Bluetooth 5.0: Explained!


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  • Ahmed Halmat
    Ahmed Halmat 2 days ago

    Wa alykum

  • Aneil Kiisaa
    Aneil Kiisaa 4 days ago

    Your fingers are so long, i think u actually were born to play guitar😂😂😂 but never mind.. just kiddin😜😜

  • Francis Aisosa
    Francis Aisosa 5 days ago

    If you are watching this video in 2019 hit the like button

  • muhammad bello
    muhammad bello 5 days ago

    Love Samsung

  • Music' N 'Games' N 'Cars

    Thanks for explaining it I hate it on my note 8

  • Mehi Mirzeyev
    Mehi Mirzeyev 6 days ago

    I already hate all tech news, cause all off them are same faster, more energy efficient and all same thing 🤦‍♂️

  • Obed Ofori-Mensah
    Obed Ofori-Mensah 7 days ago

    what's the wallpaper name used on your galaxy s8 device in this video?

  • Santiago Golding
    Santiago Golding 8 days ago

    Capitan Americas face reflecting off of the phone is creepy asf

  • Ryan Vickers
    Ryan Vickers 8 days ago

    Never had an issue with range personally. I can't imagine why you'd ever need to be more than ~15 ft away and never through a wall. But, a stronger signal is always nice to have... despite never stretching the limits I've often had spotty connections as it is so hopefully this will help.
    More speed and lower latency sound good too, I think that has always been the main issue with bluetooth (well, not counting just getting it to work at all). This should enable higher quality and help reduce desyncs with video and games like you said. Now we just need to wait for client devices to pick it up too...

  • Carlos Dudas
    Carlos Dudas 8 days ago

    How come in 2019 I still can't buy a Bluetooth receiver to add 5.0 to my existing devices?

  • Samuel Perillo
    Samuel Perillo 8 days ago

    I have the note 9 and I can honestly say that the bluetooth distance capabilites still at 30 ft or less

    ZAPPER LAPPER 13 days ago

    Subscribed :)

  • आलोक
    आलोक 14 days ago

    I always wanted to play music in two different speakers. But failed everytime. It's a good news for me . 🤓🤓🤓

  • JTP Covers
    JTP Covers 17 days ago +1

    0:50 xD Thought something came out of his nose for a sec there...

  • Charlie Pwln
    Charlie Pwln 22 days ago

    Does the receiving device have to be bt 5.0 to get the best effect? How much of the 5.0 effect is lost to a non 5.0 receiver?

  • muneem islam
    muneem islam 23 days ago

    I have a 4.2 laptop does that work with 5.0 headphones

  • Alf Rivero
    Alf Rivero 24 days ago

    Bluetooth 5.0 , 5g speeds , 5 de Mayo , $5 in my wallet .

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader 24 days ago

    Which phones have Bluetooth 5.0 now in 2019 ?

  • Raymond RAYY
    Raymond RAYY 25 days ago

    Weird statement but am curious of your playlist... nice beats not Beats ✌

  • Harvard Villegas
    Harvard Villegas 27 days ago

    At the end there are you implying that with bluetooth 5.0 you get dual connectivity. It's not very clear, would you be able to clearafy that or elaborate a bit more. Because I had a phone without bluetooth 5.0 and It had dual bluetooth connection. Also the new iPad pro 11 inch and 12.9 inch comes with bluetooth 5.0 but one cannot connect to bluetooth devices to the iPad pro.

  • GWM-BTD Battles, Agar.Io and more!

    Almost 2 years old!

  • Feed me chinese babies.
    Feed me chinese babies. 28 days ago +2

    My roommate always plays hentai on his Bluetooth speaker whenever he's taking a shower. Every time anyone tries to confront him about it he says "Its just Naruto what's the problem?". The issue is that the noises are so grotesque, so inexplicably horrific, like some infectious Lovecraftian terror emanating through the guttural sounds of a questionably legal Japanese girl. I can't handle this anymore, those moans echo through the halls whenever he takes a shower at 3 in the morning. Every day I wake up in a cold sweat with the sounds of Japanese orgasms still ringing in my stillborn ears. It's enough to demoralize and cripple any man. Please send help.

