Are Intelligent People More Lonely?

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  • The School of Life
    The School of Life  8 days ago +141

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    • Randy Reisig
      Randy Reisig Day ago


    • Randy Reisig
      Randy Reisig Day ago

      As much as I agree with what you people say here... its all common sense... so wtf. its like pointing at the ground and saying what it i

    • Randy Reisig
      Randy Reisig Day ago

      but to simply say "intelligent people" is to undermine the variances of intelligence. again, wasting my time here. I should be teaching my own videos.

    • Randy Reisig
      Randy Reisig Day ago

      Intelligent people are much more highly aware to put it simply.

    • Artyom Fair
      Artyom Fair 5 days ago

      добавляйте русские субтитры. прошу.

  • mateus sodre
    mateus sodre Hour ago

    I notice this with myself but not in the sense of being alone but in the sense of not being able to connect to anyone in the things that I value and give a lot of thought which leaves me to have a lot of superficial friends and only getting in deep meaningful thoughts with my own mind. I know only a few that share the passion for curiosity and questioning. But that sad talk of "being alone" is a point of view. Life is wonderful just don't accept that romantic suffering ideology that society throw at you. Question shit and be happy af.

  • LuckieLuuke
    LuckieLuuke 2 hours ago

    Im often alone but seldom feel lonely cause i love spending time with myself. My mind is so funny to hang out with, so much weird stuff is going on there. All i need is some music and a pen or a book or takeing a bath and off i go :D
    I´ve never understood why society seems to believe extrovert is good and introvert is bad.

  • macronencer
    macronencer 6 hours ago

    This is one of your best videos, and I love that quote from Emerson.

  • Hippocrates Da Terra
    Hippocrates Da Terra 6 hours ago

    Why are you saying we? That is strange and off-putting. Speak for yourself and dont rope me into your dream of social isolation.

  • Asheesh Moosapeta
    Asheesh Moosapeta 7 hours ago

    Picasso painting at 1:00 is a great little easter egg! Its called "The Old Guitarist" and thought to be the inspiration for "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" by The Beatles; truly a symbol of loneliness!

  • Dzelion Gurung
    Dzelion Gurung 8 hours ago

    The narration is so calming.
    I love it.

  • Dzelion Gurung
    Dzelion Gurung 8 hours ago

    I came here thinking maybe I'm lonely cause I'm intelligent.

    Nope. I'm just lonely.

  • Uncommon Plans
    Uncommon Plans 8 hours ago

    Yes. This.

  • dat boy DONKEY
    dat boy DONKEY 10 hours ago

    I always thought as if I was such a strange boy, that causes my own isolation

  • Joaquín B.
    Joaquín B. 11 hours ago

    Can anyone explain to me with simple ideas what the video want to share about this topic of intelligence and loneliness? I'm not sure that I understood at all. Thanks!

  • Salty Slug
    Salty Slug 13 hours ago

    I recently decided to be really honest with my own self and to feel everything.

  • Rodrigo Zapata
    Rodrigo Zapata 17 hours ago

    Fuck im a genius

  • thewiseturtle
    thewiseturtle 20 hours ago

    That title is very misleading and clickbaity. We do know that more traditionally intelligent individuals are often rejected by mainstream, less intelligent, society, because it's a cultural norm to feel like others are your competition, rather than your potential inspiration. Being better at anything is tantamount to an insult in this strange ideology. So even being better at being self-aware, as your video here speaks of can make one more lonely.
    One of my favorite people, one PeterDraws, just envisioned that in a parallel universe there was some version of him doing everything ever so slightly better than he was, and he decided to consider that version of him as his greatest competition. Which seems so sad to me. I suggested to him that he instead consider his better self a guide who could teach him to be better.

