• Hiiiiiiiiiiiii everyone!!
    I finally got to film a video with the queen of HI EVERYONE! Lilly Ghalichi Mir herself!!! I actually get quite a few amount of questions in videos about lashes and questions about how to put them on, measure them, cut them, clean them, care for them, lick them, etc. I may not know a lot about lashes but make sure youre not licking them. So i decided to ask one of my good friends, ex boss and overall favorite boss lady Lilly to come onto my channel so we can talk all about lashes. I know there are A LOT of other amazing lash companies out there and i have used them on my socials from time to time. In this video i wanted to showcase my absolute favorite simply because Lilly and Lilly Lashes have been such a huge help in getting me to where i am today as a social media influencer. For those of you who dont know, my first job when moving to Los Angeles was at Lilly Lashes. Lilly took a shot by hiring me and i am forever grateful for that because i was able to move to LA, have a job that i loved, meet amazing people in my industry, had an amazing business woman to help me understand business and marketing in the digital space and had someone who really helped push me in pursuing my dreams. Lilly will forever hold a huge place in my heart and i will always support her as she did me. Ok enough with all the mushy emotional stuff. I truly hope yall enjoy this video and got to learn something or you were entertained by us. Either way, let me know down below if yall want to see Lilly again on my channel and what other kind of videos we should do.
    Gabriel 💙
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    bye everyone! 😁
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  • Lilly Ghalichi
    Lilly Ghalichi Year ago +1224

    Such a fun day, thank you for having me!! I'll start answering questions for 7 days 🙈

    • JM Buenrostro
      JM Buenrostro 9 days ago


    • Tatiana Lopez
      Tatiana Lopez 2 months ago

      I love you omgg😍

    • Francine Antonio-Brand
      Francine Antonio-Brand 4 months ago


    • Homo Cosmic
      Homo Cosmic 4 months ago

      Hello Lilly, that's the most charming video ever!! Have you also tried to raise your own eyelashes with some good serum? Is it possible to grow them to the queen falsies size? There are so many serums in the market, I'm not after the most expensive ones. I am absolutely against Latisse, but I adore Cherish Lash. What is your experience?

  • Sarina Guillaume
    Sarina Guillaume 8 days ago +1

    Thank you so much for this video I enjoyed it. I’ve tried to put on lashes over Nd over Nd looked at other lash videos Nd it didn’t help. But when I saw this video by the third time I got it.

  • JM Buenrostro
    JM Buenrostro 9 days ago


  • Jane Adler
    Jane Adler 10 days ago

    When you don't give a hootie and the blowfish about beauty drama and subscribe because it's just good flipping content.

  • Felicia Burzotta
    Felicia Burzotta 15 days ago

    Never followed Lilly or really knew anything about her but boy.... is that gonna change after this video. SHE IS AMAZING

  • Aundria Chaboya
    Aundria Chaboya 16 days ago

    Hi beauties
    Loved the video. Great info.... Question, Is there a particular place where you should put your lash in the inner part of your eye? Meaning at the very corner, beginning of your own lash or right after your own lashes start...

  • Lisa Collins
    Lisa Collins 16 days ago +1

    can you wear eyelashes with glasses on

  • Yasmeen Alqhtani
    Yasmeen Alqhtani 27 days ago

    Lilly has the cutest personality

  • Cherease Johnson
    Cherease Johnson 28 days ago

    You can sleep with them and hair tracks so thats false but I get what she means

  • Patricia Stoddard
    Patricia Stoddard Month ago

    Awesome video. You are both really beautiful, and very fun to watch.

  • Pearl B
    Pearl B Month ago +1

    Thank you. I've been searching for where exactly to place the lash (lid or lash) Finally. Thank you!!!!

