10,000 Calorie Baconator Challenge!! (11 Burgers)

  • Published on May 15, 2018
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    10,450 Calories of Wendy's Baconator Sandwiches!
    That's 11 Burgers, over 6.5lbs of Bacon, Beef, Cheese, Mayo, and Bread...

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Comments • 6 821

  • edanur su
    edanur su 3 hours ago

    bir doy mk ya oruç oruç seni izliyoz

  • Arturo B
    Arturo B 3 hours ago

    U should go to poutineville at Montreal QC and try the heart attack

  • Mr.Ralinz
    Mr.Ralinz 4 hours ago

    Hey can you please do Poutineville in QC, the Heart attack!!! I am refering to buzzfeed's worth it, u need to finish that!!

  • Inspiredfitness2012
    Inspiredfitness2012 4 hours ago

    Monkeying around with large consumption of food faster than digestion is not only risky but brave. Thank you for showing us viewers how competitive you are but wish you safety man, 👌. You are a young chap

  • عراقي رفعت راس

    هذا مثلي شكد مياكل ميسمن😂

  • Göktuğ Birgün
    Göktuğ Birgün 4 hours ago

    Abi sen türk olsan seni iftara çağırmazlar ekonomik kıtlık yaratırsın

  • Nothing to see here
    Nothing to see here 4 hours ago

    Eat the heartattack in Montreal

  • 007zaa Club
    007zaa Club 4 hours ago


  • Chris Carter
    Chris Carter 5 hours ago


  • Sweet Shiloh
    Sweet Shiloh 5 hours ago

    Fruit roll up challenge

  • black Bull
    black Bull 5 hours ago +1

    hi cool video is very interesting to watch and you can make a video with all your awards in the competition

  • MrBrowes da best
    MrBrowes da best 5 hours ago

    How is he skinny????

  • Fuad TV
    Fuad TV 5 hours ago

    Sweet Challenger Example: snikers haribo mars

  • Gerardo Sanchez
    Gerardo Sanchez 5 hours ago

    I’m convinced this nigga is related to goku

  • Killa Champ
    Killa Champ 6 hours ago

    How are you not fat yet?

  • Zis Hand
    Zis Hand 6 hours ago

    I wish i could buy that many.

  • Gih Silva
    Gih Silva 6 hours ago


  • iiCaped
    iiCaped 6 hours ago

    Do you have diabetes yet?

  • Amine Amine
    Amine Amine 6 hours ago

    Respect from morroco

  • Lahiru Perera
    Lahiru Perera 6 hours ago

    Anyone wondering how he is still not fat

  • Harry Sharpe
    Harry Sharpe 6 hours ago

    Can yiu eat pussy like that haha no jk love your vids

  • Competitive Gamer
    Competitive Gamer 6 hours ago

    How can u eat this much

  • 7aba Äsad
    7aba Äsad 6 hours ago

    How the fuck he ain't fat ??

  • Orgenyob
    Orgenyob 6 hours ago +1

    He won’t make it to his 40’s

    YYC YGC 6 hours ago

    I watch this when im hungry..

  • M O
    M O 7 hours ago

    Like !?

  • Anonymous Wilson
    Anonymous Wilson 7 hours ago

    R.I.P the toilet ;-;

  • SplashHamno
    SplashHamno 7 hours ago

    im watchin this during ramadan

  • Het is Gio
    Het is Gio 7 hours ago

    Do the hearth attack poutine challenge

  • Sheldon Cooper
    Sheldon Cooper 7 hours ago

    Matt you should make a seperate channel and Call it after math but disguise yourself if you are worried about people hearing you fire nukes into your toilet.

  • Hans-christian Hanslmeier

    i tell u aux is better

  • Akramul Islam
    Akramul Islam 7 hours ago

    Fuck u where is another video motherfcker fucku

    POFUDUK Tv 7 hours ago

    Türk olan begensin

    POTTER HEAD 8 hours ago

    iftara 1 saat var benim burda ne işim varr??

  • Emirhan Turk
    Emirhan Turk 8 hours ago

    Oruçlu oruçlu

  • spl1t
    spl1t 8 hours ago +1

    Can you do a live during a challenge? :D

  • shaheen...
    shaheen... 8 hours ago

    Wht he said all love for the jew ? He is jewish

  • DWR
    DWR 8 hours ago

    How is he not fat?