  • Chibi_Undercover

    “It sounds like a very mean and undemocratic thought, trading off the peculiar glamour that isolation has in a Romantic culture – in order to gain an oblique sense of superiority and perhaps pass off an absence of social skills as a virtue."
    I can't help but think this sentence was carefully crafted to convey a certain level of intellectual proficiency from the viewer's perspective. A quote from Erving Goffman, an eminent sociologist, suddenly came to mind: "(authority) has always a tendency to surround itself with forms and artificial mystery, whose object is to prevent familiar contact and so give the imagination a chance to idealize..."
    For example, people may use formal language to let others know they're an authority on a certain subject when this is hardly ever the case.
    I am not criticizing your work, I'm pointing out it would be more accessible to myself and other common men, if you would tone down the formality just a bit, because I could not help but watch the video squinty-eyed the entire time. Cheers! :p

  • LifeGlitch1
    LifeGlitch1 Day ago +1

    What if you like being alone, but people are bothering you all the time and eating up your space and time. You need some you time, after all.

  • Madhurya mayya
    Madhurya mayya Day ago

    Thank you... I wouldn't know what i would do with out you guys..

  • Atheists Gone Wild

    If you're on any side of the bell curve, you're lonely.

  • Ryan Privee
    Ryan Privee Day ago

    Then there are those lonely, clever people who end up being school shooters and terrorist suicide bombers...

  • Brenden
    Brenden Day ago

    These videos just make me more fucking sad!

  • crasy kills
    crasy kills Day ago

    I though you were gonna spew bs. But you simply just hit it on the head..the boredom of sharing whats in my head is overwhelming. Even writing this comment feels like I'm just spewing bs at the reader.

  • Hue Genex
    Hue Genex Day ago

    I watch only the most highly intelligently satisfying of shows, Rick and Morty

  • Medicine Madison M

    This video seemed interesting at first, until it started implying that the goal is a society where art is no longer necessary. As an artist, not only I disagree with this nonsense, but I challenge you to imagine a world without a form or art which everyone takes for granted - music. It is enjoyed by all classes of society, better quality or lower quality music is always around. People NEED IT - this is why it exists. People need it because they have feelings - and whether one is emotionally intelligent or not, one will still have feelings, one will still need music to confirm that they are not alone in their feelings, and especially with sadness, music can alleviate negative thoughts and suffering. People also need books to broaden their horizons and increase their knowledge of the world, people also need paintings to watch and appreciate, people also need sculpture, dance, photography, film, and all the other arts. Each with its purpose. Would you like your before-bed hours without a good movie? Would you know what is going on in the world now and in the past if photographers and painters did not document it? Would you learn life lessons from books without having to experience tragedy for yourself and reading about it instead? I doubt it. If you consider that a society without art would be a better society, you are practically ignoring culture and knowledge, you are implying that an emotionally intelligent world does not need culture and knowledge. Then, why would they live? For what purpose? To work endless hours like robots in a corporation, never having a glimpse of this world and the culture humanity has created since we exist? What about monuments, architecture, the Pyramids in Egypt, all the museums? Should we destroy them because once we are finally "emotionally intelligent" because they are useless, aren't they, we should build office buildings and factories instead?!??!? This is wrong. This is a shame. It is outrageous. Please do not spread such pointless nonsense, it insults every single artist in the past and every single artist alive, many of whom risk their health and well being for art, artists who work hard to bring beauty in everyone's lives, INCLUDING YOURS. Artists ARE important. I am not saying this just because I am an artist- I am saying this because without artists, your life would be dull, boring and not worth living. So stop this b.s. and go apologize to every artist you can find whom you have insulted with these statements. You live what can be called a life BECAUSE of us artists. You would NOT want to live in a world without us.

  • Ernest9104
    Ernest9104 Day ago

    Wow, speechless. Amazing job.

  • The Aspergian Heteroclite

    More condescending stuff from le Bottom.

  • ritwik singh
    ritwik singh Day ago

    Lonely is way to the connecting to him self...... superb....

  • Mr. Ted
    Mr. Ted Day ago

    According to this video I'm supposed to be smart...okay.

  • Earth Angel
    Earth Angel Day ago

    There is a difference between Lonely and Alone.

