Angelina Jolie Makeup Tutorial! | Emily DiDonato + Erin Parsons

  • Published on Apr 28, 2019
  • Hi guys! I'm so excited to share this Angelina Jolie inspired makeup tutorial with you! Erin Parsons and I had so much fun creating this together. Erin Pulls out all the makeup tricks in this one. Enjoy! :) xx
    Editing and production by: @811media
    Follow Erin: @erinparsonsmakeup
    Hair by: @jehnnamahoney @Kennaland_hair
    *disclosure* Erin and I are brand ambassador for Maybelline New York but this video was produced independently of the brand.

    Products used:
    Lip Liner in ‘Nude Whisper’:
    Lipstick Matte Ink ‘Driver’ mixed with “Huntress”:
    Eyeshadow + Contour in ‘Diamond District’:
    Finishing Powder:
    Eyeliner in ‘Onyx’:
    Eyeliner ‘Black”:
    Eyebrow Pencil in “medium brown”:
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    Emily DiDonato:

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  • Emiri Strange
    Emiri Strange Day ago

    Ur stunning and I love decent and sophisticated makeup tech!

  • Jessica pamel
    Jessica pamel Day ago

    Woooow! Amazing!

  • Ahlem Galluzzi
    Ahlem Galluzzi 2 days ago

    You are actually way prettier than Angelina Jolie

  • lesley brown
    lesley brown 2 days ago

    to look like angelina you would have to be a trannyman!!!they all are in HELLYWEIRD its their satanic religious cult!!

  • Harvey PRINCE
    Harvey PRINCE 3 days ago

    WOW ! ANGIE !

  • Ariba Salim
    Ariba Salim 3 days ago +2

    you really have some common features with angelina jolie
    makeup artist did a great job

  • cinna bun
    cinna bun 3 days ago +1

    I thought I broke my ear phones

  • Fatmah Safar
    Fatmah Safar 4 days ago

    O my god she is crazy talented😳 she really looks like angelina jollly😍

  • Mitra Shokrollahi
    Mitra Shokrollahi 5 days ago

    You are honestly much more beautiful than Jolie in my opinion. Just gorgeous.

  • Anie
    Anie 8 days ago


  • Yagmur Yesil
    Yagmur Yesil 8 days ago +1

    Hi Emily! You look more like Liv Tyler than Angelina Jolie. Arwen makeup will look good on you. 💗

  • Remember To Smile
    Remember To Smile 8 days ago


  • PinkFanY
    PinkFanY 8 days ago

    She looks like Angelina Jolie thanks for makeup when u look really close :) gorgeous and beautiful Emily :) learned some new makeup techniques thank u :)

  • Mgd Kns
    Mgd Kns 9 days ago

    Such a talented makeup artist! Amazing! ❤️

  • Janar Nurkanova
    Janar Nurkanova 9 days ago

    You actually look like Angelina's mother. Angelina's face bones structure is sharper, more like her father's

  • The Sugar Scoop
    The Sugar Scoop 9 days ago

    I followed this! Great tutorial!

  • A Volkova
    A Volkova 10 days ago

    they should have dropped the falsies, her eyes looks more like angelinas without

  • Ameliana C
    Ameliana C 10 days ago

    this was informative and fun. it's good to have humor. keep your smile. so many that have work will never smile again. that is horrible.

  • D D
    D D 12 days ago

    that's uncanny

  • farzaneh shabaani
    farzaneh shabaani 12 days ago

    You also are more beautiful than Angelina

  • Kedim Benim
    Kedim Benim 13 days ago

    You are beautiful than angelina

  • Laura Santucci
    Laura Santucci 13 days ago

    Billy Bob. Definitely

  • Danni Yao
    Danni Yao 13 days ago

    I always love Emily since she first started as a model. She is so pretty.

  • Riri rommie
    Riri rommie 14 days ago

    Idk why but from forehead till nose part she looks like gigi hadid😍😍

  • Pongkhun Bukaew
    Pongkhun Bukaew 14 days ago +1

    when she said "give it to me" it sounds so classy and seductive with the look

  • Raíza Fontes
    Raíza Fontes 14 days ago

    SImplesmente, AMEI! quero fazer em mim mesmaaaa já!

  • Ilaria Previati
    Ilaria Previati 15 days ago

    amazing!! good job erin!

