I Can't Play COD IW Legacy Pro Edition And COD 4 Remastered

  • Published on Nov 4, 2016
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  • Tyler 2K
    Tyler 2K Year ago

    Is this ISEKC'S BROTHER?

  • Anthony Mateo
    Anthony Mateo 2 years ago

    He's doing pretty well for a young kid

  • Splaaash 2018
    Splaaash 2018 2 years ago

    What's da song at da beginning called

  • King Of Texas
    King Of Texas 2 years ago +1

    Where is this nigga playing ? In the basement

    • Splaaash 2018
      Splaaash 2018 2 years ago +1

      King Of Texas lol that's what I'm thinking.. but yeah he's in the basement

  • Cshifty
    Cshifty 2 years ago

    whats the song at the end

  • top cat
    top cat 2 years ago

    this game sucks

  • Oscar Morales
    Oscar Morales 2 years ago

    I'm new to PS4 what the importance of the codes?

  • S.A.S.R Commando pig
    S.A.S.R Commando pig 2 years ago

    cod iw and mwr takes forever to install/update

  • Joey F
    Joey F 2 years ago

    Aren't u Kevs brother

  • axell
    axell 2 years ago


  • Taniza Polite
    Taniza Polite 2 years ago

    cod 3

  • Ruly430
    Ruly430 2 years ago

    ur hair sucks

  • Rodney Stewart
    Rodney Stewart 2 years ago +1

    your stupid you didn't have to put the whole name in the title show off

  • JosiahTV
    JosiahTV 2 years ago

    10th is my ma bday

  • Incurable
    Incurable 2 years ago

    Send me the game I have ps4

  • Incurable
    Incurable 2 years ago


  • trigolis
    trigolis 2 years ago +1

    You're waiting for the PS4 Pro? Smart kid.

  • Jaxonheadass
    Jaxonheadass 2 years ago +2

    u don't deserve all that stuff

  • Armani
    Armani 2 years ago

    post a video asap of your gameplay

  • Thabang Mathibe
    Thabang Mathibe 2 years ago

    Where do u get ur music

  • DesiredHypeZ
    DesiredHypeZ 2 years ago

    yo im getting a ps4 on the 10th because my birthday is on that day lel

  • Xpert Killer
    Xpert Killer 2 years ago

    Oh you got xpert music in the vid ok

  • Q Nuggets tv
    Q Nuggets tv 2 years ago

    bro what is your gamertag

  • TimeLapsGamer
    TimeLapsGamer 2 years ago

    Have you actually played cod4

  • Jaden _X1
    Jaden _X1 2 years ago

    I Got and beating the game yesterday And its AWSOME!

  • BLuR_ReVerbZz
    BLuR_ReVerbZz 2 years ago

    lek if ya crie evy tem

  • Im Tyran
    Im Tyran 2 years ago

    you can go over kevins house he have a ps4

  • Jaykeb
    Jaykeb 2 years ago

    cod4 is duuuummmm lit!

  • Silent 2xx
    Silent 2xx 2 years ago

    what song is that at the end of the video I like it

  • Solid SZN
    Solid SZN 2 years ago

    and like

  • Solid SZN
    Solid SZN 2 years ago

    yes I was the 12 one to view

  • King Baller
    King Baller 2 years ago


  • iStormzz
    iStormzz 2 years ago

    I love the game so far also you get the dlc 3days early on ps4 that's not a big deal you should of got the edition for xbx1

    • iStormzz
      iStormzz 2 years ago

      o ok it sound like u said 3 days early

    • NotJustSaiyanX
      NotJustSaiyanX  2 years ago

      iStormzz on the back it says 30 days earlier they did the same thing for bo3

  • GoDLY Kodak
    GoDLY Kodak 2 years ago

    Eric you should start vloging

  • Tae Shifty
    Tae Shifty 2 years ago

    Bro your hairline I can concentraite with that crooked ass hairline on the screen

  • ChaseGoCrazy
    ChaseGoCrazy 2 years ago

    4f7e 5e7i sike

  • GoDLY Kodak
    GoDLY Kodak 2 years ago +4

    Eric do you care about girls

  • wavyBari
    wavyBari 2 years ago

    Why don't you borrow your brothers PS4?

    • wavyBari
      wavyBari 2 years ago

      calicotoast 48 I didn't ask you idiot

  • Colton Decker
    Colton Decker 2 years ago

    game sharing is illegal

  • iantgamez :
    iantgamez : 2 years ago

    Let's be honest Eric. This is a pretty good problem to have :)

  • Jeremy_ Rojaas_
    Jeremy_ Rojaas_ 2 years ago

    I just got it nice videos keep it up

  • IGotTheSkills
    IGotTheSkills 2 years ago

    can you do an unboxing of your ps4

  • Danny Drake
    Danny Drake 2 years ago


  • cracykiller
    cracykiller 2 years ago

    sucks to be you

  • P2X3YZ
    P2X3YZ 2 years ago

    Is that your apartment? It looks... out of the ordinary.

    • P2X3YZ
      P2X3YZ 2 years ago

      Oh, i see. He actually looked a bit older xD
      But that explains it xD

    • NS Jay
      NS Jay 2 years ago

      RedReaper1992 , He's like younger then 16 , he lives at his parents house

  • Vinh Ha
    Vinh Ha 2 years ago

    Ur buying a PS4 just to play cod

  • N33B
    N33B 2 years ago

    Could i have it?๐Ÿ˜‚

  • lilblood 313
    lilblood 313 2 years ago

    I got my Xbox one today

  • Urbanpoison14
    Urbanpoison14 2 years ago

    How does gameshare work? I know Microsoft wouldn't just add a feature to get games for free whenever you want. What's the catch?