  • Luny & Milky
    Luny & Milky 2 days ago

    This is a kind of disturbed way of thinking. Although I agree with Art being a major force of connection is really wrong to state that maby the ones that should/could be our friends died hundreds of years ago. And don't get me wrong, nothing against the thought, but I say it really seems wrong because with that statement you're presuming that there are no artists around anymore, or even that art in itself is a way of connection, so if various artists/art lovers meet they can find a deep friendly connection there. I'm not saying that it is always possible 100% of the time, but it is a strong possibility, and there are several examples nowadays, just look at the world of music, or the comics artists. Unless you're stating that only classical music or classic painting is art... because that would be even worse.

  • Quantumtales
    Quantumtales 2 days ago

    The title should have stated that the video is about emotional intelligence, because now all the dumbwits that didn't watch the video but still posted comments, think it's about mental intelligence.

  • Callen McDonough
    Callen McDonough 2 days ago

    So much comfort in every video

  • Inex Tu
    Inex Tu 2 days ago

    good stuff again!

  • Taylor Arnold
    Taylor Arnold 2 days ago

    Yeah pretty sure it’s just my crippling anxiety that’s hold me back

  • RhobDaHoodie
    RhobDaHoodie 2 days ago

    please discuss whats the difference between a "gifted" and a "bright" child because it will surely help those who are depressed and will help these people realize themselves why they are lonely.

  • 偽88
    偽88 2 days ago

    well, at least i'm not gay

  • Annegret Coetzee
    Annegret Coetzee 2 days ago

    I'm very lucky to have found someone with whom I can share ontological thoughts, and who shares in return. Interacting with others usually feels like a bit of a farce; it can be severely arduous, and just makes me appreciate how comfortable and open I can be around him. It also makes me fear for the day we will part, for whatever reason. I remember the loneliness.

  • Rucha Raje
    Rucha Raje 2 days ago

    I wish you would also provide sub-titles..

  • manuel solano
    manuel solano 2 days ago

    Great video

  • Zak Pasternak
    Zak Pasternak 2 days ago

    The smartest learn how to be alone yet not lonely

  • Super JR
    Super JR 2 days ago

    can someone please tell me how to make videos like this one? what app is useful to make this type of videos?

  • Louis LaFontaine
    Louis LaFontaine 2 days ago

    These videos always really astound me

  • Gaston Deveaux
    Gaston Deveaux 2 days ago

    My explanation is : Intelligent people are more rare than average or stupid people. So, intelligent people have a harder time finding people with which to have intelligent conversations. Stupid people are everywhere, no such problem for them. Intelligent people usually have to dumb down to socialize, which can be tiresome, and yes lonely I guess. It is quite a thrill when one finds another like minded individual who, for instance, reads books, knows a thing or two about current events, can think critically, etc.

  • Lauren Brown
    Lauren Brown 2 days ago

    "IF YOU LIKE THESE FILMS!!!!" - I do until this bit. Please fix your audio

  • LiveWire Supply Co.
    LiveWire Supply Co. 2 days ago

    I am truly a “lone traveler” and have never belonged to my country, my home, my friends, or even my immediate family, with my whole heart; in the face of all these ties, I have never lost a sense of distance and a need for solitude—feelings which increase with the years. One becomes sharply aware, but without regret, of the limits of mutual understanding and consonance with other people. No doubt, such a person loses some of his innocence and unconcern; on the other hand, he is largely independent of the opinions, habits, and judgments of his fellows and avoids the temptation to build his inner equilibrium upon such insecure foundations.
    Albert Einstein

  • LiveWire Supply Co.
    LiveWire Supply Co. 2 days ago

    Loner.. lonely... leave me alone 🤷‍♂️

  • Sam Copeland
    Sam Copeland 2 days ago

    I think what you've defined as emotional intelligence could be more rigorously defined as being high in openness

  • Ko Br
    Ko Br 2 days ago

    Kinda makes sense: as you get older, you gain more knowledge, see throught other peoples intentions and lose will to hang around a lot of ppl. It's by default that ppl have less and less friends as they get older.

