Are Intelligent People More Lonely?


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  • The School of Life
    The School of Life  Year ago +287

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    • Mosimai
      Mosimai 5 days ago

      I suggest you putting a background sound of piano in ur videos. It'll be greater.

    • Hannibal Tate
      Hannibal Tate 4 months ago +1

      The School of Life Congratulations, you not only proved your vocabulary is above average, but you've managed to confuse a few hundred thousand people. Congrats asshole, I don't get your video at all, and I'll be sure to leave a dislike, piece of shit

    • Yahia Kandil
      Yahia Kandil 5 months ago

      Hey , hope you're well, i would love to know more about this spesific topic and so i was wandering where ( or how) you brought all theses connections of information, is this some philosophical view or is there a spesific "someone" (like Emerson that appeared in the video) that i can look for? thanks

    • Hadi Kosh
      Hadi Kosh 6 months ago

      The School of Life why art always show Male Frontal Nudity like this david dick statue? FreetheVagina too in art for true equality huhahuha

  • Joel Thiam
    Joel Thiam 10 hours ago

    I haven't cared in a long time if people think that i'm weird, or crazy for expressing how i see the world that we are all living in (mostly cause i know, that by this worlds standards i most definately am weird and crazy, so why pretend anything else, it wouldn't change the way i am anyways).
    I don't value my "status" enough to talk about things im not interested in.
    But don't get me wrong!
    Just because im not interested to talk about a certain subject, doesn't mean that i do not enjoy listening, when someone else talks about something passionately, to me all oppinions on different subjects, are interesting in their own way, whether i agree with them, or not.
    To me agreeing is overrated anyhow, do you agree?
    If i feel like saying what i'm thinking or explaining why i'm thinking the way i am, i'm just gonna say it (so many i's...). However there is a time and a place for these thoughts to be expressed. I'm not going to bother some random waitress about the absurdity of life and what so ever (or maybe i should 🤔 #sarcasm), unless the moment calls for it.
    So yeah i'm weird and crazy i guess, although not being crazy in a world such as this would be weird. So deep...
    In conclusion:
    Things happen

  • k4rloかろ
    k4rloかろ 2 days ago

    i am watching this video to boost my self esteem lol

  • Kenyce
    Kenyce 3 days ago

    I'm dumb but lonely at the same time sucks sometimes. I've been lonely almost all of my life, try to be more social here and there works

  • Paula Marie
    Paula Marie 5 days ago

    This comforted me tonight . Thank you so very much.
    An artist.

  • Joe Dohn
    Joe Dohn 5 days ago

    How I feel all the time.
    I’ll read, make music, dance funny, work out, eat right, look at all the art I want to.
    You can keep your sports and beer.
    We might not have had the medicine we had today but you go back a few hundred years and we knew how to work cooperatively and create works of everlasting grandeur.
    Americans nowadays create stuff that lasts 15 minutes of fame.

  • John sarab
    John sarab 5 days ago

    Yup. Unless you can make the small talk and not disliked.

  • recagez585
    recagez585 6 days ago

    Im not intelligent in anyway and im very lonely

  • Jacob Israel
    Jacob Israel 7 days ago

    Art? Really? You could sooner say porn. But there you're still lonely and it likely makes it worse. How about children ? A faithful spouse? Those seem a lot more logical solutions than a painting or poem.

  • Marshall Brannan
    Marshall Brannan 7 days ago


  • SJ Alpha
    SJ Alpha 9 days ago +1

    I don't want to talk about this. Why am I living this life watching this video... :(

  • Vain jumper
    Vain jumper 10 days ago

    Jesus christ i can barely follow what the fuck this guy is saying. Talk normally

  • Dokia7
    Dokia7 10 days ago

    I felt personally attacked. But this was nice. It was comforting. But it would be nice to meet people I could talk to emotionally.

  • Marmalade Stex1591
    Marmalade Stex1591 13 days ago

    No Offence to Anyone but at Times I Feel Like a Parrot who has been Shoved into a Cage Full of Budgies!, (Some People might not get that Analogy & that is Okay if You Don't!).

  • sufjan joy
    sufjan joy 14 days ago

    I think we should encourage people to become more intelligently emotional rather than emotionally intelligent.

  • uio Ok
    uio Ok 16 days ago

    Then wouldn't it be better not to be emotionally intelligent? What's the point of being emotionally intelligent if it is going to make you statistically lonelier?