  • Err Fabskie
    Err Fabskie Month ago

    Does it connect Even if you have 2 bluetooth speaker with 4.2 below?

  • Temporal Quantum Relativity

    my range with airpods is great and useful for letting me know I forgot my phone and if the range were too much more and I would lose it too often.

  • Đạt Rom
    Đạt Rom Month ago

    Can iphone 6 connect bluetooth 5.0 earphone?

  • James Rodgers
    James Rodgers Month ago

    Just found out my s9 is still useing quick charge 2.0 so i am plsently supprised i got the bluetooth 5.0

  • Mix
    Mix Month ago

    One of the best reviewers of gadgets. 👍👍

  • satish8299
    satish8299 Month ago

    The Samsung Smart Watch appears to have BT 4.0 why do people want BT 5.0 in the smart watch? Is this because people would like to connect to 2 speakers?

  • Gary Morrison
    Gary Morrison Month ago

    I like your highway analogy!

  • Iliyan Trayanov
    Iliyan Trayanov Month ago

    will that emit more radiation (SAR [W/kg]) ?

  • Zachary Asbill
    Zachary Asbill Month ago

    So I have a Sony XB10 speaker set. They are speakers that can connect to each other and a device via Bluetooth. However, when listening to them in stereo mode, I have audio/video sync issues. I’m running Bluetooth 4.2 on all devices. Any advice?

  • Frank Lin
    Frank Lin Month ago

    Still not all that useful for games where the audio latency is greater.

  • Liu Wenbo
    Liu Wenbo Month ago +2

    the tiny latency this where Sonos spend their money.

  • Akshat Vora
    Akshat Vora Month ago

    Pixel doesn't have this feature. It has 5.0. Is it limited to Samsung ??

  • Pierre Khazzaka
    Pierre Khazzaka Month ago

    Can anyone help me plz? am having trouble with my s8's bluetooth, it has low quality while listening through wireless earphones and especially pisen LE004

  • Coco El quatro
    Coco El quatro 2 months ago

    Can we tether several devices with bluetooth 5.0 ?

  • Glenn H
    Glenn H 2 months ago

    A Bluetooth 4.2 earphones can support Bluetooth 5.0 right?

  • rolan paguia
    rolan paguia 2 months ago

    Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds ...can be use in mobile bluetooth 4.1 ?

  • Justin Howard
    Justin Howard 2 months ago

    Your awesome ,keep making these high quality videos 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • Myk Wazowski
    Myk Wazowski 2 months ago

    dual"dual audio" allow to output true stereo to 2 mono bluetooth speakers? Or is it just out putting the same signal to both. Curious, I have a Bose stereo speaker but also a couple cheaper mono devices, It would be sweet to have one be left and the other right. Cheers!

  • Baldeep Birak
    Baldeep Birak 2 months ago +1

    End part with 2 different speakers is a real benefit.

  • rrrglynn
    rrrglynn 2 months ago

    You are driving on a 8 lane highway at 80 miles per hour. How long will it take you to go 80 miles?

  • HitMusicMedia
    HitMusicMedia 2 months ago

    Can i pair bluetooth v5.0 with 4.1?

  • M C A
    M C A 2 months ago

    Love my SONOS setup. Super clean and easy to use. Worth every penny.

  • Vivek Sood
    Vivek Sood 2 months ago

    From hating this technology and never depending on it ever just 15 days ago i jumped on this bandwagon.
    1) First i got a cheap CSR bt version 4 dongle : It works but has some flaws Biggest one : It is Bluetooth version 4.
    2) Then this: mi bluetooth audio receiver
    : It is BT version 4.2, it works nicely but was build for phone calls and light usage. Suffers from delays when connected to the BT dongle.
    Then this: Pci express wifi adapter with intel 9260 dual band 1730mbps bluetooth 5.0 802.11ac wi-fi card for desktop pc. This is yet to arrive. Will update.
    4) Then this: Anker anker bluetooth headphones soundcore spirit x sports earphones with wireless bluetooth 5.0 ipx7 sweatguard tech 12-h battery mic.
    Yet to arrive.
    5) Then this: blitzwolf bw-br4 v5.0 wireless bluetooth receiver aptx hd music receiver transmitter audio 2 in 1 adapter aux receiver.
    Yet to arrive.