  • FKalo
    FKalo 2 days ago

    For all those who are saying they're dumb, keep in mind that people who are morons tend to think of themselves as smarter than they are, whereas those who are a little self-deprecating are at least aware that they have faults, which makes them smarter overall.
    So basically, by admitting you're not the smartest person alive, you're proving that you're not dumb.

  • Manisha Sachdeva
    Manisha Sachdeva 2 days ago

    Its strange to see so many people here... I thought I am the only weird... I have no friends at all.... and I can't relate with the people at all... Its just that I don't believe in small talk....

  • Ciprian Lehaci
    Ciprian Lehaci 2 days ago

    i am lonely ,maybe smart too but im not even close understanding rick and morty i must tell you that ....i heard you need 200 iq to pass the first season and 1080 iq for the second one ...imagine the third.Just thinking about it makes my brain fry

  • Manifesto
    Manifesto 2 days ago

    Im only hearing the things I wanted to hear.. What does that mean?

  • Ro Carrasco
    Ro Carrasco 2 days ago

    What an amazing thought, there at the end, about the meaning of art!, I somehow feel that the title of the video doesn't quite make justice to how deep the content really is :/

  • Joshua Huynh
    Joshua Huynh 2 days ago +1

    school of life is becoming ridiculous. Apart from the lack of insight and depth when portraying some of the thinkers in their videos. This idea that 'intelligent' people are by nature lonely is complete narcissism. They've just released an app which is like tinder for 'smart' people. To this is just enforcing the idea that smart people need to stick together. But in reality this is just a bunch of insecure people who don't know how, or refuse to interact with the world of 'normal' people because they think they're above them. This is really irresponsible from school of life, particularly during these times when the 'intelligent' voice needs to be heard. The times of french intellectual circles are over. Now is the time to stand up even if you feel alone and LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD.

  • kO wackO
    kO wackO 2 days ago

    Guys, it’s speaking of emotional intelligence......not actual intelligence. Pay attention to the video, the title isn’t accurate.

  • Isha Senthil
    Isha Senthil 2 days ago

    So you mean to say that people who create art are lonely !!??? Thats a not entirely true ....... It is a good thing to express ourselves honestly in our daily life scenarios but that doesn't mean that art is for those things that we may not be able to convey in our normal daily lives... Art is a creative way of conveying even the most simplest of simplest things that we humans feel...... Art can never be less necessary because we all crave art in some form or the other.... It is good to have a good connection between ourselves and our emotional thinking..... But saying that people use art as a method to get rid of their loneliness is not entirely right ..... Art is also a form of pleasure that we humans seek by either doing it or seeing it or reading it...... We can convey anything we want through art....Whether we feel lonely or not ......Art is human's natural instinct.... Art has been there since the prehistoric ages....... Art is what makes human experience much more rich..... It is definetly an inevitable fact that we humans require art even in the tiniest form

  • Kurt Gödel
    Kurt Gödel 3 days ago

    Intelligence is actually the capacity of understanding truth, as the medieval scholastics would say.

  • Mighty Moa Man
    Mighty Moa Man 3 days ago

    Im lonely, and I support this statement.

  • Wilde And Free
    Wilde And Free 3 days ago

    I don't believe there's a cast system of intelligence.
    There are many ways to be intelligent and individuals do buck the trends.

  • Daniel McCoy
    Daniel McCoy 3 days ago

    Really, how important is emotional intelligence in a reality where people obtain their shits a giggles taking photos of there food? Taking photos in bathroom mirrors after working out while making sure to display your goods? What good is emotional intelligence when most are looking at the tiny screens they hold in their pockets? When the simplest human interaction can't be met because people are tuned in a tuned out? When a special dinging of a notification elicits a greater response in your primitive brain,  than that other human sitting in the room with you? We are slowly dying, and not a fuck is given. Art is the only way to go. How do we fix this?

  • maxgotsmart
    maxgotsmart 3 days ago

    I'm stupid for not seeking out better friends.

  • Rob-karen Kennedy-parker

    Because most people are stupid.

