10,000 Calorie Baconator Challenge!! (11 Burgers)

  • Published on May 15, 2018
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    10,450 Calories of Wendy's Baconator Sandwiches!
    That's 11 Burgers, over 6.5lbs of Bacon, Beef, Cheese, Mayo, and Bread...

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Comments • 8 897

  • syafiq sanusi
    syafiq sanusi 15 hours ago

    Drink lemonade / sour if u sick with the taste of meat.

  • Amnesia Gaming
    Amnesia Gaming Day ago

    Poor toilet 0_0

  • Anthony powell
    Anthony powell Day ago

    you forgot the baconator fries

  • seantjuco
    seantjuco 2 days ago

    Lotsa beef and lotsa bacon and lotsa diabetes

  • Aarov 0621
    Aarov 0621 4 days ago

    Knock Knock

    **Who's there**


    **Wendy's who**

    When Deez nuts hit yo chin

  • Gavin Sy Su
    Gavin Sy Su 4 days ago

    What will wendy fire back

  • TheLifeOfThisGirly
    TheLifeOfThisGirly 4 days ago

    Can you marry me?

    CUMA DEVECİ 5 days ago

    Türkler buraya

  • Dewey Cox
    Dewey Cox 5 days ago

    This makes me want a giant burger sooooo bad

  • Apathy EditZ
    Apathy EditZ 6 days ago

    His shits must be absolute units

  • taylor martin
    taylor martin 7 days ago

    Man bro you have really slowed down

  • John Cubahiro
    John Cubahiro 7 days ago

    yo wendy´s can u hook me up with 2 of thos for free

  • to y tooBright Ogaji

    Why was there a kid counting

  • Jew Joe
    Jew Joe 8 days ago

    how long do you spend on the toilet?

  • Shaheda Shirin
    Shaheda Shirin 9 days ago

    How the hell he eats 10k calories of Burgers (which has a ton of fat) and he is still thin while i drink water and i am 250 pounds next day.

    XCOMMANDO PLAYS 9 days ago

    R.I.P Matt stonie's toilet

  • Irin Miss
    Irin Miss 9 days ago

    I took a burger to school as lunch today and i just took a ..bite and thats it

  • Puppy LoverYT_123
    Puppy LoverYT_123 9 days ago

    Hmmm i know what challenge you can fail!

  • Savage Squad
    Savage Squad 9 days ago

    i need to stop watching him i just get hungry

  • Happy Shoelace
    Happy Shoelace 9 days ago

    and then you have the poor staving children

  • Wayne Payne98
    Wayne Payne98 9 days ago

    Matt Stonie video comments: 50% "I get fat if i look at food" 50% "Diet coke"

  • Wayne Payne98
    Wayne Payne98 9 days ago

    One of those disgusting things and I feel like shit

  • Ashana Reed
    Ashana Reed 10 days ago

    He making me want a baconator😂😂

  • Nurullah Esat Heper
    Nurullah Esat Heper 10 days ago

    Después de vídeo qué hace

  • mirame soy un gato
    mirame soy un gato 11 days ago

    He got superpowers

  • Denomaid
    Denomaid 11 days ago

    If i breath i gain 40 kg (im so jelous right now)

  • Esther
    Esther 11 days ago



    Algum Br?

  • TheSkyWookie
    TheSkyWookie 12 days ago

    Tbh my favorite burger from Wendy's.

  • Dank DeadMemes
    Dank DeadMemes 12 days ago

    Eating like a starving homeless child

  • Kadesha Yarbrough
    Kadesha Yarbrough 12 days ago +1

    Now I wanna burger

    SSA INVINCIBLEx 13 days ago

    Bro seriously, how do you stay so skinny??

  • Dale Washington
    Dale Washington 13 days ago

    come to Houston and eat 10 number 3’s from whataburger 😂😂😂

  • Micle Jackson
    Micle Jackson 14 days ago

    Почему ты так много хаваешь но худой как палочка?ты в туалете день сидишь?

