I'm not dying 'till I prove to myself I can walk out of "the little box"

  • Raccoon
    Raccoon 10 days ago

    i cant focuse to your voice

  • Mohammed Eid
    Mohammed Eid 11 days ago

    You are indeed a genius,.. oh wait does that mean that you're lonely

  • marco brenni
    marco brenni 11 days ago

    It's impossible to be creative in living in a flock of sheeps or in a heard

  • Riley Elkin
    Riley Elkin 11 days ago

    I didnt like how the voice asking to subscribe at the end was substantially louder than the main voice but that's my only thing :)

    RANT OF TOYMAN 11 days ago

    On the button. Subscribed!

  • Isaac Donnan
    Isaac Donnan 12 days ago

    There's no such thing as emotional intelligence.

    • Isaac Donnan
      Isaac Donnan 12 days ago

      What you're talking about here sounds like a combination of introversion and openness.

  • A H
    A H 13 days ago

    So is it because we're woke and they aren't?

  • QTee
    QTee 14 days ago

    Yes.. ive been thinking exactly this

  • QTee
    QTee 14 days ago

    Ive simply had enough of these ingrates

  • Karen Leventhal
    Karen Leventhal 15 days ago

    I've experienced this dynamic and was felt lonely because it. Then watching this video made me realize it's not about intelligence nor emotional depth necessarily. It's that you are hanging out with dicks. You should be able to share a basic emotion or thought and not get passive aggressive shit in response. Share your feeling or thought, get heard by the other person if they are a decent, then you move on and can talk about a whole range of stuff: deep, shallow, silly, or just be quiet and do nothing. etc. If you feel this way, change your friends. End of story.

  • mynameis Pikmin
    mynameis Pikmin 15 days ago

    Is anyone here from Germany?

  • Jiggy McFrice
    Jiggy McFrice 15 days ago

    My phone is literally filled with quotes of my ideals that I invented or took from someone else.

  • Morgan Flores
    Morgan Flores 16 days ago

    "Works of art are humanity's secret diary"...

  • Jaša Gladež
    Jaša Gladež 16 days ago

    Lonely? Just lonesome. And I like it.

  • m bruni
    m bruni 17 days ago

    I really really really want to cry after this video

  • PeridotAndroidl
    PeridotAndroidl 17 days ago

    people need to stop leeching my intelligence...fake friends are everywhere....intelligent individuals have such a low chance of making real friends.....

  • Graeme Williams
    Graeme Williams 19 days ago


  • Jackie Jaxx
    Jackie Jaxx 19 days ago

    So wonderful ❤️

  • Shido Soul
    Shido Soul 20 days ago

    Sounds like me

  • bulbinking
    bulbinking 21 day ago

    Art has been ruined by PC police and identity politics.
    There is no solace anymore, and its mostly used for money laundering and exploitation of the masses.

  • Nice Try M9
    Nice Try M9 21 day ago

    Your videos are depressing...

  • William L.
    William L. 22 days ago

    well....perhaps this is why i don't feel lonely even though i spend most of my time alone. so much so, friends/family ask me from time to tme if i'm lonely....which is the only time the thought even enters my mind.

  • nick levi
    nick levi 22 days ago

    Click bait

  • FearLessLion Z
    FearLessLion Z 23 days ago

    I've always felt lonely even in the company of other's, art for me is a form to let those ideas that flow through my head out but for some reason I put up a lot of resistance to myself to actually sit down and work despite liking it when I do work. I'm always outwardly and expressive showing my deepest opinions of the people around me even if I've just met them to just get it out so I don't dwell on it. This approach is viewed as being intense because I say the things people think but don't want to say it both draws people to me but pushes them away at the same time.

  • Kaream
    Kaream 23 days ago

    I have plenty of friends but i prefer staying alone maybe because I don’t feel like i belong or it’s just i enjoy being lonely more. I don’t know.

  • Siddharth Sharma
    Siddharth Sharma 24 days ago

    This is comforting.

  • Pedro Ivo Dias
    Pedro Ivo Dias 24 days ago

    Absolutely absolutely absolutely absolutely BEAUTIFUL. A brazilian singer says "no song is greater than anyone's life", and this one particularly lived an amazing life (and not so easy, btw). To live as art is difficult, but it is really gratifying, and that's what I want for me.

  • piccle ric
    piccle ric 25 days ago

    i did an IQ test and said i have an IQ of 100, and i'm lonely

  • Fernando Moreno
    Fernando Moreno 25 days ago


  • Joned Rahadian
    Joned Rahadian 26 days ago

    Im lonely. So I must be intelligent.

    • man0z
      man0z 8 days ago

      That's not the point of the video. Not very intelligent are you?

  • Jiminie pabo
    Jiminie pabo 26 days ago

    It's like when you know certain people are toxic and you stay away from them and you like to see the world around you magically without fake conversation.... You end up alone. It's lonely, but we don't get hurt as much and really know ourself

  • Mylaur
    Mylaur 26 days ago

    What a nice, illusionary excuse to give myself.

  • Dogquack
    Dogquack 27 days ago

    by your definition of intelligence, the people in asylums are geniuses and so are retards and Alzheimers, they're brutally honest

  • linda linacre
    linda linacre 27 days ago

    No being alone is not loneliness. You can be lonely when with a lot of people who don't comprehend or want to hear interesting things because they don't understand them. Better to be free to pursue personal research and other areas of interest.

    • man0z
      man0z 8 days ago

      Sure but there's comes a point where the lonely intelligent person yearns for others to understand and even longs to forget what they know and go back to a state of "ignorant bliss". All my life I yearned for higher knowledge and I found it but feel I can't do anything with it. It's like winning the lottery only you can't use that money.

