We Made Those Awful Candy Tacos

  • Published on May 2, 2019
  • Sorry for the audio! I had the mic plugged into the headphone jack bc I'm a professional!
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  • Team Slay CPTSD
    Team Slay CPTSD 6 months ago +4725

    Gabbie's inner poor kid balking at exorbitant (and/or marginally upcharged) prices even though she's a rich TVclipr now IS SUCH A MOOD!!🤣🤣 😍 PS WE LOVE YOU, GABBIE (& you, too Irene).

    • Leah Colosky
      Leah Colosky 13 hours ago

      It is a turtle...😆

    • ok hi
      ok hi 18 days ago +1

      @garbage person OMG are u for real? Ovi SUCKs haha - Sidney Crosby skates CIRCLES around that toothless, drunk driving prick 😂😂 lmao

    • Esperanza Regalado
      Esperanza Regalado 4 months ago

      It said cotton candy ice cream😛😂

    • garbage person
      garbage person 5 months ago

      @Sidney Crosby Ice God alex Ovechkin ice god

    • RCA Tablet
      RCA Tablet 5 months ago +2


  • Sienna Hayes
    Sienna Hayes 2 days ago

    hot chips and faiy floss ITS BOMB

  • Yeet It's Chloe
    Yeet It's Chloe 8 days ago

    gabbie, you and irene's friendship makes me want to cry it's so pure.

    everyone needs an irene.

  • Caitlin Niamh
    Caitlin Niamh 14 days ago

    Y does Irene look like a dwarf in the thumb nail 😂

  • Arlyn Serrano
    Arlyn Serrano 15 days ago

    Gabby: “ThIs iS hOrRenDoS”
    Gabby: *continues to eat the whole thing*

  • Arlyn Serrano
    Arlyn Serrano 15 days ago

    You’re supposed to eat it with a spoon. It’s actually pretty bomb, I’ve eaten one from there.

  • Arlyn Serrano
    Arlyn Serrano 15 days ago

    they look like they’re too much but in all honestly the ingredients go reallly well together

  • Barbara Jean
    Barbara Jean 17 days ago

    I'm not fond of sticky on me, I feel for ya.

  • wheeler taz
    wheeler taz 18 days ago

    It’s a kid it literally says kid playing it’s a kid

  • Nicole Chapp
    Nicole Chapp 19 days ago

    I like being sticky

  • lisa Loves rose gold
    lisa Loves rose gold 27 days ago

    My mum has carpal tunnel and she said there is surgery you can get but it would cost money in the us which is just awful

  • Glowing for Jesus
    Glowing for Jesus 28 days ago


  • Yasmine Mohamed
    Yasmine Mohamed 28 days ago

    Hi Gabbie
    I know it's not really your thing but can you speak up about what's happening in Lebanon!
    The entire country is revolting against its government and I think more people need to be aware of what's happening here!! And you, as a Lebanese with a big platform, could definitely make a difference in getting us the support we need!!

  • Abezcel Ortega
    Abezcel Ortega Month ago

    Maybe the rainbow candy was skitles

  • katie bug 1422
    katie bug 1422 Month ago

    can the 1k of people who disliked this go back to first grade and learn manners thats when they teach you if you dont have something nice to say dont say anything at all

  • Delilah De Lossantoa

    He only a doctor in the movie not In real life. Also doctors don’t study artificial coloring that Is not there job to know that. Just because he has a doctor degree doesn’t mean he knows everything.

  • Nicole Ciampa
    Nicole Ciampa Month ago

    Ngl I super hate cotton candy

  • Abbey Berry
    Abbey Berry Month ago

    What was?

  • Molly L
    Molly L Month ago

    Can someone pls tell me wth qq means??

  • Turtle Junior
    Turtle Junior Month ago

    I am going to lose my shit if GABBIE and IRENE don’t move in together

  • to the moon and back

    irene ur fucking beautiful. STOP IT!!!!

  • Diamond Taylor
    Diamond Taylor Month ago


  • Emma
    Emma Month ago +1

    My favourite smartie is the orange one YUM

  • Emma
    Emma Month ago +1

    I say shurburt anyone else?