  • Puppy LoverYT_123
    Puppy LoverYT_123 14 days ago

    Wendy's roasting ya 😂
    Why dont you do 100

  • Joshua Labelle
    Joshua Labelle 14 days ago

    Do the 4 for 4

  • Noah Hayes
    Noah Hayes 15 days ago

    Bruh I work at Wendy's. I would've kicked you out of my drive thru, this is every sandwich makers worst nightmare lmao

  • Rozes
    Rozes 15 days ago

    11 baconators -
    "diet" coke

  • SharazJeck
    SharazJeck 16 days ago

    Wtf is Matt stonies exercise regime 🤔 or does he simply starve himself 😅

  • The_Ender_Chappi
    The_Ender_Chappi 17 days ago

    *Cries because he can't get that because he lives in europe*

  • April Chan
    April Chan 17 days ago

    *Matt S*
    **walks away**

  • 23Apollonia Krest
    23Apollonia Krest 17 days ago

    Were are the fries 🍟I can't eat a burger with out them

  • Landen Mcreynolds
    Landen Mcreynolds 17 days ago

    Im a really slow eater. The time it takes him to eat 11, I would eat 1

  • Nikblor
    Nikblor 18 days ago

    I usually get the number 2 combo

  • BananaszX
    BananaszX 19 days ago

    uh ok.. gg

  • Randy Valdez
    Randy Valdez 19 days ago

    Always opens the straw never uses it

  • Sno Man
    Sno Man 20 days ago +1

    I always need to order son of baconator cuz I don't eat much xd

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake 20 days ago

    Lol stupid question but if he ate 6.6 pounds of food shouldn't he have gained that

  • Tom Henderson
    Tom Henderson 20 days ago

    I bet his toilet hates him

  • Game Builder
    Game Builder 20 days ago

    I wish I was him

    ERI HYMA 21 day ago

    How Many Liters.

  • MoFortnite gaming
    MoFortnite gaming 21 day ago

    How is this guy not fat

  • Waluigi
    Waluigi 22 days ago

    Lol now I want a baconator

  • Cardona Family
    Cardona Family 23 days ago

    Honestly what's the point of putting the straw on the soda if he's just gonna chug it down

  • BillNyeTheNaziSpy
    BillNyeTheNaziSpy 23 days ago

    Im eating one and got full so i came to see how matt stonie does it

  • ImposterJohn.
    ImposterJohn. 24 days ago

    I’ve watched like 6 of your videos in a row and I’m hungry enough to eat the arse out of a low flying duck!

  • Edmund Castellanos
    Edmund Castellanos 24 days ago

    0:10lol diet coke haha

  • Papp Hase
    Papp Hase 25 days ago

    You got a diet coke. Why the f*ck

  • Happy Jax
    Happy Jax 26 days ago

    How does he do these challenges without going into cardiac arrest

  • dan Matasa
    dan Matasa 26 days ago

    and here i only had two in my lifetime. and wasn’t satisfied i think the ketchup kills it. i’ve made homemade baconators that are better. but i prefer a Wendy’s baconators always ask for no ketchup

  • Lil' Bean
    Lil' Bean 27 days ago

    I don’t understand why his wife is letting him do this.😥😥😥

  • Silent Momentz
    Silent Momentz 27 days ago

    How you still thin?

  • hugo yt
    hugo yt 27 days ago

    Por ver esto is ambri

  • Bryce Ternes
    Bryce Ternes 27 days ago

    How many dicks can u fit in your mouth

  • Cosmic Space Goo
    Cosmic Space Goo 28 days ago

    lol @ you trying to justify why you couldn't get a better time on your TVclip video... as an adult. Don't pretend like the only reason you care about the time isn't because you know "TVclip creator" isn't a real life job title you can be proud of so you set unrealistic goals for your times because you feel the need to over compensate because you think that as long as you're the "best" of eating food fast on TVclip, it justifies you being a fucking a fucking TVclipr that eats 10 burgers in the fastest time (and as if that "record" even fucking matters).