  • Greenisking
    Greenisking 3 days ago

    I am overjoyed that I am not the only one that experiences this way of thinking and failure to express your true thoughts to people. It is in a way comforting to know that I am not alone.

  • Ater Nefarium
    Ater Nefarium 3 days ago

    Im lonely and i guess this is why.

  • Haben Woldemelak
    Haben Woldemelak 3 days ago

    If your intelligent you should be intelligent enough to find good friends

  • StevePeeve
    StevePeeve 3 days ago

    I'm misunderstood man, I'm so far ahead of my time, my parents aint even fucked yet

  • Nickersons Theme
    Nickersons Theme 3 days ago

    I feel as if I was smart or more intelligent I'd meet more people have a different life. I'm not overly smart and haven't really done anything impressive with my life so far so it makes me not try and connect with people

  • rickgauden
    rickgauden 3 days ago

    Se vc for br me chama 3499147982meia

  • moose inbeesocks
    moose inbeesocks 3 days ago

    I swear these come at the perfect times in my life. they solidify my feelings pretty much right when Im feeling them. how bizzare....

  • Adelaide hula hoopers

    art? by dead people? what about a that you do and make in living breathing company. join just for starters!

  • DeusEx3
    DeusEx3 3 days ago

    You have to be completely honest with yourself though: sometimes people blame their loneliness on their "high intellect" instead of realizing that their social skills could use some work. These people probably have ideas worth sharing and meaningful relationships waiting for them, but that won't happen if they don't take responsibility for how they interact with other people. I also think a lot of these people have been hurt in the past (projection much?).
    I was guilty of this. I had to realize that I wasn't the misunderstood genius my ego wanted me to be - tough pill to swallow, especially since the "I'm very smart" thing was really protecting me from a shitty self-esteem.

  • Erazem Baškovec
    Erazem Baškovec 3 days ago

    I Iove watching videos of such sort, which are very insightful and reflective - I am aware that this is merely a fact but still I must, for some reason, point that out; I like that part of the human nature. But whenever I watch these videos - well any kind of videos, but with these it is much more apparent that I am unabke to really pay attention to it; often times I wander off in my mind, I think a lot in general and can't be truly connected with what I expose myself to but the endless, tiring and meaningless thinking - chatter in the skull as Alan Watts put it. Has anyone else experienced anything similiar? Let me know, I would very much like to discuss this phenomenon as much as it is possible.

  • Thomas Sinaguglia
    Thomas Sinaguglia 3 days ago

    Exceptional video.

  • Don Bailey
    Don Bailey 3 days ago

    Art i believe is man reaching out into the unknown a prayer of union is when GOD reach's back.
    In recored history art is one of the things that define men from animals, but some very intelligent men who should know better would try tell you different, they deserve to be alone and loney in their Irovy towers.

  • Davey boy
    Davey boy 3 days ago

    Cause most "intelligent" people think they 'know it all' but there is only one thing that know it all s dont know. Nobody likes a 'know it all'

  • Yuri92001
    Yuri92001 3 days ago

    I am going to put this in the general comments:
    "Just because you are lonely doesn't mean you are intelligent, just remember!"
    I am not entirely sure that most people are truly watching this video, which takes pains to differentiate general intelligence with a very specific KIND: emotional intelligence. This isn't a video about smartness, cleverness, education, or the typical type of intelligence we tend to think about (people with high knowledge of facts, figures, mathematics, or some other academic feild, etc). This is about specifically people who have a high degree of "emotional intelligence". Goodness.
    It would be perfectly reasonable to theorize that people who are lonely tend to have more emotional intelligence. It's not a claim from which lonely people can feel they are "smart".

  • Friendly Reminder
    Friendly Reminder 3 days ago


  • Joe Stoneword
    Joe Stoneword 3 days ago


  • ultimobile
    ultimobile 4 days ago

    I did read that intelligent people may tend to spend more time alone as they find other people's company less interesting. However being alone is unlikely to be a sign of intelligence - I see lots of folk who are alone because their personalities are abrasive and they don't play well with others - they tend to get a dog - that barks - and call that love - as they never hear a bad word from their dog ...