  • Christian Randazzo
    Christian Randazzo Month ago


  • AliKat TV
    AliKat TV Month ago

    bro i realized this was released on my birthday

  • Franklin Rymer
    Franklin Rymer Month ago


  • Ellie’s Overwatch

    I live in Minnesota and our state fair has something like this, it’s ice cream and fruity pebbles (you choose the ice cream flavor) wrapped in Cotten candy and it may have been diabetes but it was BOMB 🤤😍

  • Emma the turtle girl

    It was a turtle

  • Cameron Vai
    Cameron Vai Month ago

    Irene is legit about to kill Gabbie for squishing her cotton candy!!😂😂😂

  • Sophie Gualteros
    Sophie Gualteros Month ago +2

    10:59 Irene's yeah sounded soo freaking cuute! im dead. irene and gabbies friendship is goals

  • KaitieKate123 _90
    KaitieKate123 _90 Month ago

    Vance joy in the background: "I wanna be your left hand ma-"
    Gabbie: "All RiGht LeTS Do THIs"

  • H P
    H P Month ago

    I disagree with Irene about skittles instead of chocolate. The ice cream would turn the skittles hard as rock.

  • Melissa Dawley
    Melissa Dawley Month ago

    Gabbie, sweetie, it literally means SLOW! Children at play 😂😂

  • Sarah Sells
    Sarah Sells Month ago

    If you make them tiny burritos with cotton candy ice cream but no sprinkles and nothing but the cotton candy and ice cream they’re actually delicious (you can use vanilla too for a more subtle taste)

  • Breaded Chunks
    Breaded Chunks Month ago


  • Vivs B
    Vivs B Month ago

    My god Gabs its a kid a child a small adult if u will!!!😂

  • mieke clark
    mieke clark Month ago

    I have watch this literally 100 times!!
    You two are amazing!!

  • MaKAttack
    MaKAttack Month ago +1

    I mix everything together at the end of a meal, or at least save a bite of everything so the final bite has everything in it

  • Bayley Hanington
    Bayley Hanington Month ago

    In Australia mnms are smarties

  • Bianca Br94
    Bianca Br94 Month ago

    I didn’t know this video existed until yesterday!!

  • Bianca Br94
    Bianca Br94 Month ago

    Mamrie Hart are talking about the same scene on This Might Get!!!

  • Carli Ceretti
    Carli Ceretti Month ago

    I love how the title is “We made those Terrible Candy Tacos” like I know what “those” tacos mean! Lmao! 😂

  • Samantha Gutierrez
    Samantha Gutierrez Month ago

    So with movie thing, it was supposed to be a joke lol

  • Lol Animations
    Lol Animations Month ago

    i love u guys together

  • Bella Rogerson
    Bella Rogerson Month ago

    She has turned into the pink panther...😂😂lol

  • bobby lilley
    bobby lilley Month ago

    i thought it was liza koshy in th thumbnail

  • Emily Matthews
    Emily Matthews Month ago +2

    "Why are you rolling it when its already a flat object"
    "Mines gonna be better than yours just watch"
    Me at the end when hers was better: *whe3Ze*

  • The Grinch
    The Grinch Month ago

    Irene reminds me of Nani from Insatiable... OMG GABIE IS PATTIE!! JUST FUCKING DATE ALREADY BRO

  • Katelyn Gerardo
    Katelyn Gerardo Month ago

    It was cotton candy ice cream

  • Lexi The Weirdo
    Lexi The Weirdo Month ago +1

    Irene and gabby have the cutest relationship 😍😍😂

  • Leyla Garcia
    Leyla Garcia Month ago

    Can you do Cotten candy borittos

  • Destiny Venegas
    Destiny Venegas Month ago +1

    Ok but why did Gabbie’s head look kind of normal in the thumbnail 😂😂

  • Liz Erskine
    Liz Erskine 2 months ago

    Irene seems like so much fun to hang out with. I love her

  • madison angel kates
    madison angel kates 2 months ago

    I ship you guys♡♡♡

  • Custom Cool Guy
    Custom Cool Guy 2 months ago

    Next make the pasta from Elf

  • Heaven Owens
    Heaven Owens 2 months ago

    i had those plates so triggered cause childhood

  • Olivia Tortorea
    Olivia Tortorea 2 months ago

    Such a sibling relationship

  • Meekestthings
    Meekestthings 2 months ago

    My dream is to someday try some cottencandy!

  • Dana Materi
    Dana Materi 2 months ago

    Count the “Qualm”s