    2019 i will be immersed in bt 5!

  • Nordic Snowhammer
    Nordic Snowhammer 2 months ago

    Will Bluetooth 5 devices connect to older devices?

  • John Kennedy
    John Kennedy 2 months ago +1

    who searched "say nada"

    • Vivek Sood
      Vivek Sood 2 months ago

      I will in a few minutes :)

  • Spakes
    Spakes 2 months ago

    Marques, you totally messed up meters-to-feet translation... It's 2.54 (2.5 for easier calculation) cm = 1 foot, not 3:1...

  • 紫雨老师谈吸引力法则


  • Golden Wario
    Golden Wario 2 months ago

    2:45 I thought he dabbed😂😂👌

  • Timo Birnschein
    Timo Birnschein 2 months ago

    One very important question was not touched that I hope you guys can clarify:
    Hands-free audio quality!?
    When used as output only, BL4.x was already pretty great. But as soon as you activate the microphone for hands free audio, e.g. business conferences or simply calls or even calls from inside your car, BL4.x and lower always revert back to some 8khz audio with very bad acoustic performance. Does BL5 improve that? Does it finally make sense to look at Bluetooth headsets again? Or will it remain a speaker/headphone only experience for wireless audio?

  • Tony Roes
    Tony Roes 2 months ago

    Thank you. Useful info (very)

  • Jay
    Jay 3 months ago

    Anus sounds

  • Santu Nenti
    Santu Nenti 3 months ago

    with bluetooth 5.0 transmitter and 5.0 headphone, how about latency? how much in ms?

  • rob mausser
    rob mausser 3 months ago

    The issue with Bluetooth, even 5, seems to be urbanized environments. I live in a big city, and while 5.0 works flawlessly in the suburbs and at home, walking downtown, in the subway, etc the sound will still cut out at least once or twice every 5 minutes. This is with the phone in my pocket. So I guess there still is a ways to go with figuring out interference.

  • ADEG
    ADEG 3 months ago

    Well I can totally see how I will forget to turn off dual mode to watch porn on my headphones.... while my phone will also be connected to my stereo speakers.

  • Oscar Hernandez
    Oscar Hernandez 3 months ago

    UE has been doing the dual speakers way longer than Samsung and less expensive than Sonos

  • James Weiss
    James Weiss 3 months ago

    Great info.
    I wish there were a fix for that slight delay between two speakers. If you find one, please post. I will try and move the speakers apart a bit but...

  • Fde futboleros
    Fde futboleros 3 months ago

    Say Nada

  • Diarmuid Cunningham
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  • sanjay sparta
    sanjay sparta 3 months ago

    Hey man i would like to get an information about sbc

  • Adrian Dorfsmith
    Adrian Dorfsmith 3 months ago

    The x4 even has a mode where you can connect 4

  • GucciGamerTV
    GucciGamerTV 3 months ago

    What’s the name of the song that was played with both the speakers at the same time?

    • Muj
      Muj 3 months ago +1

      say nada remix

  • Donquixote Doflamingo
    Donquixote Doflamingo 4 months ago

    Note 9 bluetooth wont connect to anything, not even my car. This is my 2nd brand new note 9. Any tips?

    • Vivek Sood
      Vivek Sood 2 months ago

      Fuck Samsung, switch to OnePlus.

  • zzsql
    zzsql 4 months ago

    Great intro Mr. Brownlee. Well-done.

  • Dschinn
    Dschinn 4 months ago

    Dual mode is good for 2 pairs of headphones... but this "stereo" couple of 2 BT speakers is trash. That's not a feature.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 months ago

    Oh hi Marque!

  • Nathan Thompson
    Nathan Thompson 5 months ago

    Does Bluetooth 5.0, that's been said the be on the iPhone xs, improve connections or provide any benefits when connected to older versions? Such as the apple airpods or other speakers

  • Mrbigfrog
    Mrbigfrog 5 months ago

    How come there is no bluetooth 5 speakers?

    • Vivek Sood
      Vivek Sood 2 months ago

      There are many but the tech is still not mainstream.

