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Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady Keep Bringing Home Surprise Puppies

  • Published on May 6, 2017
  • Gisele Bündchen explains how she wound up with so many dogs and her daughter's new favorite place to nap.
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    Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady Keep Bringing Home Surprise Puppies
  • ComedyComedy

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  • C. C.
    C. C. 9 days ago


  • C. C.
    C. C. 9 days ago

    Genius .

  • Raiara top
    Raiara top 2 months ago +1

    Ela é top kkk

  • R M
    R M 3 months ago

    Wow her neck is so long

  • Noah Orakwue
    Noah Orakwue 4 months ago

    That is utterly adorable!!!!

    ALBER PAJARES 4 months ago

    who's married? Òó

  • desativado dezativado
    desativado dezativado 6 months ago +1


    JOYFULL VÍDEOS 6 months ago +3


  • Brendo Gomes
    Brendo Gomes 7 months ago +1


  • eduardo paz ribeiro
    eduardo paz ribeiro 7 months ago +1


    • Eduardo Silva
      Eduardo Silva 3 months ago

      eduardo paz ribeiro n disse que não entendeu? KKKKKKK

    RVINBOW LUKE 7 months ago

    Sa Gisele vou te falar uma coisa pra você viu...

    Prefio a Anitta, bem mais cats.

  • Thiago Xavier
    Thiago Xavier 8 months ago .

  • Reina Sotto
    Reina Sotto 8 months ago

    Me as a wife LMAO

  • Letícia Suzuki
    Letícia Suzuki 8 months ago

    Só br nos comentários hauahuaha

  • Soraya Alami
    Soraya Alami 8 months ago

    washburnnnnnnnnn and vanessa

  • Maria Callous
    Maria Callous 8 months ago

    not much upstairs

  • Gabriel Edward
    Gabriel Edward 8 months ago

    If tom would throw that dog it would be a perfect spiral to edelmann

  • amethyst0285
    amethyst0285 8 months ago

    Now what's the big deal again?

  • Roger Jaén
    Roger Jaén 8 months ago

    Come to Brasil

  • ROB
    ROB 8 months ago

    She is ugly

  • Brooke Smith
    Brooke Smith 8 months ago

    Deport her

  • Lisa
    Lisa 8 months ago

    Fluffy you legend

  • Andre Koala
    Andre Koala 8 months ago

    Fucking bitch wears fur...

  • Dukagjini
    Dukagjini 8 months ago

    She's sexy af.

  • bngltinkerbell
    bngltinkerbell 8 months ago


  • The Ferryman
    The Ferryman 8 months ago

    she has a horse face...

  • NLSwag
    NLSwag 8 months ago

    I like how people think this model whatever woman is bigger than Tommy... Y'all are idiots

  • ZepG
    ZepG 8 months ago

    Unfortunately Tom fumbled Fluffy because she was inflated too much to get a proper grip on, R.I.P. Fluffy.

  • C Hilli
    C Hilli 8 months ago

    Bridget Moynihan >>>

  • Trubrain
    Trubrain 8 months ago

    Dont know why the entire world is all hungup and drooling about this.Move to 2.18 and She looks clearly like a shemale on the Bangkok streets.

  • Jimmy Two-Times
    Jimmy Two-Times 8 months ago

    This Nubian white queen is a motherfucking MILF.

  • Elder Marty
    Elder Marty 8 months ago

    No wonder Tom Brady does so well.

  • Colin Faust
    Colin Faust 8 months ago +1

    Jimmy looks like shit. All that alcoholism is catching up. Low energy seems half asleep.

  • thayane
    thayane 8 months ago +1

    orgulho do Brasil ❤

  • Vamanos Ninja
    Vamanos Ninja 8 months ago

    'esstrangle' :)

  • thevillelova93
    thevillelova93 8 months ago

    I wonder if Tom Brady deflates his dogs?

  • Anderson Junior
    Anderson Junior 8 months ago

    Is it gay that if I saw Tom and Gisele on the streets I'd be more at owe of Tom Brady?
    #No_Homo #Patriots_For_Life

  • Jon Micsa
    Jon Micsa 8 months ago

    Let's not forget she was a home wrecker

  • Timothy Wollman
    Timothy Wollman 8 months ago

    I'm here for #12

  • s-plan none
    s-plan none 8 months ago

    I dont care how good she looks,,about the most boring conversation I've ever seen

  • chachee15
    chachee15 8 months ago

    Brady voted for Trump. You should have let him go to the White House.

  • Viki Nunes
    Viki Nunes 8 months ago


  • enio.a jak
    enio.a jak 8 months ago

    I need to study someone give me motivation in the comments

  • Letícia Lavinni
    Letícia Lavinni 8 months ago +1

    Representa o Brasil aí mulherrrrrrr! ♡

  • Dingle Barry
    Dingle Barry 8 months ago +2

    Caitlyn Jenner looks decent here, but I'm burnt out on the whole Caitlyn Jenner thing at this point.

  • Florrie Goldman
    Florrie Goldman 8 months ago

    Adore them even more ......loves and rescues animals.............

    TOM CRUZ 8 months ago

    khaki and white shirt hot milf

  • mike hunt
    mike hunt 8 months ago a waste

  • Lucas Nojosa
    Lucas Nojosa 8 months ago

    learn How to be a Queen with Gisele.. subscribe in This course

  • Eddie Dallas
    Eddie Dallas 8 months ago

    Tom Brady is a good example of how intimidation by the left and fear of a smear campaign by the media can make a Trump follower who happens to be famous afraid to "come out" and lose everything.