  • Isabella Jimenez
    Isabella Jimenez Month ago

    Lk she’s not fuckin around I use my lashes from tj max atleast 20 times😂

  • Janie Wyatt
    Janie Wyatt Month ago

    You are sooo cute Gabby, just love your videos ❣️

  • G G
    G G Month ago

    Hmmm I wonder if she’s talking about dhar Mann 😷🤮 , they did date.

  • G G
    G G Month ago

    Love her! She’s beautiful!

  • Briana Gelatt
    Briana Gelatt Month ago

    Uhh I can’t do it 😥

  • stacy bennett
    stacy bennett Month ago

    Love the video 😍

  • big_dadday
    big_dadday Month ago

    “I have nails I’m a girl”..... 😶

  • myjah guy
    myjah guy Month ago

    This was very helpful thank you (‘:

  • Sharon Walton
    Sharon Walton Month ago +2

    Hello, I like Lily Lashes.
    Mrs. Ghalichi are willing share with others how you got started with your business? Are you willing to assist someone who has new ideas for new eyelashes line?

  • Alexa S. Torres
    Alexa S. Torres Month ago

    "I love a good lash!" - masochist Jesus

  • Yining Zhao
    Yining Zhao Month ago

    Baby, the lashes on AliExpress are great, and the new store is doing promotions. Shop name: Eyelashes Store

  • rowan d
    rowan d Month ago

    i don't have lashes and since it overproduces oils to protect my eyes and it tears up badly most eyelash glues on the market do not stick lashes to my eyes not for a second. only the clear kiss glue works all day, even the black kiss glue doesn't stick, just the clear. duo didn't work, but when you mentioned HOL glue is like literal glue you sold me! I can't wait to pick it up tomorrow and try it out!

  • Destiel Trash
    Destiel Trash Month ago

    safest way to remove lashes is by using oil based makeup remover

  • It's My Life Daralynn
    It's My Life Daralynn 2 months ago

    I'm obsessed with Lilly lashes. I wear Goddess & Tease.

  • It's My Life Daralynn
    It's My Life Daralynn 2 months ago

    My favorite lash glue is the Duo clear with the brush applicator as well. I did not know that the lash is supposed to go where the eyeliner goes.I've been placing the lashes directly on my lashes. I think because the Duo glue doesn't have a hard stick, my lashes have been fine. I don't wear eyeliner with my lashes or eyeshadow. I think they would look weird sitting above my lash line. i WISH i knew how to wear eyeshadow with my lashes, but they always look a mess.

  • It's My Life Daralynn
    It's My Life Daralynn 2 months ago

    I'm so happy someone think a mascara is much better than Better Than Sex mascara. That stuff is so clumpy.

  • Marquitta Padilla
    Marquitta Padilla 2 months ago

    omg where’d u get that lash curler i’ve never seen that!

  • cjk cjk
    cjk cjk 2 months ago

    I was gonna stop watching when she talked about mink lashes but then I looked on her website and all her mink lashes are vegan so she should mention that cause that's a huge issue for a lot of people. I love the videos thank you so much

  • Jessica Caldera
    Jessica Caldera 2 months ago

    Sometimes the QTIP SOAKS the glue ugh

  • Joelle R.
    Joelle R. 2 months ago

    Sis has no eyes lol had to cut off almost half the lashes

  • Janina CHR
    Janina CHR 2 months ago

    Mink lashes are NEVER cruelty free. They claim they are, but that's bs, please don't purchase real mink, no matter how beautiful they look or how long they last.

  • Star Flores
    Star Flores 2 months ago


  • Makeup for Women
    Makeup for Women 2 months ago


  • C h r i s t i n a xoxo
    C h r i s t i n a xoxo 2 months ago

    She is gorgeous ✨

  • Pollie Massey
    Pollie Massey 2 months ago +3

    Loved the tips. Lilly your jacket is gorgeous... is it Chanel? Do tell?