  • The 2 twins
    The 2 twins 2 years ago

    Asome vid

  • Hunter
    Hunter 2 years ago

    is your 4head actually a 7head or does the camera make it seem like you have a 3 floor 4head

  • Jared Gonzalez
    Jared Gonzalez 2 years ago

    hey I added you on Xbox one my gamer tag is AmiableSquid686

    • Jared Gonzalez
      Jared Gonzalez 2 years ago

      and no I'm don't have infinite warfare it's to much

    • Jared Gonzalez
      Jared Gonzalez 2 years ago

      pmiller 714 your kidding my grammar is bad, and I think he is happy for infinite warfare

    • Urbanpoison14
      Urbanpoison14 2 years ago

      Jared Gonzalez you really think he's gonna play with you? Lmao. And nice grammar

    • Jared Gonzalez
      Jared Gonzalez 2 years ago

      and how did your friend gave you infinite warfare

  • Darnell Jennings
    Darnell Jennings 2 years ago

    it pretty good but takes a lot of space on ps4

  • Preston Forchu
    Preston Forchu 2 years ago


  • Sneaky Boy Productions

    My god SO MUCH STUFF!

  • ใƒ„memeeater
    ใƒ„memeeater 2 years ago

    first lol

  • Icy Creamy Vanilla
    Icy Creamy Vanilla 2 years ago


    • Icy Creamy Vanilla
      Icy Creamy Vanilla 2 years ago

      @Jaykstah Alt

    • Jaykstah Archive
      Jaykstah Archive 2 years ago

      NotSpodermen Game sharing is a feature of Xbox live as well as other platforms. You can't get banned for it.

  • jimmy carrillo
    jimmy carrillo 2 years ago

    play me 1 on1

  • Icy Creamy Vanilla
    Icy Creamy Vanilla 2 years ago


  • kktheknockoutbeast
    kktheknockoutbeast 2 years ago


  • Gamer Xpert
    Gamer Xpert 2 years ago


  • Pica _vlogs boss Boss
    Pica _vlogs boss Boss 2 years ago

    Wait you have a ps4

  • KeyLowKey
    KeyLowKey 2 years ago +2

    Fix ur hairline bro

    • Splaaash 2018
      Splaaash 2018 2 years ago

      KeyLowKey u can fix ya dum hairline kid

    • krab Snap
      krab Snap 2 years ago

      KeyLowKey its straighter than you lol

    • SlimeyyFN
      SlimeyyFN 2 years ago

      KeyLowKey nobody knows how u look stop trying to tell other people things u cant do

    • Kaleb Fantu
      Kaleb Fantu 2 years ago

      KeyLowKey it doesn't matter u can't move someone's hairline more lower by a better barber

    • KeyLowKey
      KeyLowKey 2 years ago

      Kaleb Fantu it's called a new barber

  • Jaelen Barrett
    Jaelen Barrett 2 years ago +2

    Vlog about getting the ps4

  • NotJustSaiyanX
    NotJustSaiyanX  2 years ago +16

    What do you guys think about cod 4 remastered and Infinite Warfare? Btw Xbox allows Game share it is not illegal

    • Campzy
      Campzy 2 years ago

      NotJustSaiyanX u know something I don't know why I'm not subbed I am to ur brother though

    • PlayboiKveion
      PlayboiKveion 2 years ago

      @NotJustSaiyanX how

    • Cheesy 2x
      Cheesy 2x 2 years ago

      NotJustSaiyanX. wanna play some infinate warfare when u get it

    • Jaden _X1
      Jaden _X1 2 years ago

      All can tell you is this if you are about to play the campaign on infinite warfare Dude yo........... Maaaaaaan Your in for one Heck of a ride

    • Jaykstah Archive
      Jaykstah Archive 2 years ago +1

      CoD 4 remastered looks fun, but Infinite Warfare multiplayer looks like a carbon copy of BO3 since it has the same movement system, specialist weapons, same UI, etc.

  • Solid SZN
    Solid SZN 2 years ago +1


  • xL3GENDxGAM3Rx X
    xL3GENDxGAM3Rx X 2 years ago +1


  • I'm Moose
    I'm Moose 2 years ago +2

    Rest in spaghetti, never forgetti

  • Pica _vlogs boss Boss
    Pica _vlogs boss Boss 2 years ago

    OH MY GOD!!!๐Ÿ˜ฑ

  • SweesyYT
    SweesyYT 2 years ago +1

    hey justsaiyanx I'm a new Subcriber I like your channel and videos keep up The good work bro

  • Logan Hill
    Logan Hill 2 years ago

    I left a like first and I said it first

  • Conor MC Gregor
    Conor MC Gregor 2 years ago


    • Killy YT
      Killy YT 2 years ago

      Half_N_Half Half
      your 4th

  • Zak NeverUploads
    Zak NeverUploads 2 years ago

    SSH RETRO was firdt

    SSH RETRO 2 years ago


  • Logan Hill
    Logan Hill 2 years ago


    • Killy YT
      Killy YT 2 years ago +1

      Logan Hill
      i commented before you it says

    • Logan Hill
      Logan Hill 2 years ago

      Basketball Gamer I was first I respond 38 seconds ago u did 10

    • Killy YT
      Killy YT 2 years ago

      Logan Hill
      i was frist your 2nd

  • Killy YT
    Killy YT 2 years ago +1