  • Andy Appleton
    Andy Appleton 21 day ago

    I've read about the correlation between higher levels of intelligence and higher levels of depression. In my experience with life thus far, it definitely seems to ring true at least most of the time. You need look no further than our ubiquitous popular cultures to see evidence of the simplicity of the average mind. With the proper application of media upon any population, the individuals of such population can be influenced to do virtually anything you like with little or no regard for the sense of the stated logic or consequences of their actions. Discussion with common folk is virtually painful as they need to simplify and surmise everything whilst missing the greater picture entirely. It seems that many on the high-functioning autism spectrum would fall directly into your subject in the video.

  • Groove Machine Music Production

    Im lonely, but not in the feel sorry for me way. I get ample oppertunity to be with girls and hang out with friends. When i have friend's i always end up rubbing them the wrong way, I guess due to my honesty. People hate my honesty and my narcissism. When people attack my achievements, i will shout out in a room full of people that im the best at everything I do and ill prove it to them, this just happened with my boss yesterday. On the other hand when people attack my personality, I always self reflect and end up agreeing with them. People want to beat me up all the time because i have a heightened self esteem. I do not lack empathy and will go out of my way to help good people, if I trust them. I feel due to me spending time alone I study more and learn more, which is the very point of my existence, I laugh at people who live to sleep with girls,(as all it did to me was leave me empty) I dont get it! Im no better then anyone but to me, im the best that ever existed.

    • Finessed
      Finessed 5 days ago

      Ehh you kinda just sound like an asshole to be honest with ya but if you know already know that what can you do

  • Unnamed Shadow
    Unnamed Shadow 23 days ago

    i honestly believe that this depends. If you are technically speaking intelligent. Or at least your IQ test claims you are, and you work or are surrounded in an environment that clearly is not something you are comfortable with, you will feel lonely.
    But again it is all subjective. There's a difference between being intelligent and being smart. Intelligent people require have similar minded individuals to feel fulfilled on their enviroment. As they will have similar topics or ideas to discuss. Smart people are different, they adapt and make the best ouf the situations. Of course there are intelligent people that are also smart and can adapt to situations that in their own opinion are "idiotic".

  • akshay Jain
    akshay Jain 24 days ago

    It is good english but conveys no meaning . Sounds random thoughts.

  • TK42108
    TK42108 24 days ago

    There is no such thing as "Emotional Intelligence." If you measure EQ to the extreme positive or negative correlation to any personality trait, you are just measuring that personality trait. Your negative correlation will be neuroticism, and your positive correlation will be openness to experiences.
    EQ DOESN'T EXIST! This crap is fraud!
    The real reason intelligent (or likewise unintelligent) people tend to have smaller spheres of friends is because of where they fall on the bell-curve for intelligence. People pair with one-another who are a lot like them, and intelligence is one of those reasons. Thus, when you get further to any end of this spectrum, fewer people exist there.

  • Ajay Banna
    Ajay Banna 28 days ago


  • Famke Immelmann
    Famke Immelmann Month ago

    Picasso painting in the background!

  • Gio
    Gio Month ago

    This is so me!!!!! just the “socially amicable husk” part though....The intelligent part died years ago.

  • ferxodia racing
    ferxodia racing Month ago +4

    Im watching this video to justify my loneliness lol

  • Alexis
    Alexis Month ago

    Yes we are.

  • Lord Artorius Collbrande

    Here’s my honest advice to people like me who are intelligent and are never able to find people just like yourself. You should probably just commit suicide. It’s the only way to truly escape pain and suffering from people. Think about it. If we were dead, we could finally be with God our holy father. We can finally create our own world we dreamed of and we can be happy. People would finally be willing to listen to our ideas and follow them. You have no reason to continue living. Why keep living the sad life on Earth where people are idiots talking about marijuana, cheating on people, and stupid memes when we can kill ourselves and then live in heaven for the rest of eternity and create a happy new world where we can finally hang out with people who can actually have an intelligent conversation? I might even kill myself soon. People are nothing more than mindless robots that follow society. They give up the freedom to think in order to be granted a place in society. The criminals are always the ones who rule on top while smart people like everyone here on this comment section including myself are food to be devoured by the stronger. People like us have no place in this world. The more we keep living, the more people will ignore us and eventually face there own calamity. If we were dead, people would finally be able to destroy themselves and then finally realize how stupid and selfish they were for thinking the way they do. Please, we have to kill ourselves in order to save this world. It’s the only thing we smart people are able to do in this world. We would finally be able to grant salvation and date the intelligent girls we dreamed of. Follow me and I will grant you a high place in my world and we could create something truly perfect. A world of peace and harmony together. I only grant this one simple task. Should you fail though, I will burn all of you to oblivion with my divine power. Thank you all for granting me this wish to save this world.