  • Goran Surjak
    Goran Surjak 4 days ago

    I have nobody even my family is bad to me, thing is i dont feel lonely at all, what hurts me is people that judge me cause I have no facebook, no girlfriend or friends, they think im sad and not happy person but im fine like this.

  • Miss Foxy Vixen
    Miss Foxy Vixen 4 days ago

    It's so true, it might as well be a fact.
    I've been a loner since pre school.
    I had barely any friends or none at all.
    In high school, people started gravitating towards me more.
    But I'm still lonely because it doesn't take much to convince me that you no longer serve a purpose in my life anymore.
    Half of the people I cut off from my life completely still want me in their life.
    I prefer loneliness over negativity.
    If I feel the drama you cause in my life is a unnecessary burden I kick you outta my life.
    Despite me looking "hot".
    I'm actually a very lonely sad person.
    But I chose to have this life of solitude and isolation by cutting off thousands of people from my life sometimes out of the blue.
    I've been diagnosed with social phobia when I was a teen.
    So probably why I do what I do.

  • Lauris Olups
    Lauris Olups 4 days ago

    That man in a constant state of falling apart from 3:05 is so difficult to look at! :D

  • Fran Curi
    Fran Curi 4 days ago

    ¡Subtítulos en español por favor!
    Subtitles in Spanish please!

  • Killing Kunoichi
    Killing Kunoichi 4 days ago

    "Insomnia is the revenge for all that we tried so hard not to notice in the daylight." This is true. most of the time, what keeps me up is the things that I wished I said and noticed.

  • qptituskingqp
    qptituskingqp 4 days ago

    over the British accents lol

  • Precious Morain
    Precious Morain 4 days ago

    When would the app be updated? I would like to search for similar interests, age or even location. Being able to only search names is not that useful especially for lonely people who won't know others

  • Precious Morain
    Precious Morain 4 days ago

    When would the app be updated? I would like to search for similar interests, age or even location. Being able to only search names is not that useful especially for lonely people who won't know others

  • Depression My Diary
    Depression My Diary 4 days ago


  • juhyun shin
    juhyun shin 4 days ago

    What the fuck! This is.... i think i know why people tell me i am odd or in a good way special now. I had a feeling but this is more structured

  • Santo Calabaza
    Santo Calabaza 4 days ago

    I'm too dumb to understand this video

  • hisxmark
    hisxmark 4 days ago

    Stupid people are very fond of trying to find ways that they are superior to clever people. This often involves stereotypes, and generalities. And if their stupidity makes them so uncomfortable that they don't want to associate with intelligent people, then they proclaim intelligent people must be lonely.
    Solitude is often preferable to company. The conversation of many people is often on the level of, "Look at me! Look at me!"

  • zhang shengde
    zhang shengde 4 days ago

    f x x k amazing!  fascinating

  • dylmason2k7
    dylmason2k7 5 days ago

    "A real lonely person is lonely in a crowd"

  • lost ın the voıd
    lost ın the voıd 5 days ago

    I'm always alone, but I never feel lonely.

  • ripper
    ripper 5 days ago

    I dont understand anything

  • Semi charmed kind of guy

    Gave me an entirely new perspective on the subject. Good work!

  • Roppo Barber
    Roppo Barber 5 days ago

    I must have thousands of people round me!

  • a3ytc
    a3ytc 5 days ago

    What's the artwork to the far left at 4:30 ?

  • ReptoidHumidian
    ReptoidHumidian 5 days ago

    A world without art is our goal? Yeah, fuck off with that.

  • José Yánez
    José Yánez 5 days ago

    If you're lonely then you're not intelligent.

  • LoneWolf Lucas
    LoneWolf Lucas 5 days ago

    This one I dont completely agree with this one. Why is this only about emotional intelligence? You gain that by being social, so If youre isolated from everyone its hard to learn social cues and understand emotion. Also art is a vague term. Are painters more artistic than engineers or physicists? I don't think so