  • Cemaliye Yonluer
    Cemaliye Yonluer 15 days ago

    Woah 💯💯💯

  • Selin Esen
    Selin Esen 15 days ago +3

    You're prettier than Angelina Jolie. God, I love you, Emily. 💜

  • Sonia Delly
    Sonia Delly 16 days ago

    wonderfull beauty

  • HoHo the Potato
    HoHo the Potato 16 days ago

    You looks more like angelina jolie than angelina jolie looks herself.

  • Christina G
    Christina G 16 days ago +1


  • Ms Teng
    Ms Teng 16 days ago

    She is great makeup artist!

  • Y’all btchs subscribe to Baek’s channel

    I thought my earphone broke

  • Helix Moore
    Helix Moore 17 days ago

    My daughter wd love this. She looks like her

  • Norwegian Wellness
    Norwegian Wellness 17 days ago +1

    Love love love IT 😍✨🙌 BOTH of you have such great energy!! Best tutorial in avery long time 🎉🙏❤️

  • Provoth
    Provoth 17 days ago

    You have a Beautiful ears 🙌🏻💗

  • loony reed
    loony reed 18 days ago

    make up really is deceiving she transformed from average to beautiful

  • Claire Bey
    Claire Bey 19 days ago

    BRAD PITT OBVIOUSLY! I know that with Billy she was a bad girl and all that stuff but Do you really want to change that Mrs Smith Angelina look with Brad? 😍

  • Mariam Mostafa
    Mariam Mostafa 19 days ago

    She looks like Gigi Hadid too

  • Anna Hayes
    Anna Hayes 19 days ago

    Can you please tell us what eyeshadow palette that is?

  • theIKONIC ways
    theIKONIC ways 20 days ago

    Omg she turned out prettier than Angelina Jolie

  • Ironman
    Ironman 20 days ago

    She is already look like Angelina before make up

  • Lily Shah
    Lily Shah 21 day ago

    Eyelash what did she use?

  • Sandy Das
    Sandy Das 21 day ago

    you look amazing ,you completely just looks like Angelina Jolie.The makeup artist has done a fantastic job. Lots of love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • zerr bear
    zerr bear 22 days ago

    Did you change something your audio? The intro can only be heard through right earbud

  • Teffa Palacio
    Teffa Palacio 22 days ago

    YOU'RE GORGEOUS OMG i love ur face, and that beautiful eyes

  • Elisa-Marie Besecke
    Elisa-Marie Besecke 22 days ago

    2:00 she even has the vein on her forehead!

  • Rain
    Rain 22 days ago

    Yeah, Let's be just real here... You truly are prettier than Angelina Jolie. Not just saying that it's obvious.

  • Mαηυsiα вiαsα II

    wow she really look like Angelina Julie

  • Andres Daniel
    Andres Daniel 23 days ago

    Watching this with ear buds is so fun it’s like you can customize how loud you want the background music

  • *meryem *
    *meryem * 23 days ago

    Murat Boz

  • Daria Lakshmi
    Daria Lakshmi 23 days ago

    Unbelievable!! So amazing! And so Angelina!

  • Christina
    Christina 23 days ago

    omg her skin is just perfection

  • kang seulgi step on me

    Murat boz

  • Sam Salcedo
    Sam Salcedo 23 days ago

    So gorgeous!!!!

  • believe NOTHING
    believe NOTHING 23 days ago

    OMG!!... I don't know what else to say~!!

  • Robin McBroom
    Robin McBroom 23 days ago

    This makeup artist is exceptionally skilled.

  • Robbie Rother
    Robbie Rother 23 days ago

    Flawless great job!

  • Nino Syafieq Budiman
    Nino Syafieq Budiman 23 days ago

    Incredible 😍 from 🇮🇩 IND

  • Angel Grace Grey
    Angel Grace Grey 24 days ago

    She should always do her makeup like that, makes her look like a hollywood star

  • Maria Clara Spinelli
    Maria Clara Spinelli 24 days ago


  • Berrak Topal
    Berrak Topal 24 days ago

    Is Billie Eilish write Ocean Eyes for her?