  • Ayumi Saito
    Ayumi Saito Month ago

    I think not-smart-enough people don't realize they are lonely even if they are, because they are busy doing whatever they like to do.
    They just don't give much thought to it.
    Therefore people who feel down due to the loneliness are all smart people.
    I don't know how smart they have to be but there's definately some criteria.

  • YeppyNope
    YeppyNope Month ago +1


  • Giovanni Mangiante
    Giovanni Mangiante Month ago

    This is every stupid loner's favorite video.

  • Daniel Nava
    Daniel Nava Month ago

    i do feel represented

  • Wasula Wasula
    Wasula Wasula Month ago

    im looking answers in comment section beside watching this vedio

  • Ashton Grey
    Ashton Grey Month ago

    I'm lonely because other people live unhealthy lifestyles my age and it's rarely if ever I come across someone similar in perspective and mindset and lifestyle

    • Lord Artorius Collbrande
      Lord Artorius Collbrande Month ago

      Ashton Grey Isn’t it ridiculous that people always act the way they do? I wish I could guide this world into the light with my own ideas.

  • Elcan Abbasov
    Elcan Abbasov Month ago

    The misunderstanding is " you're lonely" doesn't mean that just because you're a smart person.

  • Fighting Games Are Awesome

    Liking to be by yourself because you have concrete passions you do is DIFFERENT than feeling lonely (you can feel lonely among people for example).
    Of course smart people (REAL smart people, not the posers) prefer to stay alone unless there is a concrete benefit out of something, because most of the time they are bashed in youth because different or because of jealousy by the iNFERIOR BREED that only deserves to be put into an oven if male or used as cumdumpsters if female.

  • Riri
    Riri Month ago

    Ask me
    The answer is......

  • Lonely life
    Lonely life Month ago


  • chester 96
    chester 96 Month ago

    hii I mostly Remain alone ..whyy?? and i never accept others views hurrily..why??

  • Oblivious Minds
    Oblivious Minds Month ago +1

    Yes because your smart enough to realize people are fake and are shit or use you or want something from when all you want is a buddy to chill with you so you don’t bother anymore like you used too sad reality

  • Dragon Claw
    Dragon Claw Month ago +2


  • Ann M
    Ann M Month ago

    Why do they have to shake though. Making them look even more weird lol

  • It's Candy Time Boys and Girls

    It doesn't matter if you're lonely or not. In the end, we all die alone and afraid.
    Good night, ladies and gentlemen

  • Montrarious
    Montrarious Month ago +1

    If only those of us who connect with this issue could meet another and talk. That would be the greatest conversation I'd ever be apart of.

    COMIC BOOK HERO Month ago

    I'm not lonely I just like being alone

  • europe is the best love is blind

    Lonely people are less inteligent unless you are actually doing something wih your time most men claim their time is precious but they do nothing to use it properly most of the time they are abusive and crooked this attitude is recesive and worthless men and evolutionary dead end if men or women claims their time is precious that means are crooked and abusive

  • Vσlσɳѕку
    Vσlσɳѕку Month ago

    Wow This made no difference whatsoever. Only of me being more selfaware yay.. 👌

  • Rezoww
    Rezoww 2 months ago

    It’s like your lonely so much to the point your intelligent

  • MSA 212
    MSA 212 2 months ago

    I wish I weren't awkward and introverted

  • Naila Kamana
    Naila Kamana 2 months ago +1

    Being intelligent is a double edged sword. On one side you have a better understanding of your environment because you're very observant and your thought process runs deeper than others but on the other side it's so hard to find someone That's on the same wavelenght and that makes us feel restricted. That leads to isolation and ultimately depression.

    • Naila Kamana
      Naila Kamana Month ago

      +Lord Artorius Collbrande Exactly. It's all over western culture: the ridiculing of intelligent or quiet people in movies, books...etc. Those are qualities that should be admired but for some reason it makes people uncomfortable because it reminds them of their own shortcomings.