  • That Mask
    That Mask 5 months ago

    Zero not O
    Lol 😂

  • Jazz Bourne
    Jazz Bourne 5 months ago

    Bluetooth audio steamings is not the same as audio streaming over WIFI. Sonos supports HQ non-compressed audio playback such as ALAC format, in other words, you can play 24bit audio on Sonos but you can not have that audio quality on any Bluetooth speaker.

  • Helping Mind
    Helping Mind 5 months ago

    well explanation about bluetooth 5.0.

  • Sam Davila
    Sam Davila 5 months ago

    Thank you on educating me on the 5.0 Bluetooth, it really helps to know about the data and speeds with Media and music perhaps much more on devices,, it also helps to know I can connect more than just one speaker as well as headsets thumbs up & enjoy marques.

  • Frank L
    Frank L 5 months ago

    Cool beans

  • g0phuckyourself
    g0phuckyourself 5 months ago

    Don't forget to watch in 144p!

  • Maceyee
    Maceyee 5 months ago

    but can it help with a surround sound set up for movies? thats the investment point lol

  • Region 5
    Region 5 5 months ago

    Can I do this, two speaker at the same time conected by Bluetooth on my Hawei Mate 10? Thanks in advance, Alfredo from Sahuayo, Michoacán, México

  • Spyros Hormovitis
    Spyros Hormovitis 5 months ago

    1:19 happening to me right now

  • Jaime Costa
    Jaime Costa 5 months ago

    How tho i get radii o.n jbl go 2

  • nekk74
    nekk74 5 months ago

    Explain the 5G and why is very dangerous

  • Jet Zee
    Jet Zee 6 months ago

    like 5.

  • Jet Zee
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  • Ross Best
    Ross Best 6 months ago

    4x the range, wow. But wouldnt the device need the same?

    • Vivek Sood
      Vivek Sood 2 months ago

      Yes sir. Both should be 5!

  • agent-gaming
    agent-gaming 6 months ago +4

    But the headphones must also suppirt bluetooth 5.0 right?

  • Logan Bevans
    Logan Bevans 6 months ago

    Essential Phone has Bluetooth 5.0

  • Kenny
    Kenny 6 months ago

    Listening with bt speaker

  • Vladimir Ladev
    Vladimir Ladev 6 months ago

    the face of the t-shirt perfectly reflects of the phones screen dang that framing is good

  • Sz Ki
    Sz Ki 6 months ago

    For all the BT 5.0 features to work, both host and parasite devices need to be 5.0 compliant. Is that correct?

  • Matt Lewis
    Matt Lewis 6 months ago

    My s8 has maybe the worst bt connection i have ever experienced. Horribly choppy and constantly dropping out. Even with the device in line of sight.

  • amol srivastava
    amol srivastava 6 months ago

    Say Nada Is Dope!!!

  • Muhammed Jimale
    Muhammed Jimale 6 months ago

    Wouldn’t the speakers also need to be capable of Bluetooth 5.0?

    -PARADOX- 7 months ago

    Sweet, I can now pair up my 2 Speakers in the house 🔊🎛

  • Aadithya krishnan
    Aadithya krishnan 7 months ago

    Does this feature supported on the OnePlus 6?

    • Vivek Sood
      Vivek Sood 2 months ago

      BT 5 or dual speaker? Your phone has BT 5 for sure.

  • Katarzyna Cymer
    Katarzyna Cymer 7 months ago


  • Rxonmymind
    Rxonmymind 7 months ago

    Forgot to mention 4x the radiation. Lol. Do NOT put phone in your front pocket. 😁

  • James Clark
    James Clark 7 months ago

    I've actually had 3 Bluetooth devices connected to my s8+ at once

  • selbstwärts - telefonische Beratung & Meditation

    There's more wrong than right in this vid.

  • Papaco da Direita Conservadora Opressora

    Bought an S9, it has a delay

  • Camilo Moncada
    Camilo Moncada 7 months ago

    Hello, good video. I'd like to know if with this version (5.0) I can connect a smartwatch and a headphones Bluetooth at the same time. Thanks

  • Ajith Mathur
    Ajith Mathur 7 months ago

    Does it need a Bluetooth 5.0 enabled headphones to get these advantages??