  • Marisoualiasnanou
    Marisoualiasnanou 8 months ago

    Yay they sure look like peeps that stay home taking care of their animals!!.... haha just kidding they can afford dog walkers and everything under the sun lol 👌🏻👍🏻

  • D B
    D B 8 months ago

    Why would someone cheer after a country when a person is just being interviewed? Bunch of losers from Brazil! Get a life!

  • Daniel Castellammare
    Daniel Castellammare 8 months ago

    She looks like a female verson of Gronk. No wonder the 3 of them play so well together ;p

  • antjasemrome
    antjasemrome 8 months ago +1

    aww those simple bradys and their complicated lives...who would ever want to be them

  • João Pedro 66
    João Pedro 66 8 months ago

    O inglês dela é muito ruim

    JOKERLAMO 8 months ago

    This video makes me want to throw the ball at the one yard line with the best RB in the NFL.

  • Scotty Beeman
    Scotty Beeman 8 months ago

    Cinco De Mayo is a bs holiday

  • Emilia Williams
    Emilia Williams 8 months ago

    That mice & men comment💀 Jimmy is so stupid💀💀

  • Rambo 23
    Rambo 23 8 months ago

    Here we get, my comment make it 400 comments here. She's hottttttt

  • GrandmaBoys
    GrandmaBoys 8 months ago

    Tom Brady's hot wife who kind of looks like a dude.

  • Denise
    Denise 8 months ago

    I have rarely seen a bigger neck or adams apple on a woman

  • Kimura Blaze
    Kimura Blaze 8 months ago +2

    love how people always go out of their way to say they got a rescue.

  • Jéssica Quiane Cesconeto

    Entrevista com a Gisele e não tem legenda em português 😢

  • laura downey
    laura downey 8 months ago

    that's a beautiful moment the passing of life from tom Brady hakuna matata tom

  • ㅤ ㅤ
    ㅤ ㅤ 8 months ago

    She's a very rich bitch, okay!

  • Bevillain
    Bevillain 8 months ago

    Looks like Cyborg.

  • Jaqueline Santos
    Jaqueline Santos 8 months ago +1

    Linda Gisele

  • Elizabeth L. Alanis
    Elizabeth L. Alanis 8 months ago +1

    She is beautiful!!

  • swey sweyson
    swey sweyson 8 months ago

    no respect for this woman

  • PS3pwns
    PS3pwns 8 months ago

    Gisele cucked the shit out of Tom Brady.

  • Education free
    Education free 8 months ago

    Advanced education and Society (part-160)

  • rose pastel
    rose pastel 8 months ago +2

    Am I the only one who thinks she's basic.

  • koopk1
    koopk1 8 months ago


  • dany manchster
    dany manchster 8 months ago

    hmm that is how rich people life is then...ok

  • J Lo
    J Lo 8 months ago

    Glancing through the thumbnails I thought this was catelynn Jenner lol. My bad

  • S.S .A
    S.S .A 8 months ago

    Tom Brady gets to go home and hit THAT. Luckiest guy ever

  • Kory Mann
    Kory Mann 8 months ago +21

    So glad she mentioned they were rescues 💕🐶

  • Wolverine Logan
    Wolverine Logan 8 months ago +1

    long neck

  • MickyAvStickyHands
    MickyAvStickyHands 8 months ago +2

    Tom is a germaphobe. I bet she begs him to do anal on her but he refuses and it's driving her crazy... These are the kind of thoughts that kept me out of the really good schools.

  • MusicToDie42023
    MusicToDie42023 8 months ago

    For some reason I'm getting Jennifer Lawrence vibes like J-Law is the younger and cuter sister and then Gisele is the older and more mature one.

  • Lucas Strunkis
    Lucas Strunkis 8 months ago

    Olha ela ai, hahahaha honra

  • Christøpher
    Christøpher 8 months ago


  • Simple Harry371
    Simple Harry371 8 months ago

    And Jimmy Fallon is a tool bag drug addict..

  • Simple Harry371
    Simple Harry371 8 months ago +3

    She doesn't get the recognition she deserves cuz fashion is stupid and pointless for stupid and pointless people..

  • nyahmanis mommy
    nyahmanis mommy 8 months ago

    Idk what the big deal is. to me she looks manly.

  • amnos99
    amnos99 8 months ago

    i love her so much. <3

  • guillermo fiscal
    guillermo fiscal 8 months ago +3

    wow Gisele is a dude...

  • Izamanaick
    Izamanaick 8 months ago

    Cartman was right. She does look like a man.

  • DanThe Man
    DanThe Man 8 months ago

    Jimmys Of "Mice and Men" joke was so great! So simple, quick, and witty! Makes me remember how much i liked his 11:30 show :(

  • Badstuber
    Badstuber 8 months ago +6

    Gisele Bünchen, Brazilian queen 👸

  • Ayush Aryal
    Ayush Aryal 8 months ago

    DiCaprio checklist

  • First name tutti Last name tuttiest

    its so FLUFFYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vallery Luiza
    Vallery Luiza 8 months ago +2


  • laura bernardo
    laura bernardo 8 months ago +1


  • Marlon S.
    Marlon S. 8 months ago


  • Pete
    Pete 8 months ago +19

    i wonder how they had kids with tom bradys deflated balls

    • Gino Colin
      Gino Colin 8 months ago +9

      Pete Addesso I spit out my drink.

  • Pete
    Pete 8 months ago +1

    do the puppies play with tom bradys deflated balls?

  • IP Freely
    IP Freely 8 months ago

    please interview the puppies. please.