  • ilayda Gallagher
    ilayda Gallagher 24 days ago

    please do murat boz aq

  • Li’ Li Tea-Time
    Li’ Li Tea-Time 24 days ago

    Everyone begs to do my makeup they say I look like Penelope cruise with Anne Hathaway and Cher, I don’t really do my makeup like a pro just to cover up stuff...I would love it tho

  • Li’ Li Tea-Time
    Li’ Li Tea-Time 24 days ago

    It was 80’s Gigi

  • Shazeeda De Silva
    Shazeeda De Silva 24 days ago

    Since I always believe that Angelina Jolie is a Goddess living amongst mere mortals, I cannot believe how beautiful you are and how much you so look like her. Angelina is a hard one to pull off but together with the makeup artist incredible talent and your flawless skin it was beautiful to watch 😍! Great job!

  • Mariana Fiscot
    Mariana Fiscot 24 days ago

    She looks more like mila jovovich:))

  • türev alan johnson
    türev alan johnson 24 days ago

    I think the nose needed to be bigger. Angelina's nose is not that tiny, it's wide, prominent and strong. Kinda like a tiger's nose.

  • Mrs rosemarie Young
    Mrs rosemarie Young 24 days ago

    Amazing class act from your friend thanx for sharing girls 👌🏼🌹

  • Laura Maya
    Laura Maya 24 days ago


  • Andy Ramz
    Andy Ramz 25 days ago

    Whenever you did closeups on your face that only your eyes and your nose were on frame, omg 😮 you looked EXACTLY like her

  • Giouna Pella
    Giouna Pella 25 days ago

    You are more beautiful than her after from your makeup..

  • Sean Moore
    Sean Moore 25 days ago

    The side to side is crazy omg

  • Kema Badmaeva
    Kema Badmaeva 25 days ago

    You more better than Angelina Jolly

  • ashley cookies
    ashley cookies 25 days ago

    the makeup artist is extremely talented. She really recreated Angelina's look perfectly. It helps that the model slightly resembled Angelina but I am most impressed with how she made her eyes look like Angelina's. Awesome job

  • Kasia Kramnik
    Kasia Kramnik 25 days ago +2

    MY GOD. You look just like Angelina. Kudos to you, girls, that's a beautiful, glamorous look!

  • Rosalie978
    Rosalie978 25 days ago

    She is definitely prettier than Angelina

  • Aleksandra Szczesnowska

    you look more like milla jovovich

  • Brianna Giselle
    Brianna Giselle 25 days ago

    Ego else knows her makeup artist was gonna choose Angelina Jolie from Gia??? I would’ve chose wanted or salt she’s so BADASS

  • paola sakura
    paola sakura 25 days ago

    eyelash ??? can u give me the name ?

  • Curlgeek
    Curlgeek 25 days ago

    I’m so shocked!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Michelle
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  • Sh
    Sh 25 days ago +1

    This look literally STOLE my heart I’ve been saying woah like the whole time 😹 and good tricks! i love it 😻

  • Kimshi4242
    Kimshi4242 25 days ago

    You look fantastic!!

  • Myrna Kitchens
    Myrna Kitchens 25 days ago +2

    Wow love your make up artist and you as well what a resfreshing channel. Hmmm about to check out more of your videos. Holy moly the make up on point!!! New fan new subscriber ♥️♥️♥️

  • laima07
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  • Lauren Grace
    Lauren Grace 25 days ago

    Wow she looks just like Angelina

  • Cat Woman
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  • drean
    drean 26 days ago

    Ela ja é bem parecida com a Angelina ! Mt linda!

  • Queen KGR
    Queen KGR 26 days ago

    Loveee this look 💅🏼 you really do look like her

  • Mania Ziemiec
    Mania Ziemiec 26 days ago

    😍❤️really great work
    You beautiful

  • Temia RVW
    Temia RVW 26 days ago +33

    Imagine having naturally flawless skin.
    I can't...

  • Elisa Sierra Bruno
    Elisa Sierra Bruno 26 days ago

    Looks like The corpse bride movie.

  • 차차 나아지겠지

    전형적인 미인형이니 ,화장도 잘받으시는듯

  • Alessia Valenti
    Alessia Valenti 26 days ago


    ADSDF SADFS 26 days ago +2

    Hi! Can you please tell us what brand of eyelashes you used? Thank you!

  • Sasha S.
    Sasha S. 26 days ago +1

    Damn, Emily is gorgeous!

  • Donna Angell
    Donna Angell 27 days ago

    So talented

  • Cassandra Carvalho
    Cassandra Carvalho 27 days ago