    • Lord Artorius Collbrande
      Lord Artorius Collbrande Month ago

      Naila Kamana I find it ridiculous that most people are as stupid as they actually are. I’m a very intelligent person myself who would like to think that at least a few people out there would like to be around me. I have to completely agree with what you’re saying. People are nothing more than tools being manipulated by society just to have a place in it. It’s always good people who are at the bottom while criminals are always the ones feeding on top.

  • Émile
    Émile 2 months ago

    Wow i really must've gotten dumber over the years... oooor i worked on social skills and learned how to find people i actually like and want to be friends with, while my intelligence stayed exactly the same as it ever was.
    god the edge of the comment section is just incredible and a huge r/iamverysmart circlejerk.

    • Dries Roelvink
      Dries Roelvink Month ago

      Émile I’m taking a shitton of screens for those sweet 4 upvotes

  • Emile
    Emile 2 months ago

    It’s cold at the top.
    And not all people can survive this.

  • maiL reltuB
    maiL reltuB 2 months ago

    Im lonely no that intelligent though.

  • Reverse Lay-up
    Reverse Lay-up 2 months ago

    Is this storytelling?

  • Сейлор Rabinowich господин

    Isolation is beautiful

  • BobFredIII å 12 ÿëåř old

    chopin is my best friend

  • Guardian of the Galaxy
    Guardian of the Galaxy 2 months ago

    "Yet, there is one resource that is exceptionally well suited to addressing the feeling of disconnection liable to be felt by the emotionally intelligent."

  • Nolan Donohue
    Nolan Donohue 2 months ago

    Explains a lot really🤣😅

  • goddamnslayer
    goddamnslayer 2 months ago

    This video is one of the most sane things I've ever seen. I cannot believe how much I relate to this. Its quite validating.

  • Rhu'el Steyn
    Rhu'el Steyn 2 months ago

    I was literally lying awake in bed philosiphying about this for 2 hours before i unrelatedly opened youtube and saw this video on my feed

  • Albert
    Albert 2 months ago

    Are these people 99% water ?

  • Paul Roberts
    Paul Roberts 2 months ago +1

    I mega smart I have no freds 😕

  • Random Mechanicus Guy
    Random Mechanicus Guy 2 months ago

    I'm not smart but I'm still lonely

  • Bravely Forward
    Bravely Forward 2 months ago

    Or are lonely people more intelligent ?

  • Ernesto Gilgamesh
    Ernesto Gilgamesh 2 months ago

    This channel is full of videos with opinions, this is not entirely good.

  • unruhige materialflut
    unruhige materialflut 2 months ago

    PLEASE DO GERMAN SUBTITLES! The videos are so motivating and helping! Thank you so much for your work!

  • J. Montrice
    J. Montrice 2 months ago

    Very Happy Alone, Very Happy With People I like Ive grown as a person to find joy in both

  • Hank Rogers
    Hank Rogers 2 months ago

    What a crock of shat.

  • Stallnig
    Stallnig 2 months ago

    Can you imagine having an extreme need for attention and validation, but having to constrain your emotions and thoughts all the time to barely be accepted? It's bad enough on a daily basis, and it gets worse once you realise that no amount of praise for your art will do as a substitute for what you really need. When it comes to love it is outright excrutiating. Your're imprisoned in an iron mask, never to reveal your true self.

  • Stallnig
    Stallnig 2 months ago

    Ma heart, ma soul.
    I'm anxious going through the comments reading about likeminded peoples misery.

  • Szombatfalvi Hunor Gellért

    I was a little bit disappointing when it suggested art, I was sure that paragraph would end in "alcohol", ah well, in the end, we can have both

  • *enthusiastic approval of science*

    You have some good information but you also seem to spit a lot of bullshit out, that’s why I mostly like staying away from this channel.

  • Bernie Sanders
    Bernie Sanders 2 months ago

    Emotional intelligence doesn't exist

  • stupid lady
    stupid lady 2 months ago +1

    I'm definitely more of an introvert..don't like leaving the house

  • joe 90
    joe 90 2 months ago

    Spot on

  • the honest seer
    the honest seer 2 months ago

    Intelligence is a configuration of ones mental and psychological abilities. im classed as uneducated. .also lack social skills and interaction, resulting in lonliness and isolation. very sad..😢

  • tutu07777
    tutu07777 3 months ago

    Yes exactly, sometimes I just wanna hear someone else's unfiltered thoughts about something.