  • Pame Von Shoe
    Pame Von Shoe 2 months ago

    Hi girl! I'm new to your channel. 😍
    Would you consider editing in a close up of the products you talk about so that we may see the name and spelling? Thanks! 💗

  • Stephanie Lomeli
    Stephanie Lomeli 2 months ago

    How far do you put the eyelashes in towards the middle?

  • Blehsing Rose
    Blehsing Rose 3 months ago

    ugh lili is beyond PERF!!!!

  • Lindsey Smead
    Lindsey Smead 3 months ago

    Omg she’s so pretty and sweet!! Anyways when I started putting lashes on it was a train wreck! I had to learn a lottt nobody really made video and this one still helped me learn ❤️

    TAINA LOPEZ 3 months ago

    first time watching your videos... wow.. why are you so pretty tho Gabriel ? lol

  • J. Zarco
    J. Zarco 3 months ago

    omg... this video is SOOO informational, thank YOU.
    like how did I not know this... I'm so investing in buying LillyLashes after this, no joke!

  • Makayla Luna
    Makayla Luna 3 months ago

    Try the duo quick set , I work at Sally's it's a new glue from them, it last so much longer then that one 😭, and it's clear!

  • Little Strawberry
    Little Strawberry 3 months ago

    she looks a lot like chloe khan lol

  • Organicrime
    Organicrime 3 months ago

    TYVM answered my questions!! ❤️❤️❤️🥰

  • ladyxbk
    ladyxbk 3 months ago

    Thank you for making this video! I’ve been wearing lashes for years and it’s awesome to learn new tips & tricks! Lilly is so gorgeous, down to earth and so knowledgeable about her products. Now I want to go and stock my make up drawers full of Lilly Lashes! 😂

  • sami12897
    sami12897 3 months ago

    I’ve been doing everything wrong!!!

  • Tierra Montgomery
    Tierra Montgomery 3 months ago

    this video helped me so much.. i'm a beginner in false lashes so this answered a lot of questions !

  • Jordan Gregoire
    Jordan Gregoire 3 months ago

    Oh yeah my eyes are pretty long/big as well I didn't need to trim mine but some of the cheaper brands I used were huge and I'd have to trim them a lot.

  • Susan Fluck
    Susan Fluck 3 months ago

    This was so helpful. Thank you

    LIRBA 3 months ago

    She looks like a goddess 😩😍!!

  • Lckr
    Lckr 3 months ago

    am i the only one being able to use lashes more than 30 times? lmao

  • Danielle Horton
    Danielle Horton 3 months ago

    Thank you Gabi and Lilly!!!

  • Lia Lia
    Lia Lia 3 months ago

    Never cut from the outer corner. You’re taking away the shape of the lashes. Best to trim from inner corner always

  • carina byrd
    carina byrd 4 months ago

    "I use fingers because I have nails I'm a girll"20:46

  • be kind to yourself and others


  • Lisa Kiraly
    Lisa Kiraly 4 months ago

    You two are shots of espresso! Thanks for starting my day off right!

  • Caleb Compton
    Caleb Compton 4 months ago

    Yes loreal volumious mascara is what I've been wearing for years!!!!!!!

  • MammaGlowsUP Burns
    MammaGlowsUP Burns 4 months ago

    Great tutorial! Thank you so much! New subscriber!

  • Samantha Thomas
    Samantha Thomas 4 months ago

    Omg the lifting is what would make me not wanna do lashes now I know I’m not alone

  • Maria Odroniec
    Maria Odroniec 4 months ago

    omg she look like a doll so pretty ..envy ;D

  • babyxxxspice
    babyxxxspice 4 months ago

    Any alts for lash glue if your eye sensitive !?

  • Madisen Rose
    Madisen Rose 4 months ago

    3:16 STRAIGHT FACTS😂😂😂😂💀🕷

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    doree T 4 months ago

    Loved this! 💕 💕 💕

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    Abas Ibekwe 4 months ago

    You both are so sweet! Can’t believe I watched the entire ~30 minute video lol ❤️

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    Phyllis Sandoval 4 months ago

    This is a great tutorial ... thank you so much

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    Lola 4 months ago

    its kinda awkward how you act surprised when she tells you the most basic lash facts lol

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    Chichi Mweetwa 4 months ago

    Omgggg this is LILLY LASHES!