  • Betamasbf
    Betamasbf Month ago

    11 burgers + diet coke :^)

  • Velasko Crio
    Velasko Crio Month ago


  • Andy Culican
    Andy Culican Month ago

    When you on the way to the trash can about to throw away your food at the end of a school lunch

  • Lady Milana
    Lady Milana Month ago

    Кто из России?

  • V.I.P Playz
    V.I.P Playz Month ago

    Dude I eat less calories than one baconator per day.

  • Rippster
    Rippster Month ago

    These challenges are way better than TVclip Rewind 2018

  • Zeretox Gaming
    Zeretox Gaming Month ago

    Why is it sooo satisfying when you bite into burgers it just makes me hungry

  • I fall easily
    I fall easily Month ago

    How is he still skinny boy eats a whole month worth of calories in one day

  • Grace Great
    Grace Great Month ago

    It makes me gag

  • Sonny Dortmund
    Sonny Dortmund Month ago

    Can I have one ?

  • mrnightwing2
    mrnightwing2 Month ago

    how are you not dead yet

  • Frickin Hooligan
    Frickin Hooligan Month ago

    *Diet Coke*

  • notthatTyra
    notthatTyra Month ago

    When you work at Wendy’s lmao

  • Daniel Sloper
    Daniel Sloper Month ago

    So much calerys I would die if I eat 3 burgers 😃

  • Hmodee modee
    Hmodee modee Month ago


  • Johnathon McCarn
    Johnathon McCarn Month ago

    That..was..awesome...those last three burgers kicked your butt!!! Hit the rack, see you on the next one.

  • sadman mir
    sadman mir Month ago

    Orders 11 baconators, and a diet coke since hes watching his calories

  • Silver Fox
    Silver Fox Month ago

    WTF!!! He CAN finish a burger only by 25 SECONDS!!!

  • sorta. faridxx
    sorta. faridxx Month ago

    me: *eats 1 burger* *gains 10 lbs* matt : *eats 11 burgers* *gains nothing*

  • Edoardo Nascimbeni
    Edoardo Nascimbeni Month ago

    Why he doesn’t become fat porco dio if I eat one of this burgers I take 2 kg

  • ItZ Dan The Man
    ItZ Dan The Man Month ago

    His toilet jumped off a suicide bridge 🌉 Edit: Poor
    Toilet seat 🚽😞😞😭😭😭😢😢😢 you will be missed

  • Lita Palafox
    Lita Palafox Month ago

    Try bacon kings

  • Der Diktator
    Der Diktator Month ago

    Zum glück nimmt er dazu ne Coke Zero sonst wäres es ungesund XD

  • Adam D
    Adam D Month ago

    And I thought I ate alot with two McDonald's double bacon cheeseburgers

  • Diego Valdivia
    Diego Valdivia Month ago

    Imagine how big his poop is?

  • Anthony Cervantes
    Anthony Cervantes Month ago

    What do you do to burn all that?

  • Rowan Fisher
    Rowan Fisher Month ago +1

    There was a McDonald’s ad before this

  • Daniel Graves
    Daniel Graves Month ago

    You should do 12 double chalupas from Taco Bell

  • Funny Jealousy Anime Moments

    Love Wendys Couldnt even do One Burger LOL so delicious though

  • no name guy
    no name guy Month ago

    What is the point of getting a diet coke if you're meal is 10000 FUCKING calories

  • Kyra MD
    Kyra MD Month ago

    This is epic!

  • Domenic  Medeiros
    Domenic Medeiros Month ago

    You should do a McChicken challenge

  • YugiManiaco
    YugiManiaco Month ago

    -What do you want?
    -11 burgers and a DIET coke
    (What she was thinking)
    damn this guy is healthy

  • Ace_Alpaca
    Ace_Alpaca Month ago

    I eat son of baconator because I’m a healthy boi

  • tastelessleaf
    tastelessleaf Month ago

    Mmmmm Diabetes