  • Laura V.
    Laura V. 3 months ago

    oh god why I started to cry when you talked about art

  • Glitchy Swirl
    Glitchy Swirl 3 months ago

    Well many people say im smart just by my actions, grades and actual performance in school. And the answer is YES i do get lonely bc im very different from others, different likes and interests, and sure some have the same hobby but i feel like i dont relate to them

  • Daniel Forrester
    Daniel Forrester 3 months ago

    I like this.

    It did not give a black and white feeling about being this way as 'bad'
    Our society is just a little too hard pressed to make everyone feel like we have to be on the front lines and socializing or we have 'failed'.
    In doing so they create huge feelings of self-depreciation, guilt, and shame.
    I could easily argue (and feel it's even a bit necessary as a defense) that more 'social' people lack self-awareness and are much less secure than they would like to project.
    Anyway, this was kind of a relief. Loneliness still sucks though.
    Waiting for the 'day of departure' into the great unknown to be relieved of such a horrific burden...

  • Zen Mode
    Zen Mode 3 months ago +1

    Check your levels before rendering. Narration is around 10, Outro is 100. You blow my speakers up dude.

  • Someone  Special
    Someone Special 3 months ago

    2:52 that hit way close to home

  • Jagabee
    Jagabee 3 months ago

    1,000,000th view...

  • Joy Lucas
    Joy Lucas 3 months ago

    Nd aq naniniwala n matalino c dion pg nd nia ginawa s mga taong un ang ginawa nl sken.

  • Trace Absence
    Trace Absence 3 months ago

    I am lonely because this world has decided that I have nothing to offer. But I have a great deal to offer. I am not good looking, tall nor masculine, everything this world considers before anything else. I’ve known many beautiful women who said to me, “If only you were a bit taller”. Image is everything. Life is a mirror: It’s depth is an illusion. It is nothing but surfaces.

  • pls dont click
    pls dont click 3 months ago

    I'm only 1:40 in and frankly I relate alot

  • summer scent
    summer scent 3 months ago

    I think they enjoy what they are doing (learning, thinking, etc). And some of them need to isolate themselves because they find it easier to focus. And if they are going too deep with their work, they will have less contact with others.

  • Muzol Byte
    Muzol Byte 3 months ago

    I feel uncomfortable watching this character shaking.

  • serving vengeance
    serving vengeance 3 months ago

    You're Kind Of Describing Life With HFA

  • PuppyCatLOVE
    PuppyCatLOVE 3 months ago

    im dumb and lonely

  • ram Sai
    ram Sai 3 months ago

    He is so true!!! The only friend we have is Art!

  • james collins
    james collins 3 months ago

    I'm so high and it rly described my life perfectly. Emotional intelligence for me has these aspects, but comes with fucking depression and too much drug abuse to have prudent focus on studies

  • Arielle Seerattan
    Arielle Seerattan 3 months ago

    MY painful life issue...

  • miapdx
    miapdx 3 months ago

    I clicked on because I thought it said loony.
    Oh well, both apply. 😩

  • Vitto Corleone
    Vitto Corleone 3 months ago

    Finding and staying with jesus removes lonliness n makes us wise

  • Came Here
    Came Here 3 months ago

    Why I don't get lonely??

  • Lula Red Bull
    Lula Red Bull 3 months ago


  • S E N P A I 先 輩
    S E N P A I 先 輩 3 months ago

    😭 Im crying right now, im deppresed, im lonely, if you guys ever meet me you will not see me because im nothing in this life😭

  • CraftedGadgetMC
    CraftedGadgetMC 3 months ago

    Im pretty good at art but I recently see it as more of a task than a hobby now. It feels pretty stressful to keep doing it. But I really feel like I have to do something with art except I'm all exhausted with the idea of doing it despite wanting to. You have any suggestions with want kind of art/medium I should be doing? Game development has been pretty fun for me but it feels to demanding most of the time. I just want simple, relaxing, a way to express without any stress.

  • Igor Pozitivno'Lud'
    Igor Pozitivno'Lud' 3 months ago

    I am kind inteligent but stupid for life. I am 43...but like 23.

  • J C
    J C 3 months ago

    What if you just hate people