  • вιитαиg кυмαιl

    Ada Yang Dari indo? Dan nonton pas puasa?

  • Salma GUURE
    Salma GUURE 9 hours ago +1

    people are fasting here

  • minciraft dünyasi
    minciraft dünyasi 9 hours ago

    Bokumu ye bokumu

  • Hamana
    Hamana 9 hours ago

    being a professional eater can be both a blessing and a curse. you eat a lot of delicious food, but at the same time you can’t taste them during a competition, you just gotta consume. :(

  • Amine Elazzaoui
    Amine Elazzaoui 9 hours ago

    he always wear black t shirts

  • hoosam alghamdi
    hoosam alghamdi 9 hours ago

    ترى عندك متابعين عرب❤

  • noob killerxx104
    noob killerxx104 9 hours ago

    How are you not fat

  • Jordan Tomkinson
    Jordan Tomkinson 9 hours ago

    Have you done the Super Bowl Challenge at Dong Thap Noodles in Seattle? Massive bowl of pho. $100 prize if you finish it within 90 minutes, I bet you could do it in 9.

  • GangBrothers 3
    GangBrothers 3 9 hours ago

    Holy shit man you are beast

    EPICMATT 9 hours ago

    Can you attempt the Heart Attack Poutine size at Poutine Ville. It’s a restaurant and the heart attack is there biggest poutine it’s over 15 pounds!!!!

  • Alexander K
    Alexander K 10 hours ago

    Eat 3 jars of peanut butter matt

  • Lamar Patterson
    Lamar Patterson 10 hours ago

    You have a lot of haters on almost every video in the comment section , ignore those losers there actually doing you a job by putting your name out there, keep up the good work

  • SauFi Paujian
    SauFi Paujian 10 hours ago

    DEATH NUT CHALLENGE please !!!!!

  • Ahmad AlSamiri
    Ahmad AlSamiri 10 hours ago

    At least he took a diet koke

  • AliEren Yalçın
    AliEren Yalçın 10 hours ago

    I m 13 years old 50 dounot 13minutes

    DRAUX 10 hours ago

    Do 20 cups of water under 2 minutes . Im really thirsty

  • max 83
    max 83 11 hours ago


  • 红茶之家red tea
    红茶之家red tea 11 hours ago

    Can you eat 6 box honey star

  • Manju Nath
    Manju Nath 11 hours ago

    nice bro can u will give your phone number

  • Zelio
    Zelio 12 hours ago

    RIP Ramadan

  • Mo A
    Mo A 12 hours ago

    Hawaiian Dinner Roll Challenge, Matt!

  • Jigsaw B
    Jigsaw B 12 hours ago

    Imagine him eating the burgers and he eats this hands too in the process....(he eats the burgers eyes closed and fast so)🤣🤣🤣

  • Pieter Matheus
    Pieter Matheus 12 hours ago

    Try 1 box of tac bar in 5 minute

  • Anarchy - Fortnite and More! More!

    How to cheat diabetes

    Be Matt Stonie

  • Amelia mate
    Amelia mate 13 hours ago

    Your a legend..Hats off

    PHO3NIX/YOURI 13 hours ago

    i dont fucking undurstand how and why does this guy is not fat *-*

  • I am Melody
    I am Melody 13 hours ago

    What the hell is your secret bruhhhh?.. You're not even gaining weight!! I envy you bruhhhhh

  • Ndra Kus
    Ndra Kus 13 hours ago

    I have challenge for you,in 1 day full MCdonald? Answer.....

