• Published on Jun 14, 2018
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  • Alma Diaz
    Alma Diaz 13 days ago

    Got dam she talks hella fast 🙃 take a breath lol

  • Rochelle Martinez
    Rochelle Martinez 27 days ago +1

    You're so cute girl!! 💙

  • Haley Davis
    Haley Davis Month ago

    I use that lotion on my legs and I DIDNT KNOW it gives you a tan. I used it every day for a week and my legs were so much more tan the rest of my body😂😂😂

  • Ginaa Castro
    Ginaa Castro 2 months ago

    What lip color was she using? 😍😍

  • Chelsea Torres
    Chelsea Torres 3 months ago

    Done 🥰

  • Cristina Corona
    Cristina Corona 3 months ago

    Done.!! 💞

  • isabel rodriguez
    isabel rodriguez 3 months ago


  • Mayra Rodriguez
    Mayra Rodriguez 3 months ago +3

    ****stalking your page for the baby announcement! And hello I missed this video. Watching 11 months later. Oops 😬

  • Eloisa Contreras
    Eloisa Contreras 3 months ago

    How are you so perfect!! ❤️❤️ P.S Done.

  • D J.S
    D J.S 4 months ago

    Omg you talk so fast :). Very beautiful

  • Tre & Bri
    Tre & Bri 5 months ago


  • Juridia Castillo
    Juridia Castillo 5 months ago


  • jose vasquez
    jose vasquez 5 months ago


  • Gaby Arredondo
    Gaby Arredondo 6 months ago

    I want to try using dry shampoo but my hair is really oily tambien but my hair tends to have the dirty smell because i used a lot of products because my hair is curly. Does your hair smell too or does the dry shampoo help with that ?

  • Joanna Juarez
    Joanna Juarez 7 months ago

    That eyelash glue did NOT work on me! 😭 the eyelashes didn't stay on.

  • matilde garcia
    matilde garcia 7 months ago

    You’re so pretty !

  • Jessalyn Hernandez
    Jessalyn Hernandez 8 months ago

    I’m freaking dying you used the lint roller on your face 😂 I love you !! Lol

  • Aby Garcia
    Aby Garcia 8 months ago

    Wait I shower 😂

  • jessica zaragoza
    jessica zaragoza 8 months ago


  • Brian Favela
    Brian Favela 8 months ago

    Those products look great 👍

  • Samuel Pineda
    Samuel Pineda 8 months ago

    Sooooo how to u wipe ur ass with those nail????? 😂

  • Jeszica Hernandez Ruiz
    Jeszica Hernandez Ruiz 9 months ago

    Can you do like a hair care video?? :) please and thank you!

  • Erika Liufau
    Erika Liufau 9 months ago +1

    Fellow El Pasoian following another! ❣️

  • beatris ramirez
    beatris ramirez 9 months ago

    Your so pretty luv your nails girl

  • Desiree Perez
    Desiree Perez 9 months ago

    Dam bitch u talk hella fast

  • brenda guzman
    brenda guzman 9 months ago

    Done :) . Thank-you for doing this video, you already know not all of us got that money to spend. ❤

  • Devany Ayala
    Devany Ayala 9 months ago

    What camera do you use to film ?

  • Tazzetre Godin
    Tazzetre Godin 9 months ago

    Girl calm down 😂 but ur cute tho 🖤

  • Amanda Alvear
    Amanda Alvear 9 months ago +9

    Can you please do a “ for beginners (kit) make up tectorial with Walmart products”

  • Julie MejiaBravo
    Julie MejiaBravo 9 months ago

    Love your lashes where they from??

  • Misty Collins
    Misty Collins 9 months ago


  • Luh Bih
    Luh Bih 9 months ago +2

    ‼️ dry shampoo works better if you use it before you need it like i wash my hair every 3 days if I feel like it’s going to be oily the 3rd day I use it the night before

  • Erika Rosales
    Erika Rosales 10 months ago

    Love your personality 😘 donde ✅

  • Elizabeth Ramirez
    Elizabeth Ramirez 10 months ago +2

    Sorry I had to put you on playback speed 0.75x 😊

  • Karen Vivas
    Karen Vivas 10 months ago

    Zorgo diffuse November Saturday 3 5:15

  • I. Vieyra
    I. Vieyra 10 months ago

    ✅ done

  • Lizz Torres
    Lizz Torres 11 months ago

    Done 💓💓

  • Bry-lee Lopez
    Bry-lee Lopez 11 months ago


  • Myriam Boyzo
    Myriam Boyzo 11 months ago +4

    does anyone know what shade she gets in the powder ???