  • Mario Lopez
    Mario Lopez 27 days ago

    This is one of the best videos I’ve watched in a very long time

  • Angelina Janacek
    Angelina Janacek 29 days ago

    Im dumb af fat and lazy too but not lonely.

  • the commiemen
    the commiemen 29 days ago

    Sorry i dont speak english very well, from what i understood, at the end of the video, he is saying that art helps to increase emotional intelligence, right?

  • inquizative44
    inquizative44 29 days ago

    We are lonely but don't mind being alone.

  • Imaginary Fox
    Imaginary Fox Month ago

    Although i don't really like loneliness, I think it has helped me to think and imagine as I do now. I can't be around people all the time like my peers, I want to think alone and be lost inside my head.

  • mark Johnson
    mark Johnson Month ago

    Very insightful! M

  • A.T. Soto
    A.T. Soto Month ago

    Without art emotionally intelligent people would go extinct. There would be almost nothing left in the world except socially engineered sub plebeians, and borderline sociopaths.

    • man0z
      man0z 8 days ago +1

      It seems like that is the only thing left.

  • Casper Richter
    Casper Richter Month ago

    Intiligens is overrated.
    Wisdom is underrated.

  • Aamad faraz khan
    Aamad faraz khan Month ago

    Animation is visually very disturbing

  • Mayur Das
    Mayur Das Month ago

    Ys this happen with me every time so till this day I didn't find even single close friends and even family members think that I am nonsense because I always talk about science, history etc

  • Bamboso
    Bamboso Month ago

    ~Fazendo cara de que entendi alguma coisa~

  • ・面倒臭い
    ・面倒臭い Month ago

    What you descibed isn't emotional intelligence, it's a small part of it called self-awareness. Emotional intelligence includes a lot of skills, including social communication. Emotionally intelligent people eventhough do have a problem expressing their feelings, they have easy time just chatting and socializing with other people.

  • revurts
    revurts Month ago

    Tesla is right.

  • QQTrick1QQ
    QQTrick1QQ Month ago

    I'm not anti social, I'm socially select.

  • Big boy
    Big boy Month ago

    Why would you need company if you have an awesome mind


    This video resulted to be way better than I expected.

  • TehBanger
    TehBanger Month ago

    You made me cry.

  • Mwmen Shaker
    Mwmen Shaker Month ago

    Just because I’m alone doesn’t mean I’m “lonely”.

  • cesar martinez
    cesar martinez Month ago

    Loneliness is a permanent aspect of our humanity. Some people just realize this more than others. Doesn't mean you HAVE to be sad though. There's a lot of beautiful things life has to offer. It provides a lot of peace of mind when you allow the good and bad to coexist in your life.

    • cesar martinez
      cesar martinez Month ago

      Like watching the office while you're high with some pals.

  • Jake J
    Jake J Month ago

    The last 30 seconds it kind of lost me. It sounds like the narrator is saying "art is becoming less relevant in the modern world because we're better at finding company". I'm not sure that's true at all. I think we in many ways are in very lonely times and I think art, satire, humor, music is more critical than ever.

  • Tonio Ercegović
    Tonio Ercegović Month ago

    why are you watching this you are not smart

  • Leo Waltz
    Leo Waltz Month ago

    Because they're too busy watching Rick and Morty.

    DAT BOI Month ago

    Is anyone else here because there lonely and unhappy but very smart ?

  • David Fields
    David Fields Month ago

    This is me. 🐍

  • Billy Bob Thornton
    Billy Bob Thornton Month ago

    What is this "ought" the narrator keeps referring to?

  • Andrew s
    Andrew s Month ago

    The edge in this comment section is so smart that my carpet is now drenched with blood.

  • Old School Gamer
    Old School Gamer Month ago

    i do a lot of PCP and people don't like it

  • zombieyuppie
    zombieyuppie Month ago


  • Davsdrg dfhth
    Davsdrg dfhth Month ago

    i like the video buti didn't expect "art" to be that one thing which makes lonely people feel better... for me it's not like that at least (I'm 100% lonely but a bit maybe)

  • Tony Randall
    Tony Randall Month ago

    I like people who don't like people..

  • comrade athiest
    comrade athiest Month ago

    I define normal, everyone else is strange. What do you define?

  • John Daniels
    John Daniels Month ago

    emotional intelligence doesn't exist

  • Red Bones
    Red Bones Month ago

    Interesting, but not sure what the point of the misleading title was?

  • Flo K.
    Flo K. Month ago

    This video just describes my life.
    It let me realize why i decided to become an actor and dramaturg, i never thought of it this way before, which again makes at the same time lucky and sad; lucky, because i know myself now better than i did before and sad because i wasn`t able to come to this conclusion by myself.

  • Phizzhead
    Phizzhead Month ago

    No one wants to hear truth, but lying hurts somone in the long run, cant fix problems you dont know you have

  • Mike Reed
    Mike Reed Month ago

    No one is ever your friend except your parents if you are lucky and that is because they are genetically programmed to want your well-being. For other people, so-called friends, a great source of pleasure is schadenfreude. Nothing is lost on me. I see their pleasure whenever I suffer and disdain whenever I succeed. They also enjoy talking behind my back saying nasty things. Except for my departed parents, I will never have nor want 'friends'.

  • SlayPlenty
    SlayPlenty Month ago

    How can you think that the soft deep voice throughout the video can be positively contrasted by that sharp high pitch bitch?

  • Meroslave Klose
    Meroslave Klose Month ago

    The app please android version !!