"Yes, I do" or "Yes, I have"? - Speaking English

  • Published on Jan 2, 2012
  • www.engvid.com Learn this easy trick to remember how to answer yes/no questions that use 'do' and 'have'. This is useful for beginners, and a good reminder for intermediate students who may still be making this common mistake. For more information on short answers, watch Rebecca's short answer lesson at www.engvid.com/short-answers/ . Take a quiz on this lesson at www.engvid.com/yes-i-do-or-yes-i-have/

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  • freed flores
    freed flores Month ago

    Thanks coach, i can have my mind more clear than before about of this topics

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    ojala todas las personas de habla inglesa pronunciaran asi, asi si se entiende, hay muchos a los que ni idea

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    David DM 10 months ago

    thanks for your lesson

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  • pak army
    pak army Year ago

    But can we say "I DO HAVE" or I don't have?

  • Saman Raza
    Saman Raza Year ago

    Thank you so much ☺️☺️

  • youknow whoiam
    youknow whoiam Year ago

    This video will be in 'Top 10 most easiest video in Engvid' hahaha

  • Ella Petrosova
    Ella Petrosova 2 years ago

    Thank you, Alex!

  • miralihyder talpur
    miralihyder talpur 2 years ago +1

    do you have a bike ? yes i have now i understood you ! these lessons are helped me to learning English

    • Blue Orange
      Blue Orange Year ago

      Learn English with Alex [engVid]
      Do you bike
      Yes, I do have
      (Isn't this right???)

    • Learn English with Alex [engVid]
      Learn English with Alex [engVid]  2 years ago +1

      "Do you have a bike?"
      "Yes, I do."

      This is the correct form. Always pay attention to the first auxiliary verb in yes/no questions. That's what you want to respond with.

      Did you have any problems?
      Yes, I did.
      No, I didn't.

      Can you ski?
      Yes, I can.
      No, I can't.

      Are you ready?
      Yes, I am.
      No, I'm not.

      The first auxiliary verb tells you everything. :)

      However, in England, some people do say "Yes, I have" to the question "Do you have...?" so you wouldn't be wrong with your way either.

  • miralihyder talpur
    miralihyder talpur 2 years ago

    thanks for this grate lesson

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    Peruviana 2 years ago

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    Samia Cristine Falcao 3 years ago

    Thank u so much!! It finish my confusing.

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  • bluesnow giftshop
    bluesnow giftshop 4 years ago

    Can you explain more when to use Do/Have in question?

  • Dr. Loucif Hemza Emmys n Moussa

    Thanks a lot

  • Vladislav Kovalev
    Vladislav Kovalev 4 years ago

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    Leonardo França 4 years ago

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  • Nah Meow
    Nah Meow 4 years ago

    Love it, thank you so much :)))

  • kabita lohala
    kabita lohala 4 years ago +1

    My friend asked me to fill the blank"......., I don't have brain."(yes/no)

  • Ricardo DSR
    Ricardo DSR 4 years ago

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  • leohans7
    leohans7 4 years ago +3

    The general rule for short answers is to use the same verb as the auxiliary verb. Alex uses American English which sometimes is a bit different than British English. In US English "Do you have a car?" is common, in UK English "Have you got a car?" is common but considered informal. US Do you have a car ? Yes I do./No, I don't. UK Have you got a car/ Yes I have./No, I haven't

  • Amy Bookaholic
    Amy Bookaholic 4 years ago +4

    Who & whom?

  • Andrei Vlad
    Andrei Vlad 6 years ago +1

    Can someone help me here.
    I know when to answer using Yes I do / Have.
    But I have another (unrelated, somehow) question:
    There is "Have you read the Harry Potter books". Why is it correct "Have you read" and not "Did you read..."?
    Another examples might be: "Have you seen that TV show" / "Did you see that TV show"
    or "Have you got a raise" "Did you get a raise"
    How do I know when to use Have or Did/do when asking a question? I can't seem to find any video explaining this.

    • Tommy Truth
      Tommy Truth 2 years ago

      "Have you read" and "did you read" mean the same thing. There really is no difference between them, you whichever you want.


      Have you read = Present Perfect Tense.
      Did you read = Past Simple Tense.
      Both are correct, the meaning is different. The main verb is 'to read', have/did are auxiliaries.
      Have you got a raise = Do you have a raise (rise in the UK). Present Simple Tense. Verb 'to have' not 'to get'. Be careful: 'to have got' = 'to have'. 'Got' is dispensable/expendable.
      Did you get a raise = Did you obtain/reach/achieve a raise. Past Simple Tense. Verb 'to get'.
      You'd better learn how to ask questions.

    • Andrei Vlad
      Andrei Vlad 5 years ago

      There is indeed a difference but I wan't to know when to use Have you... and when Did you...

    • diter villanueva
      diter villanueva 5 years ago

      I don't know where are you from, but the question in spanish would be, Have you read? = has tú leido? and Did you read? = leiste tu? so thats the small but big difference. I guess, I hope I'm not out of context. by the way I´m not Alex.

  • Suhas Patole
    Suhas Patole 6 years ago

    Alex just great . i was just going to send you mail for the same confusion . when to use do or does and have.
    i need to know something more , when i have send a mail for my personal grammar question can i send by mail to one of you??? to you or Ronnie or Emma or Rebecca
    . is there particular email address ??? or where can i check my answers for my queries? please do advise. Thanks and regards

  • zaftmuse newton
    zaftmuse newton 6 years ago

    i not used to give any response... what did i say to u? wait.. u read my mind..

  • love esuf
    love esuf 6 years ago

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    geneiro jerry 6 years ago +1

    Thank you for clear voice.

  • The Goatee Guy
    The Goatee Guy 6 years ago

    How do you pronounce your name Nguyen?

  • Drew G. Jackson
    Drew G. Jackson 6 years ago

    I would only use "I do/I don't" in response to "Do you have a(n) _____?" if the question were phrased negatively, i.e. "You don't have a(n) ______, do you?". Otherwise I would use "I have/I haven't".

  • adina r. thomas
    adina r. thomas 6 years ago

    any videos addressed to 4th grade students?

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    anwar87999 6 years ago

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  • Aleš Polívka
    Aleš Polívka 7 years ago

    I'd say just "Yes, I have."

  • pinkaa17
    pinkaa17 7 years ago

    What's the answer for a question : Have you got a dog? Should it be "Yes I do" or "Yes I have got" ?

    • Tommy Truth
      Tommy Truth 2 years ago

      Yes I do.
      That would be more common.
      You can also say:
      Yes I have a dog.

  • OfficialGamenous
    OfficialGamenous 7 years ago

    2:28 He reads my minds! :O

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  • renuent
    renuent 8 years ago

    Alex thank you very much for your videos. I got a cuestion is correct to say have you a car? or I always have to use '" do"?

    • Tommy Truth
      Tommy Truth 2 years ago

      Do you have a car?
      "Have you a car?" sounds a bit strange but it would be understood.
      And the word is question, not cuestion.

  • Rang Sati
    Rang Sati 8 years ago

    thank a lot =)

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    Rowel Pitular 8 years ago

    thank you for teaching us the right way on how to use those words

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    I used to response 'Yes, I have/ No, I haven't' for both Do.. and Have... question. Thanks for show me the correct way.