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    Kevykevvster 4 months ago

    U said “nowadays” alot lol love this video tho

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    Nay The Spud 4 months ago +1

    THIS WAS SO HELPFUL! I have natural long dark curly lashes but I wanted a little more drama for prom makeup and I loved this video so much, it answered all my questions.🤧💕

  • Megan Morris
    Megan Morris 5 months ago

    So one thing you two forgot to tell about is do u put your eyeliner first or your lashes then eyeliner???? Please help!!!!!!

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    Teya Renèe 5 months ago

    Im 16 years old and just started my TVclip so take a peek if you can! xoxo

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    Elena Rodriguez 5 months ago

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    Cali Bae 5 months ago

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    Sarah Schaller 5 months ago

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    Daisy Garcia 5 months ago

    That rock girl ! 👏🏼👏🏼 get it 😏

  • Rebekah Koester
    Rebekah Koester 5 months ago

    This helped me sm. I didn't know why every time I wear lashes they ripped mine out. No I know I was doing it wrong!

  • Chach G
    Chach G 5 months ago

    Ok so one time I accidentally washed my koko lashes in the washer!! And they were perfectly fine lmao by the grace of a higher power they were perfect as if they’d never been touched 😂

  • Maggie Stevens
    Maggie Stevens 5 months ago

    What do you do if you get lash glue in your eye accidently js not saying I've done that lol

  • Dolores Ortiz
    Dolores Ortiz 5 months ago

    I must say Gabriel that you're so adorably CUTE... LOVE love your haircut and dual color. I truly enjoyed this video!
    Now I heard you both about not leaving in your eyelashes but since I started wearing them I do keep them on for a few days. I prime mine before gluing and I do take breaks in between wear. Well at least 3 days in the middle of the week...LOL
    I lost a lot of my lashes by wearing extensions so I really don't care about them being heavy on top of my own; however is there a proper way to keep them clean while wearing them?

  • DaniDiamondz
    DaniDiamondz 5 months ago

    I'm someone who needs help and learn doing false lashes. I have a hard time doing them. Thanks for this video

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    Christina Soriano 5 months ago

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    Ivonne Berrios 5 months ago

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    Grecia Carrasco 5 months ago

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    Dolores Gutierrez 5 months ago

    I sneeze after applying mascara i hate it lol it messes up my eye make up.

  • Eva Houston
    Eva Houston 5 months ago

    Gabriel Zamora Lilly Ghalichi Does anyone know where the lash reference for your eye type is on Lilly Lashes website?

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    Steven Sanders 5 months ago

    This was so informative and I want to get into lashes thank you so much!

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    Tiffany England 5 months ago

    This was a great video. Super helpful

  • Tiffany England
    Tiffany England 5 months ago +1

    She looks flawless. Wow

  • riri
    riri 5 months ago

    Are you meant to do eyeshadow before or after applying false lashes? :)

    • BaddieUniverse
      BaddieUniverse 5 months ago

      Before. Lashes are the absolute last step even after setting spray.

  • Nilzete Oliveira Finamore

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    Sierra Bonifazi- Cosby 5 months ago

    This was probably the best lash video I've seen yet!!! Thank you both for putting this together!

  • Beauty Room Confessions

    Omg I'm laughing at him thinking mascaras last 6mos (only way that might be possible is with Inglots stuff, sorry, brain fart, but I can get 4mo from mascara, but I toss at 12-16wks even though it's still good due to bacteria that might be in it. Now I just buy trial sizes)

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    Total novice here and what a good unassuming, educational video!! For being to lash goddesses, Thank you soo much for approaching this video in a thoughtful way😘

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