    HOTDOG BABY 13 hours ago

    poutineville at montreal, qc try there poutine challenge only one man finish the challenge and he finish it on 22 minutes but i believe in you you can crash that challenge

    HOTDOG BABY 13 hours ago

    poutineville at montreal, qc try there poutine challenge only one man finish the challenge and he finish it on 22 minutes but i believe in you you can crash that challenge

    HOTDOG BABY 13 hours ago

    poutineville at montreal, qc try there poutine challenge only one man finish the challenge and he finish it on 22 minutes but i believe in you you can crash that challenge

    HOTDOG BABY 13 hours ago

    poutineville at montreal, qc try there poutine challenge only one man finish the challenge and he finish it on 22 minutes but i believe in you you can crash that challenge

  • Mazhar Kacak
    Mazhar Kacak 13 hours ago

    Ben acıktım amk ramazan ramazan neler izliyorum amk TÜRKİSH

  • Mohammad Ibrahim
    Mohammad Ibrahim 14 hours ago

    I like your videos but plz dont fast forward them

  • Gaming4 Lyfe
    Gaming4 Lyfe 14 hours ago

    matt u should do a q and a video MY QUESTION WOULD BE WHEN you eating normally how much would u eat

  • Bilinmeyen Kişi
    Bilinmeyen Kişi 15 hours ago

    Try Turkish breakfast

  • Ingrid Chan
    Ingrid Chan 15 hours ago

    Maybe you could try taking on the "Heartattack" poutine dish from Poutineville that was on Buzzfeed earlier. Apparently the record for finishing that was 22 minutes

  • FunForSameer
    FunForSameer 15 hours ago +1

    Please do the $100 poutine challenge that buzzfeed just uploaded on their Worth It series. It's a 15 pound poutine dish and only one person has actually beat the challenge in 22 minutes! Located in Ontario Montreal! Visit us Canadians!!

    TELİFSİZ UZAYLI 15 hours ago

    Bu Adam Nasıl Kilo Almıyor yaa

  • Gaming SF
    Gaming SF 15 hours ago

    I had a challenge it’s 20 large pizza

  • Deniz Joyce
    Deniz Joyce 15 hours ago

    oh amq bi ben yemedin

  • SpaceLionKing
    SpaceLionKing 16 hours ago

    you should try the poutineville the heart attack fries its so big

  • Aysun Güldal
    Aysun Güldal 16 hours ago

    Aç ayı

  • Ilene Alfon
    Ilene Alfon 16 hours ago

    eat powdered milk plss

  • The Final Nerd
    The Final Nerd 16 hours ago

    In the arms of a angel ... Fly awayyyyy

  • J Fraser
    J Fraser 16 hours ago

    their last fry place is your next challenge... you have to go to Montreal though...

  • Josh Reaction
    Josh Reaction 16 hours ago

    How you don’t get full

  • Ako Harvey
    Ako Harvey 17 hours ago

    Eat a whole kamayan

  • Ako Harvey
    Ako Harvey 17 hours ago

    Wat a whole kamayan

  • Muhammed Dunia
    Muhammed Dunia 17 hours ago

    You need to do the heart-attack poutine , only 1 guy has done it

  • JorgeXD002
    JorgeXD002 17 hours ago

    You need to do the 15lbs of poutine in Montreal Canada!! Go look at BuzzFeeds Worth It Fries Video To See what im talking about

  • TJ Holm
    TJ Holm 17 hours ago

    Matt you should try to eat a La Crise Cardiaque Poutine

  • Muhd Irfan
    Muhd Irfan 17 hours ago

    dont your stomach feel bad for all those junk food?

  • Michelle Situ
    Michelle Situ 18 hours ago +1

    You should try the Heart Attack fries at Poutineville

  • Cook & Sons
    Cook & Sons 18 hours ago

    This is a few years old, but have you done the papa john’s big one bundle challenge? Beardmeatsfood did it (tvclip.biz/video/Fw0YDeqTsIc/video.html), but it seems like you’d do it in half the time...??

  • Jake Kreller
    Jake Kreller 18 hours ago

    Do the 120 chicken nugget challenge. Jamie McDonald ate 120 chicken McNuggets in 12 minutes, 26.80 seconds

  • Harivatsa Prem
    Harivatsa Prem 18 hours ago

    you should try the 15 lb Putin heart attack challenge

  • danone groso marcão
    danone groso marcão 18 hours ago


  • john cena
    john cena 19 hours ago

    Matt stonie vs tanboy kun who is the winners

  • David Barron
    David Barron 19 hours ago

    Heyo Matt retry that Japanese curry rice to see if you still got it

  • Adam R
    Adam R 19 hours ago

    Burgers were warm because it's Summer!