    • Sheena
      Sheena 9 months ago

      She gets translucent if you're asking about the coty airspun powder

  • Elizabeth Barcenas
    Elizabeth Barcenas 11 months ago

    What is the color of your lip gloss?

  • Monica Sarabia
    Monica Sarabia 11 months ago

    Omg I can't she talks way to fast lol

  • Liz Feola
    Liz Feola Year ago


  • Liz Feola
    Liz Feola Year ago

    You’re hilarious baby girl

  • Stephanie Rivera
    Stephanie Rivera Year ago +3

    Probably Going to Buy all these things when i go to Walmart 🤷

  • Susy Chavez
    Susy Chavez Year ago

    Thank u for your recommendations.!!!

  • Aylin Rivera
    Aylin Rivera Year ago

    1Mil 👑!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost get it Gurrrrl!!!!!

    • Aylin Rivera
      Aylin Rivera Year ago

      DONE BTW🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻💋💋💋💋🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️

  • Melanie Sanchez
    Melanie Sanchez Year ago

    done! i love your videos

  • Karina Nevarez
    Karina Nevarez Year ago

    My favorite lash glue

  • Sharon S
    Sharon S Year ago +1

    I can’t keep up with you love this video but your rushing thru it

  • daisy miranda
    daisy miranda Year ago +6

    I thought i was the only one that used the word “chunti” I’m new here and I’m loving your vids!! You are very pretty !

  • Viridianaz
    Viridianaz Year ago

    Hair video💕😭😘

  • Kylie J
    Kylie J Year ago +7

    I wash my hair every other day I hate that I can’t go longer my scalp gets itchy 😪

  • Lulu Huerta
    Lulu Huerta Year ago

    Baby girl you should do a video on how to take care of the hair.. your hair it’s so long and silky ❤️♥️

  • patricia Villalobos

    Done !❤️❤️

  • Natalie Blanco
    Natalie Blanco Year ago

    you put me on airspun & kiss eyelash glue a few lives ago 🤗 as well as do color brushes & morphe brushes

  • Jessica Rodriguez

    I love love love the jergens tanning lotion. It's natural and easy but since I'm so white, i have to be careful for it to not get orange lmao

  • Effie Cox
    Effie Cox Year ago +23

    I think you should slow down & breath when you talk when I was watching you I got tired for you just a little piece of advice not trying to sound mean in any way it's just hard to keep up when someone is rushing through things so fast just take your time if ppl like you then they want to be able to hear what you say I hope you understand what I'm trying to say & please don't take it the wrong way ik ppl can be rude & that's the last thing I'm trying to do

    • Julianna Salazar
      Julianna Salazar 7 months ago +2

      I didnt even read all of that im sorry but if you know her from facebook videos thats just how she speaks if she was to be reading something then i would understand but i mean its whatever i dont care that much lol

    • breecakes
      breecakes 7 months ago

      Julianna Salazar oh and if you didn’t know it’s called constructive criticism lol

    • breecakes
      breecakes 7 months ago

      Julianna Salazar chill the commentator is trying to be genuine as possible lol, and if you don’t know or if you didn’t take a speech class, speaking slow, and clear, as well as taking a breath is a huge part of speech lol especially towards a audience

    • Julianna Salazar
      Julianna Salazar 8 months ago +2

      Dont watch it then why should she change out she talks

  • Johnna Rodriguez
    Johnna Rodriguez Year ago

    Your hair 😍😍😍😍

  • Jessica Lopez
    Jessica Lopez Year ago

    Wellll its the first time I ever watched your videos n i think ur so pretty but girl slow down quien te esta corretiando lol definately subscribing to ur channel 😍

  • Daisy Martinez
    Daisy Martinez Year ago

    Omg! I definitely need to try the dry shampoo and